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Arabian commonwealth

Is there a cartographer? Because I see that the current one ceased to exist.

Bernie is great at turning communists into social democrats

America the greater

Anarchlebak wrote:Bernie is great at turning communists into social democrats

In the US, it's more like Bernie is the best choice ideologically with the highest chance of winning so it's sort of a given that you have to vote socdem. Tactical voting and all that.

Tactical voting is no solution

I've watched some American interviews about Bernie Sanders and about 'socialism' aka free healthcare and education.
In my country(Finland) the education is (mostly) free and you get paid to go to school aka student support and there's free health care.
Many people claim that in such (aka Scandinavian countries) people pay like 60% tax rate, but it's not really true. Americans have gotten many things very wrong in many debates and so on.

Even the USA has changed a lot and unfortunately "the American Dream" doesn't exist anymore. I sure do hope that Bernie Sanders will win, even though I am not from The States, but I doubt he'll win because Americans be like "This is what happens when Bernie Sanders will win", while they're watching documentaries about Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. Bernie Sanders is largely misunderstood by Americans.

Ansuriel, Yodle, Saradinia, and Autologist

Hey folks, Iím going to be renovating the region a bit and will try and bolster some activity! Expect changes within the next few days


Love y'all

Free savacdoo


Free savacdoo wrote:SO YOU ARE GAY

No u

Free savacdoo wrote:SO YOU ARE GAY

No sh*t sherlock

Hello Everyone!

South Asians wrote:Hello Everyone!


Yodle wrote:Hello!

How are you, Captain?

South Asians wrote:How are you, Captain?

Doing pretty good, yourself?

Yodle wrote:Doing pretty good, yourself?

I am fine as always.

when are we overthrowing the international bourgeiosism

Yodle and Autologist

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Yodle wrote:Doing pretty good, yourself?

Can I be part of the board PLZ👊

Can we invade nations?

Vote Bernie for President 2020

Yodle and Autologist

Cykoslevinia wrote:Vote Bernie for President 2020


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Hello! Is there someone who is doing the cartography?

What am I supposed to do here?

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