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It seems that there hasn’t been a lot of news recently in the DRF, so we’ve tried our best to give you some news. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy DRF Chronicle #8!

Breaking News:

1. Puetavisa ends trial

What has been the main story in the DRF for the last two months is now over... for now. On Sunday 1st September, the Foreign Secretary of the DRF, Abbots was free from the charges of treason presented to the DRF five weeks ago. Puetavisa, Archduke of The Wolf Clan, was presented with a deadline after no progress was on the trial, and announced his decision on DRF Regional Court RMB. This decision was made however, with the option of reopening the case, if Puetavisa sees fit. So to conclude what has been an eventful few weeks, Abbots, the Foreign Secretary pick for new PM Zweites Preussen, he/she is off the hook, but only for now.

2. Immigration boom in the DRF

Following the creation of recruitment nation, DRF Office of Recruitment in the last few weeks, the DRF has seen a huge rise in the number of new arrivals, taking the DRF into the top 500 of regions and making the population 29 nations as of the 4th September. Prominent arrivals include Vicuraus, Eurasia america and africa. This is the second highest the DRF has reached, and hopefully it just keeps bringing positivity to the region.

3. DRF adopts new regional message: #climatechangehappens

After the two new embassies with eco-friendly region were finalised recently, the leader of one of the new embassy regions, Paris Agreement Founder has been getting involved in the DRF RMB. One of the campaigns presented to the region by the Founder of Paris Agreement was #climatechangehappens.
This campaign has been started to raise awareness of climate change, and Abbots, who begun this eco-friendly stance, has proceeded to help the campaign. #climatechangehappens was then put in the DRF WFE to spread the word.

Interregional News:

1. New embassy for DRF

A new embassy has been added to the list for the DRF! Zentari is a medium and democratic region, a lot like the DRF. Hopefully this can lead to stronger relations between the two regions in the future.

2. The Clover Confederation threatens to leave the Wolf Kingdom

In the last two weeks, The Excalian-Wolf Clan Puppet announced on TWC RMB that the TCC would be leaving the Wolf Kingdom. The reasons given were that the TCC wants to be an independent region. Despite this, a puppet of Puet in TCC cancelled the closure and talks began between the two sides.

And so that concludes the eighth DRF Chronicle, I hoped you enjoyed it! If you have any comments, I love to hear them, so feel free to TG me!

I’d also like to thank everyone for reading my interview with Puetavisa and for helping it take it to #7 on the dispatch list, I will definitely provide more.

Just remember: #climatechangehappens

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DRF Chronicle #8 out now!


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"All those who are interested to wipe out the Poison called Feminism and Protect the Interests of Innocent Boys/Men must Join AFA"

Everyday we hear instances where innocent men are trashed by the Law and Public in the name of Feminism whenever any women files a fake rape case against him or accuses men of any unlawful activity.

The AFA is an association of nations, irrespective of their region, who hold a common mission, to wipe out Feminism from the grounds of NationStates.

The AFA does not hold any grudge against the Women Community, and in turn, support Women Empowerment (but are against Feminism).

The AFA, is not officially supported by any region.

Sign up Soon!

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Concerning the SC resolution: "Condemn Koem Kab"

The Crazybloxian Times has a new story!

Article: Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Attribution: "Crazybloxian Empire" or "The Crazybloxian Times"

The Government of India has launched an Official Instagram handle, follow for regular updates!


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Hindu Mahasabha wrote:

"All those who are interested to wipe out the Poison called Feminism and Protect the Interests of Innocent Boys/Men must Join AFA"

Everyday we hear instances where innocent men are trashed by the Law and Public in the name of Feminism whenever any women files a fake rape case against him or accuses men of any unlawful activity.

The AFA is an association of nations, irrespective of their region, who hold a common mission, to wipe out Feminism from the grounds of NationStates.

The AFA does not hold any grudge against the Women Community, and in turn, support Women Empowerment (but are against Feminism).

The AFA, is not officially supported by any region.

Sign up Soon!

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I want to join.

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A number of people seem unfamiliar with the RMB policy. Here is a reminder:

Our RMB Policy

Adverts only, please. Unfortunately our​ RMB is not for chat.

Adverts should:

  • clearly state the thing being promoted

  • be under 60 words. (Like this policy)

  • link to whatever you're advertising

  • comply with NationStates rules

  • not put others down

Linked polls should be open to all.

Linked Factbooks / Dispatches must have audience appeal.

World Roleplay Conference (WRC) coming soon!

Follow us on Instagram for more updates (

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India, is delighted to hold World RolePlay Conference (WRC) on September 18 2019.



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India is delighted to hold the World RolePlay Conference on September 18 2019, as per IST (Indian Standard Time).

The Conference is an attempt to provide a common platform to all RolePlay (RP) Enthusiats and gather the experts of RP at one place. The event will be a 24 hour long Conference where Representatives from different regions will be present to discuss about the current nature of NS RP and also showcase how is RP conducted in their respective region.

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The fourth issue of our 📑news-program📑, 🗺Regional-World Newswire, is now out, feel free to go check it out!

The month of 🍂September🍂 will be based around ☂Climate Change☂! All are welcomed to vote for the fourth census, Climate Change: Are You Ready For The Late Late Climate Debate?

(Huge thanks to everyone who voted on our last census!)

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New issue of The Union Truth

The Union Truth
Regional Newspaper - Issue X

The Union Truth
The Union's greatest news

|| Presidential Election Interviews ||

The Presidential Election
After four months of administration, bills, and executive actions the President will face
his next greatest challenge. Re-Election. September has arrived and the Executive term is
soon to end, as always the Election begins 2 days before the new President is to take office.
President Nova Blazeville was the first to declare his candidacy and
announce his run for a second term, with Thomasear continuing
as his pick for Vice-President. If he wins he will become the 3rd President in
Union History to serve more than one term in office.
In a surprising announcement on the same day former Vice-President West Tronia
Declared his candidacy and intention to run as President. This announcement was
surprising to most, as it seemed for a long time that West Tronia had retired from
Union Politics. He chose Albaznia
, the interim chair of the Social Democratic and Justice Party, as his pick for Vice-President.

Other notable candidates include; Assembly member Royal Federative Kingdoms
(runningmate: United Asialavilba), Assembly Member Lizerland
(no runningmate has been chosen) and a citizen named Republic of Zamboanga Peninsula.

This is the first time in Union History, where five candidates have run for the Presidency!
Since it is school season, a live debate was not able to be held on the discord server.
However, The Union Truth was able to get some of the candidates to answer questions
via Telegram. Lizerland did not respond, and Republic of Zamboanga Peninsula
declared his candidacy late, and therefore we did not have time to collect his reponses.

Election Interviews
Question 1: Do you wish to bring back the Union's Roleplay which has currently died?

Nova Blazeville: I wish to bring it back when there is enough activity and interest shown by the population.
West Tronia: Currently not many citizens seem to be interested in roleplay, however I plan to call a referendum to answer this question.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: The roleplay should be brought back on a small scale with, some roleplay events planned out for a few months and having a 'roleplay recess' for some months.

Question 2: What do you think of the current constitutional amendment begin discussed in Parliament?

Nova Blazeville: I believe it has been a long time since significant reform. Don't get me wrong this isn't just reforming for the sake of improvement, but its time to update the system. May times in the past, we've introduced amendments and changes to update outdated governance systems. Such as when we created the 4th Constitution, which made both Houses of Parliament democratic and reduced the power of the unelected council of electors. Or when we amended the 4th constitution to abolish the Supreme Ministry and establish the Presidency and Premiership, or when we created our current 5th constitution which abolished the council of electors. Similarly, it is time to update the system again. The office of Prime Minister has no use at this point and therefore should be abolished, the Assembly as the upper House should not be able to be dissolved.
West Tronia: If I am President when this amendment passes, I will immediately issue a veto. The executive has no business interfering in the affairs of the legislature.
Royal Federative Kingdoms:The overall idea of it is good, however, the particular clauses such as where the President can prorogue parliament seem to give to much power to the executive.

Question 3: Do you think the UCWAA should be reformed?

Nova Blazeville: The UCWAA is in desperate need of reform, something to bring back activity while keeping the WA Delegacy stable.
West Tronia: The UCWAA has shown to be a clear failure and thus should be abolished.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: did not answer

Question 4: How do you plan to manage the Union's stagnant population?

Nova Blazeville: Let us go back to the idea of a recruitment competition. If more citizens get involved the more friendly and welcome we will seem to new nations.
West Tronia: We must establish a recruitment agency and its members will handle all recruitment.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: An executive order that allows all citizens to recruit.

Question 5: Do you plan on making the Union more open to foreigners or more closed off?

Nova Blazeville: More open, we need more people to quell our stagnant population growth
West Tronia: Definitely more open, if we keep our borders open we can allow more people to enter and gain citizenship so our population grows.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: More open, however some form of check should be enforced.

Question 6: Is it finally time for a citizenship/immigration law? If so how difficult would it be to immigrate to the Union? if not why do you think we should not have this law?

Nova Blazeville: I do not support an immigration law. However, I do recommend creating a citizenship law that requires some check but overall should not be a complicated process.
West Tronia: did not answer
Royal Federative Kingdoms: yes we must create laws to enforce background checks for potential raiders.

Question 7: Do you think the people should have more say in the legislative process?

Nova Blazeville: The people should have the power to overturn laws they think is unjust. This way, a further check is placed on the government, and it reinforces the idea that the government's authority comes from the people.
West Tronia: The people should have the power to propose legislation to parliament, this way our government is more in touch with its citizens.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: The people should only have a say in if laws are just or not, and may overturn them if they deem it necessary.

Question 8: Should our impeachment and removal process be restructured?

Nova Blazeville: Yes, as President the people must have confidence and mandate in us, removal from office should not just be limited to committing a crime.
West Tronia: No, the current system is fine.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: That is for the legislators to decide, not the President.

Question 9: Do you plan on making/proposing any major reforms to the region?

Nova Blazeville: First I'd like to restructure our impeachment and elections; this way the government represents the people in the best possible manner. A foreign cooperation between regions of similar size should also be pursued. So we can build allies for when we become stronger in the future.
West Tronia: We need a citizens, puppets and foreign envoy registry to keep track of all the nations in our region. We also should reorganize our bureaucracy.
Royal Federative Kingdoms: We need to create separate puppet offices for each individual branch of government, as well as a citizens and puppet list.

High Knight Kingdom, Executive Editor and Publisher
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It's a long time since I've done the news for the DRF, so I think it's best we get back on track. We've been relatively quiet, but a few stories have been breaking in the last few week, so sit back and enjoy the news from the DRF!

Breaking News:

1. The DRF reaches it's largest population ever

On the 19th September, the DRF broke its record for the most nations residing in the region, which previously stood at 33. The arrivals have continued and the DRF is moving closer and closer to the landmark of 50 nations. It is a great achievement for the Prime Minister, after spearheading the campaign to revitalise the region, because compared to a year ago, the DRF was walking on thin ice with 10 nations. What has been a great rise in population doesn't look like it's ready to stop, with Zweites Preussen announcing that we should be reaching 50 nations soon.

2. The DRF signs pact with TWC

Recently, there was some confusion and controversy between the DRF and The Wolf Clan after Foreign Minister Abbots proposed embassies with New Reich of Bunicken. This caused some controversy with the Foreign Minister of TWC, Puetavisa, threatening to take action if the embassy wasn't closed because of the relationship Bunicken had with TWC. This caused some confusion and anger within the DRF because nations felt that if the DRF wasn't in the Wolf Kingdom then their authority would not be valid. In the end, an agreement was made making sure that TWC didn't force a decision onto the DRF and that the DRF had certain rights due to not being a member of the Wolf Kingdom. You can find the pact below.

3. New Regional Motto

After holding the same motto for more than year, the executive decision was made to find a new one through a competition. There were 3 entries to the competition, and after a region-wide vote, The Excalian-Freedonian Puppet's motto 'Mildly Functional, Mildly Practical' was selected to go into the WFE. Hoepfully this will stay as our motto for months to come!

Interregional News:

1. Potential allies on N-Day

With N-Day coming up (this dispatch was published before N-Day officially began), the question arises, 'Will the DRF form a faction with other regions?' To answer the question, it's hard to know, it was announced on the The Democratic Union RMB, of a potential coalition with the DRF, TDU and TCC. While nothing has been heard just yet, there is huge scope for there being a shared faction.

2. 2 new embassies arrive an help solidify Foreign Minister's position

As of 26th September, the DRF opened 2 new embassies with Bharat and Union of Independent Regions. This is an impressive addition to Foreign Minister Abbots portfolio as Foreign Minister. And with an eye for new, growing regions, it seems that PM Zweites Preussen made a very good choice when selecting the new Foreign Minister. Hopefully this will stay as a very successful stint and provide evidence for a second term.

And that concludes the news! I hoped you enjoyed it, and if you have any comments please tell me as I want to make this as informative and enjoyable as it can be! Thanks for reading!

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News from the DRF! Enjoy!

Good morning gamers!

Nambian Covfefe Company here, coming at you live with an epic Big Tech poll!

*Ali-A intro plays*


The next issue is going to be released within next 4 days, advertising space opened till Friday, October 4 2019, 2 PM UCT.

Please vote in the planet x poll people!

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U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #2 (12th October 2019 AD):

Now available at The NewsStand!


This week the United Christian Empires of the West’s World Factbook Entry was updated and modernized by our Imperial Councillor of International Diplomacy, Blue Carnation. It now includes more inviting text, a monthly Bible quote, the latest announcements as well as links to the Bible, the newspaper and soon, also our regional constitution (in the process of being written)! We have also overhauled the majority of the names of our regional ranking/promotion system to make them come in line with our other aspects and make them more thematically fitting to our region as a whole.

New Faces In Town:

This week our region welcomed many new nations into our coalition including Greater Hah Slaptings, Wilmingstead and Strachantopia. We wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you! We also saw the arrival of Port Jackson City, a puppet nation of Christian Australia as part of our agreement with Christianity Union‘s first amendment. The amendment states that both regions will send a puppet-nation with dual-citizenship to the other region as an ambassador. Our region sent Carnatia, the puppet nation of Blue Carnation as our agent of diplomacy in C.U..

Last Week In The Polls:

The proposal for the latest regional law regarding increased taxed for non-Christian citizens (covered in more detail in the previous issue) has been successfully passed 8 votes to 2 votes. We have now moved to the “Truly United?” vote (also covered last issue) which is currently losing 4 to 2. The major campaign against it is that it “over complicated the region too much”. The next vote has been decided by the Imperator himself and is being revealed exclusively here first! Here is his official statement regarding the next vote: “In light of recent events, I decided it was high time we chose an Imperial Councillor of Internal Affairs. I offered the position to Blue Carnation first due to her work on the UFE and she suggested seeing if anyone else wanted it before taking it herself. So, I asked in the RMB and got interest from our Imperial Grand Councillor, Falmards. I was then faced with a tough choice and decided to leave it up to a public vote! The candidates will be Falmards and Blue Carnation. Other interested nations have till the closure of the current poll to nominate themselves in the RMB or via private telegram to me personally and a vote will be held shortly after!”.

More War:

After the defeat of the Emirate in the second Xukongian Civil War last week, a new enemy has arisen, a group of Islamic Extremists. At first they simply declared war on Xukong but then began attacking neighboring Dominant Oppressors as well! Foreign troops from Dominant Oppressors, Falmards and Blue Carnation were sent in to help with the fighting in both nations and troops from Strachantopia were also later dispatched to help our cause. After vicious fighting in the Dominant Oppressorian city of ‘Lara Spe’, the extremist forces were pushed back and a counter-push was held. Meanwhile the main Xukongian defense force is making strides of their own and the war looks like it will soon come to an end, with a victory from our side after a sub-group of the extremists defected to our cause.

Imperator’s Birthday And Other Holidays:

In our last story of the week, we wish to acknowledge the birthday of our Imperator, The Holy Emperor of Dominant Oppressors last Tuesday! We have also decided that we will indeed decorate the region for Halloween whilst also warning of its evils. Decoration work will begin shortly!

A word from our sponsors:

“Join Bharat and partake in perfect democracy!” - New Dilli

End of message from sponsor!

That’s it for this issue, please join us again next week! May God bless you all and we hope you have a great week ahead!

Want to see your add here? Telegram Dominant Oppressors!

Written by Dominant Oppressors.

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Ministry of home affairs in bharat announce a new campaign named "#Joinbharatnow!" Which is announced to promote recruitment and culture in bharat region.

We aim to achieve the achievement of biggest working democracy in NS.

We are developing a lot and have prospered a lot in regional relations.

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Can it reach all the newspapers in Nation states????

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