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Telhárr Nasjonal | The National Telegraph
Hirraž Erdekelnínn'hazari | News in the National Interest

On the Campaign trail
Despite still being half a year away, the official campaign for Karthspire's 2025 Election is now underway. Early polling suggests that the National Front are, as the government, leading the polls with 47%. This lead however, and whether or not its sustainable, depends on the ability of the daughter of current PM, Kristina Larathael, Anastasia Saelinus to retain the confidence of the public in her party and lead the National Front back to their pre-eminent position in the Magistére'Révine. Although a majority Nationalist Government, as was what occurred in 2020, is unlikely to occur again due to the Karthspiri Electoral system it is, according to current polling, likely that the next Government will be a National-led coalition of the right unless, of course, Mrs Saelinus cannot retain the confidence of the public in the National Front.

Speaking at a rally with a heated rally in her mother's home state of Falinesti, Mrs Saelinus promised to continue the work which the National Front has been doing for its past 20 years in Government; specifically focusing on the achievements of her mother in her 10-year premiership - the longest continuous rule of any Karthspiri Prime Minister. In this way, one can see the strategy being played by Saelinus to retain the Northern voters which, all too often, carve the path for the National Front to claim the Imperial Mandate and form Her Majesty's Government. Such a tactic may prove to work in the long-run, but lacking the charisma and perceived tough, no-nonsense attitude of her mother Mrs Saelinus may find it difficult to maintain her strong lead in the polls; especially when the New Democrats, Labour and the AKFB are led by well-respected figures who can appeal easily to Hindu and Sikh voters - something Saelinus, like Larathael, will struggle with due to her Christian faith.

Energy from Ephyra?
Seeking to initiate concerns about the future energy security of the Empire, Foreign Minister Arana Direnni's Antonov An-148 Ministerial Jet touched down in the Capital city of the Ephyral freehold, also called Ephyra, as the head of a delegation seeking easier access to Ephyral energy reserves; a delegation formed through the state private-sector partnership which exists in the Karthspiri Energy sector. Although the Empire is rapidly developing its renewable energy capabilities, concerns remain about access to gas for the country's coldest, Northern regions as well as sources of oil and fuel; a controversial topic not often discussed since the instability of the prices of domestic suppliers began to fluctuate in the early 2000s - causing fuel riots in several major urban centres.

The way forward is several direct pipelines under the ocean connecting oil-rich regions of Ephyra directly to Karthspire as well as the negotiation of contracts for Karthspiri energy firms to have direct access to and drilling rights for Ephyral energy reserves; this, at least, according to the Foreign Ministry. Such deals, however, will not be easily negotiated. The interest of foreign companies in Ephyral energy deposits is likely to attract the Eyre of Ephyral citizens and companies already operating in the area so, naturally, the Foreign Ministry wishes to handle the matter of both the pipelines and drilling rights for Karthspiri firms in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Emigration fever; the new normal or just a trend?
Emigration, for almost two decades now, has been a part of life for many Karthspiri families. The freedom of movement granted to Karthspiri citizens over a decade ago in the Karthspiri-Mexican treaty has allowed a sizeable Karthspiri community to establish itself in Mexico and most OC nations have Karthspiri diasporas both big and small. However, levels of emigration from our nation have always remained at sustainable levels but new figures published by the Interior Ministry show that the rate of emigration out of the country is steadily increasing. Last year's report showed a net migration of -150,000, meaning that 150,000 more were leaving than were coming in, with the main destination being Mexico. This year's figures paint a different story. Net migration has, again, dropped to -300,000 with a much more varied selection of destinations for those leaving the nation. Mexico remains, as ever, the largest destination for those leaving the Empire for a new life. Notable new destinations are the Ephyral Freehold and the United Territories of Komminland.

The first is, naturally, not too surprising. Similar social attitudes shared by Selian and Karthspiri societies make integration into Selian society easier for Karthspiri immigrants and the warm relationship between the two nations, despite the mild bloodshed which acted as mere bumps in the road, allows Karthspiri emigrants to view the Freehold as a relatively stable and friendly place to settle.

The latter, however, is quite surprising when one considers the, often, strenuous relationship between the Empire and the ATCO. The increase in emigration to Komminland from a total of 0 in the previous year is being chalked up to three things. The first is the subsidised classes in Kommin history and language to assist in integrating newcomers; often Karthspiri are hesitant to emigrate due to the difficulties associated in integrating into a culture as alien to them as the culture of Komminland.

The second is the status of Komminland as a relatively stable democratic state; appealing to the desire of Karthspiri emigrants to retain their say in the Government of the land in which they reside but also appealing to more liberally-minded Karthspiri due to its society being more of a democratic republic as opposed to the Karthspiri conservative, constitutional monarchy.

Thirdly, higher-wages in Komminland are acting as one of the major pull-factors for Karthspiri migration. Karthspiri culture prises education meaning that the vast bulk of the Karthspiri workforce is well-trained and educated in their field but birthrates slightly higher than the replacement rate of 2.1 as well as the, relatively, large supply of unused labour, unemployment stands at around 7%, has surpressed wages and the lack of a minimum wage in the Empire has resulted in the indefinite plummeting of labour rates in some trades. Low wage costs in the Empire may have contributed to the competitiveness of its exports but for the most highly skilled workers it has acted as the carrot on the brain-drain stick.

The pattern of emigration out of the Empire is set to continue but another question remains, for how long?

Free Mexico News


Massive March
I am on the ground in the Canal and we have correspondents in Veracruz. A massive demonstration planned by Citizens United and the Karthspiti-Mexican Alliance has started in both cities with significant backing from the various political fronts and groups. We can see a line of troops strung out and they appear to be armed with high powered assault rifles. The planners warned those present to not bring guns.

Workers are in the front lines of the demonstration with locals and students backing them. We are now getting word the protestors have rushed the soldiers in Veracruz.

Yes the demonstration has taken a turn as the crowd rushed the soldiers guarding the port. We have heard warning shots fired off but, no word on any casualties. People can be heard singing the call to arms anthem "A Las Barricadas!" or "To The Barricades!". The Mexican Marines stationed here have been told to stand down and only shoot unless civilians were shot at

*volley of warning shots*
Ok I think those were more warning shots. We heard rumblings of people wanting to be martyrs. The only group that has spoken against this is the National Socialist Workers Party, they advocate for a maintenance of the ATCO ownership of the canal. Miguel, have they rushed the troops?

I can hear them singing A Las Barricadas, I think they are gearing up to rush the troops.

Ok they are rushing towards the troops, they look frightened the troops. No sounds of warning shots yet. We're following them

*they rush past the overwhelmed soldiers*

We've made it into the canal zone. They are going to assemble in one of the office buildings where the occupation command is stationed. They will issue a list of grievances and then go to their work stations. Rosa, this is the start of more drama involving ATCO and the Mexican people.

Ascoobis and Allyrije

Good lord I've been absent for too long........

Assorted news from the United Territories - June 2024
Employment Numbers Increase with Immigration Reform

    After the immigration reforms passed last year in response to the labor shortage, immigration rates have increased significantly and employment numbers are steadily increasing. Worries from small- and medium-business owners with the lack of labor supply have been answered with the recent reform policies, which lowered the requirements for seeking residency. Currently, a growing proportion of new migrants are Karthspiri, many of whom have received some sort of professional training or education prior to immigration. In addition to long-term residency grants, the immigration reform also relaxed requirements for refugee applicants. Applicants from conflict areas, particularly the Panama Canal Zone notable for Mexican insurgent activity preventing workers from going to work, have been approved in greater numbers than before. The government of the Lander Islands have petitioned the National Directorate to promote residency in their jurisdiction, as brain drain running back to the 1980s has left the population old and without any economic diversification. The Lander Islands Directorate of Food (finance) believes that with the increase in immigrants that now is the perfect time to draw new business to the Lander Islands.

National Directorate Hosts New Cultural Events and Programs

    Among concerns from some regarding difficulty of integration with the Kommin way of life, the National Directorate has planned cultural events in Komminland's three major cities. The events will feature reenactments of important events in Comerian history, festival games, and even visits by the National Director himself on different days. Local Comerare are also asked to make time to convene at different times to coincide with event days so new members can fully immerse in the Kommin experience with an evening of feasting. The Comerare Finder app has also been released for new residents to find and get in touch with fellow members of their local Comerare and Comelere. Immigrants are encouraged to bring foods from their former homes and share stories, and native residents are encouraged to help new members adjust as comfortably as possible.

4th Komminland University Brain-Computer Interface Contest Underway

    The Komminland University Brain-Computer Interface Contest, held every five years since 2004, has opened submissions to worldwide contestants today. As usual, the focus of the BCI contest is signal processing to convert brain signals to useful data with the greatest accuracy. Although the largest public repository released by Komminland University is with electroencephalography (EEG) sensor data, contestants are welcome to use data collected from other methods provided they are rigorous and made public for the scientific community. Cash prizes are 7000 Genamur for first place, 5000 for second, and 2500 for third.



Republic of Washinton wrote:Good lord I've been absent for too long........

You think anyone noticed?

Ascoobis and Allyrije

11th of June, 2024 | London

Matthew Hacker leaned back on his couch, at his office, exhausted. It had just been a few weeks, since taking office as Prime Minister, at the ripe age of thirty. He had once been a businessman, a billionaire with little to no political experience. In truth, while he had ran this campaign as hard as he could. He hadn't actually expected to... Win.

"So, yes. The Libertarians are supporting my Prostitution Legalisation bill, almost fully. It's my party, so... As expected, I suppose." He said. "Labour party's split on the issue... Uh... The Tories oppose it."

"Are they not your coalition partners?" Asked the young woman, sitting by him. About five years younger than him, but still dressed in full royal regalia... Which she absolutely despised. Ugh.

The Prime Minister, in the Kingdom, was elected by the Lower House. Which in turn was elected by the people, through STV. It was the Tories, originally, the one minor party which had given Matthew enough votes. To have him appointed as Head of Government.

Mainly because they didn't want Labour in power, for another four years. So far, though, their support had been unreliable at best.

"Yes, Charlotte. But it's the conservatives, so... Yeah. Voting's today, on that issue. Indicative yesterday had my bill passing, by the thinnest of margins. So... We'll see." He said. "Between you and me, though. What's your opinion, on that?"

At that, the woman shrugged.

"A few weeks ago... Before that damn plane crash. I'd have said I agreed to your position, Matt." She said. "But... Well... Now that I am the Queen. It isn't a good idea to give any clear political views. Aside from the vague wishes that our Kingdom prospers, and so on. Now, would it?"

At that, Hacker frowned, but nodded.

"Right... Yeah... I forgot..."

A few weeks ago. There had been a plane crash, rather bad one. In the vehicle, was the King, the Queen-Consort, and Charlotte's eldest brother. The heir to the throne. Along with her other older sibling... All of them died, and Charlotte herself had been gravely injured, a near-death experience from which she had barely recovered from. So, now, at the age of 25. She was queen.

Which was a position that she very much had never actually wanted. Not in the slightest. Matthew's party, which was originally a publicity stunt, unexpectedly getting 48% of the seats and about the same amount of votes. Along with this. Had clearly put a strain, in both's already complicated and somewhat toxic relationship.

Now things were... Very awkward, between them. Neither knew what to do. Luckily, someone knocked.

"Prime Minister? Your Majesty? Mister Bond, is waiting for you." A voice was heard.

"We'll be there soon!" Called Hacker, standing up.

Ah, right! The meeting with the Minister of Defence! Phew.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Allyrije

I started a newspost last night on my laptop....Just haven't finished it yet. I'll post it when I get home tonight. :)

Can't believe it's been almost 2 months, man does time fly.



News from Komminland - July 2024
A Touch of Common Decency - Kommin Companies Pledge Aid in Panamanian Conflict Area

    The heated presence of insurgents from the Confederacy of Mexico has brought considerable damage to the Panama Canal Zone. Although ATCO guards have been staunchly defending the disputed zone, the Confederate insurgents have created a Mexican standoff with no end in sight. Because of this, a few big-name Kommin companies have set aside their business rivalries and banded together to give aid and address problems caused by the insurgency.

    Operating out of sites where some medical relief groups have already set up, Kommin companies are bolstering the ability for hospitals, volunteer schools, and food banks to provide for those in need. For example, North Star Agribusiness is bringing urban hydroponics to grow more food to distribute and Kommin Heavy Industries has contributed emergency housing materials for the homeless. In addition, these companies have been creating jobs even during times of conflict by employing those who were put out of work by the Confederate insurgency; construction workers and foremen are working to create and repair housing and doctors are being given sanitary work environments and reliable medical instruments thanks to Kommafin Biomedical. Even those in white-collar industries such as technology are being given jobs, as Dataworks has started moving some R&D to the Panama Canal zone to develop ways to quickly reclaim and build electrical infrastructure. Those currently employed are given on-the-job training for technology donated by the companies, training which is applicable in the international job market as well when the conflict is hoped to over.

    Although there are definite concerns that Kommin efforts for the common good are in jeopardy due to Confederate activity, the humanitarians assert that now is the best time to be a good Samaritan. According to a spokesperson with Kommafin, "Amidst the chaos and confusion, people need to know that their can be stability. We are making an oasis in the middle of this chaos, a place where people have the opportunity to live up to their potential, a place where generosity paves the way for hope."

Nordamy and Allyrije


Free Mexico News

Kommin Aid
The Komminland government along with charity groups have set up aid centers, food banks and job training in the country despite the danger in the Canal Zone. Due to the last civil war and the standoff between civilians and ATCO forces, repair teams have been unable to fix damage done to the canal. Mexican organizations including the Red Cross, AMEXCID, Mercy Corps and the Traditional Catholic Church have stepped up to help. This is in light of the recent storming of the Canal and Veracruz ports. Thus far only minor injuries from beatings have been reported.

Healthcare On The Ballot
The Universal Healthcare law that was put into effect by the National Socialists has been put for a vote in the National Council. The Liberal Party, National Conservative Party and Green Conservative Party have all stated their wish to remove the bill. The Mutualist Union Party stated they would like to greatly reform it but, can also strike it down. The plans put forth on striking it down include a gradual transfer to private companies. The reform plan includes less spending and more freedom in picking providers. The Citizens United Party has proposed a middle ground with a scaling back based on the Mutualist model that would lead to a cooperative system rather than a private system.

Relic Found
Archeologists exploring a temple in the Yucatan near Mérida found what was first to be suspected as a funeral stele turns out to be a clay tablet used in religious rituals. The markings on the tablet are being deciphered. Upon inspection of the drawings inside the temple walls, an abundance of earth crosses and what looks to be a man, possibly a shaman, teaching to a congregation. Some have remarked that this resembles tales told by the tribal elders. The story goes that the tribe was visited by an angelic apparation that told the tribes about various rituals including a water purification ritual that mimics baptism. The tribe itself was conquered by the Mayans.

Komminland and Allyrije

OOC: Wow, it's nearly been two months since my last News post. Best get to it.

Ascoobian News Network: July 8th, 2024

Southern Tensions

Unprovoked, Nord citizens attacked the multinational force policing the Panama Canal Zone in a massive demonstration that unfortunately forced troops to open fire on the aggressive crowd as it threatened to overrun the guards. Despite the propaganda being distributed by the Citizens United Party, the multinational force guarding this nexus of trade is made up of troops from Karthspiri, Paglaum, the UFC, and their very own Nordamy.

For the first time since the London Conference, Ascoobis is considering placing troops along their part of the UFC border with Nordamy and threatens to do so if the Libertarian Nord Government cannot keep its citizens from assaulting the zone and disrupting global commerce. To provide room for tensions to de-escalate, the Ascoobian Air Force has been restrained from providing assistance to the multinational Force at the Canal and the airfield in the Canal Zone remains on lockdown.

Common Decency isn't so Kommin

In a recent swing in generosity, the Kommin government has dipped its feet into world affairs and invited numerous Karthspiri as migrant workers in hi-tech industries. As well as sending medical and economic aid to the people of Nordamy. While the Ascoobian Government applauds the latter efforts to provide a bedrock of support for impoverished people, it can't help but voice its concern at the influx of Karthspiri citizens into important postions in Kommin industry. Especially as the Karthspiri Government stops at nothing to disrupt and weaken the Western World, as seen by their unwarranted intervention in the 2nd Nord Civil War. It suggests that the Kommin Government take greater care in who they take in. As any migrant could easily be a foreign spy or saboteur seeking to undermine the ATCO in the Atlantic.

Healthcare on Life Support

The Confederacy of Nordamy is certainly an experiment that the world watches unfold with pity. It is the closest that a nation has come to the abolishment of a centralized state, a most would go as far as to call it anarchism. Now the nation's Universal Healthcare is being put on the chopping block. Another step towards lawlessness, the loss of the freedoms that they say these steps are being taken to preserve.

Director of Health Dexter Grey comments:

"The Nord proposal to abolish universal healthcare with promises of "freedom and less spending" are empty promises and excuses for private interests to extort the nation's and make money off of suffering. There's not freedom when your unconscious in an ambulance or on an operating table. There's no freedom in that. After all, what could be freer than a system that's free at the point of service and paid for through a small tax? You're ill; you go get treatment. That simple. No haggling with what is or isn't "covered", no negotiations between the hospital and the insurance company, and no company having entire divisions dedicated to finding ways not to cover you. It's really less bureaucracy overall if the system is working as intended. Mark my words, if the system isn't scrapped altogether, it's going to be sabotaged more than it is already to justify scrapping it at a later date. This is just another offensive in the Ultra-Wealthy's war on the Nord people. I implore that any self-respecting Nord to lobby their representative to battle this effort if that representative hasn't been bribed off already.

If this goes through, we expect disaster, a Nord Diaspora. As Nord wages drop and injuries becoming more likely because of deregulation, this is the last expense recovering families need to drop on their plate, and for many, this will be the last straw. It's going to be a choice between moving elsewhere or living under the constant fear that any slip up in their health status will mean a lifetime of debt if they aren't deep in debt already.

It's a disgrace the disregard that our neighbor has for its people. Here in Ascoobis, we see the way forward is for the Government to invest in its people and others in the UFC. By freeing those living here of the burden of worrying about things, such as education and healthcare, they're free to pursue their desired path to become the best productive citizens that they could be and become the envy of the world. For going in the exact opposite direction, and with the increasing wealth inequality, the Nord economy is living on borrowed time. Not even Kommin aid will be enough when their middle-class is sucked dry and pushed into poverty by unimpeded conmen and snake-oil salesmen, unable to participate in the economy. This is not hyperbole, this is history. We saw the same occur at the end of the 1920's and those same economic policies are once again rearing their ugly head to convince the greedy and gullible."

Ascoobis has taken steps to propose to the rest of the UFC to simplify the process of immigration from Nordamy, anticipating a massive wave of residency applications if Nord internal politics continue down their path.

Referendum Defeated

Measure 2908 of the Ascoobian Provincial Congress to ban the sale of Tobacco Products is defeated in a state referendum 79% to 20% of eligible voters. 1% did not participate. The common conception of those that admit to voting 'no' is that they may not be smokers themselves, and some disapprove of it, but would like the right for it to exist for others, despite the health effects. Note that Ascoobis has among the smallest population of smokers in the Western Hemisphere due to cultural sensitivities and stringent antismoking education.

Luna 2030

The United Federation of Columbia's Federal Aeronautical and Space Agency, FASA, is proud to announce its overarching plan to take UFC to Mars by 2040. Included in this plan, which is getting much buzz online, is the plan for a permanent Moon outpost to launch the manned Mars mission from by 2040. The plan itself is vague, describing the planned outpost to be at the scale of most Antarctic outposts today. Many, however, point out that any base capable of launching an independent space mission will have to be much larger and more complex.

Conscription Reintroduced?

With the world tensions rising as of late and the multiple Civil Wars in our neighbor Nordamy, talks are being had of amending the State Constitution to allow for conscription. A move in this direction is likely to be intercepted by courts on the Federal Level, as it'd be seen as a repeating of the past by Cerma and Washinton, cutting into old wounds best left untouched. Generals are concerned that this will lead to a lowering of morale and rigorous standards to accommodate the unfit citizens that would be forced into the ranks.

In Other News...

  • Internet Sensation Rufus the Yodeling Cat passed away yesterday from Throat Cancer.

  • Relic of a yet-to-be-verified Central American Tribe discovered in a Mayan Temple in Yucatan.

  • British Prostitution Legalisation Bill gains traction as the newly-crowned Queen Charlotte voices her best wishes to the lawmakers, trusting them to make the best decision for Britain.

  • German Tiger Tank loaned to the Ascoobian Empire in 1942 for testing was found buried in mint condition using RADAR technology in the Mojave Desert after being lost in a dust storm 77 years ago. The question remains whether Tiger 008 belongs in an Ascoobian or German museum.

  • Ascoobian Nuclear Energy Mongul Ernesto Smythe heads too China in order to negotiate the importation of Chinese-produced Thorium to lessen the costs to operate Ascoobis' Nuclear Power grid.

Free Mexico News

Healthcare Axed
Yesterday the Universal Healthcare bill introduced by the National Socialists was struck down and was replaced by the "Community Health" act where individuals with preexisting conditions will be allowed free or reduced health coverage through community programs. The same applies to individuals who claim to be unable to afford health insurance. Both parties will be allowed to pick their own providers. A transition period of three years will be allowed to fully transfer individuals to the reformed system. The excess money from the previous model will be divided between health investment and defense investment. The Ascoobian press refered to this as "anarchism" and "a disgrace". Minister of Health Hector Guevara stated

"Prior to the National Socialist takeover we had a similar system in place where healthcare was patient friendly. Coverage by the federal government was previously only meant for government workers. Under the previous regime I was the head surgeon at St. Anthony Hospital and the conditions were poor. People had to wait months for a simple procedure and would often go North for better quality care. If you went to St.Anthony's you would have been appalled. I am a bit shocked that our northern neighbors would say such things considering the medical tourism. I personally refered people to Ascoobian doctors illegally because they would get the help they needed from their doctors."

Clearing Things Up
The Ascoobian media stated that Mexican troops were attacked by demonstrators when they went back to work. The truth is that the troops were stationed behind the protesters and had orders to protect the demonstrators in case ATCO shot any of them.

Ascoobis Placing Troops
More from our northern neighbor, Ascoobis has stated they will place troops along the border. Governor General Torrijos fired back
"If I may propose something to you. Please do not tell me how to tell the citizens how they can demonstrate against your presence in their country. You are lucky weapons,aside from yours,were banned in the protest"
More troops will be placed on standby in case of an emergency but, no further troops will be placed on the border. Minister of Defense Daniel Sandino stated

"If we place more we become the bad guys. With them you can't win once they twist your words. Get that down Ascoobis. Rest assured we do have plans in place in case things go bad notably the activation of the militias.As have had a on increase in military funding plus an increase in weapons manufacturing or as they call it 'Threatening our peace'. I would like to see this negotiated first but, we will be ready if things go wrong."

Gun Sales Peak
Sales in private firearm sales have peaked at approximately 120.5 guns per 100 civilians. The most popular guns sold this year were rifles followed by handguns and shotguns. The Republics with the most guns are Mexica, Panama and Belize with about 90 guns per 1,000 residents. This comes with reinstating private firearm ownership after they were controlled in the late 90s and banned under the previous regime

Space Program
The Mexican Space Agency has been developing a probe to better explore Jupiter's moon Titan. The probe, Strella 1 or Star 1 will be launched from the Kinich Ahau Center in Veracruz. There has been talk of possible cooperation with the Luna 2030 project.

Correction. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn.

Nordamy and Allyrije

Actually, keep the typo. It'll be something for the world to go apesh*t over in their own newsposts.

Paglaum, Nordamy, and Allyrije

Ascoobis wrote:Actually, keep the typo. It'll be something for the world to go apesh*t over in their own newsposts.

Agreed. It's pretty cool.

Nordamy and Allyrije


July 2024
Directorate for Foreign Affairs Calls Ascoobian Government "Paranoid"

    A press release by the Ascoobian Government in reaction to the relaxation of Kommin immigration law has led the Directorate for Foreign Affairs to respond, stating that the Ascoobian Government is "being paranoid." The immigration reform, passed in November of last year, led to a significant increase in immigration from other countries. Notable among the demographics of new immigration were immigrants from the Karthspire, from which there had been no immigration in the year just before immigration reform. The Kommin office for immigration has attributed this to the wave of emigration that the Karthspire had been experiencing, with migrant destinations including Ephyra and Confederate Mexico.

    This month, the press release from the Ascoobian Government warning the United Territories about potential spies against ATCO has been noted by the National Directorate. In response, the Directorate has stated that "There are many considerations to make when inviting someone to be your neighbor, but sometimes it is possible to be too paranoid. Whoever is spying on us can play I Spy in the lava fields, which are particularly beautiful this time of year. We thank the Ascoobian government for their concern and assure them that we are already taking security seriously."

September 2024
Can't Take Abandoned Coast Guard Property, Court Rules

    A salvage title for an abandoned Coast Guard armored personnel carrier found by a Datagrir resident last year was debated in the national-level court and finally concluded on the 14th. Initially a salvage title was claimed for the aging husk of an APC with the municipal government, but the matter was referred to the National Directorate when the S2 claimed that it remains their property by nature. The court's final decision is that although S2 property was left in an abandoned state, it does remain S2 property and therefore is not eligible for a salvage title by finders.

October 2024
Kommin Aid Groups in Panama form Oasis Foundation

    The Kommin companies which started aid and relief programs in Panama recently formalized the Oasis Foundation, whose goal is not only to provide short-term rebuilding and medical attention, but to create self-sustaining neighborhoods even during the Confederate Mexican insurgency. The sites the companies were operating from before the formation of the Oasis Foundation have been consolidated into neighborhoods, or Oases. These Oases are equipped with generators, hydroponics, and field hospitals, with additional facilities constructed as the Oasis expands. Each Oasis holds a weekly meeting where neighbors gather to eat together and to discuss future plans for their Oasis. This lets Kommin organizations providing aid to synergize with the locals by sharing experiences, geographical knowledge, and reducing inefficiency in rebuilding the area.

    Additional Oases are planned for construction in locations of need where existing Oases can support them. An understanding of the geography of the Panama Canal zone and the new developments from Panamanians hired by Kommin companies for Oasis R&D have greatly streamlined relief efforts. Damage to buildings is being repaired, temporary structures are being built, and measures are being taken to ensure safety from insurgent violence. The success of current Oases has prompted the Kommin government to establish a liaison in Oasis 1, where the most developed relief centers are located.

    "We are doing what ATCO and Confederate Mexico can't," says a resident at Oasis 1, "People want to work and to know that they are working towards a future for themselves and their neighbors. In the Oasis, we are making a difference together. Locals are in touch with those providing aid, and locals have jobs running the very things needed to sustain their neighborhood. We're looking out for each other."

Nordamy and Allyrije

2024 - NOVEMBER - 13


    In a controversial move in response to declared shortage of labourers, the United Territories of Komminland opened its borders to large numbers of Karthspiri migrants in the hope of achieving a rise in employment numbers. Though the rise of said numbers has been acknowledged, there are voices who warn against the consequences of a large and sudden shift of a foreign population into a small country, particularly when that population is of a vastly different cultural background.

    Though Komminland claims, and sensibly so, that the migrants are largely skilled and educated, this is no guarantee of their ability to integrate. The government of Ascoobis in particular has voiced concern over the influx of a foreign population from what is considered a hostile power, and the placing of such migrants into positions of economic power.

    With no official statement given, Ephyra merely points to its own structures of integrating foreign and conquered populations. The Freehold too has been the destination of some Karthspiri migration, who if approved are placed into the metic class with the ability to earn further rights and privileges with demonstrated loyalty and commitment to the Freehold, its Selian culture, and acknowledgement of the Ephyral order.


    With no end in sight to the resolution of the disputes over Panama, troops have yet again been mobilised as Ascoobian forces are to be deployed to the border following claims that citizens of Mexico attacked the multinational and primarily ATCO forces policing the Panama Canal Zone, resulting in said forces firing into the crowd to dispel the protesters.

    This account is contested by the Mexican authorities, who instead claim that Mexican troops were positioned in the area to prevent ATCO and allied forces from shooting them. With the Panama crisis involving nations all over the world, with the exception of the Freehold, vastly different and competing interests seem to have deadlocked any negotiation.


    Following a long and sensitive investigation of the murder of Arashmi Malhári, a young Karthspiri actress who was on holiday in northern Selia, the Criminal Research and Investigation Office (the national organisation supervising all police activity on a provincial and local level) has made public the names of three men charged. Six suspects had been arrested in all, however three have been released and all charges dropped as CRIO, which has been administering the case given the high-profile nature of the killing and the delicate situation following a revenge murder in Karthspire, decided there was no evidence for prosecution.

    Kalymedon Arullios Maenareon (24), Aevagon Fadilios Baeliar (22), and Jaenekar Novinios Qohreos (22), have all been formally charged with multiple offences against Arashmi Malhári. All three are facing murder charges of the highest tier, theft of personal property, and with Maenareon and Baeliar facing additional charges of rape with Qohreos facing a charge of being an accomplice to rape.

    No announcement has been made for the commencing of a trial, as CRIO has made a public statement declaring "Through the tireless work of our offices and inspectors, we have made reasonable deduction as to who the killers of Karthspiri actress Arashmi Malhári are. The trial has however been delayed, as the sensitive nature of this case in particular has resulted in a retaliatory killing of a young Ephyral woman named Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys. This seventeen year old was separated from her parents whilst on holiday, finding herself identified as Ephyral by her features and clothing, and was subsequently subject to a vicious assault by a mob which left her dead, dismembered, and flayed. This utterly barbaric killing has demanded the attention of our foreign branch, and we are yet to hear any word from our Karthspiri counterparts on the pursuit of this most outrageous act."

    Indeed, the killing of Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys sparked considerable outrage in the Freehold as to how an Ephyral citizen could be subject to such treatment, and many have demanded action from the government in response. Public opinion towards Karthspire notably dropped following these cases, in a situation perhaps made more tense by the arrival of Karthspiri migrants as metics. The body of Tarlarys was, after Karthspiri investigations on the body were complete, returned with her family to Ephyra for proper funeral services and cremation.

Nordamy and Allyrije

The baltic teutonic empire

If there ever is a map reset, "Franko-Italy" into something even more confusing.
Welcome to the land of Baltic Teutons.
Welcome to hell.

Ascoobis and Allyrije

3 good boy points to whoever guesses who this is

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Accidentally spelled the name wrong so this one's getting hung out to dry :c

This name is better

Karthspirije wrote:This name is better

It's certainly less confusing to spell.

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The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
21st of November 1949
Riots in the Dutch East Indies
In the city of Batavia, the capital of the Dutch east indies violence erupted once the local Landwacht clashed with the Indonesian nationalists. The leader of the Indonesians, Sukarno held a speech at the town hall of Batavia. It was reported that the Indonesians threw rocks at the Landwacht in the area. The Landwacht and the Indonesians clashed in the streets. There were reports of lootings of European and Chinese stores. The violence was ended once the police jumped in and they arrested a few dozen of Indonesians. Several Landwacht militia men were wounded. The number of Indonesian wounded is still unknown. The governor of the Dutch East Indies said on the radio that the Dutch population in Batavia has nothing to worry about and that the riot was stopped.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Karthspirije

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