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Nomadic sister of shawnas north africa wrote:Salakum salaam ., is someone here

Sorry, I don't log into this nation a lot.

Welcome Reborn ottoman sultan!

Reborn ottoman sultan

Greetings to all Regional Members:

Whenever the Middle East is mentioned one of the very first issues that comes to mind is the Israeli-Arab conflict. The world continues to change in ways that are blatantly alarming. We are now living in a world that is entirely devoid of international law because the institutions entrusted with its enforcement are as spineless as they are toothless. The politics of vengeful retribution is blinding us of our humanity. We've allowed the compartmentalization of our consciousness to individually saturate our minds and that is one of the reasons why hatred is at an all time high. Nonetheless, the tumultuousness of the times should call for a new paradigm shift for the bulk of human civilization. Peace must be applied both gradually and conceptually; generations empowered through the renaissance of information technology must determine if the pursuit of such an objective stands as a legitimate possibility.

If peace can be applied and sustained in the Middle East its supporting paradigm could be observed elsewhere in the world as an exemplary precedent. The application of peace, in any capacity, must afford others with the dignity and humility to live as equals; anything outside of that will bring about its absolute failure. Entertaining the reality of that proposition is enough to reach an educative epiphany which will make or break us as a species. The first major stride made in the name of that grandiose undertaking can begin advocating for a unionized merger between Israel and Palestine. After all, peace is a joint process where rights of sovereign existence are equally afforded to all with reasonable exceptions.

Any empirical observation that has the slightest concession of reason will confirm that a world of embattled ultra-nationalism will rob humanity of its posterity. Thus, we should all strive to realize An Age of Reasoned and Dignified Posterity.

-Reborn Ottoman Sultan



Assalamu alaykum, fellow Muslims and Ramadan/Ramazan kareem from the PFQ!


Hi, probably just passing through here. Too bad about low activity.

In the name of Allah who is the most Merciful and Beneficent.
Assalam o Alaikum!
I hope my message finds you in the best of your health. Shawal moon has been sighted and tomorrow shall be Eid. I wish all the Muslims of State of Palestine a very Happy Eid ul Fitr.
Unfortunately, many parts of the Muslim world welcome this festival with wounded hearts and tearful eyes. The pain and situation of our brothers in these countries, particularly in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Somalia, overshadow our joy. Hopefully, these blessed days will become a cause for the salvation of our brothers and a reason for humanity to be looking forward to the future in peace and security of all mankind to be looked forward to the future.
May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and ease the suffering of all our brothers and sisters around the globe. Remember your brothers in your prayers. Allah be with you!
Prime Minister of United Empire of Islam.

Viva Palestine

*unintelligible grunting noises*