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The Federation of Serbia and Montenegro has joined the European Union

Fordana, Chricoma, Macedonian republic, Carpatho Kemmerer, and 7 othersFascist Pruessens, Greater egypte, Byelorusiya, The WunderWaffle, Japannihon, Eastern-States, and Cerland

wait is this roleplay region or what

It really has been slow here

make a map of europe, do a 2003 one when Serbia and Montenegro still existed

I'm thinking of doing that by but cutting into other countries to make the borders of other EU nations. I'll probably do that when we get more members and I figure out why Imgur isn't working with IIWiki

is there any way possible of making me an admin

cool its just that there are only two of us

Well, I just don't feel comfortable of giving someone who just joined executive or moderating power

Just added Serbian and Montenegrin as languages on the wiki

add some rules and news on the factbook like other regions

yea, I still need to add them in I think I might do it today

[IMG][/IMG]Kosovan Crisis=Albanian Seperatists in Kosovo have started a guerilla war against the Serbian Montenegrin'Occupiers'.A war of independence has been proclaimed after a wave of massacres commited by the KLA,Kosovo Liberation Army,against serbs in Kosovo.The president has ordered the military take care of the situation and he has said 'annhilate these people who want us removed from the face of the earth'.

An International Response has yet to come about this Guerilla war.

There have been shootings and murders in the Serbian province of Kosovo. Supposed Albanian seperatists have started a war against the Serbian Montenegrin 'occupiers' in the province. The president has ordered a military crackdown and a complete annhilation of the KLA, the Kosovan Liberation Army. SMPA units are moving in to neutralise the threat and are evacuating citizens in these dangerous places.

Read dispatch

Is this a roleplay your in?

this is just some piece of drama for the EU

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