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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.2%, Kuriko 10.6%, The Bigtopia 9.9%, McMasterdonia 8.9%, Caelapes 7.0%, The Salaxalans 4.3%, Valentine Z 4.3%, Giovanniland 3.9%, Dekks 3.0%, Wymondham 2.6%, Jocospor 2.6%

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Oh. So it isn't the hype that everyone brings it up to?

College? Don't get too worried, especially if you have decent study habits (taking notes and maybe reading from time to time). It is a lot of fun but just remember why you're there (to get an education) and you will be successful and have plenty of time for everything.

Yay... This should be fun. D:

It's getting pretty lonely in here

Well there are about 3 of us active.
A note about our most recent departure to the region 'Glorious Nations of Iwaku'. I'd advise no one to move there. While PCR recruitment is now legal, it is still majorly fround upon and does nothing more than leech the life blood of other communities. People pay money for auto recruitment and for others to then recruit in their region is just plain disrespectful. It is akin to GCR's recruiting from one another. Regardless of arguments supporting it and the state of any region they try it in, I'd advise everyone to take a harsh stance against any region that tries such underhanded tactics.

Just remember that undergrad Uni is just more HS.

Bring it zombies!

A message to all the nations of the USE, The Republic of Seaside is in desperate need of aid. Our scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure and save the region from the zombie hordes, however the zombies will soon outnumber our healthy citizens which would likely halt our efforts. For the sake of the region I beg of anyone reading this to focus your resources on a cure, and if possible send a couple cure missiles our way.

The Ermontian Military has been dispatched to the most infected areas in the region with the latest infection rates now at 47% down from 70%. It is advised that all nations launch Cure Missiles at the most infected nations repeatedly until said nation have an infected population of under 100million, once this has been achieved by all nations then a cure should become more widespread. Even so keep firing Cure Missiles at the most infected nations until the infected status changes to contained. Our brothers in Aura Hyperia have managed this.

Latest infection rate now stands at 7.6% with a live prototype developed. We have almost beaten this day.
Keep up the fight, we've got this!

Latest infection rate is now 0.7% with a partially developed cure. Almost there.

A huge thank you to those nations that helped save Seaside from being overrun. Our losses are great as it looks like we have lost about half our population but we will be able to rebuild and move forward. On a lighter note Seaside's pristine beaches will be more empty than they have been in years if you are looking for a place to vacation.

-Seaside Minister of Trave....err... President

Episarta now cured.

Post self-deleted by The US of Europe.

The United States of Europe is now free of infection. Thank you Episarta and Seaside for assisting in the curing operation.
The day is ours ladies and gentlemen.

And with that I think we're cured. Thanks Ermonte

The USE is currently number 60 in the world in survivors with none infected.

We would probably have more survivors if I wasn't so hellbent on killing everything.

Wow we actually got placed!
Aura Hyperia is 31st

Episarta remind me to stay on your good side :P

Even in a "dead" region we're doing pretty darn well. They were really on top of it over there in Aura Hyperia.

Yep, almost cured entirely when I came online earlier today. AH is now 54th while we are still 60th.
Those who were not active today have no idea how close they came to having 0 people.

I seem to've slept through Z2. *yawn*

Glad to see you survived

Valtemrei was recently raided by the Black Riders. For most I'm sure its not too big a deal but seeing as I was actually kinda active back when some of us were over there I hate to see the Black Riders propaganda up on the Factbook. They have left already so if anyone is interested in going over there and scrubbing the Factbook let me know, obviously we'll need at least one more WA nation.

They had the nerve to do so while the founding nation was active. All taken care of now.

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