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Dakota Territories wrote:lol

I can still make posts but I will be unable to transport them to Discord

Accipitridia wrote:I can still make posts but I will be unable to transport them to Discord

yeah, i guess

Sallent wrote:After hours of backchannel communications between the two of the few stratocratic governments on Strangereal, the Sallentis Government has reached a consensus that benefits both it and the opposite party. From 3:00 to 5:25 AM (Central Osean Time Zone) the Cavallería Regime has met the Baratochin Government in the middle and will be allowing Baratochin troops through their nation, as well as use Sallentis Air-Force bases and Military bases as per they get confirmation from the Sallentis Government on a case-to-case Basis. Further negotiations are underway on the topic of allowing Baratochin Forces to fight on the Sallentis-Hong Konger border.

Along with that, Sallent has announced to the world that it denounces the NEHK -Dakota Territories- Government for its aggressive actions not only towards [nation]Baratochi[nation] despite them doing nothing wrong as well as the Hong Konger decision to arm the border. More troops will be funneled into Dos Puntos to make sure that the small exclave is not seized by the NEHK socialist government.

-Benjamín Fernán, Stratocratic Enpointáe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fair enough


Dakota Territories wrote:can you tell me again to what we agreed on?

We agreed on you writing a well-written post that has atleast 5 paragraphs and I'll accept your fleet being almost to my waters and a week into the war.

Baratochi wrote:We agreed on you writing a well-written post that has atleast 5 paragraphs and I'll accept your fleet being almost to my waters and a week into the war.

city names?

Franco-British-American Empire wrote:Is anyone still here?

Dakota Territories wrote:city names?

I've told you the cities, its not hard to just go back and look up the names

Baratochi wrote:I've told you the cities, its not hard to just go back and look up the names

by all means, yes it is

Dakota Territories wrote:by all means, yes it is

You arent inept Dakota, go find it yourself.

Korolk wrote:

Hey Korolk have you seen Jodilee, Lyronesia,TSU or anyone I know?

Baratochi wrote:You arent inept Dakota, go find it yourself.

i cannot find it because there are thousands of posts from this post to it, so

Dakota Territories wrote:i cannot find it because there are thousands of posts from this post to it, so


Baratochi wrote:page=rmb_search

like that will help

Dakota Territories wrote:like that will help

Its not that hard if you try my man

Greetings everyone!

As a small token of our appreciation for their service to the region, each month we gift all members of the North Pacific Army (NPA) receive a free epic card!

Below is a list of all NPA members that were gifted an epic card (shown in "ID, season" format) for 2020-05.

2 and 2 is Fish: 23068, 2
Aerilia: 13655, 2
Agadir Island: 513021, 2
Aria heart: 6039, 2
Arichia: 127773, 2
Konar: 832717, 2
Veniyerris: 193360, 2
Guslantis: 636, 2
Twertis: 1216088, 2
Cimmerien: 24046, 2
Deropia: 116092, 2
Rourethia: 2425171, 2
South teman: 2289255, 2
Eastern bahia: 1469664, 2
Port harbour: 96083, 2
Else New: 147429, 1
Inte kok: 17821, 2
Inven in TNP: 96726, 2
Santamar: 1636561, 2
The Islands of Tonga: 1537367, 2
Palutenia: 2009606, 2
Krevt: 138033, 2
Logovets: 1554, 2
Lotion Empire: 314401, 2
Malphe: 2189011, 2
Nimarya: 110646, 2
-Ocelot-: 8748, 2
Huks Gares: 2042129, 2
Westminstra: 24660, 1
TyGerria: 1209010, 2
QuietDad of TNP: 283714, 2
Francois Isidore: 87544, 2
ROM: 2187644, 2
Pope Saint Peter the Apostle: 513021, 2
Ferraris: 801545, 2
Sasten: 77164, 2
Madjack: 1956971, 2
The South Falls: 4013, 1
Canlonia: 41184, 2
Kranostav: 75663, 2
Queen Yuno: 47005, 2
Azerkaliza: 402533, 2
Pigeonstan: 8552, 1
Notun ahom: 17630, 1
Millius prime: 3143, 1

The following nations are NPA members but were not gifted epic cards because they had no deck capacity. Please telegram The Northern Light after making room in your deck to receive your cards!

Congratulations everyone!

If you also want to serve your region, experience one of the most exciting aspects of NationStates, and win free legendary cards along the way, you should join the North Pacific Army (NPA)! The NPA is one of the strongest and most active militaries in NationStates, and works tirelessly to protect The North Pacific and our interests abroad.

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join the North Pacific Army Linkhere to experience one of the most exciting aspects of NationStates!

What is this "raiding/defending game" I keep hearing of?

A new player to NationStates could be forgiven for mistaking talk of R/D for the real world "Research and Development&qout; but as the question suggests, this is about raiding and defending. In NationStates players are allowed one World Assembly (WA) nation and using that nation they can endorse any nation in the region, with the nation receiving the most endorsements becoming delegate. The WA delegate mechanic enables a kind of warfare game, which comprises two broad types of operations. Raiding is the act of a group of players moving their WA nations to a region and endorsing a given candidate to seize the delegacy. Defending is the act of a group of players using their WA nations to prevent such a delegacy seizure, or restore the previous delegate.

So how can I partake in this?

There are many well known defending and raiding organizations that you can choose to take part in, which brings us to question three.

What is the North Pacific Army and why do we need it?

The North Pacific Army (or NPA) is the regional army of our fine region which takes part in both raiding and defending operations, as required by the region's interests. We welcome anyone who wants to join in whatever capacity they are able to.

How do I join the North Pacific Army?

Simply register on our regional forums and fill out the application form Linkhere.

How do these missions work and what do I need to do in a mission?

This depends greatly on what force you wish to join. The NPA as a military body has several functions and if you wish to join, you can choose what sort of role you wish to take:

  • The Auxiliary or Pilers - Nationstates updates two times a day (these two updates are known as minor and major) and during these periods every nation in a region has their endorsments calculated and the nation with the highest number of endorsements is made the WA delegate. Pilers do not have to be around during either update but rather need only check their email, forum PMs or nation telegrams to check if they need to move and reinforce a position during any given time. The benefit of being part of this crosssection is that you are not required to be online at update and will be given a rank. It is notable that you will not gain promotions as fast as the second force, the special forces.

  • Special Forces, as mentioned above, are required to be online during the update so that they might move into a region at a given time. It is also a requirement that updaters have access to Discord. Updaters will be promoted much faster than the Auxiliary and are also considered to be members of the Auxiliary.

Note that by being a member of the NPA, you will be required to create additional nations (puppets), transfer your WA membership from your main nation to those puppets, and move the puppets to other regions.

Someone asked me if I can help with a mission in another organization. What do I do?

Before doing anything, make sure to inform the High Command, which is comprised of the Minister of Defense, their deputies, and Generals of the NPA. As long as you have obtained permission from them, there is no reason you cannot help with another mission. Sometimes it might even be possible to do both at once.

My question isn't here. What do I do?

You can find more information in Linkthis thread on The North Pacific forum, contact Minister of Defense 9003, or any one of the Mentors.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read dispatch

Btw I saw korolks war against ancap.was Jodilee invaded?
Cuz that violates T E A G A N G rules. If he was invaded by NIAC you messed up.

I am independent

Hello *bark*.

I had an issue and when I was done with it it said:

"The needs of the living outweigh the needs of the dead."

And I went "Well duh, they dead!"

Pegasia RP

German spitsbergen has offically joined LON and is now a acting delegate of the organization.

Missouria wrote:I am independent

Not for long if you keep loitering in Bala Mantre *points to a sign that says so*

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