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Tibet News
22 November 1949

Chinese Threat?
The imperial government of China issued a so called "Mandate of Heaven" regarding Tibet. The Mandate states that Tibet is a province of China and how the Kalshag lead by HH The 14th Dalai Lama is illegitimate. The Chinese government criticized the feudal system in place despite China maintaining their own feudal system. The Kalshag and the Central Administration held an emergency meeting today on this threat and if it was necessary to deploy the army. HH the 14th Dalai Lama, a teen, is meeting one of his most serious tests. The Venerable 11 Panchen Lama and the 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa, both young men barely out of their teens, are involved in the meetings and how to best handle this. The Panchen Lama stated an interest to ready troops while the Dalai Lama and the Kyabje Gyalwa stated they would like to hold off and negotiate before deploying the military. Potala Palace was under increased security with soldiers posted around the Palace and near the temple.

Diplomacy Team Goes West
With the recent gradual opening of the country, the Kalshag has dispatched lamas and diplomats to go west and meet with leaders. The mission is lead by Finance Minister Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa. The teams will visit Ascobis, Washington, Cerma, UK, China and Germany. The teams are expected to leave later this week and will be flown in via airplane.

Ecumenical Movement?
A movement lead by various scholars is expected to convene. The movement calls itself Rimé and is thus far a council of lamas from the Gelug, Sakya, Kagyu, Nyingma and Yungdrung Bön schools of Buddhism. Representatives from the Taoist community will also be in attendance. The Rimé is an eclectic and universalist approach to establishing a ecumenism and unification among the Buddhists.
Despite Yungdrung Bön being the state religion, religious freedom is allowed. The Central Administration is made up of representatives from the different Buddhist schools but, the Kalshag is only made of Yungdrung Bön lamas.

Ascoobis, Kestvala, and Karthspirije

Telhárr Nasjonal

Resurgent KNLA
Following the peace brought to the Karthspiri nation following the great war, the KNLA, the vicious guerilla group who for many years terrorised the people of our new nation, were considered largely neutralised; weakened greatly by their casualties in that very war and stripped of real ideological cause following Karthspiri independence. However, the tragic events in the early hours of this morning have proven such an assumption to be deeply naive. In the early hours of one of the dark, cold mornings which dominate the winters of our nation - on a high, snow-clogged Karthspiri road in Karpatrije Oblast - several loud explosions, followed by gunfire, were reported by local villagers to German troops in the area.

Dispatched by local officers, a search party was dispatched by the local German Command to investigate such reports; returning a grim and detailed account of butchered German soldiers - pinned into disadvantageous positions by felled trees and cowardly KNLA ambush tactics. Slightly further up the road a horse, the muscles of its legs torn by machine gun fire, was found in a pool of its own blood. Its rider, a guerrilla soldier of the KNLA dressed in nomadic-style combat armour, was found underneath; blood coating his sword and a rifle still warm in his hand despite the freezing Carpathian winter temperatures.

The increased activity of the KNLA has, naturally, sparked fear in many isolated Karthspiri communities with Arteron Terai, today, ordering a speech be dispatched to all communities promising to "starve the KNLA of all support, domestic or otherwise, and ensure the names of its fighters live on only in records of execution."
Education Reforms
Traditionally, the duty of Education within Karthspire, either as its own entity or as part of another nation, has been, predominantly, the domain of the Orthodox Church. The Church would provide all peasants with a basic education in maths and english for men but cooking and textiles for women; granting scholarships to those deemed intelligent enough to study further. Such a system has, massively, stifled educational development and the economic specialisation of the Karthspiri peasantry.

For a nation with barely 20% of its population inhabiting cities and with little incentive for more to re-locate their, the Church will still remain in reaching out to all people and promoting future growth which will not only fuel social development and urbanisation but economic growth and stability. Recognising this, the Terai Government has proposed an expansion of the existing education framework; a system of a basic primary education, followed by either a military, industrial or academic secondary education and, finally, University for those deemed to be talented enough. The creation of such a system on a national level is to be financed in-half by the church and in-half by the state; something agreed upon by the Head of the Orthodox Church in Karthspire. The schools themselves will be controlled by the Church but their organisation and curriculum will be subject to the state with some exceptions in-cases of religious education.
A new nation, a new army
Following the dismantling of the Karthspiri state several centuries ago, Karthspiri have never had an army of their own; forming important components in the armies of their occupiers as skilled horsemen and disciplined line-infantry. However, as a new and independent state, it has been decided that a new Karthspiri Army must be formed and, more importantly, domestically supplied. The announcement of the creation of a new Karthspiri Army by Chief Commissar Arteron Terai has been greeted with excitement up and down the nation.

To prepare for this, the state has already allocated much of this year's budget to the manufacturing of weapons and armour for the new Army; breathing life into the battered Karthspiri economy and returning the people to work. Such equipment is to be based on designs of equipment left behind by retreating Russian Forces with the possibility of imports from Germany left open to speculation.

Tibet News
1 December 1949

Lama Arrives In Pontus
Lama Yonggdzin Rinpoche arrived in Pontus earlier today to meet with the king, Vatharion IX Raengyreon, prime Minister Serion Velaelor. The Lama was warmly received by the delegation at the airport and was escorted under security to the meeting place. The leaders are expected to discuss Tibetan sovereignty as well as the recent Mandate of Heaven by China regarding Tibet.

Military Deployed
The Kalsang and the Central Administration unanimously agreed to place troops on high alert especially the stations along the border with China. The borders will remain open under increased security. A diplomatic team is also being assembled to meet with Chinese delegates. HH The 14th Dalai Lama adressed the nation

"We have voted to deploy the army and militias in the bordering areas near China as a means of defense. The troops have been ordered to not shoot unless shot at. We still hope to discuss this without having to resort to violence."

Bodhi Day Celebrations
Today Tibet celebrated the enlightenment Shakyamuni Buddha and is an Auspicious Day in Yungdrung Bön. Tibetans gathered in regional temples to offer prayers to Shakyamuni Buddha and Buddha Tonpa Sherab. People were encouraged to do meritorious deeds and dedicate them to all sentient beings. One such deed was carried out by high school students in Thimphu. Students distributed free food and blankets to impoverished people. In Lhasa, the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and the Kyabje Gyalwa visited the temple of Chenrézik and gave a talk on peace.

Ascoobis, Karthspirije, and Amaseia

1950 - JANUARY - 10


    The first elections since the ascension of sitting Archon, Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos, honoured by the Senate as Asalinos, are to take place prior to the 1470th Ephyralia in the next few months. The battle to succeed Asalinos is expected to be a ferocious one, and the position of Archon re-defined as an office of great eminence and esteem. Following the Archon's deliverance of victory over the Russians in the Great War, and the reform of society and law to bring Ephyra into line with the Classical ideals of our forefathers, his term of office will be difficult to follow indeed.

    It was initially unclear how long the term of the office would last, with Asalinos given heightened powers by the Senate in 1943 by the Gregorian Calendar, the last year of the Ephyral backfoot in the war. These heightened powers were afforded with a ten year limit, but were surrendered back to the Senate in 1948 with the war's end, and with justice exacted from rebellious provinces and clients who threatened the security of the reborn Freehold.

    Asalinos made clear that his term would finish ten years from when it started, and decreed that all Archons would serve a ten year term unless suffering death or being forced out due to failure. This will be the first time that the new Ephyra under Classicialist values and ideals elects an Archon, with a reconstituted idea of meaningful citizenship, national allegiance, and pride in a growing and prosperous state.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Reconstruction plans approved
The first meeting of the National Council, led by Arteron Terai, today proved to be a productive one. The main item on the agenda was, of course, the reconstruction of Karthspire as well as its future development trajectory. The minutes of the Council's meetings listed three main priorities for the nation aside from reconstruction itself: the creation of a world-class education system to turn Karthspire into an academic powerhouse, greater urbanisation aiming for 50% within 10 years and securing the nation's energy supply. Of course, major education reform has already occurred; passed through direct order by Terai in November last year. However, the Council's plans to achieve the latter two goals are yet to be published.

Dawn raids in Ezranair
Following the presence of a resurgent KNLA in the country's west, demonstrated through horrific and barbaric attacks conducted on our German friends last November, the nation's newly formed Internal Security Agency, the NJF or National Justicar Force, has been taking preventative measures against KNLA cells in Urban areas. In the most recent raids, conducted in the western city of Ezranair, NJF forces raided three properties suspected of harbouring KNLA cells; making 35 arrests and confiscating sizeable caches of equipment intended to harm the functions of our state and the security of our people. A happy populace is a safe populace - for that, we have the NJF and Terai's strong leadership to thank.


Exterior Bulletins

Elections in Ephyra
The Ephyral State, long known as one of the world's last bastions of slavery, is shortly due for elections. Such an event is marked by the Ephyral, naturally, with great pride; a system developed and supposedly perfected in their homeland. However, one only needs to look at the state of Government in Ephyra to understand the shortcomings of their democratic system. This is, of course, a nation which, until very recently, had been in long decline; a nation which only, truly, managed to push back an enemy we now have in common, the Russians, through the transfer of unprecedented power to their Archon. Masses of power in one place, of course, are somewhat contradictory to the idea of democracy.

The hypocrisy of the Ephyral state is, to us Karthspiri, easy to see. A state which parades itself internationally as the motherland of democracy; a system which led to decades of indecisiveness in its motherland and a system which had to be abandoned in all but name to save their nation during the great war. We Karthspiri must ask ourselves: what is the use of a political system if it cannot keep us safe and prosperous in both peace and war?

Tibet News

January 15, 1950


Nuclear Weapons Outlawed
The Central Administration voted to outlaw the development of nuclear weapons in Tibet in light of the recent fiery end to the American war with Japan. Uranium will continue to be mined and will be used for research and energy development in the country. The sale of uranium to other nations will be monitored to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. The bill was unanimously passed.


Elections In Ephyral
National Elections have started in the country of Ephyral. The state is considered to be one of the last nations to have slavery legal. The elections have generated controversy in other countries seeing this as blatant hypocrisy. The position of the government is that slavery is an abomination against human dignity. With the outlawing of civilian slavery in Tibet in 1945, the government has taken a stance that it should be condemned. No statement was issued by the Lamas and the Kalsang.

Karthspirije Raids
The government of Karthspirije, a territory of Germany, conducted raids against the KNLA. The stament by the government is that it will lead to a happy and safe populace. His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated

"It appears that this nation is in a spiral with tensions on the rise. I do not condone the actions of both sides and hope for a peaceful solution to their problems."

The Central Administration will further review the situation and pass judgment on whether trade should continue or cease until things settle.


Papen Plan in full swing - January 15th, 1950 (Deutsche Zeitung)

Following the end of the unfathomably bloody Great War, it didn't take long for the German homeland to begin reconstruction across the lands that were invaded by the Russians. However the focus of the German government as well as her economy has turned to her newly acquired satellites in the East, who have experienced the brunt of the conflict and are awaiting major support from his Kaiser. As a response the German government has announced the Papen Plan, orchestrated and organized by the German head of government Franz von Papen aimed at propping up the war torn lands by sending billions of Papiermark's to these countries to help them recover in full. This also includes sending military equipment including vehicles such as Tigers, Panthers, and Panzer IVs to fill in for military losses, the plan is said to be an insane and expensive endeavor that will pay for itself in time.


In other news...


  • In response to recent raids, the Reichswehrmacht to up protection of caravans traveling into the satellite.

United Baltic Duchy

  • To no surprise in the German government, the German language has taken off in the Northern Baltics.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Karthspirije

The Empire Report -
January 1950

A New Plan
Regino Mary Shepherd submits her new 4 year plan in her second session of Trankvilan politics after her handoff from her mother, former Regino Alice Shepherd may she rest in peace. The Trankvilanian 4 year plan calls for more domestic output and an increase in taxes following the great war in readying for the next great conflict of the world replacing the stockpiles with newer weapons. Also in the 4 year plan the nuclear program which has started gaining ground with 2 nuclear reactors being constructed to serve the capital and more expected to open soon.

Eyphra Elections
Elections in Ephyra have started, with the current government posed to win, the Regino has been rumored to be waiting to send congratulations to the winner of the elections.
Papen Plan
Following the announcement of a rebuilding plan named the "Papen Plan" by the German government, a plan to give Papiermarks to recovering puppet nations of the German homeland and weapons, the plan has been met with high hopes of rebuilding the world to be more stable than the last from the Imperial government

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije

Post self-deleted by Amaseia.

Trebizond Kingfisher

Wednesday - 18 January 1950

Archon Asalinos to step down, new elections in Ephyra

    "At the end of perhaps the most tumultuous decade for both Ephyra and ourselves here in Pontus since the fall of the Roman Empire, it is with a heavy yet eternally grateful heart that the Selian people must bid farewell to Archon Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos, leader of the Freehold of Ephyra since his election in 1940 and doubtlessly the most integral unifying force behind our long and bloody struggle against the once-unstoppable armies of the tyrants in Moscow."

    These were the words spoken by Pontic Prime Minister Serion Velaelor at the gates of His Majesty's Parliament in Trebizond in the late hours of Tuesday. Braving the beginning phases of last night's thunderstorms, Mr. Velaelor addressed crowds of journalists and citygoers to set the record straight on the elections currently ongoing in the neighbouring Freehold, the first to be held following the end of what is widely coming to be known as the 'Great War'. Abiding by new Ephyral electoral laws, Archon Asalinos (as he was deemed by the Ephyral Senate in honor of his service to the nation) is to end his tenth year in office by stepping aside for whomever the Selian people judge worthy of succeeding him. Doubtful it need be said, the new head-of-state will have quite the boots to fill.

'Butcher of Sebastopolis' sentenced to death

    One of Pontus' most widely-publicised trials finally came to a conclusion on Monday evening as war criminal Visemion Nartheos was sentenced to death by a military court in Sinope. Dubbed the 'Butcher of Sebastopolis' by many of the witnesses present at the sentencing, Nartheos was a commissioned officer in the Pontic Ground Force who defected to the Russian Army in 1940 following the fall and occupation of the city of Sebastopolis in Northeastern Pontus. During the occupation period, an extensive internment and transit facility was constructed on the outskirts of the city, where it is attested that upwards of 36,000 POWs and civilian prisoners were housed at one time or another between 1941 and 1945. Over 4,000 deaths would ultimately be attributed to imprisonment at the facility, mostly as a result of the atrocious conditions internees were forced to endure, particularly during the frequent periods of overcrowding in the later stages of the war.

    Nartheos would, presumably through his loyal service to the Russian occupation force, rise to become second-in-command to the Russian commandant, overseeing most of the facility's functions with his own personal touch. Survivors give vivid accounts of his tenure at the internment camp, describing his rampant sociopathic attitude towards the prisoners and the brutal crackdowns he oversaw when he so much as suspected there might be a whiff of sedition in the air, which apparently happened so often that the Russian guards began taking running tallies.

    The facility was abandoned in June of 1945 as the Russian Army pulled out of the country, leaving thousands of destitute internees behind to be rescued by the joint Pontic-Ephyral force that entered Sebastopolis mere hours after the last Russian soldiers left. Nartheos himself would be detained by German forces in Byelorussia and turned over to the Pontic Army over the following winter. Following a year of detainment in a military prison camp in the same city he had once struck such fear upon, his trial began in 1947 in Sinope where, after dozens of witness accounts and more revised testimonies than one could shake a gavel at, he was at last found guilty of ordering and personally partaking in the torture and execution of an as-of-yet undetermined number of internees, thought to be in the upper hundreds at least. His sentence is due to be carried out next month.

The franko-italian union

Gonna make an RP post soon (I hope)
I know I keep on saying that, sorry. I've just been quite busy lately and every time I think I have time to be active, life bonks me in the head with another problem.
Hope I have time to be active again soon, though.

Karthspirije and Amaseia

Will begin making post when I learn what the goddang rp year is.

Versail wrote:Will begin making post when I learn what the goddang rp year is.

If you'd take a few seconds to glance at the half-dozen or so messages above yours, you'd find out that it's 1950.

Prusswitonsiakekingkailand and Karthspirije

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Healing our wounds
Two weeks after the first meeting of the National Council, the objectives decided on have begun to be realised across the nation. In cities from Ezranair in the west to Karanair in the east, the streets are filled with construction workers and the air reverberates with the sound of progress. Many cities, however, are not being simply rebuilt but being reshaped to lead Karthspire into a new age. One sees this most in the city centre of our capital; Elinhir. The goal of increased urbanisation and the lack of housing for those already living in cities has pushed up rental prices in all cities massively; forcing many families onto the streets or into the arms of the Church. Whilst the latter is not necessarily a bad thing, Arteron Terai has personally delivered a declaration to use part of the funds from the Papen Plan to support residential reconstruction and urbanisation to deal with the problem.

As a result of this declaration, the state apparatus has begun to move; selling contracts to private companies to construct huge blocks of apartments in major cities. These new forms of housing, nicknamed "Tertchovas", are tall buildings consisting of two and three bedroom apartments constructed out of bricks or pre-fabricated concrete slabs. The use of domestic suppliers for materials has also created a secondary effect in the jobs market; allowing small Karthspiri firms to expand and create new jobs - pushing our limited industrial base forward with the state and business working hand-in-hand.

On track for growth
Karthspire has long been noted by academics for its poor infrastructure and the negative effect it has had on the nation's industrial base but this situation is, rather rapidly, developing into something positive. With fresh funds from the German Government for reconstruction flowing in and the new development plan published by the National Council, workers have been filling cities and the countryside; the howl of angle grinders and pounding of hammers echoing through the nation as beams of steel are laid from end to end of the country - binding us together from the Carpathians to Azov.

These new railroads are not only connecting major cities but also laying the way for new towns and settlements. With almost 70% of the population living in rural areas and many of the country's natural resources being completely untapped, the new railroads will allow the easy transfer of populations to useful areas to construct new mining towns and cities. Through these new railways, Karthspire has set itself on the track for growth.

Exterior Bulletins

Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache
Membership of the Reichspakt has brought many a benefit to Karthspire but other nations also seem to be prospering thanks to our German friends. Although Karthspire has, for many centuries now, possessed a German-speaking minority and, recently, introduced German as a mandatory second language in schools, the German language seems to have taken off in the Northern Baltic state of the United Baltic Duchy; being heard spoken more and more over native languages in everyday life.

Russian Collaborator to meet maker
The 'Butcher of Sebastopolis' has been sentenced to death in a Pontic court for his collaboration with occupying Russian forces and brutality towards Allied PoWs. Whilst we may have fought against the Pontic nation during the war, as part of another nation, we can still empathise with the horrors they suffered at the hands of the Russians. Many a Karthspiri village was torched to the ground by retreating Russian forces and occupying Ephyral forces were none the kinder. As a result of this, we ought to not only offer our sympathies to those who suffered at the hands of the Russians during the Great War but ought to work together to bring all war criminals to justice.

With this notion in mind, many a sermon is being planned by the Church to address the horrors of the war and to preserve the memory for future generations. Plans for a memorial flame in Odessa, statues of war heroes in military cities as well as the petitioning of Ephyral officials by the Orthodox Church in Ephyra in an attempt to release Karthspiri civilians forcefully transferred to Ephyral lands as well as the extradition of suspected war criminals for trial are, reportedly, already underway.

The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
29 January 1950
Radio station raided
After the 3rd month of continuous riots in Batavia and other cities in the Dutch East Indies the Indonesian nationals managed to raid a local radio station in Batavia. The Indonesian nationals broadcasted their manifesto live on the radio and everyone owning a radio in the Dutch East indies could hear it. The broadcast was cut down in the middle of the manifesto after the Landwacht stormed the radio station.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Tibet News
March 6, 1950


Communist Rally
Students and members of the Communist Party held a rally at the Potala Palace Square. Young communists distributed Marxist pamphlets and sang The Internationale. A group of counter protesters from the Tibet Improvement Party and the People's Party assembled and started singing the national anthem to drown the communists out. Police were on the scene to ensure peace. One police officer was punched by a communist, who was arrested and charged with assault of law enforcement. The Marxist literature was not seized by police as no ban exists on literature. Interviews of passersby showed a general anti communist stance.

"These people should spend more time in the classroom and less in the streets in a,fruitless protest. Marxism is an obstruction to Buddhist teachings with worship of the state and theft."
Mrs. Rinponche, professor of history at Royal University

"Young people have no respect! Look at them all out here with their Marxist trash. I'll tell you that young punk(in reference to the assault) should spend hard time in jail!"

Nuclear Energy: The Future
The Energy Development Board issued a report concerning the use of nuclear energy. The report stated that the country should be 50% nuclear power by the 1970s and 100% not long afterwards. Nuclear power would be handled by private companies with regulation oversight and a starting government fund of 30% with a gradual reduction to 15% as the industry further develops. The possibility of foreign investment was discussed and is welcome to help get the industry started. Uranium mining will be regulated in accordance with the Pure Lands Act that controls mining of the country and bans mining in grazing lands, nomadic land s and parks.

Lamas Arrive In The Americas
Lama Jetsun Lotsawa and his team have arrived in the country of Ascoobis early this morning at 4am Pacific Time. The Lamas are expected to meet with the president and give a press conference on the relationship between the two countries.

New Year
Tibetans celebrated the Lunar New Year with fireworks, offerings, divination and feasting. This year is the year of the Tiger. This year the Tiger is represented by the element of metal. Individuals under Tiger have the qualities of: loyalty, strength, courage, enthusiasm, generosity, idealism, dynamism, self-confidence. The Kalsang held a large parade in Lhasha where a paper Tiger was paraded to the Potala Palace and was blessed by the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lana and the Kyabje Gyalwa. This year there was an increase in foreign tourism mostly from the West.

Crisis in Batvia
The Dutch East Indies have been in a state of chaos with the uprisings of Indonesian nationals in the country. His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated that both sides should work out their issues peacefully in order to avoid unnecessary violence.

Taishi Delek!
Happy New Year!


I would like to announce the first The Moderate Alliance Country ball comic contest.

Theme- your favorite interaction with Christian Confederation
Da rules.
1. No circle tool, all drawn by hand or mouse. pupals in eyes, no arms/legs.
3. Text has to be exact or a dramatisation.
4. Made up senarios are accepted.
5. Hats, and guns are allowed.
6. Stick to the them.

Submissions will be juged next Saturday.

Christian Confederation wrote:I would like to announce the first The Moderate Alliance Country ball comic contest.

Theme- your favorite interaction with Christian Confederation
Da rules.
1. No circle tool, all drawn by hand or mouse. pupals in eyes, no arms/legs.
3. Text has to be exact or a dramatisation.
4. Made up senarios are accepted.
5. Hats, and guns are allowed.
6. Stick to the them.

Submissions will be juged next Saturday.

Can I draw it by hand? As in on actual paper with an actual pencil?

Prusswitonsiakekingkailand wrote:Can I draw it by hand? As in on actual paper with an actual pencil?

Sure as long as you can submit it some how.

The Empire Report

Anti-Monarchist Group Disbanded
After a communist group was discovered in the heart of the capital today planning a terrorist plot, they were quickly publicly executed by order of the Regino

Healthcare Spending Increases
Following the announcement of her new Four Year Plan, the Minister of Health in conjunction with the Minister of Economic Policy has pledged an increase of spending in the healthcare sector to bolster the Trankvilan National Assistance Program (TNAP)

Regino Mary Announces Economic Aid
Regino Mary has recently come out with a economic aid package for nations affected by the great war, currently the German their puppets, Russian, and other governments have been offered aid by the Imperial Government

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Metal Horses of the future
As new concrete towers replace bombed out houses in cities across the nation, so to do we see more and more cars on the freshly paved roads in the cities of our nation. The smell and sounds of horses, which have dominated the lands of our people for a millennium, are being, slowly but surely, replaced by the gleam of metal in the spring sunlight, the rumbling of engines and the smell of fresh petrol as more and more Cerman imports find their way into our nation's ports and onto our streets.

A concrete plan
Just as more and more cars are appearing on our streets, so do ever more factories spring up in our cities. The latest of such is the Direnni & Sons Concrete Plant located in the southern city of Tseránair. In an interview, local reporters conducted with the proud owner of the factory, the fresh-faced, innovative entrepreneur Konstantijn Direnni, he accredited his ability to set up such a factory to the Government's reconstruction policies; creating massive demand for construction materials through contracting private companies for reconstruction. When asked about the viability of the plant, especially when compared to the German Industrial base, Mr Direnni replied, "Although the Germans do a good job, we can do it cheaper at home and just as well! It's cheaper to live here in Karthspire so we can afford to pay our workers less, we don't need to transport our products or materials over vast distances as we have distribution centres in several major cities and source all our supplies locally and the weak value of our currency means its cheaper for companies to buy from local firms like us than to import from places like Germany!"

Edict 353
Following a slew of slanderous graffiti on the walls of some eastern cities, Arteron Terai, last night after extensive consultation with financial advisor Herr Goldberg, decreed that the use of puns, especially related to uses of displaying Government members of policies in a negative light, was to be outlawed. Although this won't apply to everyday jokes and those reporting on Government policy in a neutral or positive light, it will still come into force as of midnight tonight.

Exterior Bulletins

Nuclear energy; a real blast or a decaying trend?
The small Himalayan nation of Tibet announced two weeks ago its intention to begin moving forward with plans concerning the use of atomic fission for the purpose of energy creation. Such a method of generating power has only, so far, been possible on a minutely small scale with the reactors barely producing enough power to be able to return to the grid the electricity required to cool them let alone produce a surplus. However, the Tibetan Government seeks to press on regardless. Only time will tell us the success of this endeavour and whether or not such new and exciting methods of powering homes will catch on closer to home...

Tibet News

May 17, 1950


Elections To Start
The political parties have declared their candidacy for the Central Administration, local governments and the Kalsang representatives. The parties that have declared candidates are:

Tibet Improvement Party
Tibet People's Party
Labour Party

The three declared parties have started campaigns across the country in hopes to gain votes. The party platforms are diverse and have the interest of the nation at their heart.

Tibet News To Become Televised
In a move to push the country forward, Tibet News will start to make the transition into television broadcasting. Already the country has a nation wide newspaper and has radio broadcast in the major cities.

Path on Everest found
A path from the south of Mt. Everest was discovered yesterday by climbers from India. The path seems to present an alternative route up the high mountain and a possible way to the top, a feat that has not been accomplished. Climbing teams from around the world have taken a new interest and have started submitting visas as the mountain is in the territory of Tibet. Teams from Switzerland, China and even as far away as the UK and the Americas are already looking into this feat.


The Empire Report

The Reĝino's Parliament
Shortly after a visit to a suburban town near the capital of Trankvileco, the Reĝino announced her plans to establish a "Queen's Parliament", a government body dedicated to the Reĝino in simple domestic matters to reduce the workload of the Reĝino in which we all care for, and to allow us to play a part in the nation we all inhabit, elections will begin in 4 weeks and many former outlawed political parties have sprung up in an attempt to form the new government. We shall cover the parties running as they are officially sanctioned by the Reĝino to run.

Nuclear Ambitions
As the nation inches closer to it's first nuclear reactor to power the capital of Trankvileco, her sister in the East to power Solaris continues ahead of schedule. The local prince was on site to watch the construction earlier this week and celebrated the efforts on the nation to reach a new tech age


Selected articles from Namjyut, April and June 1950

Mining Industry to Expand Horizons Abroad, Lumber Industry to Expand in Onnam - Mon 10 Apr 1950

    Namjyut's companies have started to look abroad for expansion of its mining operations. Mining companies have started to survey and buy up mineral rights in countries like Zhigao. Industry experts agree that with era of nuclear power approaching, Namjyut's industrial resources could prove to be successful in setting up abroad, providing jobs and revenue for both the host country and the company. Minerals needed for Namjyut's continuously growing industry like bauxite, luxury products like jadeite, and for prospective industries like uranium are being surveyed for potential in other countries.

    Prefects in the the country's southern Onnam circuits are lobbying concerns that with the expansion of Namjyut mining interest abroad, interest in mining in Onnam will diminish. Though the prefects are citing untapped potential in its undeveloped areas, many Namjyut companies are skeptical of setting up mines in the thick-forested jungles of Onnam. Such unwillingness to survey in difficult areas has left primary industry concentrated in Gwongsai and Gwongdung, much to the detriment of Onnam's own industrial base. To remedy this, the local governments of Onnam have started to encourage the growth of logging within its prefectures. The Military Affairs Bureau and the Civil Directorate have stated concerns regarding deforestation in Onnam, citing its importance in the demarcation of the border between Namjyut and German-occupied Siam along the mountain range. The matter is being debated.

TV License and TV Manufacturing Subsidies Introduced by Imperial Government - Tues 20 Jun 1950

    The Imperial Government has introduced a television (TV) license as well as subsidies for TV manufacturing. The Civil Advisory, recognizing the growing interest in TV by its neighbors, brought up the issue in May when Tibet announced its effort to bring national news to TV. In order to fund Namjyut's TV efforts, the regular TV license for TV receiver owners has been established, with proceeds going to continued rollout of broadcasting networks and its TV programs. Subsidies for the manufacture of TV equipment have been introduced to kickstart the industry for the international market.

    The Government's new TV policies are projected to expand Namjyut's industrial exports in the Asia-Pacific region, given growing interest in TV among its neighbors. The Rural Electricity Bureau is undertaking efforts to expand the national broadcasting network to isolated rural areas. Namjyut Chartered Broadcasting (NCB) has expressed interest in expanding the variety of programs available to viewers, including the famous Gung'on (公案小说) stories of Judge Baau (包青天) in TV format.

    Some in the Civil Advisory have called to restrict entities allowed to broadcast on the national TV network to only NCB, citing moral concerns over unmonitored TV broadcasts. Opponents of this proposition say that such policy would be unnecessarily authoritarian. Over this issue, the Imperial Government is hoped to move towards a compromise.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

1950 - JULY - 05


    The citizens of the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra have over the past few weeks, cast their votes for the candidates to succeed Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos Asalinos as Archon, and ahead of the 324th Ephyralia, they have been counted to determine whom the Archon shall pass the torch to following the Classicalist revival of his term. It was by no means a matter of simplicity for the citizens of our nation. The Great War still burns fresh in our memories, but so does the aversion of destruction achieved under the Archon Asalinos, who has brought back to the fore the Classicalist ideals and values laid out by the founder of our nation over three centuries ago.

    The votes however were cast all the same, and with Asalinos stepping down, it is Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos whom the citizens of Ephyra wish to see inherit the new burdens and prestige of the office of Archonship. Taenitheos, an ally of Asalinos during his term, was believed by many citizens to be the obvious choice during polls, although rival candidates Baelion Kaelidios Aereris and Maelaryon Helios Dalgyreon did not fall too far behind.

    Taenitheos is to swear the oath of Archonship before the Senate and then the people on the Ephyralia, being bestowed with legal power and authority by the Senate on behalf of the people to lead the Freehold for a term of ten years.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia

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