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Tibet News




Hello from Lhasa this is Tibet News coming at you with our first television broadcast in Lhasa and the Ütsang state. I'm your correspondent Tashi Dorjee. We will have a nationwide coverage by the end of the week and contracts with western outlets by the end of the month hopefully settled. Until then welcome if your watching from the Ütsang state or if you are joining us via radio. Let's get right into the news


Ephyral Elections
The votes in the nation of Ephyral are in with Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos coming out on top. He was seen as the favorite candidate by the citizens of the nation. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has issued a congratulations to Taenitheos for his victory in the election. The Kalsang has also issued a congratulations however, not without the controversy due to the nation still having civilian slavery.

Rimé Movement Second Conference
The Buddhist ecumenical council, Rimé, will convene for a second meeting with the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and the Kyabje Gyalwa in attendance. The movement is lead by the 16th Karmapa Lama, Rangjung Dorje. Also in attendance will be the local Taoist community, a Tengri Elder and a small panel of Western Buddhists. The objective of the council is to see if the various schools of Tibetan Buddhism plus the Taoists could unite as one. Another hot topic is Buddhism in the western countries and their representation. Buddhism remains a minority religion in the West that is slowly gaining converts.

Flooding Damages Chamdo
After a week of rain the Drichu River near Chamdo has overflowed its banks and has flooded Chamdo. No lives were lost in the flood.

Deutsche Reichsbahn reaches out to Eastern Reichspakt members for connected train networks - June 25th, 1950 (Deutsche Zeitung)

With the Papen Plan in full effect and the quick integration of Eastern European members within the confines of the Reichspakt, the German industry has taken quick notice to the lands open to them in the still fairly war torn regions of the East. The major forerunner of the German rail companies, Deutsche Reichsbahn, have taken up the reins of their industrial sector and have begun to quickly branch out into the East towards the cities of Vilnius, Minsk, Elinhir, and Riga to help make the flow of resources between the East and West far easier. This also improves the logistical situation between the satellites and the Reich, allowing for the transport of equipment of any kind from the heartland to the East to be incredibly swift and easy, although the process of constructing the railways will take some time, but it does open up the Eastern economies to focus on different forms of reconstruction.

Reichspakt to hold joint military exercises between the Kaiserreich and other member states - June 25th, 1950 (Deutsche Zeitung)

German Panzers and BF-109's go East as the Kaiser prepares a series of military exercises with each of the nations of the East including but not limited to Lithuania, the United Baltic Duchy, White Ruthenia, Karthspire, and Poland. The idea is obvious, as it will help prepare the Reichspakt as whole against any form of invasion from the Eastern Russian horde, although whatever the exercises are exactly is unknown to any except for the governments of the Reichspakt to know. To those in the Reich and her holdings though if you're quick you can spot Tiger II's and Panzer IV's travelling by railway to the East, to be sent off from the farthest stations to be used in wargames with the armies of the East.


In other news...


  • Papen Plan proves to so far already be a resounding success, German officials intrigued to see how much farther it will go.


  • Nuclear power quickly becomes all the craze across Europe lately.


  • Ephyran elections end with Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos ascending to power.


  • Tibetan Buddhist monks to journey to Western countries.


  • Ephyral man shocked when confronted in German hotel about sibling relations.

"Careful with that granat Einfeld."
*Einfeld pushes the grenade off the counter*
*Last panel is both Jon and Einfeld comically scorched*

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije

Various Cerman News Outlets - July 31st, 1950

President Callahan Addresses ATCO with a Doctrine of 'Atoms for Peace'

"I feel impelled to speak today in a language that in a sense is new – one which I, who have spent so much of my life in the military profession, would have preferred never to use. That new language is the language of atomic warfare."

This was the introduction of President Callahan upon speaking at the ATCO Assembly Building in New York, speaking just days after the Cerman Air Force conducted a successful test of an atom bomb in the Gray Missile Range in North Texas. The third atomic test carried out by the Armed Republic. Callahan reaffirmed institutional public speakers and panel opinions on the future impact of atomic technology, stating ambitions for the expansion of atomics into industry and energy sectors. He asked for there to be 'a complete overhaul to our understanding of geo-politics in and out of ATCO.' requesting there to be the creation of a joint commission between ATCO members to establish industrial and economical regulations.

Callahan publicly reported on the active construction of weapons and weapon delivery platforms: "I do not wish to keep secrets from friends, nor hold two-faced motivations with allies. It is the aim to begin the development of atomic weapons to achieve conventional status within our armed services. In the Armed Republic, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and other military branches are to be capable of putting this weapon to military use within the decade."
President Callahan would continue to state the creation of atomic weapons would completely change the nature of future warfare. He stressed the free exchange of scientific and technological information as 'critical' to creating the basis for peaceful cooperation between nations, and reflected on the "hopes and the dangers" of this Atomic Age.

The Western Star: 1/8/1950, Channel #2

Truthful | Thorough | Televised

Constitutional Convention Resolved

After much debate, an overhaul of the Constitution has been ratified by the Gold House and was signed by Prime Minister Black. The new document is said to reflect modern Ascoobian values and priorities following the most destructive war the world had seen in living memory. Among these includes an expansion of the Bill of Rights, including a universal right to education and healthcare.

"In an age where it is ultimately the productivity of one's people that the very existence of the nation depends on, we free Ascoobians have taken the first steps to assure our people's prosperity in the Atomic Age. It is the Ascoobian State's duty to meaningfully unburden its citizens so that they, unimpeded, may reach their greatest potential productivity. As such, this revision of our constitution makes us a much freer society. It not only provides freedom to exercise one's rights but freedom from injustices not of their doing. We have faith that a freer, healthier, universally educated, and better-represented people is but one step to a thriving and dominant Ascoobis in the future."

- Prime Minister Black

Delegation Sent

This afternoon a diplomatic mission was sent on its way to the remote nation of Tibet following the graceful visit of Tibetan Lamas eight months ago. One cannot help but be surprised by this unlikely friendship between our two radically different and far-flung nations. Ascoobis, being a continent away, has been an unlikely but valued supporter of Tibet's ancient struggle to maintain independence since the opening of relations upon Ascoobis' very own independence in 1922. Goes to show that allies can be found anywhere, provided that one is willing to look.

Radioactive Power is All The Buzz

Following the global trend, the Department of Energy and Industrial Strategies has announced an ambitious 10-Year plan to transition the nation's energy grid to drawing its electricity from nuclear reactors rather than traditional Coal-Powered Plants. This decision comes after months of public demonstrations to adopt a viable alternative to coal due to the health effects on those exposed to its fumes and of the miners that extract it. Experts from our commonwealth brother of Cerma have been recruited to smoothen the transition. This move has been publically attacked by Senator Mckinley of Washinton's state of Pennsylvania; one of a few Washintonian states whose economy revolves around coal mining. Combined with the recent actions of the Tibet and other governments, this is predicted to be the beginnings of a crisis for the coal industry unseen since the Great Depression.

Hoarding Helium

Because of its physical properties, Helium has long been used for lighter-than-air transports. However, since this common element in the universe is relatively rare on Earth, Ascoobis' scientific community has long petitioned for a national reserve. These calls have grown stronger as potential uses as multiplied in recent decades. Buckling under pressure, the Department of Strategic Scientific Research has announced that it will consult with the international scientific community on how best to prepare a site for Helium storage.

ATCO Conference Goes Atomic

In an address to the ATCO Assembly yesterday, Presiden Callahan of Cerma stressed the need for ATCO to embrace the realities of a world with nuclear technology. Both the limitless possibilities that this new form of energy generation could bring and the grim and necessary power of Atomic Bombs. Callahan also emphasized the need for increased cooperation between the ATCO members to maintain an edge.

While Ascoobis' representatives more or less agree with the President's sentiments, they were more than alarmed that Cerma had been testing their bombs upsettingly close to Ascoobis. They propose that the ATCO set up a new underground facility purposefully made to isolate and contain any future nuclear tests, as not to risk radioactive fallout from affecting innocent civilians. However, Ascoobis itself has not yet pledged to maintain a nuclear arsenal.

In Other News

  • Germany sends obsolete wartime surplus equipment to be used for wargames in the East. Likely trying to keep any new developments from the prying eyes of their Versailian rivals.

  • Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos is elected as the next Archon of Ephyra. As an ally of the previous Archon, it is predicted that Taenitheos will approve of and continue with the reactionary policies of his predecessor.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
Sep 15, 1950


Ascoobis Diplomats Arrive
The diplomatic team from Ascoobis arrived early yesterday morning after the Tibetan team proposed further meetings 8 months ago. The relationship between the nations has been strong ever since the nation recognized Ascoobian independence in 1922. The two nations are pioneering nuclear energy as a means of replacing coal use. The delegates are set to meet His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama later today and tour the nation. Topics on the agenda include:

Nuclear Energy
Establishment of Embassies
Business and Trade
Easier Travel Between Nations

We will provide coverage live as it happens.

Gun Laws Loosened
The topic of gun laws was discussed and decided on by the Central Administration. The new laws(called the Gun Bill) reduces the bureaucratic red tape around purchasing a gun with only a background check and a 3 day training program for all new gun owners. The waiting period to purchase ammunition was struck down and waiting period for a open carry license was reduced from 1 week to 3 days. Also discussed was automatic guns being legal for civilians provided they go through a 1 day training program.


ATCO Goes Nuclear
President Callahan of Cerma emphasized the need for the ATCO alliance to push into the nuclear age. It is feared that this may possibly involve nuclear weapons. The government of Tibet hopes that the nuclear energy be used for peace rather than bombs.

Ascoobis and Karthspirije

1950 - OCTOBER - 15


    Citizens of the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra, I salute and thank you for conferring upon me your trust and solidarity in succeeding Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos Asalinos in the position of Archon. In the past ten years, he and his government rejuvenated faith. Faith in our identity. Faith in our families. Faith in each other. Faith in Ephyra. Even of the gods we took more notice, for even those of us who have lost belief in entities far greater than us have come together with the believers to recognise the importance these deities of ours represent. Honour, valour, truthfulness, and frugality are but four of many values we hold dear to our hearts.

    We were purged of our immoralities and sins. The corruption of provincial governors and the self-serving interests of easily-bought so-called elites were amputated from our society with effectiveness. With the rekindling of a sense of honour came a healthy sense of shame and regret for misdeeds done, and an urge to better ourselves and our reputations in the eyes of our peers, all of us striving to be the best we can for ourselves, our families, and our community.

    All this and more was achieved whilst our brave men fought yet again against the Russian hordes, who brought their might to try and rob us of life and pride. Asalinos lost two sons to this conflict. I lost my firstborn. There is barely a family of our nation who do not mourn and honour the sacrifice of a warrior who gave his life for them. We fought alongside our allies in Germany and Pontus, we endured the assaults, and we pushed back. The easterners were driven from our homes and soil and we reaped great reward and plunder from the barbarians of the Karthspiri steppe.

    We went into war a nation on the brink of destruction and left it a power to be feared. Not only was the foreign enemy repulsed but the domestic foe cut out. Our provincial allies and subjects who sided with the invaders, or took the opportunity to break their treaties with us were cast down. Turn-cloaks and traitorous soldiers who dishonoured everything they had fought for were hanged, and whores who took to bed with the enemy were sold just as they had tried to sell us.

    I tell you this to bring to mind just how much was achieved in a decade, and the burden and responsibility you have placed on me, envisioning me as a worthy successor to such a great man, the first truly great man to lead us in many years. It is my aim and wish to continue the work of my predecessor as you have elected me to do; to protect our citizens from harm, and to ensure our interests as a people and nation are fulfilled, to protect our way of life and our heritage from those who attack and demonise us from afar.

    To those leaders abroad who have applauded our democratic process and the will of our people, I give my gratitude. Ephyra desires peace and prosperity with its neighbours both near and far and I shall act on this desire accordingly. To those nations who resent or oppose us, I give warning. Our desire for peace is an extension of a desire to survive and to thrive. If this cannot be achieved through peace, let the last decade be a stark reminder that we are willing and able to achieve this through conflict. The brave men and virtuous women of our Freehold shall surrender no ground and no dignity to those who would impose their will on us. This is a new dawn for our people. The eagle shall soar as it once did, proud and noble, and all will marvel at the sight of true civilisation.

    For the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia

1950 - October - 16


    The Senate has voted to approve a proposal by Aeserys Nymirios Sikaron to establish Ephyral colonies at settlements of rebel tributary communities in all North African provinces. The African Revolt, overlapping with the Great War against Russia, was concluded the year following Ephyra's victory alongside its allies against Russia, as more forces could be brought to bear against the revolt. Provincial communities that had remained loyal received elevations in status to Lykosians, as well as expansion of territories into the traitorous zones.

    The local elites and leaders of the rebel communities were executed during the Prosecutions that took place alongside Pontic courts with regards to Armenian traitors, although are not officially counted as amongst the same process. Their estates and properties were confiscated and immediate families enslaved, alongside a significant portion of the population. However, rich territory with good settlement remained undesignated following these trials, with the proposal of Senator Sikaron having been previously rejected for lack of clarity. The renewed proposal designates a number of sites primarily along the coast but also inland fertile areas to become citizen colonies, and to permit Ephyral citizens preservation of status upon relocation. Whilst proposing his motion, Senator Sikaron argued how the presence of "decent, honest citizens" would help to civilise the rest of the population.

    The motion is to be put before the citizens' vote via tribal assembly, and is expected to pass strongly as the Senate received strong criticism from multiple local councils for denying citizens and particularly war veterans the ability to reap real reward for their efforts and sacrifices.


    President Callahan of Cerma addressed fellow ATCO powers and consequentially the world alike with his plans regarding the appliation of nuclear capabilities towards industry and energy, but most notably to other states in regards to military. The President made an open confirmation of a desire to see nuclear weapons become conventional and normal for the Cerman military, though did not indicate their likelihood of deployment in any hypothetical war scenario, leaving powers without such capabilities at a loss to whether the Cerman government or military endorses any first strike scenario against perceived hostile powers.

    The Cerman neighbour and ally Ascoobis, whilst offering no principled objection, made remarks about how close Cerman nuclear testing was to their borders. Representatives expressed concern about the potential health impacts this might have on unsuspecting and unaware citizens of the nation. The Tibetan government by contrast has emphasised a desire to see nuclear energy applied only for peaceful purposes, although has made no demand for the Cerman government to abandon its military plans.

    Ephyra has yet to offer comment on the situation. Without its own nuclear arsenal to boast of, and with the energy supply of Ephyra dependent on locally produced coal, oil, and gas, the government of Ephyra has so far provided no public perception of whether the move by Cerma is well-received or not. Though bilateral interests between Ephyra and Cerma have grown over observations of cultural similarities in certain aspects, and similar national objectives, these are no guarantee of friendly relations.

    It is also known if Cerma considers Ephyra a potential target for any military action, let alone nuclear. Whilst the Great War against Russia provided both nations with a common foe and similar interests, no accord of friendship or alliance was ever brokered. This might leave some in the government more suspicious of Cerman world intentions than others, and prolong deliberation on how best to respond.


    A citizen of Ephyra has described to The Eagle Scream his immediate confusion after being confronted in a German hotel by its staff following reports of sexual activity from his room. The citizen - who wished to remain unnamed - went on holiday to the city of Wien, taking his sister-wife with him on the visit. Checking into a local hotel, the citizen and his wife spent the night only to be confronted the next morning by the hotel manager, who was responding to concerns by staff about hearing intimate relations in the room that was booked by a man and a woman identified as being siblings.

    Though the citizen explained to the manager that his sister was also his wife and queried whether the exercise of marital intimacy was of objection to the hotel, the manager took issue with the blood relation of the citizen's wife, requesting that they cease to perform any intimate acts during their stay.

    Ephyral marital customs are regarded as issue-causing in the law of other nations, many of which have proscriptions against sexual relations between those of close blood proximity (with the law varying from country to country). However, by Ephyral law and tradition many siblings are also spouses, and enter another country as spouses on holiday. The concept of whether a brother and sister are permitted intimacy whilst on holiday in other countries, given their official spousal relationship, is certainly going to prove more and more bothersome for foreign powers as Ephyral-to-Western tourism continues to grow year by year.

Selected articles from Namjyut, September-November 1950

Right to Healthcare Debated, "A Better Health Plan" Promised - Wed 13 Sep 1950

    The Ascoobian constitutional convention which asserted a universal right to healthcare for its citizens spurred debate among members of the Imperial Court over the issue of healthcare in Namjyut. Provided mainly by private practitioners and hospitals, there is little centralization outside of the military hospital system. The Civil Directorate asserts that government provision and regulation of healthcare will greatly improve quality of life and productivity, while members of the Board of Prefects have raised concerns as to where the budget for a universal healthcare plan would come from. The Imperial Court stated to the public that "a better health plan" is in the works, although the details are unclear.

TV Censorship Debate Comes to a Close, Regulations Established - Wed 11 Oct 1950

    After talks about the national TV network's expansion in June, the Civil Advisory brought its concerns over the morality of TV content. After much discussion, the Imperial Court has assigned the matter of TV regulation to the Broadcasting Bureau, which will now handle both radio and TV broadcasting. Broadcasters in Namjyut are required to register programs with the Broadcasting Bureau, which will assign broadcasting channels upon approval.

State Meeting with Cerman President Callahan Strikes Nuclear Deal - Mon 6 Nov 1950

    After Cerma's introduction of the Atoms for Peace doctrine in June, President Callahan recently met with Emperor Lou to discuss the country's nuclear future. With mutual ambitions to expands industrial horizons, a deal was struck. Cerman engineers and architects are coming to provide expertise in building the first nuclear reactors in East Asia. Experimental designs for commercial energy output are in the works to be built in '51 and finished '54, with hopes for further growth in the nuclear industry if it succeeds. Economists expect the beginning of Namjyut's nuclear energy industry will benefit from the expansion of Namjyut's mining companies abroad in April, with new lands surveyed for key components like uranium.

    The surge of interest in nuclear prompted the Civil Directorate to start drafting regulations. Many say that, handled incorrectly, nuclear can pose a critical danger to Namjyut's safety. The Nuclear Bureau has been established pursuant to the cries for regulation.

The Empire Report

Queen's Parliament Formed
Elections were held days ago, and with much anticipation the results are now in.
Creating the government La Partio de Ilia Majesteco, La Ekologia Protekta Partio, and La Socialista Partio have created a ruling coalition, receiving royal asset late last night.

The Republic Times
Nov. 30, 1950

Navy to bid "Fair winds and following seas" to the old Juggernauts
Yesterday the Navy officially struck the ROWS Michigan (BB-26) from the active register of warships and condemned her to the scrapyards in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Michigan which entered service in 1917 towards the end of the Great War served in both the Atlantic and the Pacific theaters of World War II and earned 12 battle stars for her gallant service to the nation. Unfortunately the Michigan, and many of the super dreadnaughts of her time are facing the scrapyard or preservation as museum ships as the Navy moves into the middle of the twentieth century. With fast and modern battleships taking their place and the striking power of the fleet revolving around the carrier, the battleships the likes of the Michigan are now considered obsolete despite their extensive upgrades during the war. In the four previous years, the Navy has also retired 11 other older battleships as the Navy consolidates and moves into the future. One thing is for certain though, the age of the dreadnaught has come to an end.

ATCO Nuclear Program viewed with great enthusiasm
The Washingtonian presence in the nuclear industry has been nothing but immense since 1946 with the ending of the Second World War. Washington fully embraces the idea of atoms being used to power reactors that light homes, light up the streets and light up our lives. The idea of using atomics for peace is a promising venture as echoed by the Cerman president. At the same time, the Armed Forces have also expressed great interests in atomic usage. Since the dropping of Atomic Bombs on Japan that ended the war, the Armed Forces have continued to develop nuclear weapons to be even more powerful than those dropped four years prior. General James Hobbs of the Air Force makes the comment "To leave those war-winners in the past is nothing but foolish. Any enemies we encounter in the future must know that an attack against our great nation will be met with the entire arsenal of freedom!"

General Hobbs's remarks have come off to some in the government, especially the State Department as brash and worrisome and potentially threatening to nations that fought alongside Washington but do not hold the best historical relations with. The Secretary of State has stated that this was in no way a direct threat to any nation in particular.

Detroit on the rise!
With the end of the war and need for massive military contracts largely gone, the big automotive makers of Detroit including Horne Motor Company, North American Motors, and Continental Motors have gone back to making large swaths of civilian vehicles for the rapidly expanding middle class. Engineering techniques pioneered during the war have found their way into every day cars on the street, including hydraulic brakes and overhead valve engines have begun to replace mechanical brakes and flathead motors in huge numbers. The future looks bright for the Motor City and the companies and employees there as well.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Karthspirije

The USSR of Nordamy

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
December 9, 1950


Communist March
A group of Communists from Barkam University marched on city hall and raised the Communist flag. The group calls itself The National Liberation Front(NLF) . The group is composed of students, workers and peasants. It is believed that the group receives significant funding from overseas, one is the labour union, the Industrial Workers of the World(IWW) aka Wobblies. Some banners of the IWW were spotted along with the flag of the NLF. Some members were armed with rifles. So far no violence as federal police have descended on the scene. The Mayor has barricaded himself in his office as the militia has attempted to force itself in the office to deliver its demands.

*a gun shot rings out*
We hear gun shots from city hall. We don't know if this was a warning shot or if someone was killed. Again this is happening live and details are very scarce right now. Ok we can see police officers running to the entrance, rifles loaded. It looks like a shootout may start at any minute.

*the police chief shouts at a terrorist on the balcony*

The police chief ordered them to surrender or be taken with force. I am being ushered away by a police officer. This will continue as soon as I am in a safer place and have more details.


General Hobbs Creates Worry
General James Hobbs of the Washington Air Force issued a statement regarding the use of nuclear technology for weapons. The general stated:

"To leave those war-winners in the past is nothing but foolish. Any enemies we encounter in the future must know that an attack against our great nation will be met with the entire arsenal of freedom!"

The Kalsang issued a statement regarding General Hobbs.

"General Hobbs' statement is very dangerous and sounds war hungry. We maintain our stance on using nuclear technology for peace and we encourage all nations to not go down the path of creating death and destruction."

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama said he hopes General Hobbs would come to the realization of what he is getting himself into. The Venerable Panchen Lama and Kybaje Gyalwa have backed the Dalai Lama up by saying they hope no nation creates nuclear weapons in the pursuit of ending wars with unnecessary violence.


Civil Defense Bureau Expands in Wake of Tibetan Troubles and Atomic Bombs - Fri 15 Dec 1950

    The Civil Defense Bureau was alarmed by the escalation to armed conflict in the Tibetan communist demonstration last Saturday, and announced "Even during peacetime, after we all sighed in relief at the end of the Great War, we must remember: we cannot always know our enemy. Terrorists may lurk, or a hidden enemy may surprise us with a nuclear bomb. And yet, as Sun Tsu said, if we know ourselves, we will lose one battle and win another. One life saved is one life gained." The press release was accompanied with expansions to the Civil Tunnel System and the distribution of safety materials updated for the atomic era.

    The expansions to the Civil Tunnel System are being integrated with current projects across Namjyut. Fallout shelters are being installed along parts of the highways, the underground tunnels of Onnam are being reinforced, and the rollout of underground metros in cities are being designed with civil defense in mind. Civil Defense projects that, if successful, the underground systems of Namjyut will be able to sustain millions of citizens long enough to outlast fallout, terrorist attack, and natural disaster.

    The recent growth of TV has also sparked interest in developing an emergency bulletin system over the TV network. Civil Defense is working with the Broadcasting Bureau for this purpose. "Peace is no excuse for carelessness," says Civil Defense spokesman Ng Ap Lei, "we're building a safer, smarter Namjyut."

Following new legislation in Namjyut, gas masks and emergency rations are popular Christmas presents.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

The USSR of Nordamy

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
December 29, 1950


We are live on the ground in Barkam where reinforcements have arrived from the federal police and the local civilian militia. We can see movement from the balcony, the mayor has stepped out...

*a terrorist shoots the mayor execution style*

*the police charge city hall, returning shots at the terrorists*

The terrorists appear to be falling back, they were ill prepared for the massive police presence.

*after ten minutes of shooting, the police walk out with some terrorists as prisoner*
It looks like they surrendered. One terrorist can be heard singing The Internationale

"Stand up all victims of oppression
For the tyrants fear your might..."

*the police start beating the terrorist with their clubs*

There is an emergency curfew that will be put in place for 24 hours in Barkam and 12 hours nationwide. Our broadcast may be cut off at any moment. I repeat the mayor has been killed and the terrorists arrested. An emergency curfew will be put in place.


An emergency curfew has been put in place for Barkam City for 24 hours and a national curfew for 12 hours

Please stay indoors
Do not interfere with police activities
All non government businesses will be closed during the curfew.

The national borders with neighbouring countries will remain open. Foreigners in Tibet are advised to stay in their guest houses.

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Construction begins on the Lithmaijárr
Although the great war is now behind us and Karthspire stands free in the world, the threat from the East to her sovereignty, and to the safety of all Europe, remains as firm and terrifying as ever. The enemy in the East casts a long shadow, one which always blots out the Karthspiri sun first. Recognising this threat, the Government has put into action plans to construct an 'impenetrable' defensive line along the nation's eastern border; referring to this line as the Lithmaijárr in Karthspiri and the Ostmauer in German. The course of this line, however, runs through several, predominantly Russian, villages in the country's east with these villagers having been relocated to the newly emerging industrial centres in those areas of the country.

Independence day marches in Elinhir
With the first anniversary of our nation's independence came a grand show of national pride and strength in our nation's capital. Thousands lined the newly paved streets of the capital, flying the national flag proudly and filling the streets of Elinhir with cheers of celebration. The procession included the first public display of Karthspiri varients of German Tiger I Tanks, supplied as part of the Papen Plan, as well as the first participation of Karthspiri Hussars in any military parade; nowadays the horses are, of course, just for show. The march ended with a moment's silence in remembrance of all those who have sacrificed for the Karthspiri nation and people followed by a speech by Arteron Terai addressing his vision for Karthspire; wanting to heal the wounds of the past but stressing that real forgiveness would not be granted to the nation's former enemies without justice for atrocities committed on Karthspiri soil.

Power for every home
Following independence day celebrations in Elinhir, a plan has been publicised by the Government to increase electricity availability from 30% to 70% of Karthspiri homes within the next 9 years with a focus on ensuring the stability and around the clock avaliability of that power supply. In doing so, the Government has outlined the importance of investment into new energy forms such as nuclear fission as well as the construction of several hydroelectric dams on the Allyr river. Funding has already been allocated for the construction of a nuclear facility in the Crimea as well as one in Moldavia and preliminary daming along the Allyr, just north of Elinhir, has already begun in earnest.

KNLA reign of terror
With the threat of the KNLA seeming to never rest, the National Army has been locked in fierce clashes with the KNLA in the Carpathian Mountains. Clashes began after several raids resulted in the destruction of German and Karthspiri supplies heading to forward operating bases in the region. Citizens in the far western provinces have been advised to remain indoors at all times and marshall law has already been declared in three provinces as the Army seeks to not only put down the existing insurgency but prevent the activation of new cells.

Other news:
-Discussions ongoing about implementation of conscription
-Karthspiri GDP grew by 8% in the period 1950-1951
-Ban on Russian language in schools expected to come into force next week
-NJF granted new powers in response to KNLA

Exterior bulletins

Red rising in Tibet
With dangerous ideas permeating every part of the world, some nations will always fall victim to them. Such has been seen in Tibet where communist revolutionaries have marched on Kunming Town Hall with some reports claiming them to be armed and, like all communists, dangerous. For Tibet, we can only hope for a swift end to this insurgency.

The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
31 January 1951
The night of the dead rats
On a quiet night one of the biggest crackdown operation on Dutch soil was conducted. KNIL and Landwacht soldiers stormed nationalist hideouts and encampments all across the country. Weapons and munitions got confiscated. Prominent leaders like Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta got captured and are currently being escorted to the nearest detainment camp.

The Trap
A KNIL convoy was driving trough the hilly terrain of java when suddenly gunshots were heard. The Convoy was stopped and KNIL soldiers rushed outside of their vehicles. It was already too late, Dozens of armed nationalists rushed to the convoy. The final words on the radio were from a KNIL
lieutenant: "Its too late, I'm afraid we are not gonna make it. We got overrun, it... it all was a trap."

Word of this quickly spread trough the local population and later Sukarno aired on the radio proclaiming the free republic of Indonesia. The crackdown had no effect because the nationals were expecting one and prepared for it. Sukarno said that we should arm ourselves and kick out the Belanda's. (Indonesian swearword for the Dutch)

In the following weeks militias quickly took massive amounts of ground on the island of Sumatra and Java. They managed to take over the country side but not the big cities protected by the KNIL and Landwacht garrisons. The current situation in Indonesia is grim as the Indonesians took over almost all of Sumatra and parts of java. The spread out colonial garrison couldn't handle the numbers of the Indonesian militia's

The government of Dietsland announced to mobilize against the treat in Indonesia and send its army and their carrier fleet to Indonesia. Men all across the empire volunteered to join up. Van Geelkerken said that this will be a swift war and that we shall take back the land the traitors of the Dutch empire took.

Nordamy and Karthspirije


Okay guys, kind of a sudden thing but I need to this out. I will be gone for 37 days as I will be on orders from the Army. Contact will not be possible until the 1st of August as only then will I be able to resume activities here.

Republic of Washinton wrote:OOC:

Okay guys, kind of a sudden thing but I need to this out. I will be gone for 37 days as I will be on orders from the Army. Contact will not be possible until the 1st of August as only then will I be able to resume activities here.

Thank you for your service

The Empire Report

The Bombing of Trankvileco
Early this morning, an explosion was reported inside the seat of power of the nation, la Kastelo de la Lupo. It Is reported that the royal family is unharmed as the explosion missed the residence hall, however it is reported that the entire Cabinet was in the Castle at the time. The death toll of the explosion has totalled 4. The Reĝino Is expected to give a speech to the nation with more information at the Trankvilan Parliament building tonight.

Bank Holiday Declared!
The Reĝino today declared a bank holiday, stopping all economic activity. The stock market, foreign investment firms, and other local economic actions have been ordered halted


The Navy on the Move
Trankvilan Naval forces have made their move, the Kolonia Protekto-Floto has been moved towards the colonial waters meanwhile the Orienta and Okcidenta Fleet have been moved towards the straight of Dova, minor fleets have moved towards the major ports of Trankvila and its coast.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

The USSR of Nordamy

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News

March 4, 1951


Communists Form State
After the events in Kunming the Communists have become more bold. The National Liberation Front, a Communist Militia, has declared a breakaway state in the Yun Nan prefecture of the Kham State. The state calls itself the Tibetan Socialist Workers Republic. The Tibetan Communist Party has since relocated to Yun Nan and declared their allegiance. Yesterday the Kalsang dispatched the Federal Police to the border to arrest any member that attempts to return to Tibet.

The military will be dispatched to the area with a list of demands that include dissolving the breakaway state and handing over all members of the Communist Party to be tried for Treason. Tensions are already high in the border towns where the civilian militias have been placed on high alert.

All roads leading into the Amodo state have been blocked off and the train line leading into Amodo has been suspended until further notice.


Bombing in Trankvileco
A bomb was detonated in the capital of Trankvileco, killing 4. The residence of the royal family was undamaged however there was damage done to the castle where government officials were.

Indonesia Revolution
Revolution has broken out in the Indonesian colonies. Already militias have seized Sumatra and Java. The situation is grim as many properties are reported to have been damaged or seized.

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Sunday dissident movement
In our faithful and traditional land, Sunday, the one day off guaranteed to all and a day of worship in all Christian nations, is traditionally a day of calm, a day of reflection and a day of worship. Unfortunately for our nation, on the Sunday just past there was little peace and calm in the capital. The Church bells rang out in every district of Elinhir; filling the streets with their holy chorus. Into the Churches the usual sunday worshippers went with the cold Karthspiri morning air nipping at their skin. But after just half an hour, congregations across the city began to leave their churches as the bells rang out once again.

Congregations marched through the streets under the cover of Karthspiri flags; singing hymns and war songs solemly as onlookers gazed upon the streets. The main boulevards of the Capital were filled with the songs of worshippers marching in long columns led by priests and clergymen still dressed for their services.

The lines of worshippers from each and every church in the capital converged at St. Arja's Square in the centre of the city; waiting for them, stood at the base of the great statue which guards the square's cathedral, was the Patriarch of Elinhir - the highest-ranking member of the Orthodox clergy inside Karthspire. As worshippers gathered in the square, the Patriarch began to speak to the crowds; raising his voice so all could hear. The patriarch delivered a traditional sermon but, before dismissing the congregation, delivered another; attacking the state of Karthspire.

"When we became free from the Russians, we all hoped, deep down in our hearts, that we would create a new nation; founded on freedom and justice. Instead, the old order the Russians left has been replaced by a state which abuses its own people." He went on with the speech for another hour before the crowds dispursed and went back to their usual business. Although such public incitement is not usually tolerated due to the threat it poses to the security of all of us, the clergy appears to be taking advantage of an old law forbidding the arrest or punishment of a holy man or woman for anything said as part of a sermon.

Situation in the West worsenes
Although the conflict in our nation's west has long troubled us, a new fight is just beginning. The creation of a new movement in the Beshklarel state has diverted the attention of the army from the insurgent KNLI and forced it to fight on two fronts. The frontul național românesc (FNR) are a group based in the part of Karthspire once known as the Principality of Moldavia; the population of which are more ethnically and culturally aligned with neighbouring Romania. The first actions of the group were seen in the city of Descariln (Chisinau) when, during a visit by the state premier to a local hospital, several shots rang out from a nearby rooftop; injuring two nurses but leaving the state premier unscathed. With the backing of the nation, our brave armed forces will put down this, and all, insurrection and return order to our nation once again.

Other News
- Odessa to be renamed to Teranair in honour of Arteron Terai
- Flame of remembrance lit for first time in a rebuilt Teranair
- Patriarch of Elinhir hints at possible split between the Karthspiri and Russian Orthodox Churches

Exterior Bulletins

- Indonesia in civil war
- Bombings in Trankvila whilst their fleet is away
- Communists form state in Tibet; a worrying trend?

The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
6 March 1951
Battle of Batavia
Heavy fighting are recorded in the city of Batavia, capital of the Dutch East Indies. Landwacht and KNIL soldiers are surrounded by Indonesian Militias. They are holding small pockets in the city like the goverment district, the harbor district and the majority dutch neighbourhoods. They are waiting for their releive by the Dutch army currently on its way from South Africa and the mainland.

Operation Product
Dietsland has launched multiple naval invasions in Sumatra to recapture Indonesian cities and Sumatra's vital oil fields. Dutch soldiers also landed in the harbor district in Batavia and are currently on their way to recapture the city. Indonesian rebels have torched the Sumatran oilfields when they heard the Dutch army was coming.

The Empire Report

Message from the Regino
Excerpt from Last Night's Speech
I can now confirm that the explosion early morning yesterday was a cowardly move by a joint effort of two terrorist organizations, the Sons of Spain and the the Free State Alliance of Africa. I can also sadly confirm that in the fireball, most of my cabinet save for my Foreign Diplomatic Minister who was with me at the time was killed. Along with them, 8 of my own guardsmen, and senior staff enjoying their breakfast or going about their duties before starting their day. My words cannot begin to show the losses the Empire has a whole has suffered, but let it be assured, that those who perpetrated the crimes shall be punished harshly for this. For now, Trankvila is now in a state of emergency and I want to convey the message to the groups that you will not escape the wrath not of the crown, but the families, friends, and the Empire who lost such great souls today. I wish you all a good night, may you rest safely. And for those who died, may you rest in peace.

Dear members of coalition,
Me as the leader of Kasakyan Republic I require you to come with investments in the field of automotive industry and bank sector.
I would appreciate very much your activity.
Thanks a lot

The USSR of Nordamy

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
April 8, 1950


The situation in Luding has become violent. Communist guerrillas have engaged federal troops just outside the prefecture limits. We have word that 5 soldiers and 3 police officers were killed in action as they moved back. The troops were given permission to engage the guerrillas. Local journalists have reported that the guerillas used stolen artillery from a local outpost. Locals say the guerrillas massacred the ten police officers guarding the outpost yesterday.

We are getting word that backup soldiers are being rallied from nearby outposts and will be transported in via airplane. They have orders to capture the province and put an end to the uprising. The Kashag has asked for foreign help if the situation worsens.

The borders with neighboring countries have been temporarily closed for 24 hours in order to prevent escape for the Communists. The borders will reopen tomorrow under alternative hours and under increased security.

Post self-deleted by The Land of the Ephyral.

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