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Great redoran

Voljundok wrote:(Regional war? What's the climate of Tamriel?)

No I mean a memorial day for the great war between the aldmeri dominion and the empire. But I feel like we should have some small regional wars sometime, those make good rp

Argonia and black marsh

Great redoran wrote:Great War Day(or 1st War with the Empire for my altmer boys) is coming up, friends. 30th of Frostfall

Oh, that foreign war that weakened our enemies... another great war between the Empire and the Dominion and the argonians will rule in all Tamriel

Argonia and black marsh wrote:Oh, that foreign war that weakened our enemies... another great war between the Empire and the Dominion and the argonians will rule in all Tamriel

Argonia and black marsh

Argonia and black marsh

What's the Z-Day about? The draugr are comming? Cyrodiil cannot control their zombies? Whatever it is, Argonia will be prepared, as we were during the Oblivion Crisis

I'm going cure, as I usually do.

(Hjaalmarch0 Northern skyrim are your kingdoms independent, Imperial, Stormcloak?)

Northern skyrim

Voljundok wrote:(Hjaalmarch0 Northern skyrim are your kingdoms independent, Imperial, Stormcloak?)

hjaalmarch is independent from the rest of skyrim for whatever reason, due to when it was believed i was inactive but wasnt sent any tg's)

The telvanni isles

Are we making any arrangements to protect Tamriel from the zombies?

Northern skyrim

The telvanni isles wrote:Are we making any arrangements to protect Tamriel from the zombies?

we probably should... its the fact i havent seen any activity from our emperor

Northern skyrim wrote:we probably should... its the fact i havent seen any activity from our emperor

maybe we could all go cure and outcure any zombie horde through sheer numbers alone.

Argonia and black marsh

Any nation allied with the draugrs will embrace the zombies? Or we will all join forces to fight them?

If everyone go cure, I will too (no need to exterminate them with military force?)

Argonia and black marsh

The argonian scientists have started to research for a cure to face this apocalypse of zombies and draugrs. The argonian authorities remember that Argonia didn't fall during the Oblivion Crisis and will not fall now during this Zombie Crisis.

Argonia and black marsh

Voljundok has killed us all :(

Argonia and black marsh wrote:Voljundok has killed us all :(

Werid diil, drog do Vus!

I log on to go cure only to see that I cant because Ive been zombified, christ almighty.

Voljundok and Argonia and black marsh

Corruta wrote:I log on to go cure only to see that I cant because Ive been zombified, christ almighty.


Argonia and black marsh

There are no survivors in Tamriel :(

The dead swarm the world, and only the gods know what shall come next for the devastated mortal plane

Corruta is overwhelmed with zombies as the horde destroys the once great nation. Zombies of Corrutin roam the chaotic environments of Tamriel, looking for food but finding none, no survivors remain.

All is well for the wildlife, however, the rotting corpses provide nutrients to the earth, and the dangerous fauna of Corruta have a feast.

Northern skyrim

you brains may not brains leave brains

Voljundok and The nibenean empire

I'm kinda mad that I wasn't able to "play" the game, I ran out of people and everyone was zombified before I logged on. ah well, theres always next year.

Northern skyrim

Our High Chancellor and Imperial Judiciary have ceased to Exist, anyone with communication please remind them or they may lose these positions.

Voljundok, The Great Empire of Cyrodiil, and The nibenean empire

I'm still open to do a thing with some peeps if anyone wants to take up the offer.

I apologize for not being active. Iíve been busy with a lot of school work. I do however, check notifications on most days.

The nibenean empire

The Empire of Tamriel: Execution in Falkreath 5th Rain's Hand, 4E 203

The month of Rain's Hand comes in with warm sullen steady rain washing all of the year's snow away in southern Skyrim. Damp and muddy in the forested region of Falkreath passes by. Out in the fields about the small city farmers tend to the beginning of the season of growing their crops. A frost troll hooked up to a yoke and plough absent-mindedly trudges through the sloppy mud dirtying his snow white fur and helping the peasants plant their crops. Grey skies slowly roll by when a blast of the horn breaks the drear calm through the rain. A strong voiced guard announces an execution and lead forth a cage with a blonde Nordic man inside it, dirty and hair disheveled and beard grown out.

Recently the small town had been visited by representatives of the Companions and the Jarl of Whiterun to hold a trial for the prisoner they captured nearly a month a go. After a fairly quick trial and documentation of the man's expulsion from the Companions and order of execution demanded by Whiterun, he has been brought forth to face his sentence. Peasants nearby tending their crops walk over curious at the spectacle, and some townsfolk walk behind the train of guards.

Creaking silver bars of the specially made cage lift up and the guards swarm around the prisoner and drag him out of the container. Struggling against the guards, the prisoner lets out a yelp. Pressing the prisoner tightly the guards manage to overpower him and bind his arms behind his back and force him to his knees. It takes several men to drag him over to a tree stump that judging by the cleft marks in it has been used for this purpose before. Grim and daunting a large man with a massive two handed silver battle axe and a special black hooded helmet, the executioner, walks over to the accused and stands by resting on his axe. Two guard hold Madai down trying to keep his head in place on the tree stump.

"Madai Thundermoon you have been found guilty by a combined tribunal of Whiterun, The Companions, and Falkreath. For your violent and terrible crimes which are beyond the pale in total brutality and remorselessness you were put on a fair trial asking for the penalty of death. You have been found guilty of multiple homicides, assaults, daedric worship, and being a now known werewolf you are sentenced to banishment in perpetuity from the Companions and immediate execution by the stroke of a silver axe. Have you any last words?" The large strong guard which had apprehended Madai last month and become a smalltime local hero for it proudly decries to the crowd of anxious onlookers.

"At least I will be free!" Madai bellows out and the large guard nods his head and gestures to the executioner to lift his axe.

Just then a shrill trollshriek pierces the solemnity of the crowd and the snow troll which had been working in the field comes barreling through the crowd shoving people out of his way. Leaping forward the troll collides with the executioner just as he begins to swing the silver blade downwards. The two topple into one of the guards holding Madai down. Strugglign to hifeet the prisoner gives the other captor whom is trying to keep a handle on him a kick to the legs knocking the guard over.

Rising from the ground the frost troll grabs hold of Madai's ropes and pulls them apart with the slightest effort. Strengthened by the month of hard manual labor the troll and the Nord begin fighting hand-to-hand with the nearest guards. Madai grasps the massive silver axe from the ground and clefts his wouldbe executioner in two before turning around with a swing that sends three guards reeling backwards as they raise their shields in time. The crowd panics and begins scattering and fleeing and the large guard captain orders some of the guards to keep the people away and charges himself at Madai.

Madai uses the massive blade of the axe to block a fierce strike of the guard captain's sword. Taking his turn to lash out at the guard, the axe and sword meet and the two men push in at eachother. Madai proves stronger and with a growl he pushes the guard backwards and forces him to a knee. A few of the other guards try to interfere but the frost troll fends them back to look on. Kicking the captain's sword of out his hand suddenly Madai pushes the captain backwards, his head falling backwards on to the same tree stump. Bending down Madai tears off the captain's helmet exposing his terrified Nordic face looking back up into his eyes.

"N-no!" The frost troll suddenly blurts out and runs over and prevent Madai from executing his captor. "We leave."

Madai and the troll stare and eachother for a few minute and the troll takes the massive silver axe out of his hands. The guards around nod and assent to let the pair escape to save their captain's life. Madai with his foot still on the captain's chest looks down into the captain's face and narrows his eyes in disgust. He looks back upwards at one of the guards standing by.

"Give me your axe!" Madai barks.

"Do it." The guard captain sputters to his soldier and the guard tosses a one-handed to their former prisoner.

Leaving the silver two-handed axe behind, Madai takes the iron axe. Lifting the captain of the guard of to his feet Madai stands behind him using him as a human shield and threatening to kill him. The prisoner, the Nord and the troll slowly walk past the ring of guards. Ordering them to stand put as they walk and make some distance between themselves. As they near a ring of trees to the massive forests of southern Skyrim, Madai throws the guard captain to the ground. Unclasping the guard's cuirass, the prisoner swiftly takes the armor and also the guard's shield. As the other guards dash over the freed prisoner, Madai, bolts into the forest with Trollz.

Nadd, Corruta, The nibenean empire, Great redoran, and 1 otherArgonia and black marsh

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