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Xx sovietunion xx wrote:Hello

Whats up my friend.

Well, my job is done. Godspeed, Semper Pacifica and luck to your future dream.

New large version of the flag uploaded. Looking good!

Canogally ii

Hello guys! If anyone remembers me from a few months ago, say hello! I was here back in Summer 2019, in the old Pacifica region that had 500-600 players. I do hope that this region regains its former glory of hundreds of active members. Semper Pacifica!

*P.S. You guys should add a WA delegate

Anyway, guys, we should try to invite more members to this region. Any tips?

@Pacifica We should have a forum or discord for this region, the RC is dead


It's been a while since I've been in Pacifica.

Long Live Pacifica.

Semper Pacifica.


It was about 1 year ago that this place had around 700 nations.

And then it went nuts.

Still remember you Pacifica.

Its a beautiful region but its a sad moment it lost its precious memory. Someday it'll grow.

I now have CTE'D twice, returning here for a while.

I remember helping in the Pacifica language, very fun!

cooks Chicken nuggets

Well nice region. Luck to whatever your future holds. May peace be with you.

This was a successful region what happened

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