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[OOC answering Acoobis question in public now since it's bound to come up]

Dogbomb was a well known furry who was diagnosed with ALS, but kept his positive attitude and kept going even as his body kept deteriorating. He medically took his own life April 5th of this year to prevent ALS from killing him, instead wanting to go out on his own terms.

Nuak wrote:[OOC answering Acoobis question in public now since it's bound to come up]

Dogbomb was a well known furry who was diagnosed with ALS, but kept his positive attitude and kept going even as his body kept deteriorating. He medically took his own life April 5th of this year to prevent ALS from killing him, instead wanting to go out on his own terms.


I know it's important to you, but I don't think you should bring it into RP in such a manner and what not.

Hotel? That's a weird way to spell "Gulag". :D

2023 - JANUARY - 09


    Local news in northern Selia reported yesterday of the death of a young woman which is under full investigation as a murder. The woman, believed to be in her early 20s, was discovered yesterday morning in the town of Semanar, Arconia. Police were able to confirm the cause of death was multiple stab-wounds in the abdominal region, and estimate time of death to have been late evening to around midnight on the 7st of January, Gregorian calendar.

    The Karthspiri embassy has been contacted to help identify the victim, as the dress and ethnic features of the woman indicate heritage from the eastern empire. Motives for the attack are as of yet unclear, although wounds around the hands and neck indicate theft and the removal of jewellery. Investigators are also investigating the possibility of sexual assault during the event.

    Police have since appealed for any witnesses, visual or audible, or anyone to have noted suspicious behaviour or possible cries for help, to come forward and give what information they can.


    The Ephyral Space Exploration and Technology Agency, ESETA, has announced plans for its own manned mission to the moon in the coming ten years, as well as the launching of several satellites as well as probes to be sent to various points in the solar system to remedy what ESETA has called a "inexcusable absence of knowledge". ESETA also expressed interest for co-operation with other space agencies of various nations, to collaborate on multi-national space stations and other joint operations for the purpose of better funded and equipped space exploration and understanding of the universe.

    This invitation is especially directed towards the United States of Washington, Ascoobian Empire, and the Republic of Cerma, whom have all collaborated as ATCO powers for space interests. Members of the Oriental Concordat were also listed in the invitation, as ESETA gave a statement of "a need to further international co-operation, rather than conflict, and to promote scientific understanding and unity."

Nordamy, Kawagishi, and Allyrije

Telhárr Nasjonal
News in the National Interest

Slaughter in Selia
The Karthspiri Embassy in Ephyra, today, released a statement regarding the situation relating to the, until recently, unidentified woman of "Karthspiri origin" after several days of joint investigations alongside local Ephyral Authorities. Originally, the woman was identified as being from Southern Karthspire; later specified to being from the state of Karnalai due to her jewellery, hairstyle and ethnic tattoos identifying her as one of the Karthspiri groups who inhabit the melting pot state.

In the statement, the Embassy apologised to the public for having taken so long to identify the body however provided a reason for such a hold up stating that the wounds sustained by the young woman were so severe that they were forced to enlist the services of the Kerelnárr'Révine in digitally reconstructing her body to ascertain a more accurate identity for the woman. After contacting family and friends, as well as receiving hair samples from her home to ensure there was no-mix up of identity, the young woman was identified as Arashmi Malhárin; one of the nation's rising stars and a well-known face of Karthspiri Cinema since her debut on the scene 6 years ago.

Upon the release of the news, fans and well-wishers gathered in her home town of Sundarin to light candles and write cards of remembrance. The Embassy has refused to respond to questions concerning the release of her body to the family and has only said that such an act is "pending on the results of further investigation."

Half-time for Larathael
Following her election for a 3rd term as Prime Minister in 2020, Prime Minister Kristina Larathael promised to step down as leader of the National Front party but also pledged to remain as Prime Minister until 2025; completing her term and becoming the Empire's longest serving Prime Minister. Indeed, her 2nd aim has already been achieved; it was 3 years ago to the day that she beat the former longest serving Prime Minister, Alár Direnni, by being elected to a third term. However, today at the National Front Conference, the largest party conference for the largest party in the world, Mrs Larathael kept the promise to step down and allow elections for the next leader of the National Front to take place; signing deals with both major factions of her party (the Monarchists and Republicans) to ensure she remains in the post of Prime Minister until 2025.

So far, only one contender has emerged in the contest; Mrs Anastasia Saelinus - the daughter of Mrs Larathael. Currently, only the Monarchist faction of the Party has fielded a candidate in the leadership election with many prominent Republicans remaining silent around who their faction will put forward to the party membership.

The Elephant in Space?
Following significant budget increases in the past 3 years as well as the recent legislation designed to give it more independence from military oversight and control, the Karthspiri Royal Space Agency (KRSA) has announced plans to expand its operations from the maintenance, upgrading and construction of the Karthspiri military and civilian satellite networks to a new role of space exploration, resource exploitation and, perhaps in the future, colonisation. With this ambition, the agency today revealed a ₹1.5 lakh crore (1,500,000,000,000 sovereign/$300,000,000,000) renovation of their main launch site in Helarán state to equip it to be able to construct, launch and develop high-tech space planes and rockets for extended missions; some senior Agency figures even hinting at a possible manned moon mission.

With this, the KRSA has sent an open invitation for cooperation to the Space Agency of its Oriental Concordat Partner, Roscosmos, as well as offering preliminary talks on further cooperation to ESETA on matters of space exploration.

2023 - MARCH - 02


    Several arrests have been made in the month following the murder of a Karthspiri woman, identified by the Karthspiri embassy as Arashmi Malhárin, an actress in Karthspire's film industry of significant popularity. The announcement of her identity has seen public vigils and commemorations to the actress in her home town, whilst the investigation in Ephyra has continued.

    Those arrested have not yet been named until formally charged with evidence, but police have since stated that those in custody were likely responsible, and confirmed earlier suspicions that Arashmi Malhárin had engaged in sexual intercourse around the same time she was murdered, in what police are treating as a rape-murder.

    The Ephyral embassy in Karthspire was authorised to make comments, stating that "the believed rape and murder of Arashmi Malhárin, a beloved young woman from Karthspire, in the homeland of our own people is an act we thoroughly deplore. Our skilled investigators are working to establish the motive for this attack and bring those responsible to account before the law.


Telhárr Nasjonal
News in the National Interest

Red Streets in Alinair
Following the revelation that the victim of one of Ephyra's most brutal killings was none other than the actress Arashmi Malhárin, significant anger has been felt across the whole Empire; especially strongly in her home state of Karnalai and its neighbours.

Such anger, it seems, has reached its boiling point. This morning, in the crowded streets of Alinair's old town, houses which usually are painted with vibrant colours were instead splattered the same shade of red as the blood which stained the Laimos (traditional female Selian dress) of the young victim; easily identified by her clothing. The limbs of the victim were severed from the main torso and her skin was filled with lacerations in what appears to have been a rushed and botched attempt to flay the victim.

Following the discovery of the body, the Maravije State Police Force issued a statement saying that all those involved in revenge killings would be subject to the full force of the law. When asked concerning possible suspects, and links to the paramilitary wing of the All Karthspire Forward Bloc, the State Police Commissioner refused to answer; stating only that "all leads are being investigated."

Nationalist Leadership Contest heats up
Following the announcement that the current Prime Minister's daughter, Anastasia Saelinus, would be running for the leadership of the National Front for the Monarchist faction of the party, it was believed that no challenge would come to the repositioning of the National Front which has taken place under Larathael's leadership and premiership. However, following much speculation, Araselus Mirevani, a rising star in the party's Republican faction, has announced his candidacy to become the leader of the National Front and to lead the party into the 2025 General Election.

Following the announcement, Mrs Saelinus, in a break from her mother's more indirect political strategy, challenged Mirevani to a televised debate; stating that the party's membership of almost 190 million deserved to have such an insight on the Candidates' abilities. In a radio interview following the challenge, Mirevani agreed to debate Mrs Saelinus but stressed that televised debate must not overshadow direct contact and consultation with the party membership.

Free Mexico News


Rioting in Alinair
After the brutal killing of actress Arashmi Malhárin, anger fueled violence in her home town in the Karanali state. It has been reported that honor killings have been reported by our correspondents, who were forced to flee once the violence escalated. There have been conflicting reports of police brutality but, these have yet to be established by our correspondents. A travel advisory to all citizens of Mexico has been issued to avoid traveling to the state at all costs and to not be caught up in the chaos.


Elections and Coalitions
The candidate for the Liberal Party, Raul Torrijos(Mexica), and the candidate from the Conservative Party, Frederic Rejouis(Haiti) have agreed to run on a coalition ticket. The two right leaning parties held a joint meeting today and they agreed to work together to take both the Federal and National Councils. There has been talk that they will strike a deal with the Mutualist Party among talks that the National Socialists will attempt to make a bid despite having a total of ten seats in the National Assembly out of the five hundred total. The National Socialists will be forced to ally with the smaller nationalist parties. Elections are scheduled to be held a week from today nationwide.

New Parties
In the excitement of the first elections after the war, there has been a scramble to form new parties to help diversify the councils. Already there is talk of splinter groups in the existing parties, some more radical than their parent parties. Others are more issue centered such as the newly forming Green Conservative Party, a right wing ecological movement. It is expected this excitement may die down but, new parties are always welcome to bring the citizen a voice to the government.

Holy Week
Holy Week started with Passion Sunday with a parade from the National Cathedral in Tenochitlan. Statues of Jesus the Christ and Ezil Dantor, the Black Madonna, were paraded and revered. Offerings of rum were made to Ezil Dantor and palms to Jesus the Christ. Holy Week is considered to be a time of prayer and fasting. Per the practice of the Traditional Church, the Crucifix will be shrouded in black in mourning.

Hey, I'm new.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Allyrije

Norrlands wrote:Hey, I'm new.

Hello there, welcome to the region. Many of our OOC interactions are in our Discord server.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask around


Norrlands wrote:Hey, I'm new.

While visitors are certainly welcome, I'd advise you not to waste time with posts like this if you don't intend to be around for more than a few hours.


Cerma wrote:box

u wot

2023 - JULY - 14


    A report by Karthspire's national news has confirmed that Alinair's old town was the site of a gruesome murder believed to be retaliatory for the killing of Karthspiri actress Arashmi Malhári earlier this year. Investigors believed that the young woman, identified by her laimos, was attacked potentially after becoming separated from family, who have been informed of the loss of their daughter, whilst on holiday in the eastern country. Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys, aged seventeen, was found in the morning barbarically dismembered and partially flayed; a most horrific and undeserving death.

    Her family and body have since been flown back to Ephyra, so that the proper funeral process may be carried out, yet it is understood that the desecration of her body has been the cause of even further suffering by her family.

    Investigations into the murder of the actress have yielded arrests and examination for the making of charges, though now the Ephyral embassy in Karthspire has demanded from local authorities greater activity in pursuing those responsible for the killing of Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys.

Nordamy and Allyrije

Assorted News from the United Territories - August 2023

South Kirtohar Science Park Complete, Experiencing Labor Shortage

    The South Kirtohar Technology Park, planned during the outbreak of the Mexican Civil War, was recently completed. The businesses and institutions that had reserved property have started to move in, but many spaces remain vacant and unused. Although this may be expected from the recentness of its opening, the Technology Park's working committee had been anticipating interest on the levels of the Thildur Science Park opened during the 80s. The committee believed that with immigration up due to refugee displacement while Mexico was in turmoil that the labor force would grow significantly more than it had. Inaccurate immigrant integration estimates is leading to a labor shortage, say committee members, and Komminland simply doesn't have the population to grow prospective new businesses in the current corporate climate. While some are suggesting immigration reform to ease up on the United Territories' stringent immigration laws, others see the matter as a more systemic problem involving hostile corporate strategies and declining birth rates.

Salvage Law Debated as Datagrir Man Finds Abandoned Coast Guard Vehicle

    A Datagrir resident recently happened upon an apparently abandoned armored personnel carrier while hiking in the lava fields of South Komminland. He applied for a salvage permit with the local government before being referred to the National Directorate because of its former possession by the Coast Guard. While S2 has confiscated the vehicle, the finder has been fighting for a salvage title and a case is set to go before a national court in the following weeks. An S2 spokesperson stated that due to the nature of the vehicle, it still rightfully belongs to the Coast Guard, who can make better use of the vehicle even during its age. The Directorate of Justice Courts have not released any comment regarding the upcoming case.

Small and Medium Business Owners Call for Antitrust Law

    Many small business owners are finding it hard to make a start in Komminland due to the burgeoning influence of Komminland's multinationals. Dominating industries are well-known multinationals, such as Dataworks and North Star Agribusiness, owner of the KomminCoffee chain. Enterprising individuals have, for the last decade or so, been finding it harder and harder to get of the ground without support from venture capital firms of these large corporations. "This is driving Kommin innovation and prosperity down," says an Economics professor at the University of Komminland, "we can't leave it to a couple of corporations- competition is healthy and it has to start here in our country. Otherwise, we're losing to the world, and that's something we can't afford." Unfortunately, the United Territories is stuck in a corporate deadlock, where the small population of the country makes it difficult to find a labor force despite excellent domestic education and training. Without the resources to recruit trusted and skilled foreign workers, small and medium enterprises are often at stagnation and are immediately bought out by Kommin corporations for an unknown fate.

"Have Sex," Says National Directorate

    Declining birth rates have started to take a significant toll on the United Territories. With populations low and immigration reform slow to pass from opposition, the government is urging citizens to raise children for the next generation. The government has announced aid programs aimed at prospective parents, who will be provided with a stipend and needed resources for couples to raise children. On this matter, the committee responsible for directing these new programs stated, "Immigration or no immigration, it still won't be enough. Children are the foundation of the future, and the future can only be assured if we act now." Related actions are being proposed in the Legislative Assembly to require more suitable maternity and paternity leave, among other initiatives.

Jo binne slagge troch,
jo binne slach troch,

Free Mexico News

Canal Protests
Angered canal workers have assembled outside the occupied canal zone in protest. Because of the blockade imposed by ATCO soldiers, they have bee unable to work. Representatives from the Citizens United Party, Liberal Party and National Conservative Party have also arrived to voice grievances with the protesters. A representative from Citizens United is about to speak

" Workers! You have been barred from doing your job! You can not provide for your families! You are unable to make money all because of the cursed politics of these animals! They do not want you to make a living! They want the canal all to themselves! THEY WANT US TO BE THEIR PUPPET! We have to stand up to these invaders in a wrathful and civil way lest we stoop to their levels of brutality!"

*the crowd of workers cheer and waive flags*
"Before the last civil war, the tyrants nationalized the canal and stole the means of production for their socialist experiment! We suffered all for the fat cats in the state could get their money! This is a repeat folks, these fat cats are sending their death squads to invade the canal and steal our livelihood! The delegates sent abroad have made headway but, have stalled because they do not want this to be a free trade zone...

*The crows boos and makes the finger in the direction of the ATCO troops*

"They do not care about us, only themselves. God bless our brave men and women stationed here. God bless Mexico!"

*more representatives speak until night falls*

There seems to be a priest approaching, let's interview him

"Reverend, might I ask are you here to pray for peace?"

"Sija, I am also here to call upon the Petro family of Loa. The Loa used to inspire us to rise up back in the 1800s"

"Do you think there will be an uprising?"

"I hope not but, we had best be in the fiery spirits of Ogoun, Ezil Dantor and Papa Legba in case something does happen. It is best to help the people not remain idle any more"

"Could this be interpreted as starting a fire of rebellion or stoking it?"

"The fire of anger had been here since the invasion. They have stoked it more than this prayer"

We can see more soldiers lining up along the entrance as the summoning of the Petro Loa starts. I think they are summoning the Black Madonna or Ezil Dantor.

*some lights flicker but stabilize. The reporter films the priest who is by now possessed as the ATCO troops just snicker*
You can see the lack of respect by those troops. We have gotten word from the Federal Council that all people assembled conduct themselves in a peaceful manner. There will be no further deployment of soldiers to the region. However, the local militias will be asked to muster and support the military for a one week time until this calms down. The Veracruz protests have been reported as more quiet and peaceful.


Hoise New Island Warden
The new warden of the nation of Haiti was sworn in. This comes a week before the national elections for the Federal Council. Ann Hoise is a member of the Citizens United Party representing Haiti as their warden. She has stated her interest in reforming the local economy by cutting wasteful government programs and allocating those funds to education and the environment. Her co warden, Juan Garcia, is a member of the Green Conservative Party and has stated interest in allowing more eco friendly businesses come to the island. Both have stated they will work with the Federal Assembly and the National Assembly on national issues.


Telhárr Nasjonal | The National Telegraph
Hirraž Erdekelnínn'hazari | News in the National Interest

Cycle of revenge
Following the brutal revenge killing of a young, Ephyral tourist in Alinair, the State's police force has, reportedly, handed 15 members of a paramilitary cell, with reported links to the All Karthspire Forward Bloc, to the counter-terrorism division of the nation's Interior Ministry. Following the leaks, the Interior Secretary, Mei Drottningu, has refused to answer questions relating to the murder. Instead, she appealed for "calm across the nation" and insisted Karthspiri authorities would continue to "work alongside Ephyral partners in bringing both cases to a satisfactory conclusion.

New National Front Leader elected
The election to replace Mrs. Larathael as leader of the National Front party has concluded after one of the most publicised and divisive contests in history. After the votes of members were counted, the daughter of Mrs. Larathael and monarchist faction candidate, Anastasia Saelinus claimed a narrow victory over rival candidate Araselus Mirevani of 1.5 million votes. The party reported a turnout of 87.38% in its leadership election; one of the highest for any Karthspiri political party. Following the victory, republican faction candidate, Araselus Mirevani lobbied the party's National Executive Committee for several recounts; each time the votes in favour of Mrs. Saelinus decreased more and more before the NEC put the brakes on an attempt at a 5th recount.

Following the victory for the daughter of Mrs. Larathael, many in the party are accusing it of, once again, descending into dynasticism and threatening to split from the party if Mrs. Saelinus fails to deliver the National Front to government once again in the 2025 General Election.

Tensions in Panama rising... again
With negotiations over the canal's future still, as ever, ongoing, workers in the Canal Zone have taken to the streets in protest; demanding an end to the presence of ATCO troops and a return to normality. Following the broadcasting of such scenes on ANK's News at 10, the Foreign Ministry, today, delivered a statement calling for the workers to refrain from provoking the situation further; affirming their right to peaceful protest and discussing but stressing the need for dialogue, peaceful resolution and the ability for those not engaged in the protest to do so undisturbed. With this, an open letter was addressed to all parties, from the Foreign Minister, offering to them the support of the Karthspiri Mexican Forces should the situation erupt. In short, promising to assist whichever side was not directly responsible for the provocation of any further, and undesired, escalation.

Letzte totenkopf brigade


I am here to report that suspiscious activity is occurring in KAISERREICH, Montealba, and Driselbia.

These activities appear to be symptoms of ultranationalism and fascism. War chanting in the RMB, open hostility towards regions of different national classification/focus, and unwavering unanimity in their regional ideology. It is notable that Montealba and Driselbia are regions which are directly aligned with KAISERREICH, a region which has been liberated recently for suspected radicalism and fascist sentiments behind closed doors and under the guise of Monarchism/so-called "Anarcho-Monarchism."

Stay vigilant with these, friends.The Wolf Clan invaders have been targeting these regions in the hopes of exposing the ignorant nations within the KAISERREICH of its inherent toxicity and violation of the sanctity of human liberties.

-A spy for righteous justice.

Happy Easter to you all and Happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty the Queen.

Free Mexico News

The votes for the councils have been counted up and are final. The National Council votes are out of 500 seats
National Council
Liberal Party-150 seats
National Conservative Party-150
Citizens United Party-90 seats
Mutualist Union-50 seats
Green Conservative Party-50 seats
Father Hidalgo Party-9 seats
National Socialist Workers Party-1 seat

Federal Counci
Votes include candidates and party
1.Raul Torrijos(Liberal Party)
2. Maria Citlali(Liberal Party)
3. Christian Garza(Liberal Party)
4. José Cruz(National Conservative Party)
5. Frederic Rejouis(National Conservative Party)
6. Juan Erikson(Mutualist Union)
7. Jean Moïse(Green Conservative Party)
8. Josefina Solberg(Citizens United Party)

There were many firsts in this election. Governor José Cruz is the first openly gay man to serve on the council since the ban was lifted in 2010. Governor Maria Citlali is the first full indigenous governor to serve on the council.


Veracruz March
Governor Solberg and Governor Cruz held a small march in their home city of Veracuz against the crackdown by ATCO on their continued occupation. Governor Cruz stated

"The continued occupation by the Northerners is a disgrace. Many people have been out of work for some time and are desperate to feed their families"

Cruz favoured what is being called "a walk on" where the dock workers simply ignore the posted troops and return to work.

"I fully support a walk on. Let it be an act of defiance. My husband worked here for years as a dock hand and is now a supervisor. He has been out of work and really wishes to return. If the occupiers shoot then I would back retaliation. Thank God our brave soldiers are here to guard citizens."

Coffee Chain About To Go International
Svart Ester Cafe or Black Star Coffee has exploded across Mexico and is opening locations abroad in Karthspire. Black Star is famous for not only serving coffee but, coca tea. Coca tea is a natural stimulant that was chewed by the First Nations.


Assorted News from the United Territories - November 2023

Post-Vaporwave; An Internet Sensation Gripping the Nation

    A movement in music dubbed "Post-Vaporwave" by Kommin netizens has gained rapid popularity. An explosion of artists have embraced richer, darker basses and faster tempos while taking heavy inspiration from the motifs of 2010s Vaporwave. Sampling and track chopping, while remaining core themes of Post-Vaporwave tracks, often accompany original synth tracks and even harmonic voice synthesis. The genre's origin on the internet has brought great variety among artists; Kommin artist LEYIL's DnB experience has influenced his latest tracks that can be called Post-Vaporwave in ways that differ from artists known for EDM or Lo-Fi. The tie-ins of Vaporwave and experimental methods are producing an interesting and evolving culture worth keeping an eye on.

The Power of AI brings KomminCoffee Prices Down

    Technology enthusiasts and coffee drinkers alike will appreciate North Star Agribusiness's (KomEx: DLH) new coffee farming methods. North Star, owner of the KomminCoffee chain of artisan coffee shops, started to deploy machine-learning techniques to coffee farm automation, a field in which it has historically proven to be difficult, as automating coffee farming in the past has a gamut of trade-offs. Automization picks high volumes of coffee cherries, but it might be under-ripe, or over-ripe, or maybe parts of the crop were devastated by some problem and wasn't caught by harvest time. "Machine learning is changing all that," says an agricultural engineer at North Star, "For almost the past ten years, we've been constantly simulating, testing, simulating, testing... new approaches to automation. It has been a long time coming and a lot of money invested, but we're deploying the equipment now and we'll start seeing the coffee prices drop within two to five years with minimal loss in quality!" In the meantime, the company has plans to purchase even more land in coffee-growing countries to deploy the new farming methods in.

Legislative Assembly Relaxes Immigration Policy

    Concerns over underpopulation and resulting problems for the domestic labor market in Komminland have led to a shift in the government's immigration and residency policies. The Legislative Assembly passed a law amending the stringent requirements, such as professional fluency in Kommin for work-residencies and prohibitive review periods for refuge-seekers. New programs have been instituted to make transition to living in Kommin society easier, such as subsidized classes in Kommin law, history, and language. Although many citizens have noted important concerns, such as the resulting reduction in the national healthcare budget and the possible difficulties of integration, the government states that it is a necessary investment. "As a whole, our country has the money needed to get a start now," say legislators on the pro-immigration committee, "In the short term, some national projects will slow down, but we absolutely cannot procrastinate until it is too late. We either act now or fail later, and the government chooses to act now."

Nordamy and Allyrije

Underbal to Be Opened to the Public come 2025

After much bureaucratic turmoil, safety overhauls, and a long traditional history of being a political black-hole, the Emergency Civil Defense Mass Shelter will open its doors for the first time in history, not as a nuclear bunker, but instead as another avenue of the city by 2025, says Urbal City Council Officials. Commonly dubbed 'Underbal' the massive sprawling city-wide bunker was notorious for its ambitious purpose, decades long build time, and cancellation in 1975, spending over 550 billion dollars for a giant abandoned bunker sitting directly underneath the Cerman Federation's largest city. The idea of Underbal originally came as one of the flagship ideas of the National Preservation Commission in the 1950's, which set its nuclear defense policy to feasibly attempt a physical defense of Cerma from nuclear attack. The ECDMS would originally start out as a feasibility study to determine the survivability of bunkers in urban metropolis, but eventually morphed into ambitious, almost 'fever-dream' worthy goalsets, according to some policymakers.

"The ECDMS is what happens when you have officials with great ambition, plenty of artistic creativity, a humble amount of restraint, and absolutely no engineering expertise." Said one retired official, remarking on the initial commencement of the ECDMS project.

The project would, immediately, run into drawbacks as the project team would have to work around city-life and bore through hundreds of thousands of tons of earth. Requiring countless man hours and resources. The project would continue for over 21 years before the NPC was disbanded in 1975 and the bunker doors to Underbal were closed permanently.

That is until 2000, when the city of Urbal opted to purchase the ECDMS from the federal government for a symbolic one dollar, and sought to refurbish the underground cavernous vault into a new purpose, vertical expansion of the city. The plan opts to put businesses, factories, residential homes, and even schools and parks underneath the surface, reaching to today where the City council pledges opening time is on schedule to be opened in early 2025.

Nordamy and Allyrije

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