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Trebizond Kingfisher

Sunday - 26 September 1954


Slave revolts continue in Judea

The recent news that two further households in the Ephyral province of Judea have been massacred in an apparent act of retribution by disgruntled slaves, still at large since their first reported attack in July, has most certainly not been met lightly by the people of the Freehold, particularly the many province-dwelling citizens in possession of their own slaves. The fact that the assailants in question are completely indiscriminate in their malice, sparing neither adult nor child nor even the slaves that refuse to take up arms with them, has not helped in assuaging fears of further slave rebellions in other provinces, meaning the pressure is well and truly on for the Ephyral authorities to hunt them down and dispense swift and decisive justice.

When approached for comment last night, Pontic Foreign Minister Raelor Lengyreon was quick to express his government's official stance on the matter, though he stopped noticeably short of answering any questions on the broader matter of slavery as a whole, deeming it to be irrelevant to the situation currently at hand.

"As always, when the incident being talked about concerns the brutal and unconscionable murder of hard-working and law-abiding citizens in their own homes, this government and all governments that precede or follow shall condemn in no less than complete and utter terms the actions of the perpetrators and hope that a swift and decisive end is brought to the killings by the proper authorities in accordance with Ephyral law. The details of Ephyral laws are not for me or for you to discuss with anyone save for the people tasked with writing and executing them, and certainly not at a time when the Archon's attention is urgently needed far beyond the confines of his chambers."

Further details on this ever-evolving situation will be given as we receive them.

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije


Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins
The September Revolution
With our nation having been rocked by a scale of protests never before recorded and cries for reform echoing through the newly paved boulevards of Elinhir to the still-devastated and bombed-out streets of Teránair, the protest movement finally cracked in the early hours of this morning. With unemployment still at a record high in Karthspire, despite reconstruction efforts, many protestors have been on the streets near-continuously for the past two weeks; clashing with police officers, paramilitaries and those who would see Terai remain in power.

In the early hours of this morning, sources within the Halamshiral, Dátrije and Athel'Sérine Military Districts were ordered to place major urban centres under martial law and, reportedly, "put down any hint of protest or dissent." As tanks rolled into major cities across the nation, soldiers were not set upon by protestors but received with open arms as protestors hoped that the presence of army soldiers would restore discipline to local police forces and paramilitaries who were using rubber bullets and tear gas indiscriminately against crowds. Although these were not their orders, reports of mutinies began flooding in with officers ordering their troops to protect civilians from reportedly "unhinged, undisciplined forces with no regard for the lives of our compatriots."

As the reports of soldiers firing on Government paramilitaries and police, in defence of protestors, continued throughout the night, more and more senior officers in the Karthspiri Armed Forces began to declare the orders to "put down dissent" null and void. New orders were issued to, instead, seize control of Government buildings and the apparatus of the state. Soldiers across the country left their bases to take control of every Government building from the smallest village registry to the town halls of our great cities. Finally, at 4am this morning soldiers of the 3rd Halamshiral Mechanised Division broke through paramilitary lines around the Presidential Palace in Elinhir and took control of the centre of our Government.

Upon entering the building, however, the soldiers found it to be without a trace of life. After a shakedown of the palace, a young private reported the discovery of a series of tunnels which were found to connect to an airstrip just outside of the city; an airstrip which Terai and his family were reportedly seen at around 1am on a flight bound for Trankvila.

The apparatus of state now lies in the hands of the Karthspiri Armed Forces. With this new power, an order has been issued for Ironpakt military forces stationed in the country to turn over vehicles and armaments to the Karthspiri Government or to leave the country with them. In addition, the Junta has invited the Patriarch of Elinhir to form a Unity Government with members of the military, tribal representatives, delegates from the Russian and Romanian minorities and to reach out to the KNLA for talks regarding peace as well as to invite them into any potential Unity Government.

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
September 27,1954

The provincial government of Karthspirjie was expelled yesterday by a coalition of soldiers and civilians. The military was deployed to help restore order but, many revolted and swore to protect the civilians. Generals took over various government bases and found the territorial governors to have fled the country. Currently a military junta leads the now seemingly independent nation. An order was put out to form a unity government that includes the patriarch of the Orthodox Church there.

The Kashag held a meeting to determine possible recognition of the new government there. A vote was called and the popular opinion is to recognize the new government provided they are friendly to Tibet, host free and open elections and become active in the world family.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated

"I would like to first commemorate the armed forces for being servants of the people rather than the people having to serve them. We are watching this turn of events very carefully and have considered full recognition of the new government. We believe there is a time and a place to overthrow an immoral state. While we do not like senseless violence and still hope for the spirit of peace to enlighten the people, we believe it was necessary that the people do something about the old regime. May there be every kind of blessing on the Karthspirjie nation and all sentient beings"

Slave Violence
In the provinces of Judea, violence from disgruntled slaves has been brought to the attention of the world community. Foreign minister Raelor Lengyreon issued a statement:

"As always, when the incident being talked about concerns the brutal and unconscionable murder of hard-working and law-abiding citizens in their own homes, this government and all governments that precede or follow shall condemn in no less than complete and utter terms the actions of the perpetrators and hope that a swift and decisive end is brought to the killings by the proper authorities in accordance with Ephyral law. The details of Ephyral laws are not for me or for you to discuss with anyone save for the people tasked with writing and executing them, and certainly not at a time when the Archon's attention is urgently needed far beyond the confines of his chambers."

The stance of the Tibetan government is one of support of abolition of slavery but that it should be settled in a civil manner.


It's been quite a long time since I was active here, but I'll never forget about the CoDN. In honor of these drawings being produced by Komminland five years ago, I want to repost them:

Ascoobis, Komminland, and Nordamy

Silverius wrote:It's been quite a long time since I was active here, but I'll never forget about the CoDN. In honor of these drawings being produced by Komminland five years ago, I want to repost them:

Yo! It's been a while! How have you been?


Telhárr Nasjonal


Unity Government forms
Following the invitation of the military to the Patriarch of Elinhir to form a Government which can hold the country together, the new interim Government was today announced on the steps of St. Arja's Cathedral in Elinhir. Patriarch Ara'iél spoke of the need for national unity and for every citizen to knuckle down and do their bit; emphasising this as he announced that the new interim government would be headed by himself and made up of high-ranking members of the military, representatives from the tribes and ethnic minorities as well as, controversially, the KNLA.

The inclusion of the KNLA, the rebel group which has long caused devastation in the Western states, was cited as necessary; both to prevent in-fighting but also as a way of bringing new expertise in warfare into the Karthspiri armed forces. Sources from within the newly formed War Directorate (formerly Defence Commissariat) are reporting that KNLA officers and soldiers will be integrated into a new special forces group of the Karthspiri Armed Forces known as STAS which, reportedly, stands for "Special Tactics and Sabotage." The inclusion of battle-hardened KNLA officers is, no doubt, a relief to the upper command of the Armed Forces whose officer pools have been strained since the revolution due to many soldiers forcing German-speaking officers out of their ranks.

The new existence of the KNLA, as a special forces group within the Karthspiri Armed Forces, is also likely to unnerve Ironpakt troops still stationed in the country who have, so far, failed to comply with the orders of the Karthspiri military to surrender their weapons and leave the country. As a show of diplomatic kindness, the Karthspiri Government has extended the deadline for Ironpakt troops to comply; threatening those who fail to do so after the new deadline with arrest.

Mobilisation Order 322 comes into force
Many would've thought the attention of the new Government would be on repairing the still bombed out and burned streets of many Karthspiri villages, towns and cities or on educating our children for a rapidly changing and advancing future for which our nation is ill-prepared when we already lack some decades behind even the most undeveloped of our neighbours. However, the defence of the nation against external threats seems to be the main priority of the new Government; a priority which makes sense when one considers the precarious position of our nation, sandwiched between three major powers and without easily defensible terrain beyond the Carpathians in the East and North-East and the great forests of Northern Halamshiral and Falinesti.

In viewing this threat, the Government today issued Mobilisation Order 322 (Karthspiri: Telárr'Etsálla, English: General Plan North) to ensure the nation stands ready against any aggression. Old fortifications in the Carpathians are being prepared to host new garrisons after having been mothballed since the occupation during the great war, what few civilian factories which have been founded or reconstructed since the war are finding themselves with huge shipments of new capital, courtesy of the Government's new emergency budget, to prepare them for the possibility of having to switch to producing equipment for the military. Churches across the nation and the few Madrasahs in the East are being told to take count of military-age men in their villages, towns and cities and to send one in every ten of them to local bases for a period of mandatory training. Tribal members of the new Government are also doing their bit under the new Government; sending the most skilled of their tribes to the Arhél Arathárr Military Academy in Elinhir as a symbol of cooperation between them and the new Government.

Patriarch Ara'iél has called on all Orthodox nations to assist the Karthspiri nation in this endeavour. Only time will tell if such preparations and pleas are truly necessary.

Terai's eastern terror
With the old regime laying in ashes, stories are flooding across the country from the eastern state of Athel'Sérine about the brutality of Terai's regime. The state, largely undeveloped and barely inhabited immediately after the war, was found to possess huge reserves of desireable resources such as coal and iron but still lacked the local industrial and labour bases to extract them. To fix this problem, the Terai Government established several new cities there; supposedly allowing convicts and their families a chance at redemption by helping to tame the east and industrialise the nation. However, now that these cities have been opened to the world again, inhabitants tell of the use of Terai's local paramilitaries to force non-Karthspiri villagers and local tribes into cities against their will. Tribes who refused this order were subject to intense harassment from state authorities.

Harassment, unfortunately, was not the end of it. Tribes who continued to refuse would slowly be subjected to continually worse treatment: the kidnapping of their members, burning of tents and slaughter of horses in the night to name a few of these crimes. The new state authorities are, now, attempting to chart the migration patterns of local tribes with such knowledge being a closely guarded secret in order to protect the tribes from the persecution they have so often faced. Sadly, local authorities are reporting that the migration patterns of several local tribes are unable to be charted beyond a singular point in the eastern steppe which authorities suspect may or may not be a mass grave to which state authorities lured defiant tribes to. It is quite possible that Terai's terror may have extended farther than we saw in even our darkest nightmares, extended to an attempt to wipe a people off of the face of our nation.
The plight of the unfree in the Freehold
We Karthspiri know, perhaps best, the brutality of the Ephyral Freehold. During the war, those who stood against the Ephyral horde under the feckless leadership of incompetent Russian Officers, who followed their orders as a good soldier should and who surrendered when spineless Russian Officers ordered them to do so were not treated with respect as is convention for most nations but, horrifyingly, taken as slaves in the medieval institution which defines the Freehold's economy. When the Ephyral horde broke our offensive into the southern Balkans and flooded into our nation, they herded our people south to do the work they find themselves too weak or lazy to do.

It seems, to us in the outside world at least, that the final straw may have landed on the back of the decrepit, old camel which is the Ephyral slavery system. Whilst the loss of innocent life is regrettable, the keeping of a soul in chains will only incite hatred and rebellion in any nation who holds the key to unlock those chains. These rebellions are a natural product of this medieval system and the nations of the world must call the Ephyral State out for what it is in continuing its practice of slavery; a backward, heartless state. We Karthspiri have not forgotten about the plight of those in Ephyral chains, we will see if the rest of the world has spine enough to remember.

Negotiation team crosses border
The new interim Government does not seek to destroy what few international relations the Karthspiri state had prior to the overthrow of Terai. More often than not, it is simply seeking to renegotiate and review those relations. In keeping with this, a team of Karthspiri negotiators today crossed the border to Germany on a train steaming straight for Berlin; reportedly intent on renegotiating the position of Karthspire within the Ironpakt. Whilst still nominally a close partner of Germany, the actions of the new Government in seeking to expel Ironpakt troops from the country, as well as the action of the Military in the expulsion of many German officers and the many sermons of Patriarch Ara'iél on his disdain for the alliance are, naturally, not sending good signals to the Government of the Kaiser.

1954 - OCTOBER - 29


    Citizens of the Judea province have been calling upon the governor to authorise military forces and means to hunt down and eliminate the slowly growing but small band of fugitive slaves who have killed no fewer than three citizen families, and are thought to have taken captives from one.

    So far all of Judea's law enforcement assets, alongside those in municipia of other provinces bordering Judea, have been mobilised in pursuit of the fugitives who have so far managed to elude capture, and are suspected to be moving and hiding across the less densely populated terrain of the province.

    The brutal attack and murders of three citizen families, along with the dire undertones for the three women presumed abducted, has been the source of great alarm for the citizens of the province, and especially those who live rurally due to remoteness and heightened vulnerability to attack. The last major slave revolt seen in the Freehold occurred in and around the Judea province, starting in 1833, and finally being crushed in 1836. Though significantly larger than the present fugitive band, with the small army of slaves having numbered in the high thousands, inflicting no fewer than three times this figure as casualty rates upon Ephyral citizens alone, the legacy of insurrection and violence against citizens of the Freehold is one that has remained in the eastern Mediterranean.

    Provincial authorities have stated that the likelihood of this becoming a full-scale revolt is essentially nil, and that the status of the slaves as murderers and fugitives is what warrants law enforcement response. However, no ruling out of more lethal force has been made. The bodies of those slain have been confirmed to have received full funerary service by their relatives.


    In the wake of the proclamation of a self-styled Karthspiri Hegemony, following the de facto end of German control and exile of Arteron Terai over the lands of the Karthspiri by elements of its armed forces, the Senate of the Freeborn Landholders has issued a senatorial consult decree, proclaiming the Karthspiri a hostile state and its leaders as pretenders and usurpers of rightful German possession of the land. Though not a declaration of open conflict, nor enshrined as a law, the consult decree will in effect prevent the magistrates of the Freehold from engaging with the Karthspiri on a basis of co-operation or friendliness, instead recognising them as a power with an anti-Ephyral interest.

    The consul decree comes following not only the rebellion by the northern horselords against the Germans, but a publication by their media aimed at spreading falsehoods about the situation in Judea, and the history between the Ephyral and Karthspiri. In their piece, the Karthspiri imply the nature of the revolts to be of greater threat to the stability of the Freehold than they are. It was their portrayal of events in the Great War against Russia that had senators irate however, with ex-archon and continued Senator Nohareon issuing the most persuasive and elaborate response. "The Karthspiri, who followed the orders of their Russian masters, came to Ephyra to conquer, plunder, rape, and kill, and all of these they did in abundance. They dare equate their barbarism with the seizing of rightful spoils of a just war, fought in defence of our fatherland, to avenge our fallen sons, brothers, and fathers, and to vindicate our dishonoured daughters, sisters, and mothers. The only regret any citizen of the Freehold should have of the trophies we claimed is how much we left behind."

    The senator's speech was met with much applause and support, and the motion to issue an official consult decree that the Karthspiri be regarded as a hostile state under illegitimate rule passed overwhelmingly.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia

Trebizond Kingfisher

Thursday - 9 December 1954


Girl born to Princess Aenerya

Excited citizens from all corners of Pontus gathered outside in their hundreds outside the Princess Daenora Memorial Hospital in Trebizond yesterday evening to offer their heartfelt congratulations to Princess Aenerya, daughter of King Vatharion IX, and her husband Magarys on the birth of their first child at around 10:45 PM. The newborn, whose name has yet to be officially announced by her parents, and her mother were confirmed to be in perfect health by their personal physician who also expressed his elation at the smooth delivery of the newest addition to the extensive Pontic Royal Family. The King and his wife took to the airwaves shortly the following day to publicly comment on the birth, with His Majesty personally professing his "profound joy" over receiving the news.

"Malaehra and I must have had this day nagging away at us for the better part of two years, yet finally it is here and the both of us are at quite a loss for words. It brings me great pleasure, as I'm sure it does to all of us here in Trebizond, to welcome my first grandchild to the world we have worked tirelessly to bring into being ever since we returned from exile nearly ten years ago. The first of many, I might add at the risk of provoking my daughter's world-renowned ire for putting the thought of more children in her head."

With the birth now behind us, bookies set up outside the infirmary since yesterday morning are now utterly focused on the eventual announcement of the young princess' name. As it stands, the current favorites are "Elaena", "Aenessa" and "Raenyra", though ultimately there is scarce little insight on the kind of inspiration the newborn's parents will look to for prospective names.


Naval presence stepped up in Black Sea due to Karthspiri tensions

The Pontic Maritime Force announced yesterday that it was increasing the number of vessels on active patrol in the Black Sea in response to growing political and military uncertainties surrounding the recent usurping of the German-backed Terai government in Karthspire by elements of the Karthspiri Armed Forces. In addition, due to government claims of illicit Karthspiri smuggling operations across the Black Sea, all vessels of Karthspiri origin not properly vetted by the internationally-recognised German authorities are to be screened and, if necessary, impounded upon entry into Pontic waters. With Prime Minister Lysaron Argaris and his cabinet all but guaranteed to refuse any gestures of diplomatic recognition concerning the self-proclaimed "Karthspiri Hegemony", such measures by the Pontic authorities are expected to become the norm for the foreseeable future.

Maritime Chief of Staff Vaserys Caentheos, still hard at work with the ongoing efforts to modernise the Pontic Maritime Force, wasted nary a second to echo similar sentiments on the matter.

"The situation in Karthspire is solid proof our peacekeeping work in the Black Sea is never done, whether the dreadnoughts materialising on the horizon are flying Russian flags or Karthspiri ones. Any vessel approaching our waters from the north that isn't flying the Kaiser's own colours and hauling a huge pile of signed papers guaranteeing passage to our shores under close escort by one of our active duty patrols can expect to be negotiating their release from behind a cell door before the day is out."

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije


Telhárr Nasjonal


A new Constitution
With the toppling of the Terai Government long behind us and three months of a relatively stable rule under their belt, the Interim Unity Government today published the country's new Constitution. Although it does not bring Karthspiri into the status of being a fully democratic state, it does create local and national democratic mechanisms in the political framework as well as provides citizens with significant protections and rights; the likes of which are unparalleled in Karthspiri history. The new Constitution is to come into force on the 1st of January 1955 after which elections for the newly established Unicameral Legislature, the Rathá'Karthspirálla, are to take place.

Current Interim Executor, Patriarch Ara'iél of Elinhir, has announced his intention to step down from the role of Executor following those elections to allow the Legislature to elect a new Executor from its ranks.

Following that statement, the Patriarch announced that "only together can we push the bounds of our motherland forward. Karthspiris, Russians and Romanians standing together is the only way we can leave a stronger, healthier and more prosperous nation to our children. Today, we have proven that Karthspire is not the permanently medieval backwater some think it to be - instead we're capable of radical reform when necessary, this being a reform which will allow the power of our nation and potential of our economy to, truly, be unleashed unto the world."

Rearmament begins
Following the toppling of the Terai Regime, the list of reasons for Karthspire to remain a, mostly, disarmed nation have grown almost as short as the attention span of your average Selian child. Surrounded by hostile neighbours, with little defensive territory and the status of the Hegemony in the Ironpakt still uncertain and under renegotiation, the Interim Government today announced its intention to peg Military spending as 5% of GDP for the next decade in-order to undertake a program of rearmament; constructing a military-industrial complex in Karthspire from the ground up at a time when the nation as a whole is still only beginning to enter a period of great industrialisation.

Patriarch Ara'iél reportedly stated "we find ourselves centuries behind the rest of the world. We work the fields whilst the rest of the world works the markets, we fight on horseback as our enemies unleash devastation from the skies, we have no navy despite the old enemy, as ever, lingering on the other side of the Black Sea. We must make centuries of progress occur in mere decades else the world will crush us."

With this attitude of rearmament, large-scale public discussions have begun to arise surrounding the issue of Conscription. Although the current Army's volunteer manpower is more than sufficient and the tiered system of citizenship pushes people into the armed forces for a period regardless, many consider the utilisation of all the human resources available to the nation in its potential defence as necessary whereas others see it harking back to a time of foreign domination, when Russians pressed Karthspiri into service under feckless, incompetent, aristocratic Russian officers with no value on the lives of the troops under their command.

New public holiday declared
The foundation of our new Karthspiri state is, without a doubt, complete. In this spirit, the Government has declared a new national holiday to be celebrated each and every year with street parties, special sermons and mass ceremonies as well as huge military parades. The day is to, henceforth, be known as Hegemony Day and is to fall on the 10th of January each year. The day is to be accompanied by a day off for all Citizens and, in years where the holiday falls on a Sunday, the day off is transferred to the following Monday

Freehold Senate issues an opinion; how surprising
When the Freehold Senate issued a formal opinion condemning our new State, they torpedoed any hope of repairing Karthspiri-Ephyral relations damaged so heavily by recent events. When the Freehold's institutions refuse to recognise our Government, they believe they are taking a stand for their nation, making a statement about Ephyral power projection and their willingness to protect not only the ability of the Freehold to project its power but also of its ability to protect its own culture and way of life. To those, our new Hegemony is no threat. We have few interests beyond our borders and simply wish to better our state and the lot of our people, to work hard and make our country better so that those who come after us do not have to struggle as we must.

When the Freehold refuses to recognise us, they are effectively burying their heads in the sand; doing so out of a fear for what a resurgent Karthspiri nation may mean for them. Instead, it would be in the interests of the Freehold and their Citizens to recognise the world how it really is, not how they wish it to be, and to attempt to fix the strained relations which terrifies them so when it comes to the matter of a resurgent Karthspiri state.

Pontics players in the Illinalta?
The recent escalation of the situation in the Illinalta (Black Sea) by the Pontic Maritime Force is, certainly, a precaution against what they view as a resurgent Karthspire. What it is, however, is an unnecessary one. Unfortunately, for many years now the Pontic Kingdom has been all but placed under the thumb of the Freehold, forced to sing from its hymnbook. The flexing of the naval power of the Pontic Kingdom against us at a time when the Hegemony possesses no fully constructed vessel capable of Maritime combat operations and when the Freehold, their masters in all but name, are condemning our new state should come as a surprise only to the deaf and dumb.

Such threats against our sovereignty best not be taken seriously. It is only a matter of time before our Orthodox brothers in the Pontic Kingdom come to realise they'd serve their people better by representing their own interests as opposed to those of the Archon.

The Western Star: 22/09/1954, Channel #2

Truthful | Thorough | Televised


A team of student and faculty researchers at The University of Iacon has completed the first round of testing of an, until now fully hypothetical, transistorized computer. Jokingly dubbing their new creation "Computron". The advanced computer tested at the university does not yet eclipse conventional computers, but certainly is a step in the right direction. The potential applications include advancements in fields such as missile guidance and mathematics. With these advancements on the line, Ascoobis is in a hot race with the rest of the world to refine and hone this technology in order to maintain the edge in our increasingly more sophisticated and interconnected world.

Airliner of the Future

Ascoobis' exhibit at this year's world fair will be one for the history books. The Ascoobian-Tibetan ambassador will unveil the future in jet passenger travel. The massive Aviscia 200 is a four-engined jet airliner. Its revolutionary turbofan engines are far more efficient and quieter than preceding turbojet engines that powered the previous generation of passenger planes. With its greater efficiency, it also has a much greater range than its competitors. Able to transport 150 passengers 10,000 kilometers, this new titan of the air will certainly dominate and be the gold standard for competing designs for years to come. The prototype on display will be shown in the colors of Tibetan Airlines.

In good faith, the Ascoobian Government will be gifting the first production Aviscia 200 to Ranjung Dorje as congratulations for his ascension to Karmapa Lama.

Second Great War Museum

The old Darkmount International Airport, just several kilometers from the larger, new one, is currently being converted to a museum commemorating the grand struggle that our world faced not even a decade ago. Carefully restored equipment from all involved nations, including controversial Ascoobian war trophies, will be put on display. The entire area of 225 hectares will be devoted to this museum, however, a runway and hangar will be preserved for the easier transportation of aircraft exhibits. Diplomatic envoys have been sent abroad to negotiate the acquisition of foreign equipment.

Rumors of a covert mission to Karthspire to purchase or trade seized German and Russian Great War-legacy equipment have not been specifically denied or confirmed by the Department of Culture.

Thanks is Upon Us!

The yearly month-long holiday of celebration and harvest is embraced by Ascoobians once again. As such, we at The Western Star will be cutting our operating hours for the length of this national holiday. For our foreign friends that may be confused by this tradition, allow us to explain:

It is believed in Ascoobian mythology that our God of the Hunt, Ikon, gave the hunter-gather Ascoobian society corn and the secret to perform advanced agriculture during a particularly harsh famine. Archeological evidence points to the harsh winter described in the myth to have taken place in the 1300’s during the early period of the event known commonly as the Little Ice Age. As a result, according to the legend, Ascoobis slowly transformed into an agricultural society with the hardy maize plant at its core. This massive increase in sustenance fueled to the following Golden Age and the rise of Ascoobis as what could be considered a nation.

However, this was a grave sacrifice for Ikon, as the Ascoobian people would no longer depend on nature for subsistence. To show their gratitude, the harvest period in Fall is dedicated to this generous deity. A month where every town holds a festival of celebration and feasting. Any foreigners are encouraged to enjoy the festivities. Fair warning, The Cult of Ikon is known for ritualistically sacrificing live animals at this time of the year. Please take care avoid their designated known churches for your own safety.

Vos Power Grid

Several years after the announcement of the national government's energy revolution, a city-wide blackout struck last night in Ascoobis' first one-hundred percent nuclear-powered major city. The cause is unknown, but locals are reported to have seen smoke originating from the now-cordoned-off power station just off the California Gulf Coast. The City Guard has been mobilized to enforce the order for citizen to remain indoors. This is even though the power outage means no hot water or even running water for homes. No word yet from local authorities on how serious the situation is regarding the nuclear plant. The Guard has also been reportedly setting up checkpoints to control the stream of government vehicles, both humanitarian and military, pouring in and organize a quarantine of the city.

Unrest in Europe

After years of thick tensions, the Government of Karthspiri has been driven from power by a popular uprising in conjunction with military coup. The conspirators have formed and solidified an interim government and inform the citizens to prepare for a long struggle against whatever remains of President Terai's loyalists at home and abroad. However, nothing yet is known of a response from the deposed president. Their current goals are to fully mobilize their economy and population in preparation for a German counterattack. Which would in most circumstances lead to eventual economic collapse, but that is seemingly not happening at the moment.

To understand the international implications, our Director of Defense has delivered a statement.

“Russia has been a nonvariable state since the Great War. No one concerns themselves with the opinions of a rump state. Nonetheless, this eruption of madness in Karthspire upsets the delicate balance in the region between Germany and Ephyra. There will no doubt be a German military reaction. They won’t let this embarrassment to their honor and geopolitical clout stand. This show of force in Eastern Europe will not sit well with the nearby Ephyral. Furthermore, this chink in Germany’s Ironpakt could be the opportunity that Ephyral needs to secure its interests in the region.

All this political maneuvering could get out of hand fast. For the sake of preventing a conflict that would escalate into another Great War and ravage the Balkans, Ascoobis offers to host peace talks on neutral ground between all the effected powers. Perhaps even send an empty, lone Great War-vintage Carrier to the Mediterranean to speed this whole diplomatic mission along. If the new government in Karthspire intends to be a stabilizing force in the region I see no reason why peace cannot be salvaged.”

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Kaiserliche Nachrichten Netzwerk (KNN) - Broadcast of Tuesday, 28th December, 1954
| Gott Mit Uns |

Good afternoon citizens of the Ironpakt, my name is Ronald Burgund with today's news, starting with today's top story's:

Karthspirije Revolution

Just last week the former satellite state of the German Empire, Karthspirije, experienced a military coup leading to its declaration of an independent state of the Kaiser. It was said that this was inevitable as the satellite government was said to be fairly backwards and dictatorial over the people of Karthspirije. Since then it felt like the whole world has been awaiting the response of Kaiser Ferdinand, and now he gives a speech responding to each of the topics risen between the two nations.

"As already said, the newly formed government of Karthspirije and the German Imperial government have since been going through extensive negotiations on where relations will go in the future between us. Several major topics have been set out and decided on, the German government will recognize the independent of Karthspirije, on the condition that they remain a close and loyal member of the Ironpakt, the German government will agree to giving financial type compensation for current imports depending on the position for both sides for each, the German government will allow the rearmament of the Karthspirije so long as all if not the majority of equipment remains German, the ability to conduct independent foreign relations, and finally the Ironpakt military presence will stay so long as they collaborate with the Karthspirije military, and vice versa."

We will provide more details later.

Cerman Man hospitalized after eating Viennese Clinics phones

Yesterday a Cerman born man reportedly charged into a local clinic in Vienna and quickly managed to chew and swallow the majority of the clinics phones, before collapsing in agony. "We just watched in both horror and astonishment," says said clinics secretary, "It was like some form of natural terrorism!". The man who wishes to stay anonymous told reporters that the local Burger Baron was closed, so in a mix of both anger and hunger the man charged into the clinic a block down and began to eat their phones. Whether the clinic wants to push charges is unknown.


Well that's going to do it for us, i'm Ronald Burgund with the Imperial News Network, have a classy night Germany.

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
December 31, 1954


Karthspirjie Uprising
In light of the recent events in Karthspirjie, Kaiser Ferdinand delivered a speech regarding the revolution. Kaiser Ferdinand stated that he hopes to continue relations. The Kashag has recognized the legitimacy of forming a new state in issues of tyrannical rule or unrest. The nation of Ascoobis has also stated that this can be grounds for some type of show of force in the region. Indeed the environment sows seeds for future issues that if not dealt with now can prove to be problematic.


Blizzards Strike
Blizzards have struck the states of Drukgyal and southern Ütsang dumping approximately 15.24 centimeters of snow. Roads were temporarily closed with unpaved rural roads made completely unaccessible. Locals have already banded together in shoveling out roads with help from local police. The states are bracing for another night of snow that will freeze over as the dry winds are on the heels of the wet weather. Residents have been asked to stay home and keep warm. Schools in Drukgyal and southern Ütsang will be closed, including Lhasa.

The Future Of Air Travel
The diplomat from Ascoobis will present a new airplane model at the World Expo. The new model is the Aviscia 200, a four-engined jet airliner. The new model is innovative as the turbofan engines are far more efficient and quieter than preceding models. With its greater efficiency, it also has a much greater range than its competitors. It will be able to transport 150 passengers 10,000 kilometers and is expected to dominate the air. The prototype will be painted in the colors of Tibetan Airlines and will be a gift to The Venerable 16th Karmapa Lama, Ranjung Dorje, in celebration to his ascension to the office of Karmapa Lama.

Ascoobis, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije

Komminland wrote:Yo! It's been a while! How have you been?

I've been good! Last I was active here I was still in college (actually I was in high school when the CoDN was founded, wow), but I graduated in December in Business Management; so now I've got a piece of paper that says I should know some things, in theory heh. Actually got active on reddit's ModelUSGov's Distributist Party when I stopped being active here, but that died down years ago too. Hope y'all've all been good.


Telhárr Nasjonal


Election results reported
The first Rathá'Karthspirálla has come into session following the selection of the elected members by the public. Of the 360 members, out of 800, who were available for public selection, 83 belong to the Church and Nation party, 77 to the Workers' Union, 71 to the Progress Party, 66 to the Democratic Liberal Front and 63 to the Fatherland Party. According to our Constitution, the largest party in the Rathá, controlling 55% of the seats, is the National Peoples' Committee with 440 seats in the first Rathá. With the new Rathá convened, the selection of its Speaker and of the first Karthspiri Executor is due to begin in the next week.

Mobilisation Order 322 rescinded
Following the cool in German-Karthspiri relations, which heated up significantly following the September Revolution, the need for the Hegemony's highest level of military alert in the Northern Territories has vanished. Recognising this, the Government has rescinded Mobilisation Order 322 with immediate effect; authorising all those pressed into service by authorities to return home and allowing factories to return to normal, peace-time production. However, Executor Ara'iél, in recognition of the valuable work of the nation's builders and in recognising the status of the Carpathians as an important zone for the defence of the Hegemony, has taken steps to ensure the fortifications present in the Carpathians do not, once again, fall into disrepair.

1st Hegemony Day celebrated
When the Government announced late last year the creation of a new holiday dedicated to the establishment of our new state, many looked on with scepticism and critique. However, the celebrations seen yesterday in a snow-covered Elinhir seems to have changed many perspectives. As the sun began to rise over the newly renamed Álstritt Square, the domes of the city's many churches and cathedrals began to glint at the snow on the rooftops of each and every building began to snow. Despite the freezing morning and icy streets, people began to turn out all wrapped up in their winter clothing, carrying Karthspiri flags and searching for seats along the city's central street; the Boulevard of the 28th Regiment.

The stands of the Government began to fill and as the morning slowly moved along, so did the Citizens' seating areas. With more and more people turning up to watch the parade, businesses began opening-up their top floors and roofs for ever-increasingly excited spectators. Just as it felt the streets couldn't get more packed, Patriarch Ara'iél arrived; flanked by (General) Tsoltár Maravirr Karánn Serethi and Subsecutor Arhél Nosdirethán - the Director of Intelligence and National Security.

As they took their seats at the back of the Government Stand, overlooking Álstritt Square, the streets began to fill with the music of the nation. As the songs became more and more familiar, fathers, many of whom were at war some 10 years ago, began singing the lyrics of the marches played by the army bands and, some, teaching them to their children whose voices, too, added to the chorus. Joining the selection of sounds was the intimidating thud of boots hitting the ground as the Ground Forces began to march out of barracks; adorned in full winter dress with bayonetted weapons leant on their arms and shoulders. Each regiment was proceeded by its bannerman, flying their regimental colours with each adorned and decorated with awards from the great war and battles in-which the regiment had fought.

After the first several regiments had marched by, the sound of horses' hooves hitting cobblestones began to echo through the air and the marches played by the bands did also. Cavalrymen from the Free Tribes, sat atop white horses in the new uniforms for tribal units, held their heads high as they paraded through the streets to Álstritt Square. Although the Army no longer utilises Cavalry, the term is still used to refer to units of mechanised infantry for the sake of our Army's tradition.

As more and more units marched up the Boulevard, the wide-open spaces in the centre of Álstritt Square became more and more packed with the Cavalrymen now forming columns to guide the newer battallions into their formation. As the last few units made their way into the Square, the music stopped and crowds across the city became still and held their breath in anticipation. The Patriarch stood and inspected the troops assembled before him. He stiffened his stance and issued a swift salute before gazing over the crowd beginning to speak.

"Men and women of our nation, we have seen today what many 10 years ago, even among us, would've thought impossible in our lifetimes. In the streets of our nation, we have seen a grand display of our Army marching under no colours but our own. Ladies and gentlemen, brave servicemen and fellow Citizens our nation must move forward in the spirit we have seen today if we are to thrive in our world. We have seen the state of our nation, what few areas find themselves not still devastated by the war into which we were dragged against our will are comparable to those found in our nation's medieval period. We must work hard, we must sacrifice and we must be ceaseless in our effort if we are to change our nation for the better; if we are to ensure that those who take the reigns of responsibility after us may not have to suffer, both in peace and war, as we have."

The Patriarch then returned his gaze back to the troops and stiffened his voice, "Thalárra'Karthspirálla, már éren Shiránn enathá?!" (Soldiers of Karthspire, what is your duty?!)

The columns of soldiers responded, "Verskriél, larhálá Deshkrijenárr ér Karthspirálá versriéln!" (The righting of old wrongs, the defence of the homeland and to sacrifice all for the Motherland!)

The Square filled with the sounds of the soldiers chanting "Ura"; something preserved from the unit traditions of Karthspiri soldiers under the Russian Army.

Cerma Central News


Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije










Trebizond Kingfisher

Sunday - 6 March 1955

Queen Haehra dies aged 102

Trebizond Palace announced today with a heavy heart that Her Majesty Queen Haehra, former queen consort to the late King Sparaekos IV and grandmother of His Majesty King Vatharion IX, died in her sleep at around 02:25 in the early hours of the morning. The dowager queen, who celebrated her 102nd birthday in January, was confirmed to have suffered a fall in the palace courtyard on Tuesday, following which she was bedridden with a severe bout of pneumonia that grew worse over the following week despite the best efforts of her devoted team of physicians. It is understood that the King, his wife and his mother, Her Majesty Queen Thesenna, were present at Queen Haehra's bedside when she passed away in her palace chambers.

"It is with profound sadness that His Majesty King Vatharion IX and Her Majesty Queen Thesenna announce the peaceful passing of their mother and grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Haehra, in her sleep early this morning at Trebizond Palace. Efforts are ongoing to bring the news to members of the late dowager queen's extended family, and we ask that the privacy of the bereaved be respected in this difficult time."

The aforementioned statement was released at 10:45, officially breaking the news of Her Majesty's departure to the nation. Details are still being brought to bear and there has been no information on plans concerning the inevitable funeral, though following Pontic royal standards the dowager queen's body will lie in state at Trebizond Cathedral throughout the interim period, with a royal detachment standing guard at all times.

Born Haehra Dortigar Naelanyra to parents of the Pontic nobility on January the 5th of 1853, the future queen consort first entered the royal limelight in 1869 when she was touted as a potential bride to Prince Sparaekos Raengyreon, whom she would indeed go on to wed in 1871. An avowed nationalist and traditionalist who saw the women of Pontus as being in urgent need of a role model to model themselves upon, Princess Haehra would often go out of her way to show her face in public and impress her views on the adoring Pontic citizenry, something which carried over to her role as queen consort following the death of her husband's mother and predecessor, Queen Maegelle II.

By the time of her husband's death in 1926, Haehra had long since taken up the task of drilling the younger princesses in what she deemed to be the tried and true code that a proud woman of Pontic royalty must always adhere to, with both of her successors as queen consort and many of their own sisters and daughters claiming the dowager queen's words as gospel. Beyond the confines of Trebizond Palace, women of all ages and walks of life have seemingly taken her lifetime of advice to heart, and even Freehold citizens living many miles from our borders have been on record citing her as an inspiration. Even the trauma of the war years ultimately could not dim the fire in the heart of Pontus' longest-lived royal figure, with Queen Haehra releasing many statements during her life in exile aimed at preserving the hope of millions of her people living under brutal Russian occupation that liberation was soon at hand. She would return alongside the rest of her family in 1945, apparently threatening to personally lay siege to Moscow should she find her kitchen in even the slightest state of disorder.

In spite of her brutal honesty, bone-dry wit, tremendous disdain for the media and a lifetime as a heavy and unapolagetic smoker, Queen Haehra rode high on a boundless wave of public approval that would have had even our greatest kings beside themselves with shock and enjoyed a long and productive life with scarce few health problems to speak of running up to her grand centennial. With all that to look back on, the news of her passing is indeed very sobering yet one can only feel the most intense pride at having shared the world, and indeed our country, with such a woman. The days ahead of us will no doubt make this sentiment abundantly clear.

Naval blockade on Karthspire relaxed

Pontic Maritime Force Chief of Staff Vaserys Caentheos appeared to tone down the jingoism of his rhetoric yesterday afternoon as he announced that naval manoeuvres in the Black Sea, dialled up late last year in response to the military coup in the Karthspiri capital of Elinhir, would be scaled back as tensions between the self-proclaimed Karthspiri Hegemony and the European powers finally began to abate.

"Whilst our proclamation in October still applies in full to Karthspiri naval vessels and ships without proper registration, German insistence on a reciprocation policy towards the interim government in Elinhir has compelled us to lift the harsher restrictions on commercial vessels flying the colours of the Karthspiri Hegemony, provided they have passed all the appropriate regs and checks to do so. Full lifting of restrictions on Karthspiri ships in the Black Sea is on the table but we are bound to maintain our current state of awareness pending future government overtures with Elinhir on the subject of opening official diplomatic ties."

The months since the so-called September Revolution have beheld constant verbal spats between the revolutionary government and a number of pro-German administrations across Europe, with the Freehold of Ephyra claiming special cause to have doubts over any future relationship with a fully independent Karthspiri state. In spite of this, Berlin has so far kept the rhetoric concerning their rebellious puppets to a minimum, instead expressing a preference for peaceful and willing return of Karthspire to the Ironpakt as opposed to a costly military intervention. Time will tell if their efforts are destined to pay off.

Ephyral news network espouses bizarre language, staff mental health called into question

A news article published in Ephyra last week by state-owned network Eagles Scream had readers scratching their heads as they woke up to find their morning papers plastered with some of the strangest things they had ever read. The specific article, divided as per usual into two sections concerning domestic and international occurrences, had the word "woneb" repeated several dozen times in full block capitals, with even the publisher's name having been changed to reflect the overarching theme. No comments have been made by the company's representatives on the issue, and the problem appeared to have been rectified by the following morning, yet linguistic experts continue to expressed bewilderment over the significance of the word which seems to have no discernible definition in any Latin-based language or code system. Researchers have, however, begun reaching out to Ephyral veterans of the Great War for further clarity after Karthspiri officials expressed sudden bouts of rage and sorrow upon hearing the word spoken.

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije


Telhárr Nasjonal


New Executor elected
Following January's elections to the Rathá'Karthspirálla, debate was permitted to proceed on the election of a new Executor to replace the interim administration. After two months of candidacies, voting and debate on the issue, Arkaril [finálla'Alykir í-Odessa] Ralatsén, of the National Peoples' Committee, was elected the first Executor of the Hegemony. In his first speech to the nation, televised from the Rathá, he promised to divert all the nation's resources towards reconstruction and pledged to put together a team capable of doing so. He later went on to confirm his stance on Karthspire's position in the Ironpakt and promised to protect the nation's security by remaining a member declaring, "there exists no other people who truly know the horror of seeing their homeland burn and the bodies of their people piled up or in chains. We shall not see our homeland burn again."

As the first act of his new office, Executor Ralatsén signed orders laying the groundwork for formal diplomatic relations between the Hegemony and several other nations including Tibet, Ascoobis and the Pontic Kingdom. Time will tell how the world will respond in their formal relations with the Hegemony.

The Fleet casts off
As part of the rearmament program started late last year by the Hegemony's interim Government, plans for the construction of a Navy for the Hegemony were sped up. Today saw the first fruits of this project with the launching of 5 brand new Submarines from their drydocks in Alinair: KHS Arja Sérínn, KHS Auraja, KHS Arhél, KHS Tseránn and KHS Srilánn.

These Submarines compose a fraction of what's planned for the future Karthspiri Fleet with Government plans announced to hand out new contracts to shipbuilding companies, and make funds available for payment to them, in the new budget which is expected to be announced soon after the appointment of new Sub-Executors by new Executor Ralatsén.

The Trankvilan Report


Veil Lifted
The country went dark after reports of traitors in the government were seen planning the Regino's assassination. A massive clean up of the Federal Government took the country dark, and the country is now in full operation

The Royal Family Outting
News today as the royal family left the capital to head towards Aelview, a port city for some rest and relaxation. The Rego has been said to "have needed it"


The interm President of the Regino's Parliament spoke today on TV, announcing their intent to keep formal relations with the new regime of the country

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Karthspirije

Hey its me Shobe
I'm back as a triggered slavic nation.
Imma apply in the map claims thread and get right back to killing, ahem, dealing with some Selians

Tnlje Ilješ Vljeljaalje
(The New Belgrade)
Peace, Freedom, and Truth

New President
After the impeachment of President Vljaaiac Iošocn, the political climate of Aca has been turbulent and dangerous. After the president was removed from office, Vice President Mitlja Iocin was declared president, but only temporarily.
Finally, however, now that the elections for the new president are over, the vice president can finally step out of office, and our new president, can step in.
With Aitoi Ocin in office, the populace seems to have calmed down, and it seems our nation is calm once again. Being very popular with the people, Aitoi seems to have little to no opposition, and won the election by a landslide.
What are his plans as president? We can only wait and see.

Although just becoming president, Ocin has already stepped on the international stage. He says he plans to build up the military, strengthen the navies influence over the black sea, and improve relations with these three nations:
How these nations respond to such a claim is yet to be seen.

Yesterday Ocin held a speech in the capital, this is a small transcript:
"Our nation is surrounded. To the south we have the Ephyral Empire, which claims Slavic lands as its own. They are no doubt a threat to our sovereignty. And to the north, we have Germany and its wretched 'Ironpakt' which controls central Europe with its abundance of puppets. Should we become a dominion of our Selian neighbors? Or a puppet of the Deutsch Empire? No! I say No!
We are stuck in the Adriatic Sea, and surrounded by two nations of great power, that have little care for the sovereignty of other nations.
The only solution is to strengthen our military, and our ties with other nations. So that is what shall happen. If Ephrya were to blockade us in the Adriatic sea, we would be dead. If we were to be partitioned by our two neighbors, then we would be a disgrace to the Slavic people!
A new navy we shall build, not to counquer the Mediterranean, but to at least stop the possibility of a blockade.
Our military will be new, and we shall strengthen our borders. If anyone dares to invade us, they will have to go through so much hell it would be a pyrrhic victory.
And finally, we cannot do without allies. So I send this message to Russia, and Karthspire.

Russia! Our fellow Slavic nation! Come to our aid in our time of need! Why should slavs be separate, when we can band together? An friendship would be appreciated.
And Karthspire, the Ironpakt is a threatening sight, and I'm sure you are well aware of that yourselves. So why not offer a alliance? Or a friendship at most? Together nations are strong, apart, they are separate. A twig can break, but a bundle holds strong. Even if the bundle is not as large as expected.
Now, on the matter of Domesti…"

A riveting speech, to say the least.

But that is all for now.
Have a fantastic day, and see you next time!

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
23 November, 1955


Trade Deals With Aca
The Dalai Lama has proposed discussions of trade deals with the newly elected president of Aca. The Dalai Lama along with his co monarchs have proposed meeting in Belgrade to further discuss the matter.

Tibetan Airlines Fleet Revealed
Upon completing the Word Expo and the gift of the new aircraft, Tibetan Airlines has unveiled their new fleet of airplanes that are capable of flying in the thin air and could fly west. The first flight to go West will be to Ephyral followed by flights to Belgrade. Currently there are flights to Ascoobis, Namjyut and Russia.

Air Force Developed
The Royal Air Force started formal training yesterday and unveiled their planes. The fleet consists of 10 MiG-15s and 6 P51 Mustangs. The fleet will be stationed at Lhasa Airport and at Xigazę Airport in a separate military terminal.

Central Administration Elections Upcoming
Elections for the prime minster and Central Administration are upcoming. Parties that have declared candidates for the prime minster are:
1. People's Party
2. Improvement Party
3. Revolutionary National Socialist Party
4. Mutualist Party
5. Syndicalist Labour Party
6. National Bolshevik Party

These parties are expected to divide the Central Administration in a coalition between the Libertarian Alliance and Socialist United Front. The Libertarian Alliance and the Conservative Union have agreed to split the seats in a right wing victory. The Nationalist Front stated they will not ally with any fronts despite only have representatives from the National Bolshevik Party and the Revolutionary National Socialist Party with a total of five seats, the lowest represented front.

The Franko-Italian Union and Karthspirije

Post self-deleted by Trankvila.

Tnlje Ilješ Vljeljaalje
(The New Belgrade)
Peace, Freedom, and Truth

Corruption Crackdown
As the political climate of Aca cools down, President Aitoi Ocin begins to take his first moves against corrupt bureaucrats, as he cracks down on corruption within the government.
Quoted from Current President Ocin during a interview:
"The impeachment of Former President Vljaaiac Iošocn was a difficult undertaking, especially with the corruption his presidency sowed within the government. In the end it succeeded, but there are still many many issues left to solve"
During later parts of this interview he called out former Vice President Mitlja Iocin for similar levels of corruption as his "partner in crime" Vljaaiac Iošocn.
"Glad that bastard is out of office," he was quoted saying, as he vowed to fix the problems within the government and restore it to its former self.
More information will be shared on this subject as this situation develops.

After the failed attempt to negotiate or to find any sort of common ground found between Karthspire, and with no response from the Russians, Aca has turned to a different method of defense.
As the Acai military calls it, "Operation Ilješ Aca," or "Operation New Aca" is a sophisticated plan, with hopes to turn Aca into a practical military bunker from foreign invasions. With help from Tibet (Which the improvement of relations did succeed with), the Acai military will be reinforced with large amounts of Manpower from Tibet, which will be trained by the best Tibetan and Acai generals that will be transported to Aca. Technology and Military equipment will also be supplied by a separate nation, but Aitoi Ocin has avoided commenting on that when asked. This manpower will be joint controlled by the Tibetan Task Force and The Acai Military.
The plan is currently being undertaken with the nations defense being made to be incredibly tied to every possible detail in the nation. Every street corner, every geographical location, every little thing and aspect of the nation will be tied in some way or another to its defense.
The Tibetans are sending their air force to be stationed and manned in Aca, along with another area which is part of the next aspect of the plan. The sea.

To avoid blockade from the enemy, or any way for supplies to be cut off from mainland Aca, a sophisticated naval plan and doctrine will be put in place. The entire Adriatic sea (Except for the area surrounded by German territory) will have a navy of Acai ships creating a front line defending the supply route. The Acai ships will extend the frontline all the way to the waters around Northern Sicily, with the Strait of Messina being completely protected by Acai ships.
From this point onwards, the frontline will be manned by joint Tibetan-Acai ships all the way until it reaches the Balearic Islands.
Near Corsica, a artificial island in the shape of a lagoon will be built, thanks to the help of Tibetan resources. This area will have the massive ship "Maljaa" (Maria, under construction) being stationed in the middle, which will station the other portion of the Tibetan Air Force stationed in Europe. This lagoon will be built in a specific way to make it function practically like a island naval base, and will house most of the ships reinforcing this part of the massive front line protecting this new trade route. It will be supplied by supply ships moving behind the front line. These ships will be protected by the front line, and will supply the base that protects the front line. Creating a infinite loop as long as they stay in action. Workers will take shifts but will be working 24/7, with the Tibetan air force around this area monitoring the sky.

Of course, logistically having Tibet control a European navy would be a nightmare, which is why it will be mostly controlled, managed, and monitored, and logistically managed by Aca. Tibet will however, supply the resources needed to keep this thing working and reinforced. These supplies will be first transported to Aca, in which they will then go from Aca and into the naval base. The Acai military nicknames this area the "Joint Control Tibeto-Acai Naval Area" or JCTANA for short.
This plan will allow it to be logistically safe and perfectly manageable since the Tibetans are mostly supplying it, and of course, but they also have a European task force stationed in the area. Which will be joint commanded by the Acai military and the partially by the Tibetan Task Force, which will control some areas more then others.

The Trankvilan navy has also planned to secure their own supply route, which conveniently intersects with the Acai trade route. Allowing the two to cooperate, despite supposedly having no connection. This allows a safe and very well secured supply route connecting Aca to the Atlantic Ocean.
As quoted by President Aitoi Ocin:
"A new, safe, and prosperous age for the Acai people awaits us. May we prosper forevermore"

But that is all for now.
Have a fantastic day, and see you next time!

Nordamy and Karthspirije


The Empire Report
[Special Edition]

Chaos in parliament today as emergency legislation was introduced by a parliamentarian late last night. The legislation in question was labeled the “Soverign Waters Act” and was brought to the floor quickly. The act in question would allow the Trankvilan Naval Forces to behave more aggressively by actively patrolling ships that leave Trankvilan ports up to the eastern islands of the State of Ercon. Before the vote began for the night, a rider was attached with the label “Aid for Aca” which would authorize millions of fangs for miscellaneous items under the Foreign Minister’s Office, and was attached to the “Soverign Waters Act” with no other opposition by anyone.
All parties made their intentions to use their whips to the Speaker of the Chamber. As the voting began the Monarchist Party with 76 seats out of 208 immediately sent their representative to the floor, where promptly all 76 Monarchist Party seats sided with the legislation. It is unknown if this was by the Reĝino’s direction or by their own opinion, but needless to say the rest of the parties all began to mutter to themselves as the represenative sat down.
Next the Green Party holding 36 seats promptly went to the debate amongst themselves, ending with an upset as their representative informed the Speaker that the party rejected the legislation with a 20 vote no, 14 yes, and 12 abstaining. The other parties all erupted into chaos, before being silenced.
Next the Socialists with a share of 24 seats came up to their own vote, and with a vote of 13 yes 11 no the legislation was accepted by the Socialists! This time the chamber was silent against all expectations.
The Left Democratic Party took their shot to vote, 18 seats under their belt. In a stunning move the ticket was split 8 to 8 with only 2 votes, causing the party to have to skip their verdit to allow the other parties to form a vote. The entire chamber turned to violent shouting as a majority of the other parties to jeer at the failure of the Left Democratic Party to get a majority consensus! The chamber took 10 minutes to cool then the voting began again.
The Center Democratic Party with 14 seats went to vote, and with the number of parties and their seats dwindling the legislation coalition was getting visibly worried as seen by a member of the Socialist party pacing. As the Speaker got the results it turns into a 9 to 5 vote, with the no! Stabbing yet another shot of a clear victory ot death!
The Right Democratic Party with 11 seats next up, and the chamber took longer to calm down, with muttering more prevalent as the number of parties dwinded more. In yet another defeat the legislation got rejected by the RDP as it votes no with 7 no and 4 yes.
Before the Communist Party could vote with their 10 seats the chamber had to be suspended for 20 minutes before resuming, and the results caused a loud booing from the supporting Socialists as the legislation is rejected by the Communists with a vote of 6 to 4! The leaders for the Socialist party look on worried as they were the only single elected party to be on the losing end! Not to mention this could be the first loss a Reĝino’s parliament suffers!
The Independents all gathered together, with a vote of 7 seats the results turned to a 6 to 1 rejection of the legislation, the panic set and the chamber was ready to burst
The Libertarian Party took their 6 votes in and in a surprise victory, passed the legislation with a 4 to 2 margin. The Socialists who supported the legislation erupted in joy as they now had the clear majority of 106 out of 105 needed to get it passed!
The Nationalists raced to vote amongst themselves with their 4 seats now a being possible padding for the victory, and in a shock all 4 Nationalists voted yes to the legislation! Their representative sat back down as the chamber was in chaos, the supporting parties arguing with the opposition save for the Monarchists before security quickly came in, stamping out the chaos.
The two Fascist parliamentarians each got up, going to the floor and in a weird turn of events, one saying yes and one saying no, ending in a tie! The two looked at each other before heading back to their seats, and the eyes turning to the Left Democratic Party
The two abstaining votes grabbed a coin from a nearby pocket, and flipped it, the crowd surrounding the quarter as half of the party cheered and a representative ran over to the floor, announcing the win for the legislation, all 18 seats now backing the legislation! Finally the 2 Fascist represenatives flipped a coin, and both nodded at the Nationalists before confirming their vote for the legislation. The final vote was 130 Yes vs 78 No, the paper was removed from the chamber to be passed by the Reĝino.

Nordamy, The Franko-Italian Union, and Karthspirije

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