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yes. i belive that mutti would make a good prime minister.

Read all about it!
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Get involved!
- It's hypnotic! Choose your own adventure.
- Cast your vote in your Eligible Polls
- Craps! The Sands turns three!

The NewsStand wrote:Read all about it!
- Card Raiding in Rejected Times
- Read the diplomatic Cable
- The Loranian Times Issue 2 reveals NS's new law firm
- Pecking order revealed in Loranian Times Issue 1
- UP Cup in the UPBC chronicle
- Koem Kab's defeat was in the cards. Card News Edition 5
- Market crashes in Card News Edition 4
- TEP & XKI on the pull in Card News Edition 3
- War ongoing in New World Union Chronicle vol 2
- A laughing stock is revealed in the New World Union Chronicle vol 1
- You see U.C.E.O.T.W. Times Edition 8
- Weekend edition of NS Today -
- Get your Daily Line and place a sports bet

Get involved!
- It's hypnotic! Choose your own adventure.
- Cast your vote in your Eligible Polls
- Craps! The Sands turns three!

Thank you for the update, very appreciated!

Who likes avocados here?

Tony use to eat cheeseburgers

West Intermarium wrote:Tony use to eat cheeseburgers


Do you guys have any video games you could recommend me?

the last of us part 2. but only for the play station.

Plaugetopia wrote:the last of us part 2. but only for the play station.

I've heard a lot of bad critics about it, do you think they are worth it

bad critics !!!! bad critics!!! how dare they insult this majesty of gaming!! this game is a peice of art!! people are just dissing it because the story killed off a character. its a good game. listen to your gut. i personally love it

Plaugetopia wrote:bad critics !!!! bad critics!!! how dare they insult this majesty of gaming!! this game is a peice of art!! people are just dissing it because the story killed off a character. its a good game. listen to your gut. i personally love it

At least everyone knows Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64 is the best game of all time

Hello everyone, I'm Azerubia and welcome to the 19th edition of the Union Weekly Recap. This will be a short one and I will be resuming the first week of July 2020 to you. Anyway, let's get onto the news:

- Candidacies announcements for the July general election has ended. United Soviet States of Russian Imperial (Texas), Caduceo and Bennisia have presented themselves as Prime Minister candidates. Empire of Elysium and The Scottish Republic will run for one of the two Heart seats while Suter and Alludo will be doing the same for the RGBN seats.

- The June 2020 edition of the Force Flyer is now out! Get your copy now:

Issue XXXV

The results of the elections of these months and who are the next ones coming, a good turn for the territories and a big sports event in roleplay - everything that you will find in this June's edition of the Force Flyer!


On the 1st of June, a new election was called by House Speaker Sir Lashnakia. It was time for the June Justices Election and honestly, it wouldnít have been a Force month without another election.

This election was the last one held without the new updated elections schedule introduced with Amendment 23. Amendment 23, which was sign into law on the 6th of June, introduces two new elections. General and midterm elections. Before, Prime Minister and House elections were held on the same month while Court elections were held on a different one. Now, the Court of the Union will now be elected during midterm elections with the capitalís House seats while the Prime Minister and the territoriesí House seats will be elected during the general election, the most important of the two. For your information, general elections will be held in March, July and November while midterm elections will be held in January, May and September.

After the election was called, two candidacies were deposited which meant that even if the two were being elected, there would still be a missing Justice office that would need to be filled. Anyway, the two candidacies were incumbent Justice Tigslarlowducken and Governor Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia who had previously tried to become Justice in the last Court election but due to him failing to answer Debate questions he had been disqualified. After the three mandated days of candidacy announcements, people were ready to go to the next stage.

Due to House Speaker Lashnakia resigning, we had to wait for 4 days for former Deputy House Speaker Empire of Elysium to finally start the Debate stage. The Debate exists so that voters can know the policies of their possible candidates but also to know whoís actually serious about it because if you donít answer them you are disqualified from the election. Anyhow, both candidates answered in the due time and it was time to pass onto the next phase.

Like most Court elections, the turnout was very low with only 6 people going to vote. In fact, the turnout was so low that the last time an official election had that much voters was in November 2019 Emergency House Election which had 6 voters but only 5 that had a valid ballot. The Force Flyer has found that most citizens do not go voting for Court elections due to them being non-important at their eyes since the Court is barely used in Force anyway. Nevertheless, all of the 6 voters voted in favour of each candidate making them both uncontested and easily elected.

Under the law, if there was a missing Justice in the Court following an election there were two choices. First, the House Speaker could call an Emergency Court Election to try and find a new candidate or the Founder could simply appoint someone. The second solution was the one chosen and on the 17th, Marcelli was appointed as Justice by Renegalle. Marcelli would also later become the current Chief Justice due to his experience at being one in the past.


As the first General election since the passage of Amendment 23 is arriving, we can already see that this will probably one of the most controversial and important ones Force will ever have. Like almost every election, the candidacies announcement phase will start on the 1st of the month. Currently, for Prime Minister the candidates that we all know will present themselves are, current Minister of Internal Affairs and Force Unity Party Nominee Caduceo, Democratic People's Party Nominee Bennisia, incumbent Prime Minister of the New Western Empire United Soviet States Of Russian Empire, also known as Texas, (under the nation United Soviet States of Russian Imperial) and incumbent Deputy Prime Minister, World Assembly Delegate and Cheese Party nominate New Legland (as Cumcision). For the House, the Force Unity Party has currently confirmed that they will support Empire of Elysium and Alludo for the Heart and RGBN seats respectively. If you still didn't know, the general election only elects territorial seats and currently, Heart and RGBN each have 2 seats in the House. Following some rumours, the Democratic People's Party will also be having candidates for the House but the Force Flyer still doesn't know who they will be. The Federalist Party will be having Minister of Communications Azerubia (as Suter) as a candidate in RGBN and incumbent Prime Minister Salibaic for Heart (as The Scottish Republic).

Not long enough, there was a controversy concerning the Democratic People's Party. The DPP was by far the most influential and powerful party of Force and when its chairman and leader Salibaic announced that he would not run for Prime Minister for the general election, it left a big hole that needed to be filled. Azerubia, Sumeka and Bennisia were all candidates for the nomination. Azerubia quickly stood down and endorsed Sumeka after he was elected President of RGBN. Sumeka easily won the voting intentions poll but it was now time for the real election. Bennisia won the election 4 votes to 3 and so went on to get the nomination. As soon as he was elected, Bennisia was accused by Azerubia and Empire of Elysium of having committed cronyism and harassment to get the nomination. They said that Bennisia was going on and talking to every party member and offering them cabinet positions if they voted for him and even harassed a voter so that he would change his vote. They said they had proof of Bennisia doing cronyism but he replied that he was basically just campaigning and was doing nothing illegal, he also said that he didn't harass anyone and they were just completely wrong. There was also the fact that one voter wanted to vote for Sumeka but due to problems with the forums, he couldn't. That basically meant that both candidates would have had the same amount of votes which left a clear division in the party. The people that voted for Sumeka clearly didn't like Bennisia due to them not liking his policies on territories and more. They also didn't like the fact that just after he was unbanned from Force for voter fraud, he was already trying to become PM. That lead to a massive exodus of members with more than 6 people leaving the party (the party had around 12 members) and even the chairperson Salibaic left the party due to the toxicity that the primary caused. Due to deputy chairperson Azerubia also leaving, the role of chairperson was given to Bennisia. Most of the members that quit the party would go on to join the Force Unity Party or become independent, Salibaic and Azerubia even decided to create their own new party, the Federalist Party, which is a party in favour of giving more rights to the territories.

The Force Flyer would also like to remind you that while preparing for this election, please inform yourself by looking at the candidates' and parties' policies before choosing your vote. Currently, the only candidate having released a program is Caduceo, we don't know if the other candidates wil release programs but Texas said he wanted to wait for a debate to release it, also parties have manifestos that you should definitely check. Here's the Federalist Party manifesto, Force Unity Party manifesto and Democratic People's Party manifesto. You should also wait for the Debate, with a capital D, to start on the forums because that is mostly where candidates will reveal their policies. The Force Flyer is also planning to organize a debate between candidates on the LinkForce discord server so stay tuned. We also want to remind you that the people that put the most efforts in their campaigning aren't necessarily the best choices and that policies should always come first.


This month, the Prime Minister and I undertook a massive project to revitalize the territories, an integral aspect of the Federal Union, which up until now had not been seriously tended to. Revitalization takes more than a simple pledge; it requires real steps to be taken. We did this by appointing (and for once, capable) new leaders to existing territories, helping them build up government institutions and resources, encouraging participation in federal elections and events, and reforming the laws concerning the territories.

The first concrete step we took to do this was the appointment of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia (also known as Nevertheless and the current Chief Research Officer), on June 11, as Governor of Power. So far, heís grown the previously inactive region from just one nation to 10, with plans in future to increase both that and the WA population (although progress has been admittedly slow, partially because of the well-known summer lull). Heís also started API Recruitment to help ensure the longevity of any population gains and hopefully in future, a steady population increase.

Then just a few days later, on June 15, Chundukeratopia (a former Minister at one point and former high profile member of the now-defunct alliance, the SCUT) was appointed as Governor of Canterbury. Since then, they too have started API Recruitment and begun the construction of new government institutions, including a Constitution for the region. Canterbury is a unique territory, due to its history. Prior to becoming part of the Union (and being refounded), Canterbury was a prominent region in the defunct interregional alliance known as the SCUT. It had its own government, complicated regional politics (which at one point resulted in a coup), and an amazing culture. After the SCUT went inactive and Canterbury itself did too, many of the regionís members came to Force, where almost all of them would assume prominent positions. The Chariot, a former member, became Deputy PM, Minister of Defense, a member of the Court, a House Rep., and ran a nearly successful PM campaign. New Legland, the current Deputy Prime Minister and World Assembly Delegate, who also once served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, was a highly prominent member of Canterbury who for the latter part of the regionís history controlled the Founder account. Chundukeratopia, the aforementioned Governor of Canterbury, who was also a former member, has also served in important positions in Force, including Minister of Internal Affairs. Due to this unique history that Canterbury has, a special focus has been made on honoring this. That includes the Governor inviting former citizens back to the region, the revival of the Discord server (the same one that once served the region when it was sovereign), and the naming of certain institutions, such as the Femoral Council, to honor regional icons.

Again on June 15, another major step forward was made for the territories. RGBN began its first election in a while, while after several days, resulted in the election of Suter (also known as Azerubia, the current Minister of Communications) as President. RGBN was different from most other territories, in that it had a stable population and a somewhat active government. Even then though, it suffered from chronic inactivity, which led its incumbent president to withdraw from the election race just prior to its conclusion. Since Suterís election on the 20th, he has rearranged the Cabinet and added a new member to it as well as making a serious effort to revitalize the RMBís RP, which drove much of the regionís historical activity. In his time so far, the regionís population has remained stable, at about 35. RGBN, similar to Canterbury, also had a history prior to joining the Union. As a sovereign region, it was Forceís first embassy (after The Embassy) and one of its members made Forceís first RMB post. Its members were always courteous and friendly in their interactions with us and they had a very active RP and lively discussion, which at one point helped their population surpass 130. Unfortunately, the region became inactive and at one point, when its population had gone into the single digits, announced they were shutting down. Luckily, we took notice of this and their Founder agreed to join the Union, in exchange for us doing our best to revitalize the region and increase their population. Ever since, theyíve been a Union territory and now hold the highest classification besides the capital, which makes them a state.

Finally, some changes happened in Heart. While the region hasnít been extremely active since First Minister Salibaic became the Unionís PM, it has maintained a steady level of RMB engagement and First Minister Empire of Elysium has started doing manual recruitment in hopes of gaining new members. In addition, there is word of a potential change in leadership soon, which could potentially help increase the regionís engagement.

Beyond the appointment of new leadership and building of institutions, a territorial reform law (Amendment 25 to the Constitution) came into effect after periods of voting by the House and citizenry concluded on the 29th. The amendment shifted responsibility for the territories away from the Office of the Prime Minister (who term after term has shown itself incapable of effectively dealing with both the capital and the other territories) and to a newly created office, that of High Commissioner. The High Commissioner, unlike the PM, is appointed by the Founder. They are charged with appointing viceroys to each state (and other important territories) in order to coordinate the flow of information (news, events, elections, etc) and work to deal with issues that the territories face. The Prime Minister is still the leader of the Union, but their role has now changed to that of inter-union cooperation, rather than direct intervention. Some other changes were made in the amendment, including adding special classifications of territories which previously existed but werenít formally recognized by law, such as Military Occupations. Finally, Territorial Law was recognized as its own form of law. They cannot contradict, amend, or suspend federal law, but only House Law and the Constitution can contradict, amend, or suspend them. Executive Law, the type of law created by the PM or Founder, can continue to do things it could before, such as appoint Governors to non-state territories but can no longer affect territorial law. This creates a special separation of powers and helps to achieve a more equitable federal system. In case of conflict between federal and territorial laws, the Court has the ability to strike down those which are illegal.

Throughout the Unionís history, territories have played an important, but understated role. They have supplied us with some of our most capable leaders and engaged citizens, contributed to our laws and reforms that weíve undergone, and continue to play an important role in Union politics. In recognition of this, these actions have been taken in order to promote the further development of the territories, elevate their status, and ensure cohesion in what is, after all, a Union.


So - here I am again. It really doesn't feel like a year has passed since the last time I wrote about Pride in Force, yet here we are - after celebrating Pride 2020 inside the Union of Force.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that Pride Month in Force was much more extravagant this year than it was last year, with 80 nations more inside the region than it was last June, the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies were much more vocal and impactful. In fact - last time I wrote about Pride Month I was able to enumerate the few people who changed their Discord profile pictures to various Pride variants, but now - so much people did it that I can barely list them! You know who you are, so good job 🏳️‍🌈

We also got a couple of fancy new Pride Month variants of the different flags being displayed across the Territories that make up the Union of Force. Force got a new design (because the one I made last year would literally burn your eyes out from all the bright colors :P), and so did the states of Heart and RGBN. Not only that, but the Force World Factbook Entry had a little change in the motto displayed - "Freedom, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love, and Freedom To Love" - which proudly stayed on the WFE for the duration of the month. Even the two major political parties of the Union - the Democratic People's Party and the Force Unity Party - had rebrands in their respective logos in celebration of the event, the DPP styled a rainbow background and the phrase "Love Wins" on top of their Snowy Owl, and the FUP logo waved a Pride Flag instead of their usual orange flag. Indeed, this month was one of the best experiences I've ever experienced - where I and the other members of both the LGBTQIA+ community and the Union of Force truly enjoyed just hanging out and talking freely and openly; And so in the spirit of embracing this wonderful community I am a part of, I sincerely thank all of you for giving me and everyone else such a warm and comfortable atmosphere to truly be ourselves in, not only during Pride Month but any other day as well.

It was truly a breath of fresh air for many of us - because in these times we need each other more than anything else. In times where it's dangerous to simply leave our homes; In times where injustice and discrimination are violently displayed; In times where people are forcibly and constantly divided - but in these dark times are also when the light is brighter than ever, for in these times are selflessness and kindness keeping us strong; in these times are when our voices sound louder together; in these times are when love matters most. Pride Month 2020 has helped amplify the beauty in humanity that is now often overshadowed - and we need to keep being the light even as Pride Month comes to an end. Be thankful, be loving, be human. This has been Caduceo greeting you a wonderful and beautiful Pride Month 🧡


This month, the Official Force Roleplay hold one of its biggest and longest event it ever had. It was the 1992 Force World Cup. Held in the United Socialist States of Azerubia and Niemaa, this competition was held similarly to what we can see with the NationStates World Cup. Pretty early up in the preparation of the competition, the hosting cities of the tournament were revealed and they were respectively in the azerubian cities of Zarevica, Smerot, Zvorventa, Obrejinova, Brelava and Crezevac. The tournament was scheduled to start on the 1st of June (RP Time) but before that, on the 1st of May, was the draft. The draft revealed what nations would be in what groups and here were the results:
Group A: Azerubia, Kingdom of Adlandia, Heonix and Pyrwen
Group B: Renegalle, Greatest Elysium, Niemaa and Appalachia (Great allegheny)
Group C: Salibaic, United Nations of Colombia, Dragvir and Silvedania
Group D: Sumeka, Matria Union, Tigslarlowducken and Illyrus

The group stage started off pretty calmly with no real stress since only one nation in each group was going to be eliminated after the end of the group stage. The unlucky winners were Pyrwen, Greatest Elysium, Silvedania and Illyrus. Silvedania lost all of its games due to them forfeiting after the player decided to quit the roleplay while the tournament was ongoing, Illyrus and Greatest Elysium both managed to get one point due to ties but that wasn't enough for them to qualify and Pyrwen, even though he won one game, was behind Azerubia and Adlandia by one point and couldn't qualify. In contrast to them, Heonix, Dragvir, Niemaa and Sumeka had managed to be top one of their competition and so had the right to pass the first round.

The first round of the final stage saw the nations of United Nations of Colombia, Matria Union, Tigslarlowducken and Appalachia all get eliminated respectively by Renegalle, Adlandia, Azerubia and Salibaic. It was at this point that the competition really kicked off. People started cheering for their team to win, were disappointed when they were eliminated and whenever the daily matches results were revealed, people started talking about them. Even some news sources of some nations started talking about the event and people had really been starting to be excited to see the results. The second round was a surprise as all the frontrunners of the group stage were eliminated except Niemaa who managed to eliminate the host and their biggest rival, Azerubia, 2 to 0. We were now on to the semifinals. Renegalle would be against Adlandia and Niemaa would be the opponent of Salibaic. Both Renegalle and Salibaic managed to come out on top and sent the losers to the bronze final. Niemaa was the one to win against Adlandia 3 to 2 in overtime and we were now onto the big final. Results haven't yet been released in RP but the Force Flyer can now announce to you that Salibaic has defeated Renegalle 4 to 2 and is now the World Champion. Salibaic will also receive the $10 billion cash prize that was promised to the winner and he will be able to use it for whatever does he wants.


Following the latest RGBN election, I (Suter) have been elected as the new President of the region. Under my new leadership, I would like to work on reviving this region and trying to create a new golden era for it. I do not want to try and idolize on the great past of RGBN and trying to recreate it but more try to make a totally new RGBN with a totally new look. We currently have over 30 nations in the region but not a lot of them actually interact with each other. That's why I would like to try and recruit new people from here in Force. If you join RGBN, you will still keep your Force citizenship (and all of the rights that come with it) and the right to talk on its RMB since RGBN is part of our great union. We would like to become bigger and greater and you would have the chance to help my big project. RGBN always has been a region made to chill so you won't have a lot of responsibilities if you join and even the government is pretty chill. We even started our own roleplay but it is currently inactive due to not enough members. I also want to introduce a legislative branch for RGBN, I'm thinking about going for a representative democracy or even a direct democracy with an assembly where everyone could participate. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Anyway, if you are interested in helping me in this great project you can telegram me or even contact me on discord (Azy#4617).

Editorial Team for this Month

Azerubia/Suter - Minister of Communications, President of RGBN and Editor in Chief

Renegalle - Founder and Editor

Caduceo - Editor

We're hiring for new positions! Learn More...
For more information, contact Azerubia through Discord (teaman#4617)
or apply forLink Civil Services!

June 2020 Competition Results




Third Force Discord Emoji Contest





WA Nations


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59 (-14)


34 (-7)

13 (2)


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12 (1)

The New Kingdom

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Read dispatch

- The Debate phase of the general election has started. Go check the candidates' answers to know more about their policies:

How is everyone doing?

Suter wrote:How is everyone doing?

I think I'm managing just fine. Here in the Netherlands, quarantine isn't as strict as in some of the other nations, since we never went into full national lockdown and never had to do with any curfews either. There have been pretty strict rules otherwise though, which did recently get relaxed, with certain places slowly re-opening. Only the most essential rules are still in place (wash hands, wear mask if using public transport, keep 1,5 meter distance, stay home if you experience any symptoms, and some others).

lol im stuck in friggin bangladesh where there are only 150 icu units in the country

sorry about that


Morning RGBN!

Alludo wrote:Morning RGBN!

Good morning to you

Alludo wrote:Morning RGBN!

Good evening!

Shenifar wrote:Good evening!

Well, now it is good evening!

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