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Popular wrote:Hi

Nice name

Kirostan wrote:Nice name

Nice name.


Libertandonien wrote:Nice name.


Kirostan wrote:Thanks

No problemo,Kiro.


SNN Newsbooth Deerfenland Due to me not having the time to write articles and very, very misinformed about what happens in Strangereal, please tender my resignation from the team.

Kirostan, Aerilia, Deerfenland, and Estantia

Miruma wrote:We reject your imperialistic claims and also void your quarantine.

1: Have you read the deal?
2: I want an actual RP, not a one liner

Kirostan, Kuveria, and Libertandonien

Im bored, someone fight me

Kirostan, Sarkis, Warsaw-Halicz, and Libertandonien

British Bayonet wrote:Im bored, someone fight me

Sounds extremely dangerous. I'm not particularly eager to get roflstomped into oblivion, sorry.

British Bayonet wrote:Im bored, someone fight me


I'm also bored, someone get me a pizza


Aerilia wrote:I'm also bored, someone get me a pizza


I'm broke. Can you give me a loan?

Also for SOME reason I keep failing the security check to send messages on the RMB so I need to copy them and send quickly.

Dinoium wrote:I'm broke. Can you give me a loan?

Also for SOME reason I keep failing the security check to send messages on the RMB so I need to copy them and send quickly.

I'm also broke, but sure!

Do you accept bricks as legal tender?

Also that's odd, are you a threat to all of us?

The government of Libertandonia prohibits drones in their military because it considers them to be very inhumane.


And now, the wait till graduation starts begins!

Aerilia, Sarkis, and Libertandonien

Let the scam begin


East Supple Lund wrote:And now, the wait till graduation starts begins!


Re-arming the Army
Improve the Army
Complete corruption

*Heavy sweats*

Following the recent acquisition of nuclear material, the IKEA Rike has been developing its first nuclear power plant. Located within the Core Backcountry, the Uranhem Reactor Complex will provide power to much of the nation not closely linked with the Coastline. The complex will have 4 reactor towers; Towers 1, 2, and 3 are all dedicated power production plants, while Tower 4 shall primarily conduct research and testing of nuclear technologies.

Although not yet functional, the Uranhem Reactor Complex is sure to give a major boost to energy production and scientific research. Completion will occur soon.


The Mike Roctafinserland wrote:

Unsurprisingly, the Aylwater/Lorigians failed in bombing a large majority of the bases and airports, as the result of lackluster tactics and no battle plans. Fortunately, without flow of supplies, the paratroopers were caught in a frenzy. However, not all was a walk in the park, the Roctanians didn’t know what they were going up against, and they wouldn’t expect this...

Gray painted the sky, as smoke enveloped the air. Mountains of bodies dominated the desert plain, as blood—black as night—flooded into rivers and soaked the oasis dry with red. The city of Injongo collapsed into chaos amidst the invasion; luckily, the force of twenty-thousand Roctanians quickly resumed control.

The all-to-familiar spray of bullets fell to the earth as metal rain. And artillery shells shattered the ground. The first wave of paratrooper squadrons proved ineffective as the last fell to the Roctanian war machine. It came at a cost. The siege was lethal and the Roctanians wouldn’t forget.

The few, remaining tanks banded together to scour the streets. The buildings crumbled as sand into mounds of rubble.

Thick, dust layered the city, clouding the vision of the survivors. Only did they panic when the ringing sounds of explosions lingered in the distance.

The war had begun.

The office was packed with hardwood shelves, complete with countless books, stories, documents, plans. The flooring was refined marble, complimented by a gorgeous gray rug that sat in front of the fire, and behind the towering desk on one side of the room. Directly opposite of that, stood Scarlet observing from her domineering window that took up an entire wall.

“Summary?” Scarlet asked, swallowing hard at the midst of smoke rising in the distance.

“Critical casualties, but the threat has been suppressed, we’ll be up in the skies in—“

“Critical?” Scarlet lingered on the world, critical. It echoed through her skull. “Summon the navy to begin a blockade of their coastline. We’ll engage with their allies soon enough. And, Celeana, bomb them to oblivion.”

“B-b-bomb, ma’am I don’t know if that is important at this point,” Celeana stuttered, “she reached for the desk to steady herself. She couldn’t, wouldn’t have blood on her hands.

“Celeana, we all play a role in the price for war. But, we, we win, understand that?” Scarlet spun around and waltzed over to Celeana. Up against her side, Scarlet twirled Celeana’s amber hair in her finger, curling in it. Caressing her face, Scarlet whispered in her ear, “don’t let me down darling, I believe in you,” Scarlet kissed her cheek and disappeared into the hallway.

Celeana shook ferociously, but she wouldn’t let her mate down. Swallowing her worries deep inside her, Celeana marched out of the study and towards the war room.

Our little unplanned mess had left much destruction in northern Roctania,leaving an actual plan to be considered. Perhaps a successful landing?

Lothar von Hindenburg looked over the battle plans,looking unreasonably and weirdly happy. He seems to not understand that an attempt of landing and staging troops in Roctania just failed.


“Quiet.” said Lothar,cutting off a guard.

“Here’s what we're gonna do. We’ll bomb all air bases that we have previously failed to in Northern Roctania. We’ll also bomb any Airports to stop any use of them whatsoever. Afterwards,exactly 1,500 troops will be deployed/paratrooped within 3-7km of the bombed bases. 500 in each one will advance inwards and Scout for any Roctanians,which I doubt there would be any.. The rest will connect lines. Following this,supplies shall be sent via paratroopers. Fighters will also be sent to prevent any resistance or advancement by Roctanians. Understand?”

“Yes sir!” said just about everyone.

Three. Hours. Later.

More paratroopers are seen dropping out of the sky. They are shooting any Roctanian soldiers they might see. Bombers attempt,and successfully bomb SOME more of the air bases in the area. Fighters are seen in the sky,and Aylwaterian and Lorigian advancement has begun.

Fighters in the sky. So many trying to defend the union. They’re just waiting. They foreshadow an attack. They know to shoot down any Roctanian bombers that go one inch into Union territory. On the ground,anti-air artillery are just waiting for something to happen.

Also hello RMB! :D

Aerilia is ranked 9,938th in the world and 363rd in The North Pacific for Most Corrupt Governments, with 89.4 Kickbacks Per Hour.

Metropolitan israel

Aerilia wrote:I'm also bored, someone get me a pizza


*Gets you the pizza of your choice and gives it to you*

Metropolitan israel wrote:*Gets you the pizza of your choice and gives it to you*

YAY thank you!

And here is your change...

*gives you the empty pizza box*


Metropolitan israel

Aerilia wrote:YAY thank you!

And here is your change...

*gives you the empty pizza box*

I dont want change
*plops the pizza box on your head* that's better!

Where are you on SR?

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