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Read all about it!
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Poker faces on - it's 🍒🍓🍋🍍SLOTS🍈🍐🍇🍑 at the Sands


Im embracing the horde

Go for it

New poll time! and its actually not food related! pick your wizard powers!!





Nuclear generic brand nachos

Idiots United



Extreme destruction

Extreme destruction is ranked 2nd for Most EXTREME in this region!

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

Merry Christmas!

We are the region of Mahakam, and even though our region's nationstates page is quite dead our region still lives through our discord server.

Over the course of our 2 years of running, our region has made a rich history with our own personalized world and nations in a realistic geopolitical scenario. However, after so many adventures we are resetting our RP soon to a complete new world where we will begin in the Ancient times and slowly build our world from the ground up. This also offers a unique opportunity for new players to enter our region without having to modify any preexisting lore and allow players to quickly get into the interesting parts of RPing. That is why we want to bring in people willing to put in the time and effort to build a world over an extended period of time both in RP and in real life.

I'd like to invite you to join our region's discord and participate in our rp by being part of the reset (we won't ask you to leave your NS region).
For those interested, you can find our discord server here:


Read all about it!
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Hello, from Krillin


Hi! I arrived a few days ago already but I thought I'd say Hi! Rakavo is not my main nation (which is Nhoor) so sadly it's not a WA member.


Hello. I've been kicked from several regions, so I'm happy to find a place to finally not have to worry about what region I'm in :)

Welcome! Welcome!


Hey, everyone. Let's try to establish a hello chain where we can see how long we can say "hello" to eachother in this RMB, uninterupted. We could also say other things like "hi" or "howdy" or whatever, and it still counts. You can say hello in any language!



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