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An early goodbye to Matroyska. Loved ya while you lasted, and beyond.


Hello everyone,

I hope you all are safe from the effects of COVID-19. Please stay safe and strong.
Here are a few links that you can read to pass your time at home:

This is a cool story to read if you're bored

The "oil" era is finally coming to a decline and hopefully an end due to coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, the earth is finally blooming again amidst the absence of humans where there is cleaner waters in Venice and cleaner air in China. Our planet benefited from the virus, so it is time we learn from it.


Klorgiawon wrote:An early goodbye to Matroyska. Loved ya while you lasted, and beyond.

He lives!

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are staying safe amidst the current crisis.
So, as many of you know, Earth Day is coming up soon in April and this got me thinking that we as humans are doing a fairly good job so far cleaning up our land we live on. However, quite often us humans forget about our wonderful oceans and other bodies of water. We forget that they exist even though 70% of our planet's land mass is water!

Thank you to Lake of Fur for sending me the above article. It highlights that our oceans can actually be saved within the next 30 years, so by 2050. Scientists have predicted that if we change our way of thinking of actually take real action then it can truly be saved and turn into the magical place it once was. Governments must enact tougher laws such as no sewers should go into our bodies of water and no one can throw plastic in the waters.

Do the oceans need us? Yes the oceans do need us.
Do we need the oceans? YES we need the oceans more than the oceans need us. Our oceans provide us with 70% of the oxugen we breathe today. This means that if we want to live here on Earth, we have to make sure that our oceans live and are as healthy as they can be.

A great big shout out to "The Guardian" for being the first major global news organization on banning any fossil fuels extracting companies to donate to the organization. Such actions should be followed by all. By 2030, a team of scientists goal is to expand protection to at least 30% of our world's oceans to be marine protected areas where many nations are coming and signing upon this goal such as the UK for example.

Hats off to everyone that's contributing positively to make our world a better place by making it environmentally sustainable!! I salute you.