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*echos Hello*

We are moving the meeting to tonight at 7 pm. The Prime Minister was unable to attend so I moved it.

Guess what? The Free Coalition of Governments is forty-five days old today!

That is cool!! We keep saying we will have a meeting so tonight I will be talking about some decisions for our region. We need to get recruiting up and get everyone active!!!


Hello how are you. What do you guys think about the presidential primaries so far??

I don't like any of the candidates that are running.

Ted Cruz is my favorite. I will take anyone over Hillary or Bernie, though.

I can't stand Trump. He's just opportunistic.

Trump is bad for America. I am voting for Cruz in the Primary here in New York.

I voted for Bernie just because I live in a Democratic town.

St. Patties day party over here. :) -> Solid Kingdom

Hello everyone who is still active in our region.


Hello to all. :D

Hello everyone! Work is settling down I will be recruiting again and getting our government set up

Good News! :D


I will be holding an actual meeting this evening! 7PM this evening!!

What time zone? GMT?

We're having 7pm eastern time zone

KK When, what day?

Monday Evening at 7 PM eastern standard time.

I'll be here at that day and time.

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