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Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

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New Poll! Most people here may not agree with any of the democratic candidates, but just choose the one you would pick if you had to pick one.

Let me know if you do not want notifications for polls from IDA.
Not sure if any of you remember IDA which has fallen into inactivity, but I'm trying to get it going again.

Hello I'm just letting you guys know there's an election coming up in our region on the 29th. If you want to vote please read the party factbooks first.

Established by Goldgamia at February 2020, the party aims to handle the GDU in a militaristic way if required, with good reasoning, the party would reject restrictions on the use of conflict. The Internationalist Party also has a major interest in technology research.


- To assist other GDU states when they require it

- To prevent inhumane weapons from being used, however, will accept the usage in certain cases

- Everyone gets a say in most decisions, however, satellites/other accounts owned/controlled by the same person are restricted from voting on certain decisions due to unfairness

- If any nation gets into a problem with the World Assembly, the party will support them depending on certain things

- To reach world peace using necessary decisions

- To guarantee an end to poverty

- To heavily fund technological advancement research

- To increase trade freedoms

- To guarantee a safe GDU for all nations and their people

- To fund development of a cure to Covid-19 and other diseases that occur later

- To spend £G40,000,000,000,000/(Whatever that is worth in your currency) on education, welfare and research (2,000,000,000,000 for each GDU nation (Goldgamia can cover any nation unable to fulfil this goal))


Goldgamia (Head of Party)
Mark lucas (Official Member)
Dominant Oppressors (Out of region/unofficial member)
The British Unionn (Goldgamian Satellite)
United african republic (Goldgamian Satellite)
Lasaca (Autonomous part of Goldgamia)
Goldgamian north america (Goldgamian Satellite)

Whoever wants to join the party (nations outside of the GDU will be accepted as well), please telegram Goldgamia .

Read factbook


Established by The Democratic Legion in the February of 2020, the party aims to handle the GDU diplomatically in peaceful ways. It limits the use of war and hates pointless conflicts. They tolerate any type of economy (socialists and capitalists allowed) as long as itís fair. We are tolerant of every religion and support the people more rather than the military. By April 2020 the party is now the largest in the GDU consisting of 6 members


- To prevent inhumane weapons from ever being used in warfare or anything else.

- Everybody gets a say in the region for politics and ideas

- If anybody gets in trouble with the WA then the party will support whomever is in trouble

- To bring world peace using as little violence as possible.

- Trade will become free in the GDU.

- Unemployment will decrease as millions of new jobs will be created.

- Developing nations will be fully supported into becoming developed nations

- Around 800M (whatever youíre currency is) will be spent on infrastructure and new police officers, doctors and firemen

- To establish new hospitals across the globe

- Military spending will be cut to support the peopleís needs

- The corona virus will be dealt with swiftly with a research budget of 6.8B Ungras/whatever your currency is

The Democratic Legion (Head of Party)
Hitistan (Official Member)
Krishnama (Official Member)
Free to hong kong (official member)
Hermes Express 123 (Gypsy Lands Ambassador)
Saramu (Official Member)
Nova colonies (Satonian Puppet)
Ninkang (Satonian Puppet)
South ninkang (Satonian Sub-puppet)

Whomever wants to join the party (Foreign nations allowed but wonít be official members) please send The Democratic Legion a telegram and what you will bring to the group.
Read factbook

The GDU regional elections are to be held today

GDU elections have begun

Hi, with over 250 embassies, the process I have for delivering news has become too inefficient. I feel bad for doing this, but I'm going to streamline by closing our embassies. If you'd rather keep the embassy open, please let me know on The NewsStand RMB.

If you want to keep up with the news, you can always add The NewsStand to your dossier, and catch up whenever suits.

Thanks for having had the embassy with us. It has genuinely meant a lot to have had your support for so long.