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Dreamersistan wrote:Maybe

Long time no see Dreamer! :)

- Nova

Dreamersistan wrote:Maybe

Issa back. Issa out from lurking.

I missed a lot in the past 6 hours.

The Militarius Imperium wrote:I missed a lot in the past 6 hours.


good morning

One Green Nation wrote:good morning



Feu de Glace wrote:D:


HAppy birthday

The Sygarian Regime wrote:I will confirm two things! The government officials involved with the war crimes will be brought to IMPERIAL JUSTICE, and if need be by request of Brethren, will be sent to Breth for justice, and to finalize the peace talks! And when it comes to money, The Regime and MI will not pay you a single septim or Legius.

Grab the people who took part in the genocide, I don't want them.

1. Former König Wolfram von Kriegshoven

2. Former Secretary of the Interior and Propaganda Hans von Herrlichestadt

3. Former Secretary of National Defence Heinrich Werner von Nachtschild

4. Generalfeldmarschall Oskar von Rechtschild

5. Generalfeldmarschall Ernst Thomas von Eisenhand

6. Former Secretary of Transportation Niklas Händler

7. Elector Maximilliam Frank von Kriegerstadt

8. Elector Gunther Walter von Bergfestung

9. Elector Darius Wolfgang von Fuchschild

10. General Stefan Klaus von Faraday

11. General Christian Alexander von Habichtshelm

12. General Friedrich Ludwig von Kriegsgeist

13. General Karl Werner von Vassallenherr

14. Former Secretary of National Health Karl Maximinus Alexander von Conrad.

Good noodle

We have a birthday noodle!

We're essentially looking at a birthweek at this point.

We in The East Pacific recently learned of the situation that happened with our friend and ally, The North Pacific.

The actions of Jocospor's "Confederation" have been made clear. An attempted infiltration and coup of a regional ally cannot go unanswered. We recently went through a coup ourselves, that of Fedele and his lackeys, and we know how it feels to see a region's sovereignty threatened, however poorly. Furthermore, United Massachusetts, formerly our own World Assembly Minister, was involved. The North Pacific can rest assured that UM's former status within our region will not shield them from justice if they dare show their face again. Likewise, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this cowardly attempt by Jocospor to influence our ally's government. We stand with our ally The North Pacific, in support of their legitimate government, and call upon the rest of the free world of NS to do likewise. We are ready to assist if they require our assistance.

This is also a verbal warning to all who dare cross us or any of our allies, you will be met with strong resistance including but not limited to, an official declaration of war.

Delegate of The East Pacific,


The Cabinet of The East Pacific

Read dispatch

Dispatch version of our statement has been released. Kindly upvote!

Evrigenis wrote:

Once he steps inside, Nicolas' suit transitions to a pale grey. He leads the San Sierrans past a computerized security desk. The timestamp of entry flashes 12:13. He asks, "¿Quisierian el almuerzo?"

"Seguro, tengo hambre como quiera." Answered Vicente.

Zqfmgb is a hypothetical worm found in New Guinea.

Dreamersistan wrote:Maybe

Wahoo! You're back on the RMB
Also is it me or has Volinovia CTE'd?

Meddacah wrote:Oh yes, Mesooatamia will return and take over The Middle East.

Pingy ping-pings! Actually that might've been intentional.

One Green Nation wrote:good morning

Guten Morgen.
[Note: I am not German]

Plazland wrote:


" A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God. "
Sidney Sheldon

Hello! This is Tierrarde, an RP map made by yours truly as a sort of "backup" of some kind. I don't really expect anyone to actually RP on it, but ti is encouraged. This is also a huge work in the making, so any answers about the rules must be taken with a grain of salt. Also, the official techs accepted are in the times of 1830s to the 1910s, even though the official date is in 1900.

So please lay back, grab your laptop/computer and/or phone, and enjoy RPing!

Atlia Sonis ( Olympia )

New Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics ( Chang )



La xinga ( Xinga )

Shavara ( Syriac )

Kampf Empire ( Polovsian Khanate )

Western Pakistan ( Pakistan )

Terreich und Preussen ( Saxony )

Fetudersialand ( Krigea )

Kaliento ( Mesopatamia )

One Green Nation ( Greenland )

The Death Syndicate ( Cape of Good Hope )

The Holy Utopian Republic ( Persia )

The Sygarian Regime ( Orialis )


New Maiya ( Istania )

Read factbook

Update is LIVE

Atlia sonissssssss ( Olympia )

New union of sovereign soviet republicsssssssssss ( Chang )



La xingaaaaaaaaaaa ( Xinga )

Shavaraaaaaaaaaa ( Syriac )

Kampf empireeeeeeeee ( Polovsian Khanate )

Western pakistannnnnnnnnnn ( Pakistan )

Terreich und preussennnnnnnnnnn ( Saxony )

Fetudersialandddddddddd ( Krigea )

Kalientoooooooooo ( Mesopatamia )

One green nationnnnnnnnn ( Greenland )

The death syndicateeeeeeeee ( Cape of Good Hope )

The holy utopian republiccccccc ( Persia )

The sygarian regimeeeeeee ( Orialis )


New Maiya ( Istania )

Eh, it's a bit small and on the claim I actually put Istantia instead of Istania, but it's fine for now, I might RP an expansion in the future. Thanks Plaz!

RIP Volinovia

*Resists urge to do YET another election*

Shavara wrote:
*Resists urge to do YET another election*

Imagine needing to do elections

This post was brought to you by the Middle Eastern dictatorship gang


Levantin wrote:Imagine needing to do elections

This post was brought to you by the Middle Eastern dictatorship gang


Imagine having oil.

This post was made by the 'Murica and Israel gang.

(Also sorry)

Is it just me or is the forum down?

For an election, I had an idea to add yet another party.

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