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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 19.3%, The Bigtopia 11.0%, Kuriko 9.6%, McMasterdonia 9.0%, Caelapes 6.6%, The Salaxalans 4.5%, Valentine Z 4.3%, Giovanniland 4.0%, Jocospor 2.8%, Atlantian Oceania 2.6%, Dekks 2.4%

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Excuse my typos

If we remain in a deadlock like this we will continue to get nothing done.

No need for another vote. We know 2 are for and 2 against and I dont see that changing, not in favour anyway.
It pains me to say this but, we could just do what we want, be it move somewhere else or stay here and just talk on the RMB or join another commonwealth region.
No need to discuss a merge, just apply for citizenship with someone else.

I dont know time constraints of the rest of ye but starting tomorrow I'm up at 6am and finish college at 6pm 4/5 days of the week and it takes me roughly an hour and a half round trip to college and back home each day. My time for NS will be pretty small during the week from now until May, aside from holidays.
I voted in favour because I though that there was a chance people might try a hand at a new theme but that doesn't seem to be the case.
I dont know what to say or do anymore to be honest.

Look, I don't care if we move to Aura Hyperia or make a totally new region, but TUSE is dead. It's done. It's failed five times now and it's not getting revived.

Just for kicks and giggles, I've made a region called The Galactic Imperium if anyone wants to go with the "totally new region" idea instead.

Hmmmm. I really don't know what is going to happen. I say we try Aura first and re-establish the government. See if it be revived. Start anew.

Who is the president?

The leader of this region would get the final say

*tears hair out*


I'm heading for AH. If anyone cares enough to follow, you're welcome to do so.

Okay fine I know my ideas has changed but it is just that...this has been the only region that I have ever loved

If I start a new region who is going to join

As my post earlier pretty much states, I cant really expand beyond what I'm apart of for a good long time. I'll keep with the commonwealth through Atlantis whatever happens but as for regional workload I cant.

Okay them good bye everyone I'll join Atlantis I think good bye

I seriously have mixed feeling on just leaving the region....

Kingboroughian ambassador < Is this true or just rubbish?

Pretty much true.

I have sent out one final message to the region in regards to what is happening.

Well, I'm not really sure what to say. It's been a long time since I've been on here, life got crazy and I let Seaside fall away. It's finely sort of balanced out and I decided to come back. It's sad to see what has happened here in just the last few days but I'm glad to see that the USE was still apart of the Commonwealth up until just recently.

Anyway, howdy and I hope all are well.

Doing pretty good. How have things been with you?

Seaside. You better stay or I will chain you to a post

I'll be here, but I found a good post for you just in case.

I'm doing pretty well, just started Grad school which, as crazy as it sounds, has given me more downside than the jobs I've been working the last year or so.

Grad school. :o

I just got to 12th grade.......

Ah, the american equivalent to leaving cert year yes?(ie. last year before college)

Post self-deleted by Seaside.

Yeah. Though I am nervous for going to college

OOC (obviously!): College at the time seemed dauntingly hard, but from hindsight after grad school seems pretty darn easy. One of the biggest differences is that in grad school you aren't really taking courses beyond your core as you do in HS and college.

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Providence: The new novel by Max Barry, creator of NationStates