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Ok, good choice
If you want to make a poll/election please contact me so I can give permission for it to become a poll. (I don’t want any rubbish polls clogging up the system)

Has anyone else got the telegram about the Reichsburg Trade Agreement and know how I go about signing it?

I have but I don’t know exactly what it is

I’ve read the description and it sounds good on a role-play scale: basically a trade agreement protecting the signed nations and encouraging freedom etc. I don’t know whether it will actually impose on my nation and whether it will grant access to my NS activity for the nation running it. I still want to sign up though.

Just so you know, this is on the forum, so head over to the forum through the link, but I would use laptop/computer for it.

Hi guys!

quote=leprach;31521026]Hi guys![/quote]
Hi, you new?

Skundi wrote:Hi, you new?

Sort of. Took a break. Back recently

From the desk if the Prime Minister
As we approach 2 months since our first ever General Election, it is time to find a new Prime Minister! This is a tough task for any nation, as you have general control over everything so I hope that the next nation will lead us forward in a positive way. This is also a good opportunity for newer nations to get involved and to be more influential in the region.

Any nation can stand, so it could be you!
If you want to stand for the honoured role in the region, just telegram me and then advertise on the RMB. For the next 11 days, the RMB will be a campaign space for any nation who is standing in the election.
But there is one golden rule:
If you advertise on the RMB for the election without notifying me, you could possibly get ejected from the region.

So people, get campaigning for the big day - the 22nd of July!

Wait so was @Skundi the first PM and we’re getting a new one?

Also I would like to stand

Matroyska wrote:Wait so was @Skundi the first PM and we’re getting a new one?

Yes, because it is 2 months since the last election and that is the maximum time before you have another election

Matroyska wrote:Also I would like to stand

Great! You can start campaigning now, by telegram or RMB, it's your choice.

P.S. This is just a reminder for everyone: Can you notify me you're standing for the election through telegram please, so it doesn't spam the RMB? Thanks

Hi guys,
I just want to say that I am standing for the election to become Prime Minister.
I have 3 reasons as to why I think I should be elected:
1) I have been part of this region for a long time and I have a lot of love and support for The Democratic Republic of Freedom.
2) I have experience as the first ever WA Delegate for the region which is a very powerful job.
3) I have persuaded 4 nations to join our region and as Prime Minister I believe I could persuade more than I did before.

Thank you for reading this everyone and I hope you will vote for me.

With a week to go until our elections, I would like to see if any other nations want to stand?

I know it is hard and nervy to get involved with the region, but we would love to have electoral competition from a younger nation!

Let's welcome Pap Sculgief to our election!

Hi guys,
As an underdog, my chances are very slim, but I would love to be Prime Minister. I think that I would bring something special to the region; here are some of my promises:
1. A regional constitution so we can keep our region civilised and that we can do all we can to support the region.
2. More regional officials! Unfortunately, the Prime Minister can't have executive authority, but I will make sure that I discuss with the founder over executive matters for our citizens.
3. A recruitment department, so our region can grow and grow and grow!

Thank you for reading and I hope I gain your valuable vote.
Pap Sculgief


Hi everyone, before I start talking about the election, I want to say welcome to Pap Sculgief, and I hope that you have a great time here.
Back to the election, as Prime Minister I will change the jobs of everybody in the region so that everybody will be getting a chance to have an important role in the region.
I will also be trying to get everybody to take part in a challenge to get as many nations to join us and maybe even some embassies between us and other regions.

Thank you and I hope you will vote for me.

Also, are people standing to become Prime Minister allowed to vote?

Supremn wrote:Also, are people standing to become Prime Minister allowed to vote?

Yes, but you cannot vote for yourself

As one of the DRF’s oldest nations, I believe I would be a good PM, and I have 3 main policies to encourage you to use your vote to help me win:
• I will work on improving the DRF’s global image and making it more of a world player. This will also involve recruiting more nations to make us stronger.
• My next main policy involves close analysis of our regional title. ‘Democratic’ means ‘run by the will of the people’, ‘Republic’ means a nation state not led by a monarch (i. e. a Prime Minister), and ‘Freedom’ is self-explanatory. I propose a set of regional laws, but loose ones, serving only the purpose of preserving our three key values.
• But by far the most important changes to a region are the ones all members agree on, so I will be polling for any imminent change and only with majority consent will change occur. Let’s keep democracy alive!
• Finally, I would like to introduce monthly international golfing to strengthen international bonds in the region and keep the peace. (Please note: this will be in roleplay, no actual golfing skill is required.)
With all that in mind, I beseech you one more time to vote for Matroyska in the upcoming election for a better and stronger region. Thank you!

Just so people know, I am dismissing both Matroyska and Supremn from their regional offices because they are standing in the election and could win. If they lose, I will immediately compensate them (as long as they have stood in the election) with a regional office, just to say thanks for getting involved in the region. Even Pap Sculgief will get a job.
Good luck to everybody in the election!

Can I have a complete list of candidates so I can have a think about who to vote for?

The three candidates are:
Matroyska, Supremn and Pap Sculgief

The general election has been put up, and is open for 12 hours, so get voting before it's too late!

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