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Vhulgaria wrote:I noticed today that all our protectorates and allied regions have been raided and destroyed by those useless sub-human creatures of anarchists and trotskists. What shall we do? Is there a plan to give a good answer to those disgusting vermins?

The Sovereign Realist State wrote:So, are we going to reclaim The Union of Nationalists ?

The Nationalist Union and The Nationalist Union were refounded and passworded seven years ago, and are unraidable unless the cretins currently festering therein cease to exist. They are markedly active, though.

The Union of Nationalists (TUN) was a redoubt region I set up in 2013 in case we were forced into a third exile. It was lost to the libertarian traitors of Libertatem under REATO a year later when its founding nation ceased to exist. REATO was in turn counter-raided in 2016 and destroyed last year. The current founder of TUN disappeared in 2017, but the region remains passworded and someone has kept it from ceasing to exist.

Among others who are no longer with us, Magna Bavaria, New Laikland, and I have taken the war to the seven-headed serpent of NSLeft and Antifa in the past, most recently aligned to the Right Wing Uprising until 2015. Since then, we've resigned to playing the long game, though I heartily support anyone joining ongoing raiding activity in the still-extant regions mentioned in the latter dispatch.

Magna Bavaria, Der fuhrer und reichskanzler, and The Sovereign Realist State

Hello everyone. I am proud to present the second issue of the Iron Confederacy's newspaper.

Il Popolo della Confederazione

The Official Newspaper of The Iron Confederacy

"Vincere, e vinceremo!"

Issue II Series I
Published from the Iron Confederacy Media Distribution Syndicate (ICMDS), Integralist canada


  • A New Discord Server

  • On Homosexuality

  • New Reich of Bunicken

  • Fascista Stato's Address

A New Discord Server

In order to encourage members to be more familiar with each other, TIC has released a new discord server. Considering how many other regions already possess such a platform, it could be said that the creation of this server has long been overdue. If you do not have a discord account, it is highly recommended that you get one and join the server. Here TIC members and friends from other regions can chat, play games, and share opinions with each other. Knowing each other better will help to strengthen our unity and become more adept at detecting spies. This new server will also allow us to recruit more members and give us the ability to express ourselves without the need to worry about the ire of NationStates moderators.

All friends of the TIC who would like to get to know us better are welcome to join us as guests.

On Homosexuality

A recent debate on the TIC forum dealt with the topic of homosexuality within the fascist state. Shorlande posted that he believed that homosexuality is a mental illness and should be treated with therapy (a post which was unjustly taken down). The Oneundreth Reich responded by stating that we should be tolerant of the practice. But as John Wesley put it, “[w]hat one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace”. It is well known that the Holy Bible forbids homosexuality as a serious sin (Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). As such all fascist governments banned the practice of homosexuality, including the pagan Empire of Japan who wished to modernize and be more like the Western Powers. Benito Mussolini even went as far as shipping all homosexuals to Tremiti island. Still the Bible also mentions that is it possible for homosexuals to change and receive salvation (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). There is also concern over people who involuntarily became homosexuals through past abuse or a legitimate disorder. The underlying issue here is that there is not one single reason why someone becomes a homosexual, especially between men and women. This is because sex is more biological for men than it is for women. Men may become sexually attracted to seeing themselves presented as a women. Alternatively their brains may have become confused, replacing the message "marry and reproduce" with the selfish message "please yourself with sex". For women, on the other hand, they may have developed an unnatural craving to be in the role of a man, or to have a masculine woman dominate them. But for the majority of self proclaimed homosexuals these reasons do not apply. Instead they follow it like a fashionable trend, wishing to not attach themselves with the natural responsibilities tied with their sex. In that sense they are anarchists who reject what is beneficial for society.

It is self evident that tolerance towards homosexuality has led to the corruption of morals and the family unit. Today there exist same sex marriages where lesbian mothers will receive artificial insemination, and gay fathers will adopt an orphan as their own child. Across the world the normalization of homosexuality has been forced upon people without their consent. As a result today's youth are taught that gender does not exist, that fathers are not important, and that it is okay to satisfy all of your sexual urges like animals. However, the fact remains that "transgendered" men do not become women, nor do "transgendered" women become men. Instead they become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they “identify. No amount of mutilation or hormone injection will change this reality. Hence despite the sensitivities of the LGBT community, and their vehement opposition towards our values, we must not waver with our morals. Always remember that a fascist is an idealist first. The family is central to our model of government for it is the basis of proper hierarchy. If the family falls apart, so does everything else.

New Reich of Bunicken

After the events from the previous month led to LadyMorrighan's resignation from Bunicken, she took it upon herself to reorganize under a different New Reich of Bunicken, while maintaining the alliances that she had. LadyMorrighan had endured lawsuits and blackmail despite being innocent of all accusations made against her. Unfortunately, even after LadyMorrighan's resignation, the harassment and conspiracy has not stopped. Reports have stated that people in Bunicken have had their computers hacked along with threats of doxxing. As a result many fascist regions are increasing security in order to root out potential spies and slanderers.

On a positive note, Correctional Facility, a high ranking advisor and part of the Most Trusted Inner Circle of Government, left the region to join LadyMorrighan at the New Reich of Bunicken. Right from the start of the persecution, Correctional Facility protested the harassment that was directed towards LadyMorrighan, recognizing that her hard work was what was keep the region from collapse. As a result of this departure, the slanderer who started this conspiracy against Morrighan was expelled from Bunicken.

Many of our comrades have expressed mixed feelings towards LadyMorrighan's views and decisions. This is understandable as she is a capitalist monarchist who identifies with the national spirit of the Third Reich. However LadyMorrighan still remains a great friend and ally of the the Iron Confederacy and is friendly towards our political and moral stances. In her other region National Socialist Ministries, her original intentions for encouraging a less race based system of National Socialism but this region then became largely hijacked by racialist views, despite the protest of Lady Morrighan herself. LadyMorrighan has stated that she wants this new region to be based on ideological unity rather than conflict. Although time will tell if this vision will come into fruition.

Fascista Stato's Address

The following is a public address that was telegramed to members of the Iron Confederacy on July 6, 2019 by Fascista Stato.

Will of the People: The Source of Democratic "power".

As we all are undoubtedly more than aware of, the argument for the continued existence & protection of the mass-democratic regimes of the world lie deep down in the philosophical stake of the enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and his concept of "general will". For clarity's sake, I am using the word "stake" as the idea he established would force its way through the anti-democratic regimes in and around the political scene, pave way for "the people's revolution(s)" in many places, and to this day, continues to inspire violent terrorist action against lawful governments, and to this day, remains one of the central pillars of protection for the great democratic standard..Unfortunately, The so-called "will of the people" (General Will) is absurdly vague and subjective, prone to exploitation, more so for misunderstanding. It is said the will of the people is found in the written law, and customs of the State, made possible by measured vote. Alas, these are the work of few men/women at the supposed behest of many, but what absolute finality is there to say that them being in the position which allows them to "represent the will of the people" accurately? Or that the laws & agreements made are not fully influenced by lobbyism, personal/private-group interest, finance, or corruption? and merely sugarcoated with populist sentimentality? What sort of will of the people is it in parliament if the decision(s) made were externally influenced by non-citizen platforms? Well, you can always say that the fact that they won an election is a sign of the will as the people as the decisions they make are in line with what their supporters except and were promised, but then again, are there not many other people who did not vote for these men/women? Or voted against them in favor of a group of other men/women? What sort of "will of the people" can you seriously hope to discover amidst the great nation's governing apparatus when only a mere portion of the people, I repeat, THE PEOPLE, showed up their thumb? And to continue, how certain can you ultimately be that those who voted, did so with full heart and understanding? Instead of based on appearance, hearsay, rough ideas in your head based on a few bits and pieces gathered here and there? Or that you had a friend who recommended you to support? That you just went with the others? In which case there was no real will at all, but rather the will of someone else that you merely supported, and thus, not a proper representation of individual will as part of the "general will"!! You would really need to dig deep and make your educated opinion on things, to clearly and consciously think and decide that "This is the person/group of people I really want to lead, This is my own will, I want no-one else.", that you have done your research and have made your will, because will would surface in situations where awareness of all options and alternatives has been achieved. You can't make your will if you don't properly know the other things you may un-will simultaneously, or will against. Choosing, is when you think " Eh, I this is okay", willing is in a sense deeper; "This is the one that works, I want this, not that". Will, as I'm trying to say, would then require a sense of true confidence, and that is achieved when you have carefully weighted your options and self-reflected them with yourself and your values. Otherwise it is an imagined will, one that outsiders may find hard to understand.."How can you want X when Y is available"? Now of course, you would need to assert yourself and the correctness of your decision, but if you did not take the effort necessary to know Y, your efforts go amiss.

Something to unstable as this "Will of the People" is by no means a solid basis to build a foundation.

But back to the issue of subjectivity and round-edgedness...what does the will of the people mean to you? The Soviets said that the will of the people was equality at the cost of freedom, the democratic-capitalist nations say that the will of the people is freedom at the cost of equality. And as noted before, Rousseau said that "General will" was expressed through the law. However, such a "general will" is constantly changing, which would make it more of a "will of the moment" and with the nature of Democracy, "a will of a portion". Often the large masses lack direction and will follow a few visionary leaders who have envisioned the "will of the people" for them.

Will of the people sounds like something which should be long-lasting, considering that an entire people would rally behind it and support motions designed to proactively drive forward that will. The Templars didn't swear an oath to the Holy Order only to have the fundamentals of the order changed by the next grand-master and/or pope. One has to know what he signs up for, and that what he signs up for will be what he gets.

There is however, a revelation to be found. There is a will of the people, an eternal and solid, unchanging will of the people as opposed to the temporal and subjective, a one true will of the people, which if neglected, has more often than not led to rebellion and conflict, downfall and tragedy. What the people always really want the most is to live in safety and security, to have enough food and life-necessities. This is what it all boils down to, not all wish to have many friends, not all wish to travel around and see new places, but safety and prosperity? That is what we all want, whether we realize it or not. It is the most important of our needs, everything else is an option only if safety and security is achieved. You can't plan forward in your life if you are not confident enough in your tomorrow. And so, what we need the most, is also vice versa, what we want the most. This is a natural axiom. Do not understand this in the sense of "Will of the people of x nation" as the concept is used predominantly across the globe, rather, understand it as the primordial will of the people of all the people, a want imbued in everyone everywhere, across time and space.

Fascists of history never really defined the "will of the people", or used it that often in rhetoric, this is simply because we understood that all that fancy-schmancy elaboration didn't properly respect or honor the truth which lies beneath, and thus, we gave the people exactly what they needed, and even some more! The Soviets gave security and safety, but millions died of poverty, and the quality of life was far below the western level. Periodically there were also shortages of food caused by warring and inefficient agriculture. On other side, western-nations gave plenty of food and quality consumer-products, but left themselves vulnerable due to political bickering and weakening of their national military, relying on alliances for help. You should never rely on others for help in the case of a hostile incursion.

Also, some would see the State as an agreement between the people, but I would view it more as a natural extension of mankind's inner need for hierarchy, and also as a part of the ongoing process by which we organize ourselves. The States are the political institutions -however very much natural- designed by man's inevitable inner spiritual need for hierarchy and order. People formed tribes and villages, small communities. Eventually, these were taken under the control of a prince, vassal of the king, a feudal lord. In time the power of Kings was increased and a centralized control was born, the unified nation was born. And in places where there had never been a king or an Emperor, new nations were forged from scattered principalities, we got Germany and Italy. Both natural & moral laws dictated that these nations could not be controlled by several local lords, they needed a State to be the guiding hand. A strong monarch as the head-of-state.

The next possible step in this process is the Empire. Empires are nations which have exerted their dominance over other nations and people, either assimilating them fully or loosely integrating them. The Empire is without a doubt, the strongest and highest form of human organization. And where the States and Empires make haste to keep their subjects safe from fear, and secure with their future, there does the will of the people ebb and flow.

Economic Growth: A Misplaced Dream

As we turn our attention towards the threats of the degenerated & decayed supercapitalist global system around us, and as we continue our adamant efforts to counter it with a system that is based on stronger morals and a rational understanding of the world and its people, we are always met with the same critique, the same defense, the same offense in defense. We are always told that if we wish to purify society from the grip of consumerism and its anti-humanity, we must be willing to embrace the consequences it has on the economy, a very vital part of welfare of people, young and old, male and female.

We are told that without consumerism, there is no economic growth, no economic prosperity. And indeed, it seems like the world, its leaders and its people, have gone crazy over the concept of "economic growth". We are constantly told in schools and in media that in order to have prosperity and well-being (smiley face), each year we must produce and consume more goods and services than the last year, more more and more. Again and again. Those nations with less than 3% of annual GDP growth, are the failed states, are seen by others as failed economies.

The problem? We are told to try and achieve infinite growth in a finite world. I repeat, Infinite growth in a finite world. It is this fixation on greed that has caused so many of the world's problems, both ecological and social.

As with Free-Market Capitalist dogma, In order to create more goods and services each year, you are going to need to have a demand, as no entrepreneur is going to create anything if it is going to be gathering dust in a storage room and would not have enough attraction in the markets, and in order to have a demand, there must be a motivation and a will to consume, thus, we are left with the Consumerist society, a society where people are not defined by their culture, but by their consuming habits and brand-loyalty. It is a society where the people are denied self-respect and left to struggle in a constant state of discontent, surrounded by advertisements, left vulnerable to all the tricks that the corporate fat-cats have in their sleeves.

Fortunately for us, the wise and thoughtful people of the world have already come up with solutions and alternative models, one of these is called "Steady-State Economy", ever heard of it? No? that is no surprise. Anything that competes with the idea of constant economic growth with the limited resources that we have is swept under the rug and never talked about.

Steady-State Economy -in its very basic sense- aims to establish an alternative economic model to the idea of perpetual growth. Since we are bleeding our world dry, and turning people into mindless monsters, there needs to be a way to address both the ecological and social problems. The TIC is not saying Fascism's economic model is a replication of this Steady State, the point is that alternatives do exist, can exist, and that life can work out without consumerism. Anti-Consumerism is not and will never be Fascism's weakness.

As Fascists, we have truly opened our eyes and seen the Truth in all things, the absolute eternal Truths that power our eternal march, our eternal road; Via Aeterna. Take solace in this fact, use it to power your own journey as a part of a whole. Take these important messages into your heart, and know that there are very many other people deluded while you are enlightened. There may not be a row after row of like-minded Fascist waiting to go with you, but at least you've risen above while so many still struggle in a state of confusion.

Arriba Confederacion!

Read factbook

Magna Bavaria and Louis20

The Regional government of Altay announces the first signifficant milestone, that is the first anniversary of the founding of Altay!
The Regional government ministery secretariate of propaganda sends you the following commemorative postcard:

LOL they are so outraged...

Everyone should just leave and boycott the WA.

The following nations do not comply with so-called "Reproductive Freedoms", which requires legalised abortion up until the point of birth in all WA member states, and refuse to levy sanctions, as required by the ACA, against nations in non-compliance with so-called "Reproductive Freedoms". Radical solutions don't work in organisations with no genuine sovereignty:
  1. United Massachusetts

  2. Furbish Islands

  3. Castle Federation

  4. Auralia

  5. Marxist Germany (creatively compliant)

  6. Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar

  7. Ibenta

  8. The Rouge Christmas State

  9. New Waldensia

  10. West Phoenicia

  11. Viridus

  12. Gagium

  13. Annixe Christos

  14. San Carlos Islands

  15. Paleoconservative Citizens

  16. Aeternitatia

  17. The Legion of Mankind

  18. Nouveau quebecois

  19. Domina nostra nova terra

  20. Mietkael

  21. Phydios

  22. The Eireann WA Delegation

  23. Katholskur

  24. Libervalley

  25. Polish Prussian Commonwealth

  26. Newark Aristocracy

  27. Arendalias

  28. Rockytop

  29. Sabotur

  30. New inglaterra

  31. Rosa-Gallica

  32. Trillmore

  33. The town of stcatharines

  34. Washingtonian Republic

  35. New Dolgaria

  36. Fecaw

  37. Creeperopolis

  38. Yanab

  39. Aawia

  40. Altius

  41. Cyberpunker

If your WA nation is also in the struggle for fetal rights, telegram me!

Read dispatch


Integralist Canada has been banned. Read the full story here:

Hello! Deacarsia here! I am a right-wing anti-socialist nation in Albosiac, which has an embassy with the Union of Nationalists. I wanted to introduce myself to you ones, since we share key goals, ideas, and adversaries.


I also had proposed the Anti-Leftist Pact of the NSRight as a counter to the NSLeft, but unfortunately the Moderators removed my Anti-Leftist Pact for alleged plagiarism, even though it explicitly is meant to be a counterpart to the NSLeft. Darn SJWs!

Still, an inter-regional rightist pact would be a good idea. If anyone has any ideas, please telegram me.


Deacarsia wrote:I also had proposed the Anti-Leftist Pact of the NSRight as a counter to the NSLeft, but unfortunately the Moderators removed my Anti-Leftist Pact for alleged plagiarism, even though it explicitly is meant to be a counterpart to the NSLeft. Darn SJWs!

Still, an inter-regional rightist pact would be a good idea. If anyone has any ideas, please telegram me.


I assume the White Contra Brotherhood is a continuation of that idea?


The Kuomintang wrote:I assume the White Contra Brotherhood is a continuation of that idea?

Yes. It is named for the White Guard in the Russian Civil War.

The Kuomintang and Louis20

Dear nations of the Union of Nationalists, I am looking for nations that can help me repeal the "Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy" resolution, does anyone want and can help me?

Read all about it!
- We've an Imperial Gazette
- The seventh DRF Chronicle
- The twenty-fifth Force Flyer
- Not just any truth, but the Union Truth
- Top interviews in Gameplay Magazine. And cookies too!

Poker faces on - it's ♠♥Hold'em ♦♣ at the Sands

Comrades, is there a UoN discord server or any offsite means of communication?

Strength and Honour

Roddland wrote:Comrades, is there a UoN discord server or any offsite means of communication?

Strength and Honour

Welcome to the Union, Roddland!
No, we do not have off-site forums, channels or servers. The RMB and telegram service suffice.


Greetings to The Kuomintang and Nation-States of the Union of Nationalists

Banner-carrier and official puppet of Der fuhrer und reichskanzler for point of contact as Ambassador
Deutschland Erwache

Reichsfahnentraeger wrote:Greetings to The Kuomintang and Nation-States of the Union of Nationalists

Banner-carrier and official puppet of Der fuhrer und reichskanzler for point of contact as Ambassador
Deutschland Erwache

Salutations, it is a pleasure establishing diplomatic relations!

Der fuhrer und reichskanzler


The Kuomintang wrote:Salutations, it is a pleasure establishing diplomatic relations!

Thank you! Would you be interested in pinning this dispatch in Union of Nationalists to help inoculate the youth?

Reichsfahnentraeger wrote:Thank you! Would you be interested in pinning this dispatch in Union of Nationalists to help inoculate the youth?

In keeping with my policy of non-interference in the affairs of Union members, I do not regionally endorse ideological messages unless they specifically concern Nationalist policy.
You are more than welcome to share any and all dispatches on our RMB, naturally.

Der fuhrer und reichskanzler

Greetings! Huey Long enthusiast here! All in on Populist Nationalism! Seal the borders! Hang the bankers!

Santa long wrote:Greetings! Huey Long enthusiast here! All in on Populist Nationalism! Seal the borders! Hang the bankers!

Welcome to the Union, Santa long! A fellow man of Kaiserreich culture, per chance?

Yes! Been playing the mod for months now!

A deep and misterious voice starts talking from nowhere...

"Ave Illuminatus and greetings fellow comrades. We have a new and very interesting poll in The Illuminati! We encourage you to participate in it, and remember to talk to us in our RMB, it is incredibly fun!"

-The Monarch

Santa long wrote:Yes! Been playing the mod for months now!

Same here, I've been hooked since Hearts of Iron II days in fact. It has been good to see the revival of historically marginalized ideologies and figures in the fanbase.
Initiatives like Kaiser Cat Cinema make me believe a full-fledged franchise might be in the works!

Why there are so much people against the world assembly?

Read all about it!
- Neutrality breaks out in the DRF Chronicle
- Election special in the Union Truth
- Get green with the Regional-World Newswire
- Ex-Pacifica in NS Today:
- Stars and stars in Gameplay Magazine
Poker faces on - it's 🍒🍓🍋🍍SLOTS🍈🍐🍇🍑 at the Sands

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