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  • There's lots to do on the UP discord! Contact Daunlaund or Havadar for more.

  • email us at

  • Welcome to our new writer and editor, Havadar!

  • Election results and exclusive interview with the victors!

  • UP Cup has started!

  • Political happenings: AUPLF!

  • The brand new continent!

  • Can you beat us in this weeks Quiz!?

  • The Chronicle is looking for writers, interviewers and editors. Visit the UPBC Chronicle discord here to sign up!

Election Results And Interview
By Havadar

The elections of the Universal Pact were on the 30th of December. They were between 2 parties: the Federalist party and the Centrist party. In the first few days, after the polling stations were open, the elections were very tight, with both parties having 6 votes. A vote of one of our honorary citizens broke the stalemate, with the Federalist Party having 7 votes to 6 for the Centrists. The Federalists decided most of the offices will stay the same: Erskiellander will stay Delegate; Daunlaund will stay as our Vice Delegate and Havadar will run for another term as Admin Officer of the region. Additionally, there is not much change in the officer ranks. Remarkably though, the Federalist Party decided to appoint Centrist Party Leader Cansilica as Intelligence Officer, because of such tight elections.

We interviewed one of the members of the Federalist Party, which is our Delegate: Erskiellander
Interviewer: Daunlaund

Q: Before elections started how were you feeling?

A: I was nervous. This was the first time I was being contested in elections, so I was not sure if my party would win.

Q: What was your view on the opposition?

A: I respected them. Of course. But I felt like they were wrong on several things, so I remained confident and strong in my will to win.

Q: You ended up winning by a single vote, what was that like?

A: In all honesty? Satisfying. Stressful but ironic, as I remember having lost something of that sort in another region, by a single vote.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I plan on further expanding the embassy network, growing the nation count in the region and possibly making a few WA propositions.

Q: Are you set to stay in this region?

A: The only reason why I'd leave would be being kicked. So it's fair to say that Yes, I'm set to stay.

Q: Will you be adding any major new changes to the UP any time soon?

A: I intend on creating a new office whose goal will be to organise military operations between UP States, named "Chief of Armed Staff".

UP Cup, Some News And Results!
By Daunlaund

The UP cup is back, this year it is being held in Saint pedro. Sixteen nations applied and the first group games began on Monday the 28th of January 2019, the host Saint pedro beat Pace e Saggezza in the opening match in Flamingia, Saint pedro. In other results Havadar sailed to victory beating Neue geldborse 2-0. The next matches are on Thursday the 31st of January and Friday the 1st of February 2019. If you want to see the groups or follow the tournament, the link to the spreadsheet is LinkHere

Full matchday results for Monday 28th of January 2019:

Pace e Sagezza vs. Saint Pedro 0-1
West Ankara vs. The Fourteen Isles 2-1
Cansilica vs. Berantoba 3-4
Neue Geldborse vs. Havadar 0-2
Daunlaund vs. Hoporginiankero 1-1
Latuaras vs. Joushiki Nante Iranai 1-1
Utopiani Republic vs. Neviersia 2-1
Erbersia vs. Georgi Republic 2-3

Political News - AUPLF
By Havadar

On December 25, 2018, the Utopian People's Liberation Front (UPLF) held their yearly protest marches in many capital cities of many member nations of the UP. The UPLF is an organization that wants member nations to leave the UP, believing that it is harmful to all nations involves. In almost all cities, the protests were peaceful, with no violence. However, in Latas, the capital of Latuaras, the AUPLF (a radical armed wing of the organization) from Latuaras and Daarlerveen joined the protests.

The situation quickly turned into chaos. The militants shot at the police, looted shops, and set tires and even buildings alight in flames. The police then opened fire on the crowd, which only worsened the situation.

Several hours later, the foreign intelligence service of Havadar, Svardén, intercepted a telephone conversation in Daarlerveen between a former Daarlerveenian general and a Latuarasian member of the organization. The Daarlerveenian was asking when they could attack and the Latuarasian gave him all the info about the situation.

Two days later, a large army of AUPLF rebels invaded Latuaras. The Latuarasian army could not handle them, and not long after the invasion began, the rebels had already captured some government buildings and moved the country to the West Pacific. When Latuaras was ejected from the West Pacific, they moved it to the Western Isles.

After the governor was shot, Latuaras desperately called in the help of its watchdog Havadar. Daunlaund and Joushiki nante iranai were also allowed to help. The 3 major armies launched a campaign and after 2 days, Latuaras was fully liberated and the rightful government installed once again. The city is currently rebuilding with help of the HDTU and JNI.

A New Continent!
Havadar Loses Palagian Monopoly - New Land Claimable!
By Havadar

We have a new continent, called Palagia, situated east of the North Utopian continent. It was discovered in 1478 by Havadarian ships, and for a long time they had a monopoly on trade with the continent. They also established colonies there. As you can see on the map, Havadar has a lot of land on the continent. Other powers of the UP, including Daunlaund and Erskiellander, followed later and also established colonies there.

Palagia is the smallest of the three well-known continents of the Universal Pact (the others being North and South Utopia). Nations who apply to be on the map can now choose a place from these 3 different continents.

A map of Palagia: (Green=Havadar; Dark blue=Daunlaund; Light blue=Erskiellander)

By Daunlaund and Havadar

We have made a short quiz for all of our readers!

1. In which country does edelweiss not grow natively?

2. What is the only country through which both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass?

3. What country calls itself Nippon?

4. What country was known as Rhodesia?

5. In what country might you find the Great Fence?

Good luck! Please send the answers to one of the owners of the chronicle, Joushiki nante iranai, Daunlaund or Havadar.
We hope and expect you can play this game nicely without cheating.
In the next issue of the chronicle, we will show you the answers to the questions and the winner(s) will be mentioned in the next time!

In issue #7:

  • More UP Cup results;

  • An interview with an honorary citizen of the UP;

  • Winter Olympics news; (Sign up now Linkhere!)

  • Political happenings;

  • And perhaps more...

All in the last issue of the UPBC Chronicle this month, on 28/02/19!

Greetings to our readers from the writers and editors of the Chronicle!

This Chronicle was made possible by Joushiki nante iranai, Daunlaund and Havadar

Read factbook

We are back

Please join the quiz and send your answers to

Daunlaund, Joushiki nante iranaior Havadar

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Arisen britannia

Radio New Vegas 7

by Nevv vegas

Howdy folks, it's Mr. New Vegas, and I have a good feeling about all of you listening.

The Tops Vault found empty, Dean Domino missing

In a shocking discovery, the Tops Vault, worth over two million bottle caps, has been found empty, with a note being left: "Can't ruin Sinclair, i'll ruin Swank instead! That'll teach you to give me 1000 caps per song!"

Comment from Swank:

"What a mean rat."

Last sighting of the prime suspect, Dean Domino, has been reported in Bitter Springs. Any sightings or clues to Domino's location are to be reported at the Strip North Gate OR the Police Station. Reward for information leading to his capture will be rewarded with 15,000 bottle caps.

Camp Arroyo Surrenders

The Raider Coaliton has sacked Camp Arroyo, every NCR soldier in the area has been hanged, their equipment taken. Eyebot intel heavily suggests that Camp Arroyo is under Raider Control. A Howitzer has been stolen from NCR territory and somehow moved to the Horowitz Farmstead. Westside has been mostly destroyed. The Desert Rangers have attempted to attack Horowitz, but have been forced to retreat after a defeat at Vault 22.

Battle Of Vault 19

Securitrons and Desert Rangers, led by Franklin Wallace and Chief Freeman respectively, have attacked Vault 19 during the night. The powder gangers were pushed in, but managed to escape by blowing up walls and making an unstable tunnel out of the Vault. They evacuated to Samson Rock Crushing Plant and have repelled any attacks. A bounty on the Raider leader, Samuel Cooke, is set at 50,000 caps.

Battle Of McCarran

In a surprise attack, Brotherhood aircraft tried to land on McCarran Airport, the Brotherhood was led by a Linklegend from the Far East, holotape records mention that he was responsible for clean water in the Capital Wasteland and the fall of the Enclave in the area. LinkCol. Wallace and his shadow company were the first responders to the attack, holding until securitrons could arrive. The battle saw both sides incur heavy casualties. The Shadow Company was forced to retreat and leave South Vegas. In a battle that saw the airport almost destroyed, the great Colonel manage to kill the Brotherhood leader with a lucky shot from a .44 Magnum Revole after his Brush Gun ran out of ammo. The New Vegas-McCarran Monorail is unoperational as of now to say the least.

Great Khans Confirm Destruction Of White Legs, Enclave troops contact Khans.

The Great Khans have confirmed that the White Leg tribe has failed to survive the winter of 2282 and has been mostly left to be picked over by scavengers. The men in power armor who were supposedly BoS are now confirmed to be Midwest Enclave. Intense fighting has started at the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Mojave, mo problems, am I right?

Got a song for you, now. It's about a guy who's cold on the exterior, but deep down, you know he's a good man. And his name... is Johnny Guitar.

Read dispatch

witty fallout new vegas reference here

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Here comes a tweet.


Our RMB at The Twitter is now open for every resident of embassy regions!

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fLORIDA, the recent movie I made, follows a fictional plot in modern day Florida. What would it be like if the German and Russian mobs operated in Florida? What if it was their capital?

If ya interested, check out the link.

Dennis Fißer has killed the late Krisztyan Kenna, who once lead the German Mob, and his actions have lead to tensions with the Russians. Meanwhile, American Arms Dealer Dylan Portland has gone mentally insane, and everything is starting to fall apart...

New poll in PieTopia here. Please vote!

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- We've Gameplay,
- Domino's in Radio New Vegas,
- Capital ideas on Socialism from the Independent

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Thank you for your efforts in journalism!! It is a trade that is simply wonderful!

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The latest Force Flyer is out!

The Force Flyer
Issue XXI

Elections for Prime Minister and House of Representatives took place, the Prime Minister announced a new Cabinet, Roleplay is finally becoming active, and an official cheese of the month has been named.

Elections: Closer than Expected

The January 2019 elections were quite exciting, with many winning by a landslide vote, and with others struggling to be elected.


Votes For

Votes Against

Votes Abstaining


The Scottish Republic









Not Elected





Not Elected





















House elections for this term were very successful for some, and devastating for others. For example, Seoul Pyongyang, who had served in the House prior to this election and been in Force for some time, lost due to a 9-9 tie. Contrarily, Marcelli, Edjerhan, Wracobia, and Carropia won by landslides. Marcelli and Wracobia had both been in the House the term before. The Scottish Republic had a close win, with one abstaining vote. While the elections were taking place, they were constantly switching from being ahead in the polls to behind. And lastly, NotTheLibertyEmpire suffered a hard loss of 7-11.




Libertatis Regalis



New Legland


Not Elected

For Prime Minister Elections, New Legland and Libertatis fought for the position. Arguably the most surprising event of the elections was New Legland running against Libertatis Regalis, a time-proven Prime Minister who has spent a long time with Force. New Legland did eventually fall to Libertatis Regalis, but nonetheless showed perseverance in such a situation. Both Candidates supported bringing together new ministers, and moving ministers to different ministries. For example, New Legland supported moving Elysium to Minister of Culture, and also supported replacing the prior Minister of Culture. Libertatis Regalis planned to remove about 80% of the cabinet, due to events such as inactivity, ministers not performing their jobs to par, etc. Libertatis was also much more experienced in the position, and pointed out that an experienced Prime Minister was needed to perform duties correctly.

Cabinet Appointments: the SCUT Triumphs?

Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis has appointed a new cabinet for the first session of 2019. Going off of his plan to remove approximately 80% of the cabinet, there were many changes in the Cabinet with prominent members such as Elysium, being removed.

Deputy Prime Minister: Vamperiall
Minister of Foreign Affairs: New Legland
Minister of Internal Affairs: Chundukeratopia (now resigned)
Minister of Culture: Carropia
Minister of Communications: Marcelli
Minister of Defense: Lashnakia (now resigned), currently The Chariot
Domestic Policy Advisor: Waltonburg-Vallonheim
Foreign Policy Advisor: Sword BJ

Two of the initial appointments to the Cabinet as well as one of the appointments later on were all former high-ranking officers in the SCUT, a now defunct alliance Force was once at war with. New Legland served as their head of Foreign Affairs, Chundukeratopia served as their head of Internal Affairs, and The Chariot was head of their Armed Forces. With Chundukeratopia choosing to resign from the Cabinet, this now leaves two. Could the SCUT be making a comeback? Only time will tell.

Roleplay: Finally Active!

Roleplay in Force has finally become more active, with many new people joining, especially with the introduction of the new Official RP Community. This system introduces a number of programs designed to maximize the realism of the RP and help make calculating things such as populations and GDPs easier. There have been many map annexations and thus, the map of Force will soon be expanded. Many nations have chose to introduce policies; most notably tariffs on goods from other countries. Additionally, some nations have chose to form pacts to try and wield greater influence on the world stage. With this new activity, it is our hope that the lore of Force will continue to expand and reach new horizons.

Cheese of the Month

In recent news, the Prime Minister has declared Extra-Sharp Cheddar to be the official cheese of Force. Anyone caught consuming other types of cheese may be subject to dirty looks and peer pressure.




WA Nations







The New Kingdom






Read dispatch


New Poll!

The Future of the Arctic

Please Vote & Debate in the RMB!

P.S. Please also discuss about the best way to put your plan into action.

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Pardon me if I haven't said this before, but I appreciate you all have accepted my embassy request. Accepting my one-man-show request was nice to very meaning of the word.

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