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The Republic Times
Eastern Ambitions

As the Tokyo Mailman has delivered the news about the rapid expansion of the Nihon Defense Forces, political and military leaders in Ottawa have begun to consider the possibility of ramping up the military presence in Alaska. This may involve mechanized units from the Army's II Corps being sent to either Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson and Fort Wainwright to conduct maneuvers and better prepare themselves for the possibility of conflict with the Nihon Empire. Nihon's uncomfortable stance on China and it's territorial ambitions in the Pacific has been making more than just one nation uncomfortable as it appears tensions are getting worse. To make matters worse, the Soviet Union has announced it has put most of it's military personnel, including reservists on alert for a potential conflict with China. All of this buildup in a short period of time has also done more to have more military forces forward deployed to Alaska to aid in its defense. Of critical importance would be the movement of critical air defense systems in order to protect strategic and economic installations around Alaska. As of today, the Alaskan National Guard has been temporarily activated to participate in maneuvers with the active duty components.


Oil Struck

Recently, Republic Oil has said to have located several major oil deposits in the Chukchi Sea close to the waters in Alaska. Already the claims have been made and many mobile oil rigs are on their way to start the drilling process. Rigs from Anchorage and as has away as Seattle have begun their journey to the cold waters of the Arctic circle. Some in Ottawa have expressed concerns o whether or not the Soviets would attempt to muscle their way into these claimed oilfields, but so far no measures have been taken to assume nothing more than peaceful operations.

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Lock Down
The State of Mongolia and The State of Turkestan have announced they will go into emergency lockdown mode in light of the buildup of Chinese troops. The petition to rally the citizen militia in Mongolia was approved by the Executive Yuan. Turkestan submitted their petition today and it was immediately approved by the Executive Yuan.

This lockdown involves businesses operating on modified hours until instructed to shut down if an invasion occurs. The Army and Marines have set up traps and posts in those states to fight back. The Air Force has been scrambled in those states and the Chinese Navy has been ordered to be ready to respond to an attack by the USSR. This involves bombing Soviet port cities in the Pacific should war break out.

Ulaanbaatar and Ürümqi have been designated as "Red Zones" with the border being declared "Black Zones". Red Zones are sensitive areas and Black Zones are danger zones where conflict is imminent.

Also in a state of Readiness are the Korean border with Nihon in Manchuria and Taiwan is under a temporary emergency advisory

Those in emergency zones may experience a broadcast interruption with instructions
ᠶᠠᠭᠠᠷᠠᠯᠲᠠᠢ ᠲᠤᠰᠠᠯᠠᠮᠵᠢ ᠶᠢᠨ ᠵᠥᠪᠯᠡᠭᠡ!
استشاري الطوارئ!

The states of Mongolia and Turkestan have been placed in an emergency lockdown due to threat of attacks from the USSR.

All businesses are advised to operate on a modified schedule and to be ready to close in the event of an attack.

All able bodied adult citizens that are armed are asked to be ready to mobilize with the Army and Marines in the event of an attack. We ask that you carry a handgun with you to work and have a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle in the event of invasion.

The lockdown will be in full effect for 2 weeks and will be adjusted according to the threat level

Be ready to evacuate!
كن على استعداد للإخلاء!
ᠨᠡᠭᠦᠯᠭᠡᠨ ᠰᠢᠯᠵᠢᠭᠦᠯᠬᠦ ᠳᠦ ᠪᠡᠯᠡᠨ ᠪᠠᠶᠢᠭᠠᠷᠠᠢ!

Be ready to fight!
كن على استعداد للقتال!
ᠲᠡᠮᠡᠴᠡᠬᠦ ᠳᠦ ᠪᠡᠯᠡᠨ ᠪᠠᠶᠢᠭᠠᠷᠠᠢ!

The neo-marxist soviet union

П р а в д а


Supreme Soviet votes in favour of condemning Karthspiri invasion of Afghanistan, deploys Red Army to "defend Kabul and the Afghan highlands".

Afghan onlookers were "perplexed" as from the freight cars of the Southern Railway came standard sized containers filled with soldiers of the Red Army and their equipment. Only thirty minutes prior, it had been announced through a routine YouTube livestream of the Supreme Soviet that they had reached a democratic consensus; the Karthspiri invasion of Afghanistan was to be condemned, with an immediate Soviet response to such an "unexpected but unsurprising" display of imperialism from the Karthspiri monarchy, which it had weeks prior praised as better than the islamo-fascists they replaced. Units of the airborne VDV, on the other hand, have been deployed to strategic positions along the Hindu Kush Strategic Line as a vanguard force. The Afghan government approved of this measure, though critics suggest they "didn't really have a choice in the matter" being stuck between two much larger powers. As a closing statement, Dmitry Rogozin (Chairman of the Supreme Soviet) said the following, meant as a public message to the political elite of Karthspirije;

"We are natural partners in the world stage, but our course of action is a stern warning; tow the line, or we will make you."

As the session ended, reporters outside questioned the capability of the Red Army to deal with the Karthspiri armed forces in the case of an escalation. Rogozin told them to go bother the STAVKA. In response, a number of reporters flooded the General Staff Building nearby, where military police and Aleksandr Golovko were waiting for them. The tired-looking Golovko with a cup of KommunKoffee in hand tried responding to as many questions as possible, most importantly for our readers that which Rogozin deflected. His answer was as follows;

"Ask anyone who has fought the Americans. You can put 300 million people in a uniform, that doesn't give you the technological or logistical capabilities to defeat a modern country. Pol Pot learned this lesson well when Nixon and Gorbachev had him buried in rubble! Haha! My older brother was deployed there. Said the air smelt like flesh and napalm, all the time. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

When asked about Soviet rules of engagement, Golovko replied that the Red Army is not to engage any Karthspiri troops unless they are fired upon. Insurgents, however, are fair game.


#CuckAratharr trending in Twitter.

The hashtag #CuckAratharr has become #1 in trending across Twitter, with similar mentions in other mass media. According to American media, the infamous 4chan's /pol/ was the origin of this campaign. CNN reports a thread named "Operation Robespierre" called for the destruction of the Karthspiri "monarchofags" and their "hanging by based trotskyists". Despite infighting, including a user spamming "KRONDSTADT NEVER HAPPENED BUT IT SHOULD HAVE" 208 times, the movement gained momentum in Twitter and spiralled into a worlwide flaming of the Karthspiri monarch. Some users have suggested the involvement of the Soviet information warfare apparatus, based on the fact a disproportionate amount of Twitter users posting #CuckAratharr were traced back to the Soviet Union or to COMINTERN-related associations, but this has largely been disregarded as a paranoid conspiracy.


STAVKA directly contacts Chinese government, informs of "no offensive plans" and warns of "uncontrolled paranoia".

Following the activation of Red Army CATEGORY B units and the heightening of alertness throughout the entire Chinese border, especially in the Far East Military District, Chinese authorities have reportedly ordered a "total mobilisation" of all military units within Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, and the enactation of martial law. In an unusual course of action, the STAVKA directly contacted Chinese authorities on this matter, informing them that the Red Army has no intentions of initiating offensive operations in "one of the most hostile and least valuable regions" in the planet. They also suggested providing "strategic advisory" services to the Chinese Armed Forces, beginning with the relocation of Chinese assets in the Sino-Soviet border to the Manchuria region and their coastal cities, which are under "an actual threat". PRAVDA is not in liberty to say if this was a slight or not.

While it is unusual for the STAVKA or the Red Army to directly contact the government of another country, the Red Army spokesman who provided all of this information to PRAVDA mentioned that the Supreme Soviet was busy dealing with a certain Karthspiri problem at the time, while comrade Khodorkovsky was returning from the city of Zürich. As such, comrade Golovko found himself at liberty to deliver the message through his own organisation. Comrade Khodorkovsky later twitted that he had no problem with this "initiative-driven, if unusual" course of action.


Treaty of Zürich ratified, "economic boom" in trade with the American continent.

The Treaty of Zürich has been signed by Comrade Khodorkovsky and President Callahan. The project, inspired by the detente eras of Khruschev and Afanasyev under which trade with America began to grow, as well as Alexander Bogdanov's "Theory of Mechanical Marxism" in which he called for "beating capitalism in its own game", has been in the workings for a long time now. Only now terms which are comfortable for both sides been established; in summary, tariffs between the two superpowers have been regulated, but some sectors like electronics, auto manufacturing and the digital service industry remain under the protection of both states. The sale of weaponry, except civilian arms, is also banned between the two countries. Soviet Representative-Executives and American CEOs seem to be responding well to the terms of the treaty, since many industries and companies have begun drawing out plans for trans-continental exports.

Some members of the Bolshevik old guard have expressed concern that this is a "betrayal of Soviet values", giving in to the globalist world order, and that importing American goods will destroy the worker's culture, endangering the spirit of the October Revolution. A fellow member of the Soviet of the Union and devout member of the Neo-Communist party replied; "We are the globalists, dumbass. Besides, if we are changed, they are also changed.

For American readers, though the Soviet Internal Digital Market is only usable by cooperatives and state charters under SOVCORP, PRAVDA will be soon publishing some of its offers and may place an order for you, at a low cost. Alternatively, you may form a cooperative in the United States and request for partial integration into SOVCORP. It doesn't need saying, but capitalist corporations will not be accepted, don't bother.


Kim Jong-Un: "The time has come for the Taiwanese people to be free." COMINTERN mobilises in the streets.

Kim Jong-Un, grandson of famous Korean guerilla commander Kim Il-Sung (who was known during World War II by Japanese forces as "THE TIGER") and president of the Fourth International, has called for action on the "Taiwanese Question". His exact words on today's speech were;

My grandfather fought for Korean freedom against the Japanese fascists, my father fought for Vietnamese freedom against the world's imperial-capitalist powers, and I have had the honour to fight for the freedom of the whole world through the Fourth International. The newest frontline of this permanent revolution of ours is now in Taiwan; the clerical fascist government of China has held the island hostage for too long. The time has come for the Taiwanese people to be free; they hold no sympathy for the Beijing regime and long for liberty. The Fourth International demands a referendum of independence! Workers of the world, unite! March into the streets and demand what deserves to be yours! Burn the police stations, the garrisons, th-

The YouTube broadcast cut off for a few moments due to technical issues. It was restored shortly after, Mr. Kim apologised in a charismatic manner for his "brash, though true to heart comments" and finished his speech to thunderous applause. As of now, numerous protests and marches in the island have already been scheduled by COMINTERN-associated groups.


Crude deposits discovered in the Chukchi Sea, Republic of Washington warned to "respect the Soviet EEZ".

Washingtonian geologists have discovered sizeable crude oil deposits off the shore of Alaska and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the region known as the Chukchi Sea. Despite concerns of Soviet heavy-handed intervention, no such threat has materialised. The Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs reportedly informed the Washingtonian government that it was "not a concern" as long as the Soviet Exclusive Economic Zone, as per the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is respected. This is including Soviet sovereignty over the Lomosonov Ridge, which is contested by Washington itself. However, the Ministry advises the Washingtonians to not drill in the Arctic as "there are little financial incentives for it, and many environmental concerns."


Kurchatov Institute T-18 Fusion Reactor experiment a "resounding success".

Yesterday night, the city of Moscow suffered from a blackout, but power came back after a while. Today, a spokesman of the State Committee for Science and Technology announced that the Kurchatov Institute's T-18 tokamak-design fusion reactor had been able to operate for an hour and 13 minutes, resulting in a resounding success beyond the economic breakeven. However, the reactor was hooked up to Moscow's energy infrastructure, and overloaded the system. Damages should be repaired by tomorrow, or earlier. According to the spokesman, the results of the experiment will be "critical" in the design of the "PROTO" commercial fusion reactor megaproject, to be built by all of the world's nuclear powers. T-18 was designed and constructed parallel to the DEMO reactor in Europe, with which it shares a large amount of components. However, unlike its European cousin, the T-18 was rushed into testing years ahead of schedule by the State Committee of Science and Technology. PRAVDA reminds you that nuclear fusion is safe and if Moscow becomes radioactive debris, it was most likely an American attack.


Karl Marx's purpose revealed, Leon Trotsky "multipurpose ship" begins orbital assembly.

In 2029, to thunderous applause, the "Karl Marx" space station's assembly was completed, at twice the size of the International Space Station. Such a feat was only possible due to the revival of the Energia project to compete with SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, in the form of the Energia III superheavy reusable rocket. The Neo-Communist Party's borderline obsession with "space communism" and improving economic conditions after the 2021 Superdepression may have also contributed. Though it contained some scientific equipment, its crew quarters and supplies storage were way too enormous for it to be a research station, and we were never really told what the thing truly was for. As you know, the Americans won the race to the Moon again in 2024, but that same year the SOVCORP-controlled Roscosmos state charter announced it had had "enough of this bullshit" and was going to "make Musk and NASA look like children". It appears the Karl Marx station is here to fulfill that purpose; the very same Roscosmos chief that dared challenge the Americans has announced today the true nature of the mysterious station.

-The crewmen are part of the Red Army, organised as the 1st Space Marines Company (which is really platoon-sized), making the Soviet Union the first country in history to permanently station a military unit in space. The one place uncorrupted by capitalism.

-The 1st Orbital Marines Company respond to the Space Force. They are all trained engineers whose mission set includes maintaining the station, constructing spacecraft, "reconnaissance" and defending Soviet spacecraft from intrusion. The Karl Marx station's computer systems can defend it through the use of four laser point defence systems and RCS manoeuvring.

However, the most exciting news is what the station is doing now. According to our Roscosmos chief, they are beginning construction of the first Leon Trotsky class "multipurpose ship". The design is similar to SpaceX's Starship HLS, which landed in the moon in 2024, but protects the crew very well from debris and radiation, "unlike the American tin can". Most importantly it can carry enough supplies and fuel for long manned voyages across the solar system, transport unprecedented amounts of cargo or land in numerous atmospheres. "However", he jokes, "it can only land in Earth once!"

The leading theory as to what the first ship (likely to be called Leon Trotsky) is going to do for its maiden voyage is a lunar landing, perhaps even establishing a permanent lunar station. However, an anonymous poster in the /sci/ board of 4chan who claims to be a high ranking Roscosmos engineer claims the Leon Trotsky will attempt to ferry space marines to Mars to "intercept" NASA in its schedule to do the same by 2033, a goal which was set by ex-president Donald J. Trump. It may be nothing but a hoax, as he also mentioned that the Leon Trotsky's blueprint contains "fire control systems" and "reloadable missile tubes", something which was not mentioned by Roscosmos or the Soviet government.

In marginally related news, the Roscosmos RedStars satellite constellation, developed to compete with SpaceX's Starlink, has just finished assembly in orbit. A few years behind, but next time we'll be up front!

Nordamy and Karthspirije


Metsyrár Sharinálla
متسورر شرینللا
The Motherland's Herald

Operation Guardian declared a success
This morning, in the first briefing with journalists since the outbreak of the conflict, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of his majesty’s Imperial Armed Forces, Elindil Nosdrehdal Karárr Serethi (General), reported that the goals of Operation Guardian, the name for the Karthspiri offensive actions into Afghan territory, had been achieved. The main objective amongst these was the securing of the Southern provinces of Herat, Farah, Nimruz, Helmand and Kandahar alongside the creation of safe corridors to allow the around 10,000,000 Athirelli refugees, currently trapped in Karthspire’s Eastern States, to return to their homes. With what’s being referred to as the “partition line” having been reached and secured by Karthspiri forces, the Foreign Ministry has announced that it has contacted the Afghan Government to arrange a formal end to the conflict.

Whilst details on proposals are scarce, many analysts are speculating that Karthspiri demands would include the creation of an independent, Athirelli state from the captured territory as well as population exchanges to ensure cohesion in future Athirelli and non-Athirelli Afghan nation-states.

An admission
The true capabilities of His Majesty’s Armed Forces have long been under intense scrutiny with international speculation that many of the technical, logistical and hardware capabilities of the Imperial Armed Forces were unknown due to the level of secrecy surrounding not only our state prior to the removal of the Islamic Government but also due to the effectiveness of the Secret Services in removing foreign threats to intel security.

In a bold statement by the Prime Minister this morning, the Government revealed the existence of two major programs. The first to be revealed was the programme referred to by the Government as the “Citadel Plan.” In short, the Citadel Plan was an undertaking to turn the Karthspiri heartlands into an impenetrable military fortress. With regards to specifics, the plan resulted in the construction of an unknown number of underground military installations, estimated to be in the thousands, within the bounds of the rugged highlands which dominate the highlands. As to whether the plan still exists or is being expanded was not answered.

The second programme to have been revealed was the so-called “Turan Project.” The Turan project is the codename used in the first 30 years of the Karthspiri Nuclear Programme. Whilst international analysts have long acknowledged that the Karthspiri Islamic Republic (1980-2030) held the capability to create nuclear armaments due to its civilian nuclear programmes and ability to enrich atomic elements so as to fuel its fission reactors, this is the first such admission of the existence of a programme dedicated to the exploitation of the atom for military purposes.
When questions as to whether or not the programme was successful, the Prime Minister since responded, “we have a significant stockpile of nuclear armaments – something anybody with an IQ exceeding room temperature should’ve been able to guess.” Naturally, such a response does not include specific numbers and, as a result, the Interior Ministry has been inundated with Information requests from foreign journalists, scientists and analysts who are attempting to use historical data regarding the activity of Nuclear facilities and enrichment centres to estimate the size of the Karthspiri nuclear stockpile with such requests, naturally, being denied.

Karthspiri ambitions “out of this world”
With the recent successes of our Northern neighbours regarding extra-terrestrial exploration, our own Government has announced the expansion of its existing Space Programme. Previously, the Karthspiri Space Agency, better known as Karboshklén, functioned only to launch and maintain civilian and military satellite networks. Now, however, the Government have announced a massive expansion of the programme, including the construction of an impressive new space centre in Ar Kishán province; something which locals hope will also contribute to a reduction in unemployment in the New Territory area.

In an open invitation, Prime Minister Mesyrkirél invited the nation’s westerly neighbour and ally, the Syrian Arab Republic, to join the programme; stating his belief that joint cooperation between the Islamic world in the realm of space would result in far faster progress than simply working in isolation.

An escalation
As the Karthspiri Operation in Afghanistan was declared a success, Soviet troops rolled in to the Eastern portions of the Afghan state. Whilst such a move was not entirely unexpected, the Foreign Ministry released a briefing which thanked the Soviet Government for having “tied up the Afghan military in their suspicions towards you” and “strengthening the Karthspiri negotiating position by placing the Afghan Government in as weak a position as it could possibly be in.”

Other News
-Bashar al-Assad wins gaming competition; foreign ministry sends regards
-Northern China enters lockdown due to Soviet threats
-Twitter flooded with anti-Karthspiri rhetoric; SK (Karthspiri language social network) unaffected
-Foreign Ministry warns against oil extraction in the Chukchi Sea; “environmental concerns” cited

Taralus, Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and The neo-marxist soviet union

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Defense Buildup
The Soviet group STAVKA contacted the government of China saying that there is no need to worry about the troop build-up near the border with Mongolia and Turkestan. Present Ma took the call himself and fired back at the Soviets calling them "an untamed tiger that is seeking to destroy and consume anyone who does not kowtow to them"

Following this call, President Ma ordered a Buildup near the border with the USSR and Korea. All reserves have been called to arms with armed citizens in threatened provinces to ready themselves. The southern border near the Molucas was not closed off but more police were ordered to protect the border in case conflict were to spread south into neutral territory.

The Air Force began conducting drills around threatened zones, Taiwan and the South around Hainan Province.

Taiwan Troubles
Infamous Communist Kim Jong Un made a speech regarding Taiwan

"My grandfather fought for Korean freedom against the Japanese fascists, my father fought for Vietnamese freedom against the world's imperial-capitalist powers, and I have had the honour to fight for the freedom of the whole world through the Fourth International. The newest frontline of this permanent revolution of ours is now in Taiwan; the clerical fascist government of China has held the island hostage for too long. The time has come for the Taiwanese people to be free; they hold no sympathy for the Beijing regime and long for liberty. The Fourth International demands a referendum of independence! Workers of the world, unite! March into the streets and demand what deserves to be yours! Burn the police stations, the garrisons, th-"

He was cut off mid broadcast due to a Wi Fi issue, not before his location was found by Chinese intelligence officers. The Government stated

"If Mr. Kim Jong Un thinks he can incite unrest without getting away with it, he is dead wrong. We have his location in the USSR and we will not hesitate to order him arrested if he sets foot in China to create trouble. We dare you"

Maoist groups have planned demonstrations in Taipei in support of this idea of a independent and communist Taiwan. Spokesman and great grandson of the infamous Mao Zedong, Mao Desheng, said he plans to go about this in a "Revolutionary" way to "finish what my great grandfather started".

The Maoist group, Revolutionary Socialist Army of Liberation(RSAL or Gémìng shèhuì zhǔyì jiěfàngjūn) have taken to the streets with attacking a off duty police officer. The officer was beaten to the point he was placed in intensive care. The perpetrators were arrested and praised the USSR, Mao Zedong and Kim Jong Un. One attacker was pepper sprayed multiple times after he kept swinging a knife at an officer.

RSAL thugs have taken to attacking police officers and some citizens for being "Too bourgeoisie". RSAL is headed by Mao Desheng and has connections to the USSR and the Fourth International. Premier Tang of Taiwan and President Ma called Kim Jong Un and RSAL out

"For being Marxist Fascists with attacking off duty officers and civilians. Yet we are the Fascists?"

Both said in a joint statement. Taipei will be under a 24 hour curfew while raids are conducted against RSAL thug hideouts. Peaceful protests will be allowed to occur tomorrow after 6 am when the curfew ends. Anyone causing chaos on the streets of Taipei will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

The USSR connection between RSAL and the USSR is well established with funding being given to RSAL through money transfers.

The Land of the Ephyral and Karthspirije

The Republic Times
Tourist Negotiations Stall

As the weeks drag on, negotiations on having both of the Washingtonian tourists held in Ephyra have continued to stall. The release, despite relaxed and civil conversations with the Selian government, local and even foreign entities have been less than so. The Karthspiri government has been an outspoken critic of the behavior of the Washingtonian tourists, demanding that they be publicly flogged for their actions. The same energy can be felt on the local side of things in Ephyra, where slavery is still a common practice amongst elements of Selian society. Regardless of the outside voices, it is hoped that a resolution will be reached and not a moment too soon.

Emergency Readiness Evoked!

Due to the continued escalations in Asia, the President has authorized all Washingtonian Armed Forces worldwide to move to DEFCON 4. As a result of this, National Guard units along the West Coast have been activated for readiness and for exercises with their regular counterparts. This has seen the he 37th and 41st Infantry Divisions become active and joining the Regular Army. The Army has also announced that the 37th Army Air and Missile Defense Command will be redeploying to new locations due to the perceived threat. The exact location of their deployment is still classified as this time.

The Secretary of the Navy has announced that it will deploying a full carrier battlegroup from the Atlantic to the Pacific for a unknown period of time. The name of the carrier and all accompanying ships are being classified at this time as a total social media blackout is being enforced amongst the redeploying sailors and marines. Critics have called this move a bit too provocative on the world stage, moving such expensive and clearly strategic assets from one ocean to another in such a short time. However, the Joint Chiefs in Ottawa have dismissed these concerns citing that moving such assets is nothing new and that operation readiness is paramount.

Air Force readiness has also been escalated with the perceived notion of hostilities in Asia. Elmendorf, McChord, and Harris Air Force Bases have seen a spike in activity. Aircraft previously put in storage such as the relatively old KC-135 Stratotanker and KC-10 Extender have been brought out of their retirement stage to be prepped to be used by both Air National Guard and Active Duty Air Force units to supplement their current fleet of KC-46s. The Strategic Air Command (SAC) has seen their active bomber fleet been put on alert as well. B-1Bs and B-1Rs as well as the older and mostly retired B-52s have seen an increase in readiness. Rumors have circulated that massive air drills will be conducted at the same time as the Army drills in Alaska. This has raised some criticism in Ottawa as these have been decried as too expensive to run simultaneously. The President and the Join Chiefs have dismissed these claims, citing the crucial ability to show strength in times of dread.

Oil Operations under way!

Despite minor warnings from the Soviets about their EEZ, Republic Oil has commenced drilling in the Chukchi Sea this week. The reserves found are some of the largest found in the last decade, meaning whoever taps them will make a fortune. With oil prices still reasonable, it is hoped that the price of oil will rise, but not enough to make it unobtainable. However, the environmentalists are already up in arms about the entire operation, citing several incidents over the last several decades. Many in the streets of Seattle have protested this as a disaster waiting to happen. Republic Oil's spokesman has addressed these concerns, saying that precautions are in place to prevent any major spills and to ensure safety on the job.

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, Karthspirije, and The neo-marxist soviet union

Central News Airbgewab


Soviet Union Militarizes Space, President's Answer is to Form New Organization: The Orbital Guard

The Soviets brandished their muscle once again towards the stars, officially stating to have begun putting military personnel on permanent assignments and stations beyond earth. The move, while a bold and antagonizing show of force, ultimately comes not as a suprise to many as the presence of military hardware, missions, and personell have become more commonplace within the last decade. Space Force officially created its 1st Astronaut Division in 2024, following the successful return to the moon by Americans with Astronauts John Loveck, Alice Kelly, and Roger Allen. This event also marked the first woman to step on moon, an achievement laid akin to the first female in space by the Soviets with Valentina Tereshkova. With follow on mission parameters expanding from satellite operations to manned missions into outer space, USSF has attribute themselves not ever having sent military astronauts into orbit for the purposes of combat operations.

Not anymore. Just 24 hours after being sworn in as the 5th SecSF, General Dan Wilson testified to the Strategic Forces subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC). Joining him were Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldwater, Space Force Commander Gen. John Box, and Air Force Space and Missiles Systems Center commander Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves. The topic was military space organization, programs and policy and the Government Accountability Office's (GAO's) Cristina Chaplain was another witness. She especially addressed long standing DOD and Space Force organizational challenges to effectively develop and implement space programs.

"Space no longer is a 'benign' environment that supports the warfighter, but a warfighting domain itself." In their joint written testimony, the Space and Air Force officials said: "Clearly, freedom to operate in space is not guaranteed. In fact, space is now a warfighting domain, similar to the more familiar air, land, and maritime domains our men and women are fighting in today."

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) asked whether the United States should engage in an "international conversation about an international code of conduct." Wilson replied that is a policy issue that reaches beyond the Space Force. From her perspective, the Space Force's role is to be sure the United States can prevail "irrespective of consensus on international norms because there will be players who do not abide by those norms." The Space Force leaders stressed the need to modernize space systems to maintain space superiority, "a core American mission", to address gaps in space capabilities, strategy and policy. Although progress has been made on mission assurance and resiliency, work is needed on deterrence and 21st Century requirements especially at the Soviet revealing military capable weapons craft in space.

While the Space Force undergoes overhaul to become a 'fighting' force, the National Space Society (NSS) is proposing a transparently operating civil US Orbital Guard with a national and collaborative international scope of operation. Such a civil 'Orbital Guard' would initially be established and funded with the capacity and responsibility to:
- License and regulate US civil and commercial space activities, other than as currently conducted by the Department of Commerce (DoC) space offices for various functions, by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for radiofrequency spectrum, and by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for rocket launches
- Monitor and guide US civil and commercial space activities pursuant to applicable international treaties
- Enforce US civil and commercial space regulations
- Coordinate with US civil and commercial space and aviation offices to enhance efficiency, safety, and space traffic management
- Engage the international space community in collaborative efforts to advance space development throughout Earth orbit, cislunar space, lunar surface operations, orbital spaces, solar system planetary bodies, and beyond.

In the future, the US Orbital Guard’s role would expand by adding the capacity and responsibilities to:
- Carry out inspections and enforcement related to unlawful activities in and around restricted commercial safety and work zones established by US civil and commercial entities
- License and regulate US civil and commercial orbital debris removal technologies and missions
- Maintain US civil and commercial navigation aids, shelters, and other space infrastructure (where no licensed missions are tasked)
- Carry out in-space search and rescue of US persons and property and collaborate internationally on such search and rescue per US agreements, including US-ratified international space treaties
- As the lead US agency, coordinate national space offices and collaborate with international space offices for planetary defense against near-Earth objects and extreme solar events.

NSS suggests that a feasible pathway to creating a national civil Orbital Guard would be to evolve it from the Commerce Department’s uniformed NOAA Officer Corps, or NOAA Corps.

US and China to Begin Military Cooperation Via Huge Excercise to Fulfil Coalition Obligations
Following the recent chapter in turmoil in Southeast Asia, the Pentagon has opted to publically announce the ambitions for a large-scale military exercise the likes and scale of which have not been seen before. Dubbed 'Exercise Phantom Killer' Involving more than three Army Groups of American, Washington, and Chinese troops in coordination with each other to amass STANAG procedural improvements from the predecessor alliance of NATO to better fit the Asian Sphere.

"There is alot to go over," Spoke Joint Chairman of the Army Gen. Marlin Digsby, "It is necessary for us to be able to effectively communicate with our Chinese allies on and off the battlefield, and better unite our systems, cultures, and command elements to better bring about victory for future wars."

Digsby went on to further add that war 'is not expected to occur in any short future' due to the pledges of the Soviets and others to peace. He also denied allegations of the US deploying nuclear weapons and Nuclear armed Submarines to Chinese soil. "While we have deployed Pershing II and Pershing III mobile IRBM platforms to Asia and places like Hawaii, the Aleutian Islands, the Marshall Islands, Wake Island, Midway Island, the American Somoa and..." The American General proceeds to look down his paper, before turning over the page, "A couple other places, they have not entered Chinese territory."


Treaty of Zürich signed, What Does This Mean for Future Business?
Trade has opened between the Soviet Union and United States in a large economic agreement to regulate tariffs on certain consumer goods. Soviet Cooperatives and US Corporations have both met terms on trade agreements. While some critics have come to offer concern over 'literally doing exactly what the NEP-men want' in a dual-constricting maneuver that the Soviets won't put their finger in, the White House economic advisor answered these questions by assuring matters of interest are fulfilled, 'through an international availibilty of accessability, trade, and delivery of goods.' To note, Amazon, Fed-Ex, DHL, and UPS have all opted to increase production of their drone and manned delivery fleets to be used in the Soviet Union. This matter has already awarded contracts to Ford and GM, Boeing, SpaceX and Tesla to begin making transportation.

The Silk Sea Route
Over 1 billion people, it is a hard number for the human brain to grasp. If you were to attempt to count to a billion by thinking of a number per second it would take you 31 years. In China, it must manage this with census bureaus the size of American cities in terms of manpower and administrative force. And from everybody of the highest officials of the land, to 100 million that could live off of $3 per day, the findings are almost the same.

Everybody drinks Coca-cola.

This potential for a market is something utterly unprecedented in scale. A robust culture, unified under a spiritual conglomeration of harmony, happily welcoming a capitalist economy, there isn't a greater set of parameters for a market. What we are seeing is a trade and commerce event unrecorded in history. Row upon row upon row of shipping vessels line the LA harbor, all the way out onto the shorelines of the calirfornia coast. All specifically to get goods to China and bring goods back.

And not just goods, the Bureau of Labor has commented that in the next 10 years service consultancy and jobs for Americans in China will be the top three jobs in the country. Education departments have made Mandarin the most availible language course in public schools, surpassing Spanish. And everybody... everybody in Middle Kingdom wants a smart phone.

It is a the neo-silk superhighway.
What is Biantai and Why are There Naked Drawings of Tiger-Women on My Computer?
No you do not have a virus and no you are not losing your mind, there is a large influx of illustrated and animated pornography in chinese. Its coming from China of course, but what is it? Why is it? And what is with this tiger-girl constantly being the focal point of it?

The term in Chinese is called 'Biantai', essentially a colloquial term for pornography. The culture of pornography is as old as China itself, and without the influx of cameras and studio sets until very recently, a large industry and tradition of artists had developed. Naturally, as all art does, eroticism with it.

"Chinese erotic art differs from other erotic cultures because there is a consistent matter of philosophy in Chinese expressions." Commented an art collector and expert on Chinese history. "Such explicitness should not be considered crude or pornographic, instead representing harmony with the Taoist philosophy. Taoism sees sex as a path to happiness and longevity." The existence, then, of this seemingly iconic figure of the Tiger-women in Chinese erotic culture isn't just an anthropomorphic kink, but a philsophical representation. Sex, like anger, is considered a very powerful emotion in many eastern religions and spiritualities, and like anger it can come erode a person who surrenders themselves to it. In buddhism the act of sensuality leads to suffering, in Taoism while the act of sex is a joyous one, there is the adherence to the taijitu, or yin and yang symbol. A balance, control over your emotions, but not abandoning them. For abandoment is the opposite of control. The Tiger-woman, commonly refered to as Su Nu, is the representation of that control over sexuality. The enjoyment of sensualism, but not to surrender excess. Commonly the Su Nu is depicted as a representation of Tantric sexuality.

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, Karthspirije, and The neo-marxist soviet union

THE EPHYRAL MESSENGER | Printed 25th April 2030




Washingtonian tourists repatriated...

The arrest of two Washingtonian tourists in the municipality of Kaleka made national news in both Ephyra and Washington, following the assault of an Ephyral citizen by one of the two. Ethan Wright, 32, and Natalie Bryant, 30, were arrested by police attending the scene of the incident in the municipal capital of the same name, called to the situation by witnesses as Wright physically attacked 35-year-old Laekos Nymirios Balennis over a dispute regarding Balennis' treatment of a bodyslave. Bryant, assumed at the scene and later confirmed to be Wright's girlfriend, was also arrested as an accessory, and the two were detained separately.

For several weeks now, talks between Washingtonian and Ephyral representatives have been held with little progress until yesterday. In the interim, foreign states like Karthspire came down on Ephyra's side in the dispute, addressing the actions of Wright and Bryant as 'cultural imperialism'. The local senate and magistrates of Kaleka also made public their wish to see the pair punished substantially for the crime committed against one of their own local citizens, whilst the Ephyral government considered the diplomatic consequences of such.

It was announced this morning in Ephyra that Wright and Bryant will be released and returned home to Washington following an agreement made by officials - and with authorisation by the Senate - from the two countries that they are placed on a travel ban to Ephyra - which may be appealed in five years - and a fine equivalent to $5,000. This announcement likely came as relief to Washingtonian observers, who feared the two may be subject to more intensive punishment. The announcement made by a spokesperson for Ephyra online read, "With an agreement reached, Mr. Wright and Ms. Bryant will be returned home to Washington with the payment of a fine and a travel ban. Due to a first offence, though committed against a citizen, it was unlikely that had the case gone through to court that either of the two would've been imprisoned. Nevertheless, talks eventually ruled out the possibility of both Mr. Wright and Ms. Bryant being lashed, and then the demand that only Mr. Wright face such punishment. The noble magistrates and good citizens of Kaleka may be satisfied instead with the payment of a fine as compensation to the injuries suffered by Laekos Nymirios Balennis. An appeal against their travel ban may be made in five years time, which if accepted will allow them to return to the Freehold and its federates. We are pleased that an arrangement could be made with our Washingtonian friends for the safe repatriation of their citizens and compensation for our own, but stress that though always welcome, foreign tourists of all nations must behave as they would wish others to act in their own country."

Wright and Bryant are expected to return home on a flight this afternoon.

Archon's daughter wed...

On a positive story, it has been announced that the youngest daughter of Archon Sparlios Gelionios Lenennis, Gelonia Lenennis, has been married. The announcement came courtesy of the archon himself, who giving a brief quote to the Messenger, stated and joked "as the father of three daughters, to see the youngest now wed to a good man is a relief both to my heart and to the demands of a dowry". Lenennis' strong family position and the reputation of the family was considered a key point of his candidacy for election last year, and now the successful marriage of his daughter in the closing months of his term alongside his co-archon, Raheris, has certainly supported this position.

Gelonia Lenennis, having recently turned 19, was recognised as married in a traditional ceremony to Elaerapos Korzios Arreos, 25, son of the esteemed former archon, Rhadmedos Korzios Arreos, who served July 16th, 2021 to 2022. Conducted within the aristocratic classes, the match is strong to unite the two families in further endeavours. Emphasis was also placed on the fact that young Arreos and Lenennis courted and shared each other's company in the months prior to the wedding ceremony, for which they were both enthusiastic. Traditional rites and sacrifices were performed, alongside the ritual abduction of the bride, in the hope that Gelonia Lenennis will soon carry their first child.




Afghanistan at war...

In a world of increasing tensions, Afghanistan has become a live theatre as Karthspiri and Soviet forces assailed the country with different aims. The newly proclaimed Third Karthspiri Empire under Arhel II Arathárr (former redundancy of title now corrected) has stated openly his pan-Karthspiri ambitions, and with claims of Afghan militias infiltrating the country, military operations against the state were authorised with a declaration of war. In response, Soviet forces have moved into the east of the country in a stated attempt to protect it. Karthspiri and Soviet forces have not come to blows, but nations across the world have taken notice and placed their own combat troops at higher readiness settings.

It has been confirmed that the Ephyral military has similarly heightened awareness, though being far from the warzone and having no direct interests in Afghanistan, it remains unseen what role if any the Freehold might play in an escalated conflict. The US, Washington, and China in particular have responded to this perceived Soviet aggression, with the US announcing the formation of an 'Orbital Guard' to defend its space interests.

For many, it appears that the uneasy tensions between the West and the Soviet Union - a balance of power precarious since the victory of the Allies in WW2 - may be reaching a boiling point.

Republic of Washinton, Nordamy, and Karthspirije

Tokyo Mailman (Translated) ("Corrected" by Government Media Administration of Nihon)

A referendum in Taiwan?

As world tensions reach a all time high, with:

- Karthspirije invading Afghanistan

- The USSR mobilizing in Asia, and invading Afghanistan in retaliation to Karthspiri efforts

- The United States creating a "orbital guard,"


- Washington evoking a readiness of DEFCON 4,

Our glorious nation of Nihon finally has a opportunity to set its foot on the world stage, and as our Great Minister Adachihara put it,

"Nihon is a nation of justice and values. We have always been a nation and people willing to defend the greater good in this world. And in this world, a world with a rotten core, a world thats cultures are slowly rotting away and being replaced with money hungry barbarians, who run the world governments, raising the GDP, but with it decaying the traditions of their nations and ignoring the needs of their people, we are a light. In the darkness that is this world, we, and perhaps a few other nations, are the light. Not long ago, our nation was controlled by these money hungry barbarians that now run most of the world economy, but we rose up and defeated them. We reclaimed our name and our honor.

But who says we need to be alone? Who says we are alone? Many other people world wide are waking up, and are raising the banner of freedom. They are reclaiming the honor of their nations and cultures. They are tired of living in a world with a declining birthrate, with a declining level of happiness, a world of dopamine abuse and disgusting degeneracy. They wish to break free from the shackles of tyranny, and reclaiming what they used to have.

One region of interest is Taiwan, a island which is currently experiencing what seems to be several riots. However, these are no ordinary riots. These are communist riots. To us Nihons, communism has always been a form of misguided fascism. A group of people who wish to rebel against our evil overlords, but they took a step in the wrong direction. They became trapped within the bubble of the left, thinking that they are rebelling against their masters.
So when I, Nozomi Adachihara, see a communist revolt in Taiwan, I do not get angry. I see it as a opportunity.
A rebellion, whether or not it is good in nature, is the voice of the unheard. It may be barbaric, or disgusting, or perhaps even machiavellian in nature, but it always has a deeper message. In this case, these are misguided peoples seeing a issue within Taiwan, but revolting in the wrong way.
Dont get me wrong, I think that the communist thugs rioting, destroying buildings, and injuring innocents at the moment are disgusting. They are horrible people, and honestly, most of them should be round up and sho- *ahem* arrested. But this is also a time for the Taiwanese people to reflect.

Perhaps this shows that it is time for them to embrace the one true ideology? Perhaps it is time for them to regain the independence that many of them long for? Do they wish to remain under the shackles of yet another superpower tied to the west, yet another nation with rising suicides and a rotting culture, or should they rise up from their shackles and show their Chinese overlords that they are not puppets, but proud Taiwanese!
However, it is important not to associate with the barbarian Maoists causing chaos in the streets. The best way to beat your enemy is to not be like them. That is why I propose a peaceful referendum.
The Taiwanese people should ask themselves the question, "am I Chinese, or Taiwanese? Do I wish to fight a social war between Maoists and Western scum, or should I embrace a third position?"
What they need to realize is this ongoing squabble between the USSR and the US, is nothing but a distraction. Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin. This manufactured lie is made to keep people in check. You are revolting torwards a goal that is always in sight but never quite reached. The elites are playing most people like a pig with a carrot taped to its forehead. It chases it but the vegetable is always one step ahead.

The Taiwanese people can only achieve true freedom through independence. What government they choose does not matter, but they must not embrace the barbarity that is the Maoist riots. True freedom comes from a independent nation. The Kuomintang are a old and corrupt government, that wish to control its people through lies and false promises of progress that are never achieved. The Maoists are a proven failure, and their barbaric behavior in the Taiwanese streets proves that they are yet another tool.
Thus, I propose that the Chinese government holds a referendum. If they refuse to do this, the Nihonese government will hold a online referendum FOR them.
If the Chinese truly are "democratic," like they claim to be, they will accept the results of the referendum and allow the Taiwanese to embrace their own future.

Will we sit idle in this changing time, or will we act, like we promised to?
More will come of this later.

This has been,
The Tokyo Mailman

Other News:

Defenses in Korea complete

Consumption of Oil and Steel at a "historical high"

Homeless? man in Hiroshima almost murdered by "ex-fan." Manages to defend himself and beat the living hell out of the home intruder. Fans seem to be more worried about the fact he had a home that could be intruded in then the near death scenario

Nordamy and Karthspirije

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

RSAL Cheers On Nihon Among Unrest
The Maoist group RSAL cheered on the statements made by Nozomi Adachihara regarding the social revolution. Despite his statements on how he does not approve of attacking innocent people, they carried his portrait along with Mao Zedong and, Karl Marx. Rioters quoted lines from Mao's manifesto such as

"The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; only mobilizing the masses and relying on them can wage it."

Rioters continued to attack citizens and police officers with bricks, fireworks, crowbars and chemicals. A police officer sustained burns to her hands after a rioter dumped a bottle of chemicals. A group stormed a police precinct and hoisted the flags of Nihon, the USSR and their movement. Police fired on them with rubber bullets, water canons and pepper spray.

Premier Tang condemned Nihon for "siding with terrorist thugs". Nihon's remarks have been met with mostly condemnation from locals. Counter protestors burned the Nihon flag and shouted

"Death to Fascism! Death to Communism! Death to Terrorism! Long live China!"

Rioters attempted to attack the suburbs and were met with armed locals who shot at and beat rioters with crowbars and bats. People flew Chinese flags and the American snake flag(Gadsden Flag) in defiance of rioters. Many armed locals are working with the police to spot and detain rioters in the Taipei Metropolitan Area.

Nihon has been calling for a referendum in Taiwan along with RSAL and the Communist Party. The issue was submitted to the local court by representatives of the Communist Party.

Korean Border Fortified
Nihon has finished fortifying their border with China in Korea. The Chinese Army, Marines and Military Police were ordered to protect the border with Nihonese Korea. Due to the drama in Taiwan, there is tension in the areas around the border. Gun sales have skyrocketed in the area among locals. One Manchu man said

"These f**king Nips are asking for it with their drama in Taiwan and now near Korea. We're all Chinese, not Nihonese"

Dragon Boat Festival
In light of the drama, a ray of joy shone through with the Dragon Boat Festival. Residents of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and, Lhasa took part in the racing of dragon boats. The tradition stems from the legend of Qu Yuan, who was a minister in one of the Warring State governments, Chu. He was slandered by jealous government officials and banished by king. Out of disappointment in the Chu monarch, he drowned himself into the Miluo river. The common people rushed to the water and tried to recover his body. In commemoration of Qu Yuan, people hold dragon boat races yearly on the day of his death according to the legend. They also scattered rice into the water to feed the fish, to prevent them from eating Qu Yuan's body.

People also ate the traditional foods of Zongzhi(a rice dumping), Wu(Congee with 5 types of bean paste) and, drinking Xionghuang wine(a wine made with rice and Realgar, a mineral used in medicine to treat poisoning)

Temples held rituals to honor the Dragon gods. The dragon represents the masculine energy of Heaven.

Biantai Goes Overseas
Biantai or "Holy Erotica" has made its way overseas as the latest form of "Oriental Fetishism". This is especially prominent in Western nations where such a form is rare. The most popular form is the Tiger or Su Nu. Doctor Joseph Wing PhD of Beijing University is a scholar of Chinese Religion, Psychology and Traditional Chinese Psychology said with a bit of a laugh

"Well the Su Nu represents a control and domination of desires. Specifically of carnal desires to lead a mystic to union with the Dao and ultimately to Heaven. The Su Nu is feminine in her nature and is fierce. She rules the mystical aspects of Tantra and self control. Of course to the untrained eye it's smut rather than a form of sacred sexuality. She was used in the early suffrage movement along with the Peacock to represent the gracefullness and fierce side of womanhood"

*he chuckles as he holds a censored piece of artwork*

"Do I think that people are looking that deep into it? Some might. Others may see it as a sort of novel item. Western and Nihonese Puritans of course scream when they see such things. Of course not all are suggestive with some showing her as a fierce warrior with her counterpart, the Dragon. I think this definitely puts China on the map with our beliefs on closeness with the natural energies of Heaven on Earth and within ourselves being made in the likeness of Heaven"

Already many Western collectors and Western housewives have purchased many posters and books on the ideas of "Sacred Sexuality" and the Su Nu

Karthspirije and Lietoviekii

Sic Parvis Magna

Markus de Silva, the Filipino candidate for President of The Greater Moluccas of the Southeast Asian Popular Front, won the elections in a landslide. De Silva won around 73% of the national vote, a clear majority versus the 19% of votes earned by Vince Hu Tye of the Unitary Moluccan Party, and 6% earned by Dan Zhu of the Socialist Tigers. His party, the SAPF also won a majority of the local, regional, and national elections in various towns, cities, and districts. They control over 66% of the seats in Senate, and 53% in Congress. De Silva was sworn in yesterday in New Manila, in the nation's capital as the first ever President of the Greater Moluccas. He gave his inauguration speech to thousands of people outside the newly built Moluccan National Convention Center, built as the headquarters for the new government. Here is a transcript of his speech:

"To all my friends, my family, members of the SAPF, President Han, and the peoples of Southeast Asia, I thank you.

I thank you because you have given me the chance to lead this nation during a dark period in history. We the people of Moluccas now have the opportunity to rebuild our country. We the people now will the bringers of light and hope towards all the 420 million people residing in the great country.

Today marks a day in history that the world will never forget. Today we shall join together and make this land a land of security, prosperity, and freedom. Today we are one people living in one state. As of today, we are not Filipinos or Malays or Thai, but we are all Moluccans, no longer divided by race, or culture, religion and ethnicity. Today, we shall build a new culture, a new identity that will make unite us in our goals and ideals. The reason why our countries united in the first place was to bring together our people in this tough time. It was an idea to create a national identity for all people. To uphold the values of liberty and democracy among the oppressed and the privileged. I know the road ahead looks dark, but if we march together as one, we shall overcome any storm that will come over us. We shall resist any foreign aggression, whether it come from the North, the South, the West, or the East and we shall crush them without mercy. We shall resist those that try to divide our communities, our cities, and our homes and prove ourselves worthy of our name. Some men just want to watch the world burn, and I say we burn them before they destroy us! We will survive the coming conflicts because you have chosen the side of good. You have chosen the side of the righteous and the honorable. As President of this Great Federation, I hereby call each and everyone of you to rise up and stand with me as we march towards the future. If you do not stand with us, you are against us, and those that stand against us shall perish. Our nation will last a thousand years, and shall be remembered for a thousand more. I thank you once again for choosing me as your leader, and I shall do everything in my power to further the interests of the Moluccan People and the Moluccan People only. God Bless the Moluccas, and may God Bless you."

The people applauded President de Silva's speech during the swearing in ceremony. In a recent poll a big majority of people have high confidence in de Silva to solve all the problems the new nation is currently experiencing, from the insurgencies in the jungles of Vietnam and Laos, to the ethnic tensions between several cultural groups, the communists in Malaysia and the Muslim terrorist attacks in Borneo and in dealing with foreign aggressors such as the Indonesians, the Japanese, and the Soviets.


The recent election and inauguration of President de Silva was not without controversy. Protestors have taken to the streets led by several opposition and anti-SAPF groups such the New Independence Movement in order to protest the results of the elections. In some places, the police were attacked by several militia groups with known ties to the Socialist Tigers, the leading communist party in the country. In Burma and Malaysia, several Islamic terrorist groups attacked government buildings and have killed known supporters of de Silva. In Singapore a bus was hijacked by 2 armed individuals and crashed it kamikaze-style into a gas station killing all 23 passengers and injuring 5 bystanders. President de Silva has declared a state of national emergency and has deployed National Guard units into cities and provinces that " have disobeyed the rule of law and have fallen to anarchists". The cities listed here have been put under martial law and a nationwide curfew has been implemented. Habeas Corpus has also been suspended. These cities include but not limited to:

• New Manila (and the National Capital Region)
• Cebu City
• Tarlac
• Davao
• Bohol
• Zamboanga
• Cavite
• Batangas
• Kuala Lumpur
• Koto Kinabalu
• George Town
• Johor Bahru
• Bandar Seri Begawan
• Balikpapan
• Tarakan
• Bontang
• Saigon
• Hanoi
• Hue
• Pleiku
• Vientiane
• Luang Prabang
• Phnom Penh
• Siem Reap
• Poipet
• Bangkok
• Chiang Mai
• Pattaya
• Naypyidaw
• Yangon
• Mandalay
• Kengtung
• Maylamyine

In the forests in Indochina and near the Mekong River Delta, the Armed Forces have been deployed in counter insurgency missions and have combatted several armed rebels in the jungles with high casualties on both sides. The people have pleaded to President de Silva to restore law and order to the land. The President gave a speech on live television urging all citizens to do their part in fighting "traitors to the Fatherland" He has put in place temporary conscription for all men ages 18-35 and to report to the nearest military recruitment center for enlistment. This move has been heavily criticized by several members of the opposition parties in the Senate, but these politicians have already been arrested due to their suspected ties with several rebel groups and by selling arms to the enemies of the state. The President has done great things for the country, and we at the Oceanic Times hopes that he restores peace to the country and believes that we will come out even stronger than ever before.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Lietoviekii

Red Cabianan de Noticias (RCN) - Broadcast of Sunday, July 7th 2030
| Hola, El Presidente! |


  • El Presidente oversees the Cabiana Day celebrations, the streets "practically colored red, green, yellow, and blue".
    Every year on the 5th of July, the people of Cabiana after waiting all year finally come together to throw a true and dear we say radical celebration in honor of the independence of Cabiana on the 5th of July, 1703. It is a time to celebrate the greatest parts of Cabiana life and culture like El Presidente, former El Presidentes, and the great history of Cabiana through Cabiana made rum, cuisine, and even fireworks! And the big event being the launching of the El Presidentes own missile sized firework, 'The Spirit of Cabiana', which citizens gathered around to watch it take off with a beautiful flaming trail into the sky, before exploding into a beautiful and massive Cabiana star, surrounded by other criks and cracks of gunpowder glory!

  • Cerman Man denied entry into the Turtle Club, starts "squaticuffs" with bouncer.
    Just last night a Cerman man by the name of Rolff Hankins was waltzing down the street to enter the Turtle Club, unfortunately not realizing that the Turtle Club was not a classy drinking club, but instead a classy drinking club for people dressed up as Turtles. Rolff was told "Sorry sir, you are not Turtley enough for the Turtle club.", and after trying to negotiate with the man he began to violently squat on top of the bouncers head, leading to a violent and long fight of squaticuffs, before confused Cabianan authorities defused the situation and sent the Cerman man on his way. "HOW DARE HE NOT LET ME INTO THE TURTLE CLUB" shouts Rolff at the journalists, "WHO EVEN HAS A LITERAL TURTLE CLUB? WHO DOES THAT?", the man then promptly threw a perfectly good bowl of cereal at a local street performer before storming off.

  • Vice Presidente Peneltimo attains pet bear, nobody knows how he got it, not even El Presidente.
    "Go ahead and pet it!" gladly says Peneltimo, pushing a horrified journalist to pet the bears head, "I named him Padron after the El Presidente! Doesn't he just look like a Padron to you?". El Presidente was flattered by the name choice, but such does not negate the fact that overnight Cabiana's VP acquired a literal bear, seriously, no one knows where he got an actual bear, we don't even think bears are native to Cabiana. Luckily the bear seems to be incredibly passive to anyone, and the Cabiana cabinet, including even the Minister of Education have begun to warm up to the presence of a bear in the Ministry. The bear was featured in the Cabiana Day parades, as Peneltimo rode the behemoth down the street waving Cabiana flags spastically to the cheers of the people of Cabiana with a big dumb smile on his face.


  • Karthspiri invasion of Afghanistan, looks "interesting" claims El Presidente.

  • Soviet and Americas sign treaty of Zurich, El Presidente agrees that Switzerland is a nice place to visit.

  • Japan expands airforce, still nothing as cool as El Presidentes helicopter collection says El Presidentes VP Peneltimo.

  • Bashar Al-Assad wins Syrian CSGO competition, El Presidente congratulates him and considers starting his own.

  • Washington drills oil under Republic Oil, but not as much as Cabiana makes cooking oil says Peneltimo stroking his moustache.

  • Taiwan referendum to take place, El Presidente finds situation to weirdly ironic but he doesn't know why.

  • Washington forces enter DEFCON 4 amidst Asian tomfoolery, El Presidente personally teaches Peneltimo how to use a sword, leading to a guard to lose his thumb.

  • Washington tourists finally sent home after negotiations, "Congrats!" says El Presidente.

  • Dragon Boat festival underway, Peneltimo owns a copy of "How to Train Your Dragon" in Chinese, does that count?

  • Elections and racial bookaakaa in the Molucca's, "That's crazy" says El Presidente worried about having to change his map for the 5th time this year.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Lietoviekii

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Referendum Madness
The High Court of Taiwan and the Judicial Yuan of China have permitted the referendum to occur, starting now and ending in exactly 24 hours. Polling stations throughout Taiwan were crowded with voters and National Police. The National Police were summoned to protect all polling stations from the threat of violence.

Already a Polling Station in Hualien City, Hualien County experienced an issue. A band of RSAL thugs brandishing the flags Of Nihon and the USSR, along with bats and knives, attempted to intimidate voters. Two elderly men were brutally beaten for displaying a Kuomintang pin on their lapels. The two men were beaten savagely with one being confirmed in serious condition and the other one already released from the hospital. The assailants were met by the police with pepper spray, batons and handcuffs. One thug pulled a gun and had three officers pull their service pistols on him. He surrendered immediately and the assailants were charged with assault and battery.

It is expected that some of the major cities will have a large pro independence support with the counties having a large stay base. The votes are being done electronically. The electronic polls will also print out a paper slip as a form of backup to prevent voter fraud. The votes will be tallied up by a computer and a panel.

There is a growing fear of voter fraud and the voting computers are being inspected once every hour. The initial results after 6 hours shows


The largest base of Independence is in Xinbei City, a part of the larger Taipei Muncipality. Taipei City is mostly pro Stay. Taipei City is part of the larger Taipei Muncipality.

Molucas Situation
President Da Silvas has won the presidential bid of the Greater Molucas. His victory, while popular, was not without controversy. Already violence has broken out around the Mekong in the Indochina area. The Molucas has deployed troops to the region to help put down the insurrection. Chinese Police at the border have been ordered to inspect all people coming across from Indochina. They have orders to detain and return insurgents to Molucan authorities.

President Ma sent his congratulations to President Da Silvas and wished him well in promoting peace and unity in his country.



Referendum in Taiwan

As we speak, polling in Taiwan is happening for a possible independence movement. A referendum has been set in place after Great Minister Adachihara proposed it.
The results are currently in favor of staying, but as we are only in the 6th hour, anything could happen.
The results are changing every couple minutes slightly, and only a couple minutes ago it was 70% stay, 30% leave.
Currently it is:

Stay: 68%

Please be aware the Tokyo Mailman is keeping track of the poll updates live, and we will provide more updates as the story continues. Roughly every hour.
This is one of the biggest moments in Taiwanese history, and it really does seem like Great Minister Adachihara's words had a massive influence.
Glory to Nihon, and of course, Glory to Taiwan!
May we be united against evil as brothers, not rivals!

The Tokyo Mailman will update you all soon. We salute you!
Goodbye for now.

Nordamy and Karthspirije


Polling shuts down for several hours

For unknown reasons, the live online polling feed for the Taiwan referendum shut down for several hours, and thus the Tokyo Mailman, with its sincerest apologies, wasnt able to provide constant polling. It reopened a hour ago, but was very glitched and kept shutting down until it finally fixed itself. As of now, it works correctly again.
The polling itself though, never stopped, and thus the results right now are quite obviously are different from when the polling began. With several hours left, the result is still not 100% certain, but as it is right now, the results stand at:

Stay: 51%
Independence: 49%

With the results very close, and yet still very unexpected with many more hours still to come, tensions in Taiwan are rising. Will they stay, or will they leave? This is yet to be decided, and it seems like this is a deciding moment in Taiwanese history, that will have lasting impact...
With the live feed now back on, we will be sure to update you soon. Besides that, it is a wonderful morning today in Nihon. It is already almost 12:00 PM here, so, good morning Nihon!
We wish everlasting luck to both you, and the people of Taiwan, who are a hour behind us.

We will post updates soon, although it will no longer be every hour due to that promise being now hard to maintain based on recent events.
The Tokyo Mailman will update you all soon. We salute you!
Goodbye for now.


Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Suspected Sabotage
The polls have now closed in Taiwan after 24 hours and a brief outage. The final votes are now being tallied up by the computers and panel. The outage has made the Taiwanese and the Chinese government suspicious of possible sabotage. A petition with around 10 million signatures was submitted to the Taiwanese High Court and the National Police to investigate this. The High Court said that they will authorize an investigation while the votes are coming in. They also said that if vote sabotage is discovered that the entire referendum will be nullified.

The suspects in this case are RSAL and Nihon. RSAL has been accused of committing acts of sabotage in the past such as the Beijing Police Server Shutdown of 1995. This involved the Beijing chapter of RSAL shutting down half of the police servers in Beijing.

They are suspected to be working for the nation of Nihon, a hostile nation in the region. Nihon has made statements that boldly say they consider Taiwan to be under their territory, despite the population being mostly Han and Hakka.

Anti Nihon protesters in Taipei burned the Nihon flag and called on Taiwanese Premier Tang and President Ma to take action against "The ferocious Fascists of Nihon".


A polling station worker filed an anonymous tip to the National Police that said that many voting machines were sabotaged by "thugs in black backed up creepy looking men in business attire who did not speak any Chinese". Police were sent to investigate this claim....

Election Results

Despite the ongoing investigation into voter sabotage, the final results are now in


The Independence movement won the referendum. The issue will now be taken to the Taiwanese Assembly and High Court of Taiwan. If it passes in there it will be given to the Legislative Yuan and the Executive Yuan to be approved or denied. This is of course if voting sabotage is not confirmed

THE EPHYRAL MESSENGER | Printed 27th September 2030





Nothing's happened we suppose. Maybe next time.




Trouble in Taiwan...

A referendum being held in Taiwan regarding the independence of the territory has come under scrutiny by the Chinese government due to an outage and multiple glitches in the live count being acknowledged. When the feed came back online, the results had drastically shifted from their initial position, from 68-32 Stay-Leave, to 51-49 at the restoration of the feed, and now to 45-55 by Chinese sources.

The Empire of Nihon has been named as a suspect due to prior claims of sovereignty over the island in question, which if achieving independence, may open it to influence by Nihon via indirect and diplomatic means or potentially outright annexation. Many in China seemed convinced of this culprit, as protesters took to the streets of Taiwan, burning Nihon flags and demanding action against the Nihon government from President Ma and Premier Tang.

Also suspected however are the RSAL, known in full as the Revolutionary Socialist Army of Liberation, led by exiled Korean communist and grandson of revolutionary Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un. A Maoist organisation seeking to establish Taiwan as their new socialist state, RSAL has already been implicated in other acts of electronic sabotage, which certainly gives them the means to be responsible for another attack. And a successful independence bid would render the island more vulnerable to internal take-over by extreme elements during the expected chaos of organising a national government.

Others however allege the two to be working in tandem, a bizarre proposition to those outside of this area of the world, as many view it unlikely that an allegedly Fascist state and a Maoist insurgent group would be capable of unifying against any given enemy.

Moluccas candidate wins election...

Markus de Silva, a Filipino candidate for the Moluccas Presidential election, has won the office undeniably with some 73% of the popular vote for his Southeast Asian Popular Front movement, the SAPF, who now control 66% of seats in the Moluccan Senate and 53% of seats in Congress. He made a speech, promoting an ethnogenesis of all those inhabiting Moluccas, regardless of origin, into a single identity and a single state, no longer divided into Filipinos, Malay, or Thai, or indeed any other of the myriad peoples who comprise the country's 400 million plus population.

The Ephyral archons, Lelexos Likinios Agaleos and Lemnos Delinios Istatis, themselves newly elected this past July, extended the customary joint congratulations to their Moluccan counterpart. However, the election of de Silva was not without its immediate controversies, as following his speech a militarisation was authorised of army and police. Several areas of the country have been placed under martial law, and a state of national emergency has been declared. Supporters say this is merely the new president demonstrating strength by cracking down on those who sought to subvert the election, whilst critics say this is the first attempt by the new president to consolidate unconstitutional power.

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Referendum Revelations
A massive sting operation in Taiwan and parts of Southern China revealed shocking truths regarding the recent referendum in Taiwan. The operation involved raiding suspected hideouts of the group RSAL and suspected foreign agents.

After nearly 100 arrests were made for inciting riots and vote tampering, two detained men cracked to pressure before interrogation started. The men? One a RSAL coordinator that we will name "Lee" and the other, a Nihonese national that we will call "Hiro". Lee confessed to not only helping in inciting attacks against citizens but to also assisting in vote tampering. He confessed to being "The muscle man" in several instances where he would threaten violence against a poll worker or their family if they did not allow for their Nihonese "Handlers" to "work".

He further confessed to receiving foreign donations from a donor in the USSR. The donor is unknown by all in RSAL save for Mao Desheng, the leader of RSAL. Mao as of now has a warrant for his arrest and is on the run from law enforcement.

Hiro admitted to sabotaging voting computers via hacking. He did not surrender all the details but said that there was an active mission to change the numbers.

Right now the legitimacy of the referendum has been called into question and has been submitted to the Taiwan High Court. If the legitimacy is found to be null and void then it will be taken to the Judicial Yuan(the highest court in the nation).

Police have been placed on standby to provide protection for property owners after several nights of rioting in Taiwan. Armed citizens have assisted the police in spotting rioters and protecting officers when masking arrests.

The courts as of right now are in the process of issuing arrest warrants for any agents that have fled the country.

Sic Parvis Magna

With the recent insurgencies and rebellions growing in the country led by terrorist groups like the Kalimantan Islamic Front attacking key military and civilian infrastructure in Borneo and Mindanao, the rebel movement in northern Vietnam and Laos led by a coalition of political parties like the NIM and communist uprisings in rural Burma and Thailand by the Socialist Tigers, President De Silva has ordered conscription for all men ages 18-35. Along with this, the Senate passed the Moluccan Militarization Act, the first ever bill to be passed by the new legislative body. The bill was signed by the President last week and is now officially in force as a law. The new law gives the President emergency powers in order to help combat the internal rebellions and squash any further dissenters and terrorists. This Act will prioritize funding to "strategic industries" such as arms production, the motor industry, the scientific and technological sectors and the government will give local businesses that specialize in these fields funding to increase production. In order to increase productivity in the factories, prisoners will be forced to work in these factories in exchange for time shaved off their sentence. However, civilians may and are encouraged to work in the factories to produce more goods for the "War Effort," as stated by the President himself. The Army have engaged in several skirmishes and are somewhat successful, but casualties are high. President de Silva has also ordered the reorganization of the entire armed forces and increased funding for the military.

Several troops have been deployed in the provinces near Mekong River Watershed, as it is where most of the fighting is happening. The , the armed wing of the New Independence Movement, and other allied terrorist groups have taken control of several towns and settlements. Various native tribes and minorities have also been spotted siding with the rebels, for they fear the encroachment of their ancestral lands by the new government. The Jungle Marines Corp is newly created division of the Moluccan Marines, a branch of the Armed Forces specializing in guerrilla and jungle warfare. In South Kalimantan, Islamic separatists have taken control of several districts in the city of Banjarmasin, and have control of the Trisakti Harbor. The 52nd Motorized Infantry Brigade and the 36th Armored Battalion have engaged in urban warfare and many citizens have been killed and injured. Communists have also raided railways in Burma and the National Guard have been deployed along major railway lines in order to guard against future attacks.

Back in the 2010's, the South China Sea was a highly contested region by several countries in the area. This was due to historical claims on several islands like the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, and the Scarborough Shoal and over resources such as crude oil and gas. Part of the reason why the nations of the Greater Moluccas united was to finally solve the issue. Because these countries are now one single entity with one government, The Greater Moluccas has claimed a big majority of the South China Sea as part of its maritime boundaries and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The claims are backed that these most of these lands lie within the Sunda Shelf, an extension of the continental shelf in SEA. Due to this, economists believe that The Greater Moluccas could potentially rise to become a world power in the next decade or so if stability is restored in the country. The nation is also one of the richest in natural resources and is home to major industries such as oil, steel, lumber, aluminum, and technology. President de Silva declared yesterday that the nation would be put under a policy similar to Rhine Capitalism (Social Market Economy) in order to improve the economy, create jobs, control trade, and to protect local businesses. De Silva also stated that he wants to make the nation self sustainable and to be a global player in the world economy. It is estimated that 3.37 Trillion US Dollars pass through the South China Sea, and The Greater Moluccas is set to capitalize on this. However, critics have stated that due to the size and instability of the country because of recent events, the nation is only a paper tiger. The nation is yet to prove these pessimists wrong.

Just last week a referendum in Taiwan was held to decide the nations future, whether it would be independent or stay with mainland China. At first the poll was 68%-32% in favor of independence, but due technical issues, the live online polling feed was shut down for several hours. The feed was restored and the polls were at 51%-49%, still in favor of independence but a very close vote. Eventually, the independence movement won 55%-45%. The issue was now taken to the Taiwanese Assembly and the High Court. It is not yet known who caused the shutdown of the online poll feed but it is believed to be the work of the RSAL working for the Nihon government. Some have stated that the poll was rigged and have called for a second referendum, but no evidence has yet been given to support the claims of sabotage. Several anti-Nihon protests have occurred in Taiwan, with some of them burning the flag of Nihon.

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