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Can I get some Cure missiles sent my way? Only have 4 million people left....

"Strange is it not, that so many I wish beside me stand against me, while at my back are only the flawed and the damaged. I am the leader of broken men."

- The traitor Jharek Khragan during the Great Schism.

"The road to Cthonia is open. The time has come for us to take the war to the Lupercals in the capital. We will make immediate preparation for the invasion of Cthonia. Make no mistake, and it will be ours, my lords! This will be no easy task, for the King and his deluded followers will fight hard to prevent us from interfering with his plans for godhood. Doubtless much blood has yet to be spilled, theirs and our own, but the prize is dominion over Taralus itself and the foundation of a new order...Are you with me?"

- Jharek Khragan addressing the traitor War Council after the victory over loyalist forces at the Battle of Karsos.

"Burn his body to cinders, lock away his armour and weapons in the deepest vaults beneath the Palace never to see the light of day again, raze his family's fortress to the ground killing any followers he may still have there, the memory of the arch-traitor and his treasonous allies must be expunged. You must wipe clean this treachery which has brought us to our knees, drive the traitors out of our lands and destroy their strongholds as you see fit. Once it is over I urge you to rebuild with renewed purpose as the new King to ensure such a thing never happens again....this is my last order to you my son, let none stay your hand in your next steps not even those still loyal for you must do it for the future safety of the realm...they should understand..."

- King Agrion IV giving his final order to his son before succumbing to his wounds after the decisive Battle of Cthonia.

"Three loyal armies of this realm stand ready to defend you, sire. All of us will unflinchingly place ourselves between you and the war's desolation. The traitors will find no surrender and no cowardice here for we will fight to the last man, their campaign of terror will never end as long as those who remain loyal to you still draw breath. In these 9 long years of conflict meeting the traitors on the battlefield all over the realm and duelling traitor lords who have declared for the rebellion I have not known fear, but your silence terrifies me..."

- Lucius Fulgrim, Lord of Chemos, Home of the Phoenix Lords speaking to the King prior to the Battle of Cthonia.

Hi everyone. I've become a little worried about our future.

Most see this as a problem, for YouTube only.
However, COPPA is targeting everyone. We are kind of, the equivalent to content creators (e.g.: FACTBOOK, RP, etc.).
What do you guys think? Am I overreacting?

Feel free to watch this video in its entirety, if you have the patience, and the time, to do so.
↓↓↓↓My worry, in detail. ↓↓↓↓

"Men, the Tsar has failed us but our spirit must still stand, for the old enemy is at our gate, bearing its teeth and breathing down the necks of our women and children! There can be no surrender, no mercy, not an ounce of cowardice in your souls this day! Each man must understand that the fate of our people, our nation rests on this battle here, today and that the fate of this battle lies on their shoulders alone. Understand men, that for all those families huddled in the ruins of Odessa, for every village, town and city east of this miserable place we are the last line of defense; the Tsar has no real care for the fate of our peoples. The Motherland expects all her children to defend her, we will shed every drop of our blood for every drop of her land if need be. The southern bastards may take this rotten place, but by God we'll make it cost them."

- Deir'Shirél í-Alinair Konstantijnsen Mediritt, Commanding Officer of the Tsar's 3rd Halamshiral Infantry Brigade "The Immortals" speaking to his troops prior to the final Ephyral assault on Odessa

Background: The 3rd Halamshiral Infantry Brigade was a mix between Karthspiri Tribals and peasants conscripted to fight at the start of the war. During the Balkan Campaign, they were often used as shock troops leading the vanguard of almost every major battle but still taking the lowest casualties as a percentage of the entire unit despite this; earning them their nickname. As the tide turned on them in the middle of the war, the Immortals caught themselves at the brunt of the disorganized retreat back into Karthspire and, eventually, into the City of Odessa. Having held out through the siege, only around half of the unit's strength remained when the Ephyral finally felt confident enough to take the city. Before breaking out and regrouping with the main arm of the Russian Defence, Colonel Mediritt ordered half of the remaining troops to stay in the city; booby trapping it, helping children survive the impending storm and, eventually, fighting to the last man.

"You are the first commanders of the New Army, independent of the noble families and only answerable to the Crown and the Council of Cthonia that rules the realm in my stead. Under your watch the New Army will be born and moulded under the guidance and tutelage of it's own members and no longer be influenced by the noble families. I place my faith in you to enact my vision of this drastic change to our realm to ensure such a catastrophe that has passed to never happen again, do not fail me."

- Vulkan VII addressing the assembled first Commanders of the New Army seven months following the end of the Great Schism.



Foreign Transmission from XKI
[div align="center"][img src="" style="max-width:100%;"]
10000 Islands Emissary Update[/div]

Date: October 2019
Population: 1177
Delegate Endorsements: 298

[center]TITO Command[/center]
Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Commander-in-Chief: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger, Mingulay Isle.
~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


As of this report’s publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: Kuriko
~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): HumanSanity
~Senator for Himes West (RP): Flemingisa
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): United Royal Islands
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Aschente
~Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands
~Minister of Labor: Paffnia

- Following the coup of The East Pacific by Fedele/Scardino, Delegate Kuriko issued the following statement:

Statement from the Delegate's Office

Greetings my fellow NS players. Today, at 12am EDT, the major update, Fedele and Funk illegally ejected Vizier Todd McCloud and banjected Vizier Bachtendekuppen. These actions are in direct violation of both the Concordat and laws of The East Pacific. Furthermore, they banjected Delegate-Elect Marrabuk and attempted to eject Vizier Aelitia. At this time, we believe with all our hearts that the regime headed by Fedele (aka Scardino) is an illegal coup dêtat of the region, and stand against them with our military forces.

TITO has mobilized, along with multiple other regions, to defend the Concordat of The East Pacific and it's lawfully elected government. We stand in solidarity with Marrabuk, the lawful delegate of TEP under the Concordat, and the government they are attempting to form. We vehemently condemn the actions of Fedele, and make it known that it will be our mission from here out to see to a quick delegate transition to Marrabuk and peace returned to The East Pacific.

- Sincerely,
WA Delegate of 10000 Islands

Read dispatch

-Some of you are getting this update for the first time! We are excited to announce new embassies with Lazarus, Hartfelden, and a re-opened embassy with The East Pacific! HumanSanity has been dispatched as Emissary to Lazarus, Aschente to Hartfelden, and Hakketomat to The East Pacific. Our new emissaries look forward to meeting you all!

[center]WA Affairs[/center]

The Council of Nine has recently opened the position of World Assembly Secretary to be tasked with recruiting and assisting aspiring WA authors, providing information to Islanders about WA proposals, and conducting international outreach for WA proposals. Markanite has named Sargon Reman our inaugural WA Secretary and he has named Mingulay Isle as the inaugural Deputy WA Secretary. Congratulations to them both! We're excited to see what this new office will do.
Hiring here: and here:

Additionally, thanks to my new Deputy Senator, THX1138, we have a new section covering WA votes in 10000 Islands! It will briefly cover WA resolutions and 10000 Islands' regional vote on each.

Oct 18, 2019 GA Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc: A brief resolution to prevent, in all member nations, the sterilization of minors or incompetent persons without the approval of an independent Institutional Review Board, that deems it necessary for the health of the individual.
Author: Imperium Anglorum
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: [color=green]For 0[/color] | [color=red]Against 8[/color]
Delegate vote: [color=red]Against (weight 293)[/color]
Final WA vote: [color=green]For 10295[/color] (77%) | [color=red]Against 3128[/color] (23%)
Result: [color=green]Passed[/color] Oct 21, becoming GAR#472

Oct 22, 2019 GA Responsible Land Management: A comprehensive replacement for the recently repealed GA #432 'Preventing Desertification', suggesting measures for nations to take to reduce the effects of sapient impact on the environment, and specifically on the overuse and wear and tear on soils.
Author: Refuge Isle
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: [color=green]For 9[/color] | [color=red]Against 3[/color]
Delegate vote: [color=green]For (weight 296)[/color]
Final WA vote: [color=green]For 11330[/color] (77%) | [color=red]Against 3404[/color] (23%)
Result: [color=green]Passed[/color] Oct 25, becoming GAR#473

Oct 26, 2019 GA Financial and Economic Education: A safeguarding resolution outlining the specific forms of education a nation must provide to better inform inhabitants about the economic workings of their nation, and their responsibilities within it.
Author: Imperium Anglorum
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: [color=green]For 3[/color] | [color=red]Against 9[/color]
Delegate vote: [color=red]Against (weight 297)[/color]
Final WA vote: [color=green]For 11415[/color] (84%) | [color=red]Against 2183[/color] (16%) Result: [color=green]Passed[/color] Oct 29, becoming GAR#474

Oct 27, 2019 SC Repeal: Condemn The Black Hawks: An effort to repeal SC#52, citing its inferiority to a second, standing condemnation against the same region, and bringing into question some of the assertions made in the target.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: [color=green]For 10[/color] | [color=red]Against 9[/color] | [color=blue]Delegate's Prerogative 3[/color]
Delegate vote: [color=green]For (weight 297)[/color]
Final WA vote: [color=green]For 2202[/color] (18%) | [color=red]Against 10258[/color] (82%)
Result: [color=red]Failed[/color] to pass

Oct 30, 2019 GA Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools: A resolution to mandate, and in some cases subsidize, the education of sciences throughout the WA, in an effort to generate a fact-based understanding of the natural world.
Author: Kenmoria
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: [color=green]For 6[/color] | [color=red]Against 2[/color]
Delegate vote: [color=green]For (weight 301)[/color]
Final WA vote: [color=green]For 13290[/color] (91%) | [color=red]Against 1244[/color] (9%)
Result: [color=green]Passed[/color] Nov 3, becoming GAR#475

[center]Around the Islands[/center]
-Minister of Labor Paffnia has hosted the regional Poet Laureate contest this October - the theme was fright! Congratulations to poetry extraordinare Aersoldorf on his victory! See here: and here:
-Taco Island Charities has opened up a time capsule. In one year it will be opened, and if enough nations survive then a million tacos will be split between everyone who put an item in! See here:
-XKI keeps NationStates relative time, and this October we entered NS Year 300! Welcome to the fourth century! See here:
-This month, Lyonnesse East Senator United Royal Islands is hosting the House Cup and Shield contest - a periodic recruiting event between XKI's Great Houses. See here:
-URI also hosted a prolific posting competition won by Houses Louisistan and Echolilia, with individual awards going to HumanSanity and URI. See contest here: and results here:
-With new technological breakthroughs on thermionic desalination technology, Mortimer Report payouts based on the regional shop are higher this month for some items. See here:
-Chief Executive Markanite posted a message to commemorate Empire of Power Annexation Day here:
-Recruiting was at a steady hum in 10000 Islands in October. Escanaba was top recruiter once again, but this time Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman gave him a run for his money. Thanks to Naba, Sargon, and everyone else who pitched in!
-In celebration of the spooky Halloween holiday, Chief Executive Markanite has started a scavenger hunt! See here:
-BUT don't get too comfortable, little bitty ghosts are coming to attack and steal our candy! They've already popped up in our main discussion board and at a political rally! See here:
-Haivon has been named Featured Nation by the Ministry of Education. Congratulations!
-The 110th TITO Knight, Sargon Reman, has a new statue that has been added to the Hall of Heroes courtesy of Marxist Germany. See here:
-For a more... surf's up take on regional events, feel free to check out Jabberwocky's The Mad Surfer. See here:

The region has benefited from a significant number of new arrivals, and this has increased RMB activity exponentially over the last months. October saw open discussion on a variety of topics, from the true nature of Fascism to the merits of abortion. In this section, a curated collection of some of the best posts of the last month:

- First up, this excellent post by Finalanswer Archive in the context of a larger discussion around capitalism versus socialism, and wage equality: page=rmb/postid=36612720
- A cheeky and humourous post from the NS mods, who made quick work of removing an unwanted and offensive guest: page=rmb/postid=36668824
- A dark secret revealed by nation 1984 Commune: page=rmb/postid=36680269
- An even darker secret revealed by Evil Dictators Happyland: page=rmb/postid=36691807
- Jabberwocky, always with the existential questions: page=rmb/postid=36791063

Regional Poll of the month asked who played the best Catwoman: page=poll/p=148619

[center]Meet a Nation[/center]

We're adding another new feature! Each month, I'll sit down with one of our regional members so that everyone can get to know them a little bit better. This month I sat down with Republic of Tikistan, the 98th Knight of TITO!

HS: How did you originally hear about NationStates?
Tiki: I saw it in a message board of general stuffs
HS: When you signed up what were you expecting?
Tiki: I thought its gonna be about making my nation and laws and government and such
HS: How has that differed from why you've stayed around?
Tiki: I didn't know there will be a lot about acting with other nations and also I didn't know there is gonna be regions
HS: What specifically about "regions" and XKI specifically attracted you initially?
Tiki: I like to react with other ppl and also I like to be a defender. TKI is specially active.
HS: And what keeps you coming back day-in and day-out to play?
Tiki: Counting threads are fun also I like Tito Knights missions but I am using a app now and missions are hard to do. Probably I'm gonna not use the app soon.
HS: What would you say is your proudest accomplishment in NS?
Tiki: Being a TITO knight
HS: What is the time you've laughed the hardest playing this game? The time this game has upset you the most?
Tiki: Woonsocket made me laugh a lot but I can not remember 1 time only. I got little bit upset when people accused that I am a invader.
HS: Do you have anyone that you'd consider like a mentor to you in NS? Why and what did they do for you?
Tiki: Yes Woonsocket When I got a question always I tell him also he told me how I better do TITO missions and such.
HS: Do you have any goals in NS that you're working towards that you haven't accomplished yet?
Tiki: I wish I will get 100 battle stars but it is little bit slow now because I am using my phone for posting and it is harder to do missions on my phone.

Thanks all for reading! Until next month!

[div align="right"]-HumanSanity and THX1138, Senator and Deputy Senator for Blue Canaria North, your 10KI Update staff[/div]

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Coloradounion wrote:You are delaying the inevitable doom well come upon us an empire will rise

I'm sorry, what?

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Coloradounion wrote:The North Pacific the empire

Umm okay.....

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Could this be a raid?...

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