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The republic of north american provinces

Red Foxia wrote:nyet

What? Lol.

The republic of north american provinces wrote:What? Lol.

i don't have spies in that dudes nation, and neither does anyone else.

His Majesty's Army of Khomney

Flag of the Khomnian Army

Flag of the Khomnian Air Force

Flag of the Khomnian Navy

The Khomnian Military, officially the National Armed Forces of Khomney, is a combination of five branches. The National Marines, National Navy, National Ground Forces, State Guard, and the National Air Force. It cuts a significant chunk of spending from the Khomnian government income/debt income in order to maintain it's excessive size.

The State Guard is essentially the American National Guard, but Khomnian.

The National Air Force is the main aerial branch of the armed forces, consisting of 24,500 uniformed personnel, 8,950 total aircraft, and 29 spacecraft. Their stated goal is to "enforce and prosecute the objectives and missions of the Ministry of War". The air force is quite capable, led by Secretary of the Air Force Student Robert, who's specialty is tactical bombing. A large amount of the CAF aircraft are bombers or jets. The spacecraft is almost all satellites. The CAF has "a comprehensive, top of the line array of aircraft": the CAF has at least one fighter jet, bomber jet, multi purpose jet, fighter plane, bomber plane, seaplane, and carrier modified plane.

The National Marines are the Khomnian amphibious seafaring branch. They consist of roughly 40,000 troops and are the land branch of the navy. They serve as the primary landing force for amphibious operations and are equally armed compared to the army, including tanks and artillery, but they have longer and significantly more difficult training periods. It is led by Oswald Karl.

The National Ground Forces are the largest and oldest branch of the armed forces, and consists of land services. They have 420,000 uniformed personnel, and 2005-2025 equipment. The military also takes advantage of artificial intelligence. They also have roughly 15,000 vehicles, ranging from tanks, AFVs, jeeps, etc. They were founded in 1707 along with the Kingdom of Khomney, and this branch is also led by Oswald Karl.

The National Navy has 18,000 uniformed troops, 52 ships, and 80 aircraft. They are the Khomnian main seafaring branch and maintain a technological level of 2002-2030 equipment. They are heavily organised around aircraft carriers, which take up a large amount of the naval funding. They are usually used to exert Khomnian influence throughout the world. Kohner-Maria Hans leads this branch.

These armed forces are especially the National Guard, are a key part of Khomnian culture, respected, and admired. Imitating a military serviceman or veteran can be possibly charged as fraud or stealing valor, depending on the situation. Veterans receive excellent care, social admiration, and social inclusion across most lines, and discounts from vendors. Thousands of "coming home" parties held by entire neighborhoods are frequent after wars. Khomney has one of the lowest veteran suicide rates in the world as veterans have great medical care, especially mental and are included into communities and support systems.

As one would expect, Khomney is surprisingly militaristic compared to most nations, with a 3% conscription quota and mandatory self defense and exercise in schools causing a remarkably low child obesity rate and a slightly higher total obesity rate. This exercise regime also allows for Khomnians to be some of the fittest in the world and makes the transition into their (usually) temporary military service much more smooth.

Khomnian offensive doctrine, known as "yukher" across language lines, is speed based, based around stunning an effective response; usually done by bombing infrastructure and communication, including telephone lines, internet cables, power cables, television cables, radio cables, roads especially, railroads, etc. For a logistics based country, the capital is seized during this time by ground forces, supported by the navy/marines. For a resource based country, resource rich areas are seized first to starve out the nation and facilities to convert these resources into something useful are ruthlessly bombed, along with infrastructure and communication. Other forms of attack used to prevent a military response are the bombings of airfields, even civilian ones, harbors, and highways to completely cripple any military action from the air and to establish the air superiority required for a proper campaign; though Khomney's rather powerful air force is capable of doing that on it's own.

Khomnian defensive doctrine, known as "sunher" across language lines, is a defensive doctrine based around slowing any military advancement to a crawl and forcing the opponent into the most favorable situation for them to retreat. If losing ground in foreign territory, scorched earth may be employed. Depending on the severity, cities might be used as mini fortresses to hamper the advancement of an enemy force by forcing them to engage in a defensive urban battle where mere walls can be used as cover, and the advance of the enemy will be significantly delayed. If generally at an advantage, as opposed to the disadvantage the former is designed for, most of these extreme tactics will not be employed, and instead, the advantage will be milked for it's use and blended into the defensive strategy.

This is the same, or the most part, if at an advantage in a defensive homeland battle, however there will be a specific emphasis on gaining ground in that situation as Khomnian civilian lives are directly in the crossfire. Losing ground in a defensive homeland battle draws the most extreme tactics. Scorched earth is less likely to be employed, but cities will be used as military fortresses, along with rivers, bluffs, mountains, etc. Every opportunity will be taken to fortify. Guerrilla warfare will be strongly considered, including sabotage and guerrilla raids. If the enemy tries to avoid fortifications, guerrilla tactics will be employed in order to hamper their advancement further, or even force them in to the fortress cities where they are likely to be defeated.



AC-32 (7.62x51mm)
The AC-32 is Khomney's primary service assault rifle and is standard issue. Designed and manufactured in Khomney by CKMP. It can fire 7.6251mm or 5.5645mm rounds from it's 30r magazine at 775rpm automatic and 45rpm semi-automatic. It fires 700 metres in semi-automatic, automatic, and burst.

The G-23, also known as Gesel 23, is a 7.6258mm bolt action hunting rifle, also designed and manufactured by CKMP. It fires a 5 round magazine, solely fires semi-automatic, at a varying, but low rate of fire. It used to be a civilian hunting rifle, but the license was acquired by the military for secondary issue.

Submachine Guns

Kristaven-SMG (11.4323mm)
The Kristaven-SMG, or Kristaven submachine gun, better known as the Kristaven, informally known as the "Timbo Stopper" or the "Treecutter" due to it's service in Timbostania. It is military police and AWAS issue, and was given to troops in the "Hellene Sea War". It shoots a 11.4323mm cartridge from a 50 round drum magazine at 930 rpm.

Squad Automatic Weapons

LSAW (5.56x45mm)
The LSAW is a 5.5645mm light machine gun manufactured in the Hayet. The LSAW fires from a 100 round drum magazine, or a 30 round box magazine at 700 rpm. The weapon is light with minimal recoil. The LSAW is primarily utilized as a SAW, as a mounted defense turret, and is mounted on vehicles.

Heavy Machine Guns

Wichtmann M2 (12.799mm NATO)
The Wichtmann M2, or WM2 is a heavy machine gun manufactured in Stegmund, Wichtmann. It can fire up to 1,500rpm from a belt. It is usually used as a MDT or vehicle mount. It has burst and automatic modes, however it has no semi automatic mode like most automatic rifles in military service. It fires 12.799mm NATO rounds.

Sniper Rifles

Kachaw-ASR (.308 Winchester)
The Kachaw-ASR is a .308 Winchester bolt-action sniper rifle that fires from a 8 round magazine. It has an effective range of 1200 meters and has an attached 8 times zoom scope. The Kachaw-ASR is the prime sniper rifle for Khomnian troops.


TS-3 (16 Gauge)
The TS-3 is a 16 gauge shotgun with a magazine of 5 rounds. It is assigned to trench and urban combat units and also the military police. This weapon is very popular with civilians and came out in 2014

Grenade Launchers

M1 grenade launcher
The M1 grenade launcher is a single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher that fires a 4046mm grenade with surprisingly low recoil. It can fire anti-personnel, explosive, smoke, incendiary, and buckshot projectiles. It is designed as a rifle attachment.

Man-Portable Rocket Launchers

The HML-18 MPRL is a 700m ranged on-the-shoulder missile launcher that fires multiple types of warheads or rockets, from HEAT to thermobarics.


TS-2 Hornet (Glasgow HEAT)
The TS-2 Hornet is a fire-and-forget anti tank missile launcher that fires Glasgow HEAT missiles. It has a firing range of 4,884m.


STA-2 "Hawkeye" (ME2 missiles)
The STA-2 Hawkeye is a manportable fire-and-forget (infrared homing) surface to air missile that fires ME2 high explosive annular blast fragmentation missiles.


MDM18 (9x19mm)
The MDM18 is an officer's main ceremonial and combat firearm. It can be bought after service and is seen as a valuable officer's souvenir.

Beretta M9
The Beretta M9 is the main pistol given to all enlisted and conscripted personnel of the Khomnian military and can also be bought after service.

The Aktusta is a curved knife specialized in slashing. This is the primary knife armament as opposed to the standard military bayonet due to the it's lightweightness and ease of use.


The BG-4 is a fragmentation hand grenade with a filling weight of 7 oz. with a five second fuse.

The BG-5 is a stick hand grenade with a filling weight of 6 oz. with a four second fuse.

Towed Artillery

M92 Bunkerblaster
The M92 Bunkerblaster is a medium-sized, towed 155mm artillery piece, developed for service in Khomney and towed usually by jeeps. It succeeded the M91 in 2006 and can fire up to 50 kilometers.

A2 Vicious
The A2 Vicious is the largest gun ever, firing 1050mm artillery pieces with a barrel length of 52 metres. There is currently one copy of it and it is currently on a railway near Ghrozny.

Dress Uniforms

Ground Forces:
The Ground Forces uniform is the same for either sex: a tan, double breasted blazer over a white shirt, tan pants, and brown slacks, along with a tan coloured beret with black lining. On the right breast of the blazer there is required to be a golden pin of two swords. Officers have two pins, horizontally aligned, and a sabre holster. The Khomnian flag is on the sleeve of the blazer.

Air Force:
The Air Force uniform is similar to the ground forces uniform for both sexes, with a few exceptions. Replacing the blazer is a large white overcoat, and the beret is lined with grey, instead. The golden pins are of an eagle, and the officers have two pins, also horizontally aligned. The Khomnian flag is on the sleeve of the coat.

Navy Uniform:
The Air Force uniform is similar to the formers, returning to the blazer, colored navy blue with a white beret lining. The golden pins are anchors, and the Khomnian flag is still on the sleeve of the blazer, this time lined with gold.

Marines' Uniform:
The marine uniform is not as similar to the formers. The pin is still there as golden naval steering wheel; as is the double breasted blazer, except it's black, lined with white; however there is no tie and the beret is black. The pants are white, and the slacks are brown.

National Guard Uniform
The National guard uniform trades the beret for a Kashuka traditional hat, which resembles a chinstrapped American military helmet from WW2, all seasons. The dress uniform is a white shirt and black tie covered by a maroon vest. The uniform also dons maroon pants and the ever familiar vest.

Ground Forces/Marine Uniform

Ground Forces/Marine BDU
The ground forces and marine BDU are an identical tan beret with a chinstrap and padding, and tan shirt with multiple pockets, covered by a padded camouflage bullet vest. In colder conditions, a trench coat is included along with other winter additions. Knee and calf guards are also included, and the colors of the uniform change with the environment. The differences are that there is either a sword pair or naval steering wheel pin on the left strap on the vest. Black boots are included.

Navy Uniform

Naval BDU
The naval BDU is a navy blue camouflage cap and navy blue camouflage set with black boots. There is an anchor pin on the collar.

Air Force Uniforms

Air Force BDU
The pilot BDU is a light camouflage set with white combat gloves with the traditional black boots. There is an eagle anchor on the collar and a camouflage beret is included.

National Guard Uniforms

National BDU
The National Guard BDU is a tan camouflage set with a heavy black bulletproof vest and bulletproof chinstrap kashuka. The vest reads "Guard" across it in Khomnian.


LK-13 Bloodhound
The LK-13 is the Khomnian MBT and it's best service was recently in Timbostania. It has a top speed of 62mph and a smoothbore gun. It has two machine guns, one of which are heavy and the ability to fire multiple types of munitions. It gets the name Bloodhound for it's ability to infrared targets.

MF-0 Fortress
The MF-0 is a Khomnian heavy tank. It has a top speed of 22mph and a large gun. It has four machine guns, and the ability to fire three types of munitions. It gets the name Fortress for it's thick armor and slow speed, though it can easily rip through most tanks due to it's incredible firepower.

Emperor LT-1
The LT-1 "Emperor" is a light tank developed by the Khomnian government. It was designed for amphibious landings in island countries like Yangtian. It was armed with the technically advanced but lightweight Crewer 155mm gun/launcher, which fires both conventional and anti tank munitions.


MRAV Boxer
The Boxer is an eight-wheeled multirole vehicle that can hit up to 63mph with a modern diesel engine.

The M016, or Mk. 2016 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier (APC) developed and produced by the Khomnian government. It introduces new armor types in order to become light weight but also manage thick armor, and fast speeds. The Mk. 2016 is designed to transport infantry or scouts with armor protection, while providing covering fire to suppress enemy troops and enemy armored vehicles. It conducts scout and support missions.


The SPG2K, or Self Propelled Gun for 2000, is one of the oldest still active Khomnian vehicles. It is a 50 mph 160 millimeter cannon Main SPG.


M2A Poseidon
The M2A Poseidon is a truck mounted 122mm MRLS. It is known for the deafening screaming sound the rocket creates. It has a max speed of 72 mph and a maximum range of 50 km. It's name comes from the fact the M2A "rains" down rockets, hence the name.

A270 "Royal"
The A270, or Augustus 270 is a truck mounted 144mm heavy MLRS. It is known for it's exceeding silence to the point where the missiles cannot be located until they hit. It has a top speed of 60 mph and was developed by the Khomnian government. It is used as a primary support. It has an especially fast rate of fire. It was introduced in 2017.


Bravo 240
The Bravo 240/241 is a family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters. Designed by AeroMobile and Catagera, The fifth-generation combat aircraft is designed to perform ground attack and air superiority missions, along with strafing and close air support. It has two models: the B240 conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant, and the B241 ballistic resistant AeroMobile close air support (BRACAS) variant. It entered usage in February 2017 and since March 2019, has been able to fire extremely fast missiles that can avoid ABMSs.

Alpha Hurricane 140
The Alpha Hurricane 140 is a modern twin-engine multirole fighter jet designed by Republica Stakeholding Corporation's DuoJet brand, Alpha Defense Technologies and AeroMobile, which continues to support the plane. It currently functions as a faster offensive plane used to strafe infrastructure and cities akin to a helicopter. It has been designated as an export craft that can be sold/given to allies like Neo-Trinity and Emaha. The 140-B Variant has no weaponry and has passenger seats and can be sold to civilians. However, it can only be piloted by military-licensed pirates.

Catagera 212
The Catagera 2012 is a modern double seated long range, Mach 3+, strategic stealth reconnaissance fighter jet designed by DuoJet and Catagera. It was primarily developed by an aero engineer named Amy Kellogg. Introduced in 2012, it is fitted with a high quality camera, a detachable and controllable drone and streaming capabilities, though there usually has to be a military fortification to stream back to.

Alpha Aircutter
The Alpha Aircutter, or Alpha 142, is a modern single-engine fighter jet designed for purely air combatance by Alpha Defense Technologies and the Khomnian government. It was introduced in 2014 and is one of the sleekest and fastest fighters in the world. It has extremely powerful engines that allow the plane to smoothly zoom around it's opposition and multiple light weighted machine-guns capable of ripping through the frames of most airplanes.

Elserschmitt X-100
The Elserschmitt X-100 is a supersonic stealth-primary multirole fighter. Introduced in 2018, it was designed to build on the Bravo-240 fighter. It is designed for long range use and has reconnaissance capabilities. It was designed by the Khomnian Air Force and has formidable gun and missile capabilities. Information on it has been kept INCREDIBLY hush-hush. The X-200 variant is significantly more agile and nearly undetectable, though the reconnaissance abilities are dropped.


HB9 Skyfortress
The HB-9 Skyfortress is a Khomnian long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The Skyfortress was designed and built by AeroMobile, which has continued to provide support, upgrades, and munitions. It has been operated by the Khomnian Air Force (KAF) since 2014. The bomber is capable of carrying up to 100,000 pounds of munitions, and has a typical combat range of more than 7,800 miles.

HAR-4 Kleist
The HAR-4 Kleist, named after a veteran Khomnian general and introduced in 2015, is a long range precision strike tactical fighter-bomber made for quick strikes on specific targets in order to take out specific landmarks, people, or buildings. The HAR-41 variant is specifically for nuclear strikes and is part of Khomney's primary nuclear deterrent.

Sjuka B-1
The Sjuka B-1 Jet is a Khomnian long range, supersonic jet strategic bomber. Designed by AeroMobile to replace the HB-9 Skyfortresses' subsonic capabilities, it matches or even exceeds the typical combat range and weight limits of the HB-9 simultaneously with improvements in speed. It was introduced in 2018.

Turtonator EW
The Turtonator Eastern Wind, or Turtonator EW, is a Khomnian long range supersonic stealth bomber jet designed to subvert radar and enemy missile/turret networks (specifically designed with OF Arian Hellas and Hansdeltania in mind). Introduced in 2017, It was developed by Alpha Defense Technologies.

Attack Helicopters

AH11 Ashetkun
The AH11 Ashetkun, or Jetsetzke Attack Helicopter 2011 "Ashetkun" is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter designed and primarily manufactured by Jetsetzke Military Design, though Jetsetzke has contracted the design to foreign countries for import back to Khomney. Submitted for usage in 2009 and introduced in 2011. It was named after the national capital.


F-1 Predator
The F-1 Predator drone is a remotely piloted aircraft developed and produced by the Khomnian govt., operated by the and Department of Intelligence Operations. It entered combat in 1990 and can carry missiles and guns. It has sensors, a ground control station (GCS), and a primary satellite link communication suite. It is used to take out specific people and locations like the Categera 212. It also can carry bombs.

F-2 Recon
The F-2 Recon drone is a remotely piloted aircraft developed and produced by the Khomnian govt and operated by it's agencies. It entered use in 1996 and carries a camera. It can be sold to civilians and has been sold to civilians for photography, filming, et cetera. In military use, it is used for reconnaissance purposes in military warfare. The civilian variant has virtually no armor but the military variant is strongly armored due to the F-2's lack of military capabilities. It is one of the most popular camera technologies and can carry multiple type of cameras and operate them in multiple ways.


M6 Multiscale
The M6 Multiscale, or Mark 6 Multiscale, is a Khomnian ASSC (Anti-Satellite Spacecraft) introduced in 2019. It's primary capability is suppressing the signals of other satellites that are not whitelisted by the Khomnian government databases. There are less than a dozen in orbit over the Earth.

Alpha GeoStrike
The Alpha GeoStrike is a Khomnian SSW (Space Strike Weapon) still being phased in. Developed and designed by Alpha Defense Technologies and the Khomnian government. Using GPS, it precisely fires bullets at specific targets on the ground. It is one of the most difficult technologies ever developed by the govt. and extremely complicated to use. They are launched with automated LSAWs, and there are a total of 4. They have been upgraded to be able to launch Air to Land Missiles.

The LSS 2 is a Khomnian military satellite with extra resistance against forced suppression designed by the Khomnian government. It can be sold commercially but is usually not. They are launched regularly and make up the majority of military spacecraft.

Cargo Craft

CH-03 Belkaust
The CH-03 Belkaust, named after the city it was designed in, is a Khomnian twin-engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift transport helicopter manufactured by Jetsetzke. Operated primarily by the Khomnian Armed Forces and allies, and introduced in 1995 as one of the older vehicles the Khomnian army operates, it follows the trend of Jetsetzke helicopters named after Khomnian cities.

Medton L-12
The Medton L12, named after the capital of Sosier, Emaha (the designer came up with the idea for it there) is a light lift single engine transport helicopter with high speeds but contrastingly smaller cargo. Introduced in 2012 in correlation with the Catagera 212 Tourist as a "scout helicopter".

Patrol Boats

Brevity-class Patrol Vessel (I Variant)
The Brevity class is a class of patrol vessels built for His Majesty's navy. The I variant is the non minelayer variety of the Brevity-class, and used by the Coast Guard sector of the navy intensively. Thanks to this, it's one of the more common naval vessels of the Khomnian navy.

Brevity-class Patrol Vessel (II Variant)
The Brevity class is a class of patrol vessels built for His Majesty's navy. The II variant is the heavier non minelayer variety of the Brevity-class, and used by the Coast Guard sector of the navy for minor combat engagements. It has a larger gun compared to the I variant.


Brevity-class Patrol Vessel (III Variant)
The Brevity class is a class of patrol vessels built for His Majesty's navy. The III variant is the minelayer variety of the Brevity-class, and used for minelaying; meaning it's combat abilities are worse than the I and II Brevity-class patrol vessels.


Edermann-class Submarine
The Edermann-class submarine is a nuclear submarine in service with the Royal Navy. It is a ballistic missile submarine, the first of it's kind in Khomnian service and constitutes part of Khomney's new nuclear deterrent.

Plasma-class Submarine
The Plasma class submarine is a multirole nuclear-powered submarine in service with the Royal Navy. Designed primarily to eliminate other naval vessels. Developed by Republica, again, the Plasma-class submarine is one of Khomney's lead submarines.


Heltsemeiger-class Corvette
The Heltsemeiger class is the current class of corvette in the Khomnian Navy. It was designed by the Ghrozny Aquamarine Design Bureau. The alpha and beta stages were named CRVT-A and CRVT-B respectively, and is quite sleek and fast. The Meritas and Metaxas variants are export variants designed for speed and power respectively.


Crimson-class destroyer
The Crimson-class is a class of guided missile destroyers (DDGs). The class is named for Vice Admiral Hunter Crimson, Naval Chief from 1994 to 2003. The a ship of the class was commissioned a few days after a relative of the Vice Admiral earned a post-mortem red shield from the Hellene Sea War.

Lord-class destroyer
The Lord-class is a class of nuclear destroyers introduced in 2009. It is part of Khomney's nuclear deterrent and is capable of firing nuclear munitions. It was designed by the Khomnian govt. and is banned from being exported to other nations.

Revenge-class destroyer
The Revenge-class destroyer is a class of nuclear destroyers introduced in 2013. It is part of Khomney's nuclear deterrent and is capable of nuclear fire, however it usually functions as the lead of patrol dispatches and as a way of stretching Khomney's power throughout the world, being one of the faster ships under Khomney's assembly.


Holiday-class Frigate
The Holiday class is a class of frigate ships built for the Khomnian Navy. It is from a project at Perugos naval works in Ejellei to make a 50 knot ship. This evolved into the Holiday-class from Meritas Dynamic Seaworks and was then contracted by the Khomnian navy and integrated.


Brisbane-class Cruiser
The Brisbane class of guided-missile cruisers is a class of warships in the Khomnian Navy, first in the 2008 fiscal year. The class uses passive phased-array radar and was originally planned as a class of destroyers. However, the increased combat capability, together with the capability of operating as a flagship, were used to justify the change of the classification from DDG (guided missile destroyer) to CG (guided-missile cruiser).


Mejest-class Battleship
Mejest-class battleship is a type of large, conventional and nuclear warship, designed and constructed for the Khomnian navy and also operated by them.

Rownette-class Battleship
The Rownette-class battleship, named after an Emahan provincial capital, designed by the Khomnian government in co-operation with the Ghrozny Aquamarine Design Bureau (GADB). It is nuclear and conventional and is a part of the Khomnian nuclear deterrent. It is rarer compared to the Mejest-class.


Marshal-class carrier
The Marshal class is a class of ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the Khomnian Navy. The ships are named after various marshals of Khomney.[5]

Royal-class carrier
The Royal-class carrier is a nuclear heavy aircraft carrier named after the kings of Khomney. Introduced in 2019 by Augustus I (it was commissioned by Lukas III), it is currently in service with the Khomnian navy and is one of the only super-carrier classes in service with the Khomnian navy.



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predator drones

The republic of north american provinces

Red Foxia wrote:i don't have spies in that dudes nation, and neither does anyone else.

They're the same person, it's Pign land at it again...

The republic of north american provinces wrote:They're the same person, it's Pign land at it again...

i still dont have spies in pign land's nation.

The republic of north american provinces

I know.

The empire of balestria

Red Foxia wrote:i don't have spies in that dudes nation, and neither does anyone else.

Uhh... Not in your nation , but in Massimolandia

The republic of north american provinces

^ Uhh.... Didn't @North Pign Land do the same sht?

The empire of balestria

I just published a new newspaper article about the cold war between my nation and Massimolandia. Click on my nation name and click on the dispatch area then click on balestrian news.

We need to meet to talk about our issues. I don't want a war with anyone. We are a pacific nation. We hate war.

Massimolandia wrote:We need to meet to talk about our issues. I don't want a war with anyone. We are a pacific nation. We hate war.

eggsplain thy pizzalandian flag

The empire of balestria

Massimolandia wrote:We need to meet to talk about our issues. I don't want a war with anyone. We are a pacific nation. We hate war.


But if you close your borders you can't have our products, like the fox milk Parmesan. We are the only nation who produce that cheese and it is loved everywhere in the world.

The empire of balestria

Massimolandia wrote:But if you close your borders you can't have our products, like the fox milk Parmesan. We are the only nation who produce that cheese and it is loved everywhere in the world.

*spies steal some of the fox population into my nation* WE HAVE OUR OWN FOX MILK PARMESAN THING!!!!!

Well in this case, of you don't want to make business with us we will not do with you. Have fun.

The empire of balestria

Massimolandia wrote:Well in this case, of you don't want to make business with us we will not do with you. Have fun.


How do you milk foxes?

The "Big Breasted Foxes" are easy to milk. But they are not easy to breed, they need the special climate and food that can be found only in Massimolandia. This is the reason that special kind of Parmesan can be produced only here and it is one of our main agricultural products.

The empire of balestria

The empire of balestria wrote:THANK YOU COMMIE


The republic of north american provinces

Uh... Yeah I have a feeling who this is.

The empire of balestria

The republic of north american provinces wrote:Uh... Yeah I have a feeling who this is.

Are you in the border with massimolandia?

The empire of balestria

MY FOXES DIED. That's ok I didn't need the fox milk parmesan anyway.

You can always re-open your borders. We are open to any kind of business.

The empire of balestria

Massimolandia wrote:You can always re-open your borders. We are open to any kind of business.

Ok. I am only going to open my borders ONLY for commerce. No normal citizens or leaders of the party allowed. Only commerce.

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