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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 19.2%, Kuriko 12.0%, The Bigtopia 8.8%, McMasterdonia 8.7%, Caelapes 8.4%, The Salaxalans 3.7%, Giovanniland 3.4%, Valentine Z 3.4%, Jocospor 2.7%, Dekks 2.6%, Wymondham 2.3%

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The interior union

Welcome Episarta

The big 75!

Dan may i say when it comes to regions you are a genius, AH Genesis That b one oh god thats incredible how you gather attention like that.

yeah, and the most annoying thing about it is that almost anyone who comes here has gone to Tyrion and stayed for about an hour and then comes here :[

The interior union

50 nations in week 1
8 nations in week 2
this is the 3rd week and we've got 19 in 2 days
Total: 77, once im finished with Ermonte

The interior union

Welcome Semiteland, The rick roll & Reynoldsks

Shalom, and thank you.

The interior union

your welcome :)

and welcome Sakina

Hello everybody, I am now the ambassador to this region from Atlantis.

The interior union

Greetings Indie. Atlantis is going well by the looks of things.

and welcome Gustav grieg

The interior union

Welcome Snackmouse.

Welcome Le union grand

kinda pointless in suppressing messages since everyone, in the region anyway, can still see them, but the RMB history is a nice touch.
for anyone wishing to see RMB messages from last week, dont bother trying as it only goes as far back as to when the RMB history was implemented last night.

using this as the Ambassador nation to Atlantis

their goes all of St Samuels puppets

Le union grand

Hi everyone!

howdy :)

Greetings from the Federal Empire of Fexia.

New World Factsbook

Why would you add a song from such a horrible game?

Black opps is not a horrible game.

Nazi zombies is a brilliant game!

Just saying

Agree Nazi Zomies is brilliant.

Charles buckingham

was up guys


Post by Hoolemere suppressed by The US of Europe.

black opps is ok, nazi zombies is horrible

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