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Peatiktist wrote:Just let me try to write the post.
No more things in the escort.

I know, the Serpent IFV's and the last post is a joke

Of Centralist Brexit wrote:
 Prehaps some Bloodhound UGV's are in order, oh and some dragons! 

*bops u in the face*

no tuch muh dragonz

Brethren wrote:*bops u in the face*

no tuch muh dragonz

ow no i Mean my Multi Purpose stealth fighter!

Of Centralist Brexit wrote:ow no i Mean my Multi Purpose stealth fighter!

*squints suspiciously*

Brethren wrote:*squints suspiciously*

Small Arms

The CP13 is The Standard Pistol of the Cardonian Forces and used in all Branches, with a 30 Double Stacked Magazine firing .224 Rounds. The Pistol Is Also Able to be Equipped with Underbarrel Attachments and Red Dot Sights.


(image shows a GR31 MKIII)
The GR31 is the Standard Rifle of the Cardonian Army, with multiple variants and upgrades made to the design to improve its effectiveness and reliability. The GR31 is a Bullpup Rifle with a 30 Round Magazine Firing 5.56×45mm Cardonian Rounds. The Varients is as follows:
GR31 MKI (Discontinued and out of service)
-GR32 MKII LSG Varient, Featured a Longer Barrel and a Tripod (Out of Service)
-GR33 MKI Carbine Varient, Featuring a Shorter Barrel.
-GR32 MKIII (LMG Varient)
GR30 (Training Rifle)
All of these rifles are also able to Equip a Number Of attachments including Sights and Under barrel Attachments and come in a variety of Camo Colours, with Home Service Rifles being Green.


The GR56 is a LMG that Takes over the role the GR32 MKII had. the GR56 fires 7.62×51mm Cardonian Rounds from Belt Fed Ammunition Boxes. They Come with a Bipod or Tripod as Standard and can be attached with optical sights.


The S14 is the Base Sniper Rifle Of the Cardonian Military with a Number of Variants Firing Different Rounds :
S14-S: Sniper Rifle Firing 7.62×51mm Cardonian Rounds in 10 round Mag Boxes
S14-A: Sniper Rifle Firing .338 Lapua Magnum Rounds in 10 Round Mag Boxes
S14-AM: Anti Material Rifle Firing .50 BMG Rounds in 5 round Mag Boxes
The S14 is Equipped with Scopes and Bipods as Standard

AS 50

The AS 50 is a Fully Automatic Shotgun Employed by the Cardonian Military, Capable of Firing 12 Gauge Buckshot or Slug Shells from either 8 round box mags or 32 Drum Magazines. It Is also found in the Cardonian Police Force, who also employ Rubber Bullets in the case of rioting.

PS 13

(image shows a PS 13-E)
the PS 13 is a Bullpup Pump-action shotgun employed by the Cardonian Military and police force, firing 12 Gauge Rounds. It Also Comes with a Variety of Optical Options The Varients of the Shotgun is as Follows
PS 13-A (Discontinued and out of service)
PS 13-B, The Standard Variant of the PS 13 and an improved version of the PS 13-A, able to hold 15 rounds
PS 13-BE, A Larger Version of the PS 13, capable of holding 25 Shells


The CS-4 is a Compact Machine gun capable of firing 5.56×45mm Cardonian Rounds from a 30 Round Magazine. The Machine Gun is able to use Optical Attachments And can also be Found in the Military and Police Force.


The FFATM-2 is a Anti Tank Missile Launcher using Fire And Forget Technology as well as being designed to Fire the Missile towards the Top of Armoured Vehicles where the Armour is the thinnest. Firing HEAT rockets, it is capable of Destroying Armoured Positions with Accuracy.

The AGL-9 is a Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher firing 350 RPM's and is supplied by a Large Box Magazine Belt feeding 32 Grenades. It Comes with a Reflex Sight as standard and can be attached to Most Vehicles.

The MPHG is a Multi Purpose Hand Grenade able to be used in either Fragmentation Mode or a HE mode.

Terain UGV

the Terain is a UGV able speed ahead and support allied Infantry against lightly armour targets either using a 40mm Bushmaster cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial gun held up within a turret or use the FFATM-2 missile. it is capable of going top speeds of 60 mph and can be protected from small arms fire if armour was added to the hull, although it would lose its speed. the tracks also allow it to go offroad with ease.

Buddy Tactical UGV

the Buddy is a small UGV Quickly Deployed by the Cardonian Armed forces to be able to scout ahead for enemy positions, as well as providing more firepower and can operate within buildings. the Platform comes in a Number Of varients
Lifesaver: the Life saver Carries sensors and a robotic manipulator and is employed to disable IED's
Eavesdropper: This variant removes the Robotic Arm, making it lighter, and is replaced by day/night color cameras and listening devices.
Rottweiler: This Variant is the heaviest version of the robot due to being fitted with a platform capable of holding and firing GR56's or the S14-AM.

Bloodhound UGV

The Bloodhound is a Heavy UGV that is fitted with Anti Infantry and Anti Tank Capabilities. It Includes a Heavy 50 Calibre Machine gun and 4 Unguided HP Missiles.

Mantis Support Drone

the Mantis Support Drone is a Small Aerial Drone used by Infantrymen of the Cardonian Forces as well as Special Forces. this Micro Drone is capable of 20 minutes of Flight time, comes with night vision cameras that display what they see on a handheld Terminal. the Data is also constantly transmitted to the User, meaning if they get captured there wont be any information to gain from it.

Watcher attack drone

the Watcher Attack drone is a recon/attack drone that is capable of firing AGM's as well as air to air missiles, these include Hellfire and Stinger Missiles

Armoured fighting Vehicles
Guardian Series Main Battle Tank

(image shows a MK II)
The Guardian Series MBT Is Used by the Cardonian Military as its Primary Tank. The Varients are as Follows:
-The MKI, the Oldest Varient, using a Royal Ordnance L11A5 120 mm rifled gun as its Primary Amament and the first Tank in the Cardonian Forces to use Chobham armour (no longer in production)
-The MKII, the Newest Varient initally featuring a L30A1 120 mm rifled gun before all the tanks were upgraded with a Rheinmetall 120 mm gun. It also comes with Generation Two Chobham Armour, renamed to Dorchester Armour, Although Additional Armour has been placed onto the tank such as skirts .
-MKII Boarder, A Bridgelayer using the Guardian MKII Chassis, it can carry and deploy either a single 26-metre-long bridge or two 12 meter Long Bridges.

Victorium IFV

The Victorium IFV is a Vehicle designed to fullfill a Number of Combat roles, including an APC,Ambulance, Command Post, AA, CARGO amongst others. the Victorium is protected with Composite Armouring.

Serpent IFV

(This image shows a Serpent ARV)
the Serpent is a New Tracked IFV designed from the ground up. The Serpent Platform is capable of performing a number of tasks, including the varients:
Serpent ARV: An armoured Recon Vehicle equipped with a CTA International CT40 40 mm (1.6 in) cannon and A L94A1 coaxial 7.62 mm chain gun
Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Station.
Serpent AV: A more heavily armed Vehicles equipped with a more powerful 120mm main gun.
Serpent RV: A Repair Vehicle for the front lines
Serpent CV: A command Vehicle used to oversee the front, as well as carrying systems to control Terains

Hero SPA

the Hero Self Propelled Artillery Gun is capable of firing shells from a great distance to destroy fortified enemy positions. Its Armament is a 155 mm L31 39 calibre gun.

Dominator Rocket Artillery

the Dominator is a Mobile Rocket Artillery Placement used by the Cardonians. The Dominator has 12 tubes to which is able to fire a number of Warheads.

Neptune IFV

the Neptune is a Infantry Fighting Vehicle that comes in two variants:
Neptune A: an Amphibious Fighting Vehicle equipped with a 25mm Autocannon in a 1 man turret. with armour it is able to go 6 km/h
Neptune B "Cyclone": A Fighting Vehicle equipped with a more powerful Denel GI30 30mm gun and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun as well as four ZT3 Ingwe 127mm anti-tank guided missiles. These Missiles are Laser Guided and have a range of 5 km

Air Force
Dragon Multi Purpose Fighter

The Dragon MPF is a Fighter Build for the CAF with a Number Of varients:
Dragon A1, A conventional Fighter (not in service in favour for the Hussar)
Dragon SVTOL, A Fighter Capable of Short/Vertical Take Offs and Landings.
The Dragon, while incapable of Super-cruise, is a effective fighter due to it being based around Stealth technology

Hussar Multi Purpose Fighter

the Hussar is a Fighter Built by the Cardonian Air-force to be a conventional Multi Role Fighter Craft. the Hussar is capable of going Mach 1.5 for short bursts of time and is able to fill most roles including Ground Attacks and Escorts. its reliability allows the Hussar to remain in service alongside the far more technologically superior Dragon.

Voodoo Attack Helicopter

the Voodoo Attack Helicopter is a Attack Helicopter Used by the CAF to provide Fire support for allied Infantry, this Includes being able to carry 2 tons worth of Payload in the form of Missiles including the Forget and Fire Spike missiles. Its Primary Armament includes a chin Mounted OTO Melara TM197B 20mm rotary cannon.

Overlord Transport Choppers

The Overlord the The Cardonian Transport Helicopter of Choice, able to transport 53 soldiers and their equipment to the Front Lines, or being able to lift below 22 tons of cargo. Its Defensive armament includes 2 miniguns on either side and 1 GR56 used at the rear door when opened

Trickster Light Transport Chopper

The Trickster light transport chopper is a chopper used for the deployment of 6 soldiers, particularly during special forces where the Overlord would be too large. the Chopper has access to 1 GR56 as a door mounted LMG.

Lifeline Transport Plane

The Lifeline is a military plane used for transporting troops or to refuel fighter craft. it able to transport 250 Soldiers or 300,000 lb of fuel.

Saviour Transport Plane

The Saviour is a Heavy transport Plane that is capable of carrying all of the heavy armour within the Cardonian Forces. The Saviour is able to carrying 150 tons worth of cargo as well as 88 Troops.

Overseer Support plane

The Overseer is a air support Plane that is equipped with a number of heavy weaponry such as:
1× 30 mm ATK GAU-23/A autocannon
1× 105 mm M102 howitzer (AC-130J Ghostrider only as of 2017)
'Gunslinger' weapons system with launch tube for AGM-176 Griffin missiles and/or GBU-44/B Viper Strike munitions (10 round magazines)
Wing mounted, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles

Cardonia Class Aircraft Carrier

the Cardonia class is the crown Jewel of the Royal Cardonian Navy, With CMS Cardonia becoming the Flagship. Capable of Carrying up to 72 Aircraft, it usually carries 40, and carry The Overlord, the Voodoo, the Trickster helicopters, and being specially designed to carry the Dragon Fighter. to Defend itself, it employs 3 × Phalanx CIWS,2 30-mm DS30M Mk2 guns and Miniguns.

Holiday Class Landing Ship

the Holiday Class is the forward Operating Ship used in amphibious invasion ships by Cardonia and comes with the capacity to carry 2 Landing crafts and 1 Overlord.
-Aramarda supply craft

the Aramarda Landing craft is a heavy craft that can carry tanks and IFV's onto shores, along with troops and supplies.
-Placeholder Landing Craft

the Placeholder is a heavy landing craft able to carry MBT's or soldiers into an amphibious landing, with 1MBT, 4 heavy Vehicles or 120 soldiers, and are supported by the Britannic Landing craft
-Britannic Landing Craft

the Britannic is a light Landing craft able to carry LFV's or Soldiers into a Amphibious landing, with 35 soldiers or 1 IFV, and are supported by the Placeholder Landing Craft

Dark Winter Class Destroyer

the Dark Winter Class is a multi role Destroyer and is the Shield Of the Cardonian Navy. they are able to carry 48 missiles, with a mix of Aster 15 missiles (range 1.7–30 km) and Aster 30 missiles (range 3–120 km). The Destroyer is also equipped with 2 × quad Harpoon launchers,1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun,2 × Oerlikon 30 mm guns,2 × Phalanx CIWS,2 × Miniguns and 6 × GR56's. It Can also carry two trickster Helicopters, equipped with Anti Ship and Anti Submarine Missiles. the flight deck is also Capable of holding a Overlord.

Standing Class Frigate

the Standing Class Frigate is the largest common ship in the Cardonian fleet, equipped with 32 sea wolf cells to hold Sea Wolf and Sea ceptor Anti air missiles, as well as 2 harpoon launchers for anti ship and torpedo tubes for anti submarine. it is also equipped with 1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun,2 × 30 mm DS30M Mk2 guns, 2 × Miniguns and 4 × GR56 Machine Guns. the Frigate can also carry a Trickster Chopper equipped with anti sub missiles.

Dover Class Patrol Ship

the Dover Class ship is Built to defend the Coastline of Cardonia. to complete its task it is fitted with 1 × Bushmaster 30 mm cannon,2 × Miniguns
and 2 × General purpose machine guns

Cthulhu Class Submarine

The Cthulhu Class Submarine is the Strongest Asset of the Cardonian Navy, the Cthulhu Class is designed to be able to operate at sea for Long periods of time, so Cardonia can have First Strike Capablities, using Nuclear Warheads whenever such a need arises. it has 4 torpedo tubes and 12 tubes to launch Nuclear Missiles from.

Ambush Class Submarine

the Ambush Class Submarine is a Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine used by the Cardonian Navy. It is Equipped with Torpedo Tubes to launch Spearfish Heavy torpedos as well as Launch Tubes for Tomahawk Missiles

Read factbook

Me: hmm yeah let's regulate homeschooling to make sure the kiddos aren't getting screwed over

Authoritarianism stat: aight imma head down

Me: w0t

Of Centralist Brexit wrote:what is this rebellion called again i forgot lol

The Levantine Christian Forces and the Crusader Faction

“This is disgusting, and I shouldn’t have to see it,” declares Kristy Jekyll, a particularly prudish representative of Dolphinism, “Have we forgotten that Brethren is a country founded on traditional values, not least the sanctity of the relationship between man and woman? These deviants have no respect for what is natural and are spreading a sickness through my country, so I have a god-given right to educate the people about it. I say we ought to ban these LGBwhatever posters and divert some government funds to reminding the people of Brethren what it truly means to be a virtuous soul!”

Ma'am, I don't think you know what the traditional values of Dolphinism are at all.

Shavara wrote:There are technically three rebel groups, probably currently teaming up to achieve the main goal of overthrowing Saddam. Those groups however, have different political ideas.

The two rebel groups that hold land are the LCF (Levantine Christian Forces) and Islamist militias. The third "dissolved" rebel group that doesn't hold any land is the LFM (Levantine Free Movement), which did seize the Levantine navy with their current headquarters being the fleet of Task Force "Sword".

LCF are Christian forces which is now recruiting foreign fighters from Christian majority countries, LFM is the main anti-Saddam rebel group behind the uprisings and Islamist militias are... Jihadists, although they claim to be the original LFM (according to TG's with Levantin).

Btw Levantin, what's the main group name for Islamist militias?

Yeah this is pretty much correct. The Islamists call themselves the Levantine Free Army, as they see themselves as the originals. They range anywhere from pro-western moderates to borderline jihadists. There are more extreme Islamists who will take the title "Levantine Islamic Jihad".

The Christian group is also somewhat split between the LCF and the Crusader Faction. Mainly bc the Crusaders want a multinational Christian State.

Can we go on a crusade yet?

Man i have so much civil rights

Levantin wrote:Yeah this is pretty much correct. The Islamists call themselves the Levantine Free Army, as they see themselves as the originals. They range anywhere from pro-western moderates to borderline jihadists. There are more extreme Islamists who will take the title "Levantine Islamic Jihad".

The Christian group is also somewhat split between the LCF and the Crusader Faction. Mainly bc the Crusaders want a multinational Christian State.


I mean, I can probably come up with a more fitting name for Levantine Islamic Jihad.

Cascocia wrote:Can we go on a crusade yet?

Nah, but you can have this :P

Welcome to the East Pacific!
... or as we call it, the Best Pacific!

Whether you are coming from another region, or you've just joined Nation States, we have some tips for you:

1. Join World Assembly to help us build influence of our beloved Region.

2. After you are there, endorse our WA Delegate Libertanny, Viziers and Regional Officers.

3. If you wish to gain citizen rights, apply for your own LinkTEP Citizenship.

4. Afer you're accepted, you may wish to join our LinkRegional Government.

5. If you want to stay in touch with us, join our LinkRegional Discord!

6. If you have some time, you may wish to join one (or even two or three) of our Roleplay Maps!

7. Upvote this factbook (all pages, please :-) ).

8. Stay in touch with Eastern Pacific News Service!

Original Dispatch Credit: Libertanny

Read dispatch

Shavara wrote:Ah.

I mean, I can probably come up with a more fitting name for Levantine Islamic Jihad.

I suppose. I based the name on Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the group that killed Anwar Sadat

Another name I was thinking of is something related to the Arabic word "Dawa" which means "call". There's an Iraqi group called the Islamic Dawa Party.

Levantin wrote:The Levantine Christian Forces and the Crusader Faction

I already got that but thanks again
whilst the Arrival of the Foreign minister of Peatiktist was known by everyone through out the Lands of Cardonia, what is less known is the call of arms by the Newly Formed LCF and the radicalistic Crusaders. This Message slowly came through Christian churches and Groups, with mixed reception. the Larger Protestant Population did not wish to fight a modern crusade, though the religious establishments verbally supported the LCF. The More Catholic establishments also supported the LCF and a few of them supported the crusaders. As for the people themselves, Thousands of Deeply Catholic citizens of Cardonia began making the journey to the holy lands, calling themselves the Holy Cardonian Lions. When this Infomation arrived to the military, they were in a bind, as preventing the HCL from leaving Cardonia would cause issues for the Minister's arrival, as well as unrest. The General of the Military, General James Hainsworth, decided that this journey could mask military movements to support the rebel fighters. James ordered the movement of hundereds of soldiers to join the HCL to establish contact between the Cardonia Royal Army and the LCF. Some Soldiers had the task of finding the Crusaders, and they were equipped, along with the others, computers to talk to high command. The Location of the Crusaders would then give the Cardonians a rough location as to where they can begin Operation Tyrant Killer.

Brethren wrote:Moss sighs in frustration. He could be rolling in sand and instead he's here. But, dragons gonna dragon. He lies down a short distance from the church's doors and waits for mass to be done.

Mass only recently started, amd with the average length of their standard prayers, it will take a while longer.

Although, there is the sounds of digging and scratching coming from the cemetery despite there being no undertaker in sight.

Of Centralist Brexit wrote:-Length-

Precisely 3 hours after the minister sent his message to Cardonia, he boarded an airplane alongside his personal guards and work assistant.
Precisely 4 more hours after that, his aircraft began it's decent towards Eden Airport.

Exactly on schedule, just as he liked it.

Peatiktist wrote:Mass only recently started, amd with the average length of their standard prayers, it will take a while longer.

Although, there is the sounds of digging and scratching coming from the cemetery despite there being no undertaker in sight.

Moss groans, increasingly frustrated with this place, and walks to the edge of the cemetery. He looks to see if anything has surfaced yet.

Brethren wrote:mmm myes punch Levve

soooo original

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