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Podria wrote:Comrades,

I am announcing my candidacy for Secretary this March, 2021! Please check out my manifesto below:

Podria for Secretary!
Progress, Unity, Diversity

Who am I?

Hello everybody! I am Podria, and I am running for Secretary this General Election. For my formal resumé: I am currently Speaker and Member of the 20th General Assembly. I also serve dually as Minister of Roleplay and Minister of Community Affairs, and have served as Minister of Roleplay for some time now, but only stepped up to the post of Community Affairs after the previous holder departed the region in January. Before this term, I have served as Member of the General Assembly in the 15th, 16th, and 17th General Assemblies (that's since November of 2019!), as Vice Secretary of the Leftist Assembly, Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and as Ambassador to The Internationale. Needless to say, I am well experienced in all branches of the government - from regional law to gameside mechanics to community involvement to foreign relations, I've done it all and I hope to do it in a greater and more impactful capacity as your Secretary. Beyond my formal experience, I've also been an active member of the community since the founding of my nation in Fall of 2018, I am currently pursuing a degree in Public and Nonprofit Management, I am actively involved in my local Democratic Socialists of America chapter, and in general I am absolutely stoked to be able to serve The Leftist Assembly as Secretary.

What will I do?

As Secretary I plan on taking this region down a different path than has been taken previously. The greatest thing I will once again bring back to the region is a volunteer corps of Assemblians who will serve as aides to Ministers. While previously this has been known by the term civil service, I wish to differentiate this new programme from the old initiative. I believe my experience in real life volunteering and organising, combined with my extensive knowledge on the running, operations, and needs of the various facets and goings-on of the region will allow for this programme to be the best it can possibly be. I believe that many ministries, in ways big or small can be assisted by increased helping hands. In addition to this, I also intend on continuing the growth of the region's foreign presence with other socialist, communist, anarchist, and progressive regions on the site; I believe that left-wing regions on NationStates must continue to remain united against fascists, capitalists, and neo-conservatives that threaten basic human decency and human rights. Finally, I want to ensure that the duties of the executive are fulfilled to the highest quality and deepest completeness - I want to make sure that what the executive does is well explained to and understood by the Assemblians, I want to make sure that our actions are as transparent as possible, and in general, I want people to be able to know more about what happens in the executive - too long has the cabinet acted mostly in the shadows and behind closed doors. Of course I will also officially remove Kava's ability to double post, declare France illegal, promptly invade the CCD, and work tirelessly to destroy NationStates once and for all.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe that I am the most experienced and fit in the race to serve as your Secretary, and I hope that what you've read so far brings you to the same conclusion. I will work as hard and as much as I possibly can to make this region the best I can make it, and I know this cannot and should not be a one person fight. I intend on being a Secretary for the people and will try my hardest to act as an extension of the will of all of the Assemblians, and want to make my Secretaryship one of Progress, Unity, and Diversity. I want to make abundantly clear that I am always open to suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, or any other communiques from Assemblians to ensure that I have the most representative term as Secretary ever. As part of this, I'd like people to know that in addition to telegramming me they can also send me a Discord DM (Hugh Mungus#6146), an email (, or submit something via the suggestion box which I intend to expand and utilise as much as possible. Really, all I want to do is serve this region the best I can, and ensure that our region is as enriched as possible. If this doesn't convince you, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to make sure that you know that I'm fighting for you and for our region.

For Progress, for Unity, for Diversity. Vote Podria for Secretary!
Thank you to Courelli for the high-def logo! Unity in Diversity!

Read dispatch

For Progress, Unity, and Diversity!

The Secretary election is actually interesting now! Pod Ria vs. D.Y.L.

The republic of covelandia wrote:Comrades
I am announcing my candidacy for secretary this March,2021! Please! Check out my manifesto in the following:
⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

🔱 covelandia 🔱

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️
Who am I?
Hello comrades i am covelandia,and I am running for Secretary this General Election. For my formal resumé:

You are currently not eligible to nominate for Secretary since you are not a World Assembly member, please check out the election act specifically 2b: page=dispatch/id=613587#ElA

I've updated my platform:

Dyl's Re-election Campaign

General Information

Some of you reading this might not know who I am or which positions I have held, so here is a short summary of my political career in The Leftist Assembly.

I started as Member of the General Assembly in June 2020 and served two terms. I previously served as ambassador to Forest and currently am the ambassador to Libertarian Socialist Confederation. Furthermore I am the current serving Secretary since December 2020. Therefore I have experience as Secretary.

What can I expect if you get re-elected?
You can expect more of the leadership you currently have. I will not promise any big changes, otherwise I would have introduced them last term.

It will be a continuation of the policies of my last term, seeking new viable and compatible embassy partners, keeping the region informed with the monthly update telegrams and trying to increase community activities with the Ministry of Community Affairs.

You have any question about me or my Platform?
Feel free to ask me either publicly on the RMB or Discord or privately via Discord PM(Nihilistic Punk#0221) or Telegram.
Read dispatch

Middle east 2

how to vote in the elections

Post self-deleted by Polotsk And Vitebsk.

Middle east 2 wrote:how to vote in the elections

When elections open(should be the 11-13th UTC+0), keep in mind we are still in nominations so there is the debate period before, Electoral Citizens (WA, Dual and Military citizens) will receive the voting form (most likely Google from) and vote with the form, after that they confirm that they have voted via TG to the founder.

Middle east 2

Dyl wrote:When elections open(should be the 11-13th UTC+0), keep in mind we are still in nominations so there is the debate period before, Electoral Citizens (WA, Dual and Military citizens) will receive the voting form (most likely Google from) and vote with the form, after that they confirm that they have voted via TG to the founder.

thanks, bro😍

Red ikeastan

What is the worst "Communist/socialist" nation?

Middle east 2

Red ikeastan wrote:What is the worst "Communist/socialist" nation?


Red ikeastan

Middle east 2 and has the North korean flag bruh

Middle east 2

Red ikeastan wrote:Middle east 2 and has the North Korean flag bruh

I haven't created my flag yet

Red ikeastan


SC vote:

I voted for, with the majority of the region.

Secretary Dyl

Post self-deleted by Polotsk And Vitebsk.

Yesterday was the Asturllionese Independence Day (2nd of march), but I forgot heh.

74 years of Asturies-Llión

Legal Ruling #8
Opinion of the 20th Supreme Court Regarding the Dual Citizenship Act and whether or not it prohibits dual citizens from running in The Leftist Assembly's elections

Co-Founder Llorens sought the opinion of the Supreme Court regarding whether a Leftist Assembly dual citizen may be nominated for elected office if they currently hold office in another region.

It should be noted that Standing Justice Antinios recused themselves from participating in this legal ruling due to a potential conflict of interest, as they were considering running in the upcoming general election. Therefore, Chief Justice Nangka used his powers to grant Alternate Justice Ghillemear the powers and privileges of a Standing Justice for this specific case. These powers and privileges will be returned to Standing Justice Antinios upon the conclusion of the case.

Furthermore, due to the time constraints presented by the case, with the election only days away as of writing, the Supreme Court begs The Leftist Assembly for consideration because it was not able to grant such an important ruling the time and in-depth discussion it deserves to have.

That being said, based on the Supreme Court's own deliberations, it has come to the conclusion that, while the Dual Citizenship Act technically does not prohibit a dual citizen from running in The Leftist Assembly's elections while holding office in another region, there is an implicit intent to hold office if the dual citizen wins the election.

Therefore, the Supreme Court finds that a dual citizen cannot run in The Leftist Assembly's elections while holding an elected or appointed office in another region. If the dual citizen wishes to run for office in The Leftist Assembly, they must immediately step down from the elected or appointed office that they currently hold.

It should be noted that, due to the time constraints the Supreme Court mentioned above, it was not able to delve deeper into whether or not dual citizens are allowed to run in two or more concurrent elections. While an opinion has been raised within the Court about prohibiting this, the Court unfortunately was not able to put more time into discussing this matter, and thus asks that The Leftist Assembly take this conversation up at a later date.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court strongly recommends that the next government of The Leftist Assembly put forward a relevant amendment to the Dual Citizenship Act that can clarify the language of the law in such a way as to better suit the needs and desires of the community regarding the status of its dual citizens.

We hope that this ruling can clarify all the concerns the community has raised regarding any confusion within the Dual Citizenship Act.

Unity in Diversity,
Justice for All

Twentieth Supreme Court of The Leftist Assembly

Chief Justice Nangka
Standing Justice Antinios
Standing Justice Sincadenas
Alternate Justice Ghillemear

Asti cenia

Hello everybody,

I am not very familiar with this game yet.
Can someone contact/telegram me and give me some more explanation of the game?

Many thanks,
Rick (Asti cenia)

Asturies-Llion wrote:74 years of Asturies-Llión

That'sa long time to be playin' NationStates, d00d

Hi there, I'm formally announcing my intention to nominate for the General Assembly election. I promise to make the first bill a joke bill and filibuster it until the end of the term.

Antinios wrote:Hi there, I'm formally announcing my intention to nominate for the General Assembly election. I promise to make the first bill a joke bill and filibuster it until the end of the term.

Based Ant halts all progress?

Should probably introduce myself here. Hi everybody! I'm Ezmwalia. I've been on NS quite a few times over the years. This nation I'm RP'ing is a socialist dominant-party state, and I'm really keen to get into things! Nice to be here, and I look forward to participating!

Ezmwalia wrote:Should probably introduce myself here. Hi everybody! I'm Ezmwalia. I've been on NS quite a few times over the years. This nation I'm RP'ing is a socialist dominant-party state, and I'm really keen to get into things! Nice to be here, and I look forward to participating!

Howdy comrade! If you're really interested in roleplaying, join up the regional RP below! (also thank you for using the edit feature, it helps keep the RMB clear and organised - much appreciated)

Look forward to seeing you!

Joining the RP

Join the discord server. Our RP is hosted on a separately from the main TLA server, a link to which can be found here (

Get involved. In order to begin participating in the RP follow the steps provided in 'Creating a Nation' below. Beyond that feel free to collaborate with your fellow players in '#ooc-general-chat' or let everyone know what's happening inside your nation in 'ic-news' or ''ic-internal-politics.'

In Game Rules

1) Terms for voiding role-play. A scenario may only be voided if the main parties (not players who come in after it begins) agree to it. This is to prevent players from backing out when they stray into hot water and bring an actual sense of consequences to their IC actions. Players will ask why this rule exists in particular. It's to force a feeling of consequences and gravity to the actions of everybody in the region.

2) Terms for removal from the map. A player may be removed from the map if A) their nation is inactive, and attempts to get said player involved go unanswered. Said nation will not actually be removed, but rather will be played in the RP as a collapse of government, and may serve as one of many potential excuses for expansion. The in-character world leaders and organizations will determine the fate of the nation in question. B) A player asks that their nation is removed from the map. Players who leave the RP are allowed to return, but only so many times, lets say 3.

3) No ignoring canon (mixed IC/OOC). Angry with somebody? Want to ignore their existence in your canon? Too bad! Each player's canon is Estian canon, and what is and what is not canon is decided on by the MoRP (with contribution from the community). Basically, deal with it or don't play. If you have a complaint about a nation, take it up with the MoRP.

4) No metagaming. Metagaming is taking OOC knowledge IC in order to gain / improve upon yourself, or your nation. This includes hearing or reading about players talking about planning troop movements on Discord and suddenly you know about it IC. This is poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated.

5) No powergaming/godmodding. Powergaming is forcing an action upon your opponent without their permission or consultation. This would be like Granvik firing a missile at an Emburan warship and having it hit and destroy it in the same post. Powergaming makes it so Embuer Mitan is unable to do anything to prevent this action. More on this topic and 'OOC Planning' can be read in 'How to be a good role-player' below.

6) No land-grabbing! Land-grabbing is something that all role-players hate. It is widely defined as invading a nation for no reason other than wanting to own their land. For example, if say France were to attack the UK and invade them just because they wanted to rule over the UK with no other stated reason, that'd be land-grabbing. You must have a very good reason for the deployment of troops in this RP, which will be touched on later.

7) No trolling. Don't ruin the fun for everyone else.

8) No nukes. While this may be a Modern Tech RP nukes will not be involved. This is a personal decision as military action in this RP will be carefully planned out to ensure a fun and interactive experience for all those involved (and nukes will ruin all of the hard work the MoRP and players have put into planning a war. Nukes in an RP like this are boring, either they just sit there and do nothing or blow up and ruin the whole show. One more time for the people in the back, No nukes!

9) Non-Player Countries: Better known as NPCs, are nations controlled by the MoRP for the purpose of generating / implementing in-character lore / story elements. As well as triggering special world events for players to participate in.

Creating a Nation

Land Acquisition: Upon creating a nation players will have to choose which 'Province' their nation will call home. Players may make all requests to be placed on the map in the '#ooc-map-requests' channel on discord. When applying for a spot it is strongly recommend that players take a look at the 'Climate Map' before posting a land claim. When posting a claim it is encouraged that players include locations of cities, capitols, ports, etc of their nation within their claim, but these may be added later if not included in the initial post. Players should keep their claims reasonable, as in don't claim half the map as your own. The size of a claim may be reduced if the MoRP feels it is too large. If you would like assistance determining the size of your claim feel free to post in an #ooc channel or send a private message to the MoRP.

Expansion: Expansion is not necessary, but most players seem to want to grow their nations up big and strong. During the RP players may increase the size of their nation via adequate RP time / having adequate reason to expand (see No landgrabbing rule above). If a player's border is next to unclaimed territory, your expansion attempts may be more limited as a lack of available land could discourage the creation of nations from new players if there are limited choices to pick from. Unclaimed land is primarily for them, but exceptions are possible, just make sure to run any expansion ideas past the MoRP (via private message or an #ooc channel) before acting on them. If your nation shares a border with another country however, there will be opportunities to RP larger expansions, if and when the opportunity presents itself and everyone concerned has agreed. Many of these opportunities will come from NPC events throughout the RP, and depending on international response, could lead to nations increasing their borders. Expansion is not necessary, but most players seem to want to grow their nations up big and strong.

Nation Information: The final (and most important) part of making your nation is... actually making it! We strongly recommend the use of our Linkregional wiki for the detailing of nations as it is the easiest to format and read format; but we will accept Google Docs. We'll require the following information: nation name (duh), flag, capital city, population, government type, military size, approximate economic power, and at least one person of note, preferably the head of government/state. We also advise that you include some further worldbuilding elements such as major cities, currency symbol and name, language(s), religion(s), suffrage, military branches and equipment, national symbols, and history. Feel free to ask for help in the Discord, our community or Minister of Roleplay would be happy to help!

Nation Description: * Indicates required fields

Flag -

Nation Name - *

Capital City - *

Population - *

Government - * (What kind of government does your nation have and how does it work?) *

People of Importance - * (Important/famous/infamous people in your nation, try to list at least one person) *

Currency Symbol -

Currency Name -

Largest Cities -

Demonym -

Dependent areas - (Overseas territories, colonies, etc. This category is for mid / late game nations who have expanded their nation's borders.)

History -

National Animal -

National Symbols -

National Holidays - (Date and background)

Ethnicities - (Majority and minorities)

Languages - (Official languages and dialects)

Religions - (Percentages, is there a state religion?)

Citizenship - (Is it given at birth? Can your population have it by descent? Can your citizens hold multiple citizenships? Can members of your population have naturalization?)

Suffrage - (Voting age, if voting exists)

Branches - (Give the military's different branches and their names, this is another mid / late game category for nations who have built up their military)

Weapons / Equipment -

Uniforms -

Vehicles -

Service Age - (What is the minimum age to join the military, what are the genders? Is there conscription or service obligation?)

Historical Disputes / Conflicts - (List of names / dates of national conflicts, with whom? Any territorial disputes?)

Additional Info

1) First of all, when starting, it can be useful to formulate some attributes that define one's nation. What will make it unique in terms of its government, sentiments, culture, etc? Is your nation a socialist paradise with free healthcare for all? Is your nation rogue and being led by some terrorist organization? Is your nation the military capital of the world? This is all up to you, and a good place to find inspiration for what some of your nation's policies might be is the NationStates policy dispatch (linked in the spoiler below).

2) You could be the most dictator-ish dictator the world has ever seen, or you could hold a direct democracy where the people of your nation vote to make laws. Does your nation have several branches of government, or is it just you and your posse? This also leads to who is your President, your Enlightened Emperor, your King, your Chairman, your leader. Do they have a cabinet? Does their cabinet have any power? Does your leader even listen to them when they speak? Do you have a Congress-type system? A Judicial Department? What do your citizens think of you? What are some of the laws or policies in your nation?

3) Now, be realistic in all this. Don't say, "I'm a mega rich leader who makes everything strict but my citizens love me!" If you're a strict dictator, your citizens will more than likely hate you, but you always have options in these matters. You could arrest the ones who voice their hatred publicly, but what would your neighbors think? If you'd be a direct democracy, you could run into problems a real direct democracy might have. This all goes into what your nation is really about. If you're not going to voice these, then at least know them in your mind. It makes role-playing a lot easier and much much more fun for everyone involved.

4) Activity in Discord is incredibly important. This is going to be a very hands on RP, so while you could just pick a spot on the map, dust your hands off, and walk away, I'll ask that you please not do that. Forming trade alliances, planning your economy, and building your nation alongside your fellow players is where all the fun is!

How to be a good role-player

1) Ask Questions. There are a lot of people here who are very much interested in helping you understand all about role-playing and its intricacies.
Be Courageous. This role-play offers a wide range of choices for the player. From the simple single player story, to very complex group stories. The community and MoRP are here to help you have a good experience.

2) What's the Best Way to Role-Play? If you're having fun, you're doing it right. If you're not having fun, ask the community and we'll see how we can help you.

3) No-win-scenario. The problem seems to be the mistaken idea that this is a game where you can "win" everything. This is not true. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Our story does not end when one player manages to dominate and overpower every other player. For example, you will never have a global empire, simply because that would push everyone else out.

4) OOC planning. For any story that involves multiple players, the ideal is to have a set outcome in mind. This can be a small win, a small loss, or a stalemate. But it forms the core of a story, going back and forth, letting everyone involved feel like they at least won by participating. You can win a couple of battles but still, lose the war. If none of the parties involved wants to negotiate with other players, then this goes against the rules of good sportsmanship. And that could make the entire story invalid. By that I mean, we don't take the events seriously and ignore the actions that were taken.

Technology Level

In this role-play, we will be using Modern Tech. Let me repeat that, we will be using Modern Tech. One more time, Modern Tech (abbreviated as MT). In role-playing, a Technology level (often shortened to Tech level) describes the country's level of technological advancement. For example, if a country role-plays with the technology we had in 1900, they would be a Past Tech country, while a country that role-plays with the technology we have now would be a Modern Tech country. This is one of the most commonly used technology levels there are in nation building RP. Players here will be using a similar level of technology to countries in the present day. As a consequence, this means alternate technology, post-modern technology or any form of future or futuristic technology is not allowed.

Read dispatch

Questions to Secretary Candidate Podria:

As you already know I have a few questions towards your campaign/platform.

You proposed the idea of a Volunteer Service Corps, which on first glance sounds similar to the CSI Greylyn introduced and failed. Furthermore you say thanks to your RL expirience you have a solution on how to improve such a concept. Now to my questions.

1. In which way does this concept differentiate to the CSI?

2. Why do you think it can work now? You were Vice Secretary under Greylyn until you resigned, did you propose these changes? If not why didn't you?

Now onto the second part of the What will I do? section you state "too long has the cabinet acted mostly in the shadows and behind closed doors.".

3. How do you want to change that? What part of the communication is not open to the public? You were part of the last three cabinets and at least to me you never proposed a change how this can be improved.

I would also like to dispute the claim that you are the "most experienced and fit in the race to serve as your Secretary". I give you the point that you have a lot of experience in TLA, but being a good MGA dosen't translate onto being a good Secretary. You also held a handful of cabinet positions which no doubt are very useful in giving you experience but I dispute the statement that you are clearly the "most experienced and fit in the race" when you run against the incumbent Secretary. You are without a doubt qualified, but not automatically the best pick just based on the portfolios you held.

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