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Post self-deleted by La xinga.

La xinga wrote:Marrabuk

The double posting rule is finished with!Amazing!

Oops did I double post? Silly me. And I do not think it is over. Marrabuk liked that rule I think.

The Angel of Charity wrote:Hajira blinked. Was it really possible that this man did not know who she was? It took her a second to realize he was serious, and she straightened her crown and prepared her response. "I am empress, Hajira, the one who organized this summit on climate change. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Mikael hides a grin behind his wine glass as he watches the exchange. It may have interrupted his conversation, but at least it might prove interesting. He can always resume his conversation later, should it be interrupted.

OOC: By the way, in case my phone dies before the opening statements happen, here’s mine.

Mikael stood up from his seat and looked out over the assembled leaders. It truly was incredible how Empress Hajira had managed to call together such a varied body. It seemed as though all differences had been set aside for the night, as delegates from regional powers such as Kampf attended alongside those of smaller nations such as Rage. Of course not everyone was in the same cooperative mood, he subconsciously clenched his fist at the memory of Marianne’s frosted words, but it was impressive nonetheless. 

Clearing his throat, Mikael began to talk, his powerful voice ringing out through the conference chambers. “First of all, I would like to give my thanks to Empress Hajira for assembling this most august body in order to combat this threat that we all face. We in Columbia have worked on our own for many years to combat the effects of this change, but we know full well that it will take more than just our nation alone to solve the problem. As youall are likely well aware of however, we Columbians are not exactly the most diplomatic in nature, and decided to let those more skilled in this area take the lead.” He paused to allow for the small chuckles that rolled throughout the hall.

“Simply put, Valsora is dying, and we are her killers. This planet, the only place that humanity has ever called home, is dying a slow and painful death. It is certainly true that in the beginning we truly had no knowledge of the harm we were causing to our Mother Valsora when we set up the first factories. There were those among us who believed that the process of modernization would lead to a utopia, where machine and nature coexisted without fault. We can claim that ignorance no longer. The time for action has come.”

Mikael takes a moment to take a sip of water before continuing his speech, his voice passionate. “We Columbians have always been more at home in the snow than most. Since time immemorial, we have called the frozen plains of Oured, Zastava, and Mylos our homes. This cold has been our strength, as well as the inspiration for Columbian society as it is today. Yet our mountains are no longer dusted with snow, ice no longer caps the Savic River in winter. We have tried to mitigate this problem on our own, but to truly solve it we must all work together. Thus, I will put forth three simple suggestions to this body.”

“Number one, follow the example of Columbia in prioritizing the development and implementation of nuclear energy. While it is not perfect in any way, it has been proven time and time again to be an excellent stop-gap measure, put in place until a true solution can be found to provide our energy needs.” Mikael looked over the crowd, doing his best to at least appear to make eye contact with everyone.

“Number two, increase safety standards for existing energy sources. There are currently several methods available to minimize or even eliminate the effects of traditional power sources. For example, filters can be installed in order to minimize up to 99% of fly ash from the power plants. Yet they still are not widespread due to their price. Columbia has instituted a harsh tax on all power plants not utilizing these technologies, and would urge other nations to do the same.”

“Finally, my last point is merely a recommendation to the leaders of the world. All of the oil money in the world will mean nothing if your countries are submerged by the ocean. Do not allow the tycoons of the world to control you. Stand up and fight for your nation. The time for action is now.” Giving a short bow to the assembled leaders, Mikael sits back down. “That will be all.”

With any luck I’ll be able to post this again when the time comes, but my phone is at 5%, and I don’t want to risk missing it, I put in a good amount of work writing it.

*Creeps into TEP, in the shadows*

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