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Zombie day is here! Are you prepared? Make the right choices

tf is going on?

im moving back in with the omen union

United democratic unionist

Why am I the only one in the region to recognize that the "Sensible limits on industry act" isn't all that sensible? Curious to hear other opinions on this.


There's still a couple of weeks left to enter the Forestian Autumnal Writing Contest.


Forestian Autumnal Writing Contest


Welcome! Forest is proud to announce its first writing contest! Judged by a panel of three Forestians, this writing contest will consist of two categories. Nations are free to enter one or both categories. There will be a winner, one runner up and up to three honorable mentions for each category.


The Categories

There are two categories: Prose and Poetry. Applicants may enter one or both categories - although obviously not with the same piece of writing!

The Prompt

The prompt is:


It is up to the writer to interpret this however they wish.

Entering the Contest

Entries can be TG'd to any of the judges. Simply state whether it is an entry for Prose or Poetry.

Entries will open on Monday 22nd October and close on Thursday 22nd November. There will be a two week period set aside for judging, with the winners announced on Friday 7th December.

Embassy Regions

This contest is open to all Forestians and any nations residing in regions that Forest maintains an embassy with.



Entries will be judged on the following criteria: construction of the text, interesting interpretations of the prompt and finally engaging ideas.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will not officially be judged; however it will be taken into account when looking at the other criteria. If your submission is particularly full of errors to the point it makes the text indecipherable or hard to follow, your submission will likely not score as highly and may be rejected.

The Judges

The panel will consist of Caracasus, The New Bluestocking Homeland and Zwangzug - all experienced issue authors and editors.

As an aside, the kind of skills needed to succeed in this competition are rather similar to the skills needed to write good issues. If you find that you enjoy the submission process, consider checking out the Got Issues? forum!

A Reminder

NationStates, as a website, does have certain rules surrounding offensive material. From the Moderation sticky:

Offensive Material: As mentioned previously, we use the US movie rating "PG-13" standard. Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both will result in moderation intervention.

Bear in mind this would cover material sent via Telegrams too.

Good luck and Happy Writing!

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Break out your creative hats and typewriters and get submitting!

Hello 👋

Zeinerland wrote:Hello 👋


Alright, I'll be working on the region today :)

Edit: Terrasitrus will remain Regional Cartographer so please send any map requests to him

Yodle wrote:Alright, I'll be working on the region today, if anyone has any map requests please let me know via Discord or on here!

Hey I'm back

Terrasitrus wrote:Hey I'm back

Welcome back!

So how is everyone doing?

IC: It has been months since the assassination of the Chinese Minister of Finance resulted in a dramatic plunge in the Shanghai Exchange and a rapid series of insolvencies in state and private banks, the forthcoming economic recession threatening hundreds of millions of Chinese jobs by shutting down thousands of workplaces. The Government's attempts to salvage the collapse of financial transactions worth trillions of dollars by subsidizing state banks through monetary stimulus only succeeded in halting, not reversing the deep recession and stagnation in the stock market, and at the expense of wiping out ninety percent of personal savings.

It only took a month for the Shendaoist Association, a traditionalist Han Nationalist movement that had been slowly gaining popularity among the majority Han ethnic group as growing national prosperity enabled the citizenry to look on the intrusion of western cultures, values, and ideologies as an unwanted invasion, to surge in popularity and seize the government offices in Beijing and other major Han cities. The People's Liberation Army, itself filled with many Han nationalists and the family members of those whose savings and jobs had been lost, did not take long to pledge its allegiance to the new government. With the backing of the military, the provincial governments were cowed into submitting to Shendaoist control.

Its first act was to declare a youth, whom records indicated was descended from all of the recent Han Dynasties, and by customary tradition was indicated to have descended from all previous Han Dynasties, as the Tianlong Emperor of a new Celestial Empire of China. The Tianlong Emperor promulgated their next legislative action into an Imperial Edict, wherein all domestic debts in the Renminbi to state enterprises were forgiven, in which was introduced a new Imperial currency, the Ban Liang, expropriating the properties of all bankrupt enterprises, declaring new Imperially-granted rations of food and traditional Han clothing, establishing a new Imperial pension program for the old and destitute, and guaranteeing free housing for all Han people using the properties of the bankrupt enterprises.

The next Imperial Edict promulgated into law established the reopening of all Shenxianjiao Temples, established state funding for them, and decreed that all religious sites shall be attended as Shenxianjiao Temples and provided with Shenxianjiao Priests. It also banned the importation of non-Hanfu clothing, re-established a modernized Imperial Examination system, wherein Shenxianjiao and the Classics were accompanied by more technical economic, administrative, and scientific policy subjects, clarifying that the subjects of the Imperial Examination would form the new focus of Imperial Education and that Shenxianjiao would be the official religion of State. This Imperial Edict was promulgated immediately prior to the Tianlong Emperor offering the traditional sacrifice to Heaven in the Temple of Heaven, having taken up residence in the Forbidden City some time prior.

The third Imperial Edict was promulgated to establish the form of the new Imperial Government. It was decided that it should be divided into Five Departments. The Heavenly Department would constitute the legislative branch and formulate national policy proposals for the Dragon Throne, while the Earthly Department would be responsible for the appointment of officials to lower levels of government and their administrative affairs, the Spring Department would constitute the organization responsible for all cultural associations, which would be re-aligned to traditional Imperial interests, education, and religious affairs, the Aestival Department would constitute the authority over military affairs, the Autumnal Department would be responsible for law enforcement, the courts, intelligence, and the policing of government corruption, and the responsibility and authority over economic affairs and state properties would be held by the Winter Department. Only those who achieved the highest degrees in the Imperial Examination would qualify for the high offices, and only those with at least the lowest degrees in the Imperial Examination would qualify to vote for the elected officials of the Heavenly Department.

The fourth Imperial Edict was promulgated in order to command the Winter Department to establish such economic reforms as would be necessary to establish the Celestial Empire at the highest point in the Ease of Doing Business Index as well as the Economic Freedom Index, while establishing National Insurance Corporations for the purposes of attending to every regular need of the population and the stabilization of the economy in reference to economic shocks, and establishing that its National Bank's sole responsibility was for maintaining inflation at or below zero percent, along with funds to stimulate start-ups and R&D. The Winter Department was also instructed to make all efforts to convert the Empire's economy to sustainable energy sources and eliminate pollution and other environmental hazards. A special fund was established for the modernization of agriculture.

The fifth Imperial Edict was promulgated in order to command the Spring Department to restore the worship of the traditional Chinese gods, officially institute the festivals and celebrations affiliated with these deities on the national level, expand on the national level the associations for the practice of traditional Chinese culture, and to ensure that all areas of society were suffused with Shendaoism such that the whole population would be spiritually and culturally cultivated.

I'm a bit rusty. Was that RP post any good as an introduction to a nation concept?

Tiandiguo wrote:I'm a bit rusty. Was that RP post any good as an introduction to a nation concept?

oh look new neighbors!


Im back, and my has it been awhile. I am only staying for now, but idrk what my NS future holds.

hi mom


Pope Palul, Malcolm X, British politician sex
JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say



North peruvia

Terrasitrus Can I have a spot on the map, consisting of the area North of Peruvia, (Modern Day Ecuador and Colombia)

Would Petroslovania Royalty be interested in marrying one of King Peter's daughters?

The latest Force Flyer is out!


The Heart Government has been dismissed, elections for the House of Representatives have been held, elections for the Court have been held, and more Ministers have been dismissed and replaced.

Heart Government Dismissed
In an unexpected series of events, the Heart Cabinet narrowly voted for intervention into the region’s affairs by Force. Following this vote, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis of Force dismissed the Heart Government and appointed a caretaker government. The caretaker government consists of Farallaracks, Lashnakia, Vamperiall, and Waltonburg-Vallonheim. Their primary job is to establish a new Constitution for the region, facilitate new elections, and oversee the next government for its first few weeks in office. This whole dismissal of the government though, has not been without controversy. The government willingly gave up control in the first place because of its inability to make the region more active and a declining regional population. Many say that the government should have stayed in place to fix things for itself rather than having Force once again interfere. Whatever the result, Heart is in for an interesting next few months.

First Elections for the House

The first Elections for House have concluded, resulting in the creation of a Legislative Branch in Force. Six people announced their intention to run, they were Great Latinoamerica of Force, Seoul-Pyongyang of Force, Marcelli of Force, Salibaic of Heart, Western Chosetus of Force, and Wracobia of Force. All six were elected, but for some of them it was very close.

Western Chosetus: 7-0
Seoul-Pyongyang: 4-3
Wracobia: 5-2
Great Latinoamerica: 6-1
Marcelli: 6-1

Salibaic: 3-0

Emergency Court Elections
Due to the absence of a Judge in the Court and the Prosecutor's job being heavily changed by the new Constitution, Emergency Court Elections were held this month. Only one citizen sought the position of Prosecutor, Sword BJ, and there were three contenders for Judge, Lashnakia, Western Chosetus, and Seoul-Pyongyang. After an unusually civil debate, voting was held. Sword BJ was unanimously elected Prosecutor and Western Chosetus was elected Judge.

For Sword BJ: 7
Against Sword BJ: 0
Abstain: 2

Western Chosetus: 6
Lashnakia: 3
Seoul-Pyongyang: 0
Abstain: 0

Cabinet Shake-Up
Three ministers, Seoul-Pyongyang (Minister of Defense), Fortis Draco Islands (Minister of Communications), and Mokkland (Minister of Culture) announced their resignations in October. After speaking with them, it is clear that none of them would be able to maintain activity, or complete a satisfactory level of work. The new Defense Minister, Vamperiall, has already ramped up things in the military, conducting several operations already, and getting people involved quickly! Lashnakia, the new Minister of Communications has been working hard to produce high quality content for The Force Flyer and Quantumland, the new Minister of Culture has created a new map for Roleplay which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Opinion Editorials

"I think that the people of Force should be able to have more of a say in Democratic elections. This is because the citizens who aren't on the Force Chat on The Force Regional Forum are unable to vote. So I think that you should put a vote on the Force homepage on NationStates. Make it easier for the citizen to vote, and whats more, a telegram can be sent to everyone in Force to notify them about an election. This is just a thought to make Force a better place to be."


"Less than a week ago the Heart government voted to let Force intervene with the government to help Heart recover from the last few months of emigration. Libertatis Regalis, the prime minister of Force, also deemed that a rewrite of the constitution was necessary and that their goal was to get 75 residents within the region.

Heart has had a rocky relationship with recruitment in the past anyway, primarily because any recruitment it has ad, it lost because Force was the region in charge. Many residents left because this is where the action was at. Libertatis will not be able to reach that lofty goal of 75 members and be able to keep it for long.

Kicking out the government is also an unnecessary action. How does Heart have any leadership in the future if Force overtakes the region without retraining or future assistance? The answer is that they can’t. All of the previous government officials are left in the dark and have no way of learning how to run a region, therefore leaving the region to fail in the future.

It seemed the only way to keep recruitment up in the region was to draw attention to it. My first governmental job was under the controversial Bennisia as the Minister of Communications (MoCom). He at least brought the desired attention to the region that it needed to get people to stay, even proposing regional mergers to keep the community strong."

[161 nations; 41 WA nations] Force
[54 nations; 4 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[38 nations; 5 WA nations] Heart
[22 nations; 8 WA nations] RGBN

[275 nations; 58 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

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Hey if anyone wants to have a place on the map be sure to either message me here or on the regional discord

Hey my dude's it's me again

Oldmanzakk and Yodle

Looks like we’re slowly building back up our old numbers! How is everyone doing?

New eastern cascadia and Grady1

Yodle wrote:Looks like we’re slowly building back up our old numbers! How is everyone doing?

Pretty good, i've half forgoten how to use the site lol

Old tropico wrote:Pretty good, i've half forgoten how to use the site lol

Same lol

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