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Hey guys, what's up ? Some cool bands playing in your country ? ;)

cheers, from portugal :D

The last of the original Ramones passed away, so sad.



Jawbreaker - Boxcar


I know this isn't active so don't feel compelled to respond.

I've been listening to the Ramones for quite some time and just last week I stumbled across the song Bonzo Goes to Bitburg for the first time (it's also calle My Brain is Hanging Upside Down, I think). You guys have probably listened to it before but I think it's my favorite song by them now.

Ragusan raider one

Punk? Oh, you mean like GREEN DAY


I'll show myself out.

reads the WFE

Or maybe not...

Oh! How could I forget about this place? Nice to see after all these years!

I just saw One Life Crew a few nights ago in some dive bar and it was epic. Tickets were cheap and there was like seven bands there.

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for... ehhhhhh......... anybody home? September ended dudes, wake up!

Hey congratulations!

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations my friends!
\_O_/ yay! :D