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Anarcho-nordicist fatherlands

Let's not forget that Bakunin was a Slavic nationalist, and that both Bakunin & Proudhon were aware of Jewish parasitism in Western societies

Nationalist alliance

We need W/A nations in the fight at Planet X . any willing to join ?

We don't have many WA members, but those willing to support the recapture of Planet X are of course free to go.
Sadly, my own WA puppet is already participating in another scheme and is unavailable.

Novaya rossiye

Greetings from Novaya Rossiya, a Constitutional Imperial Monarchy run according to nationalist, monarchist and traditionalist views! This nation is run in an alternative history/wishful thinking world in which a war very much like the Russian Civil war had been won by someone very much like the White Movement (complete with the shattered political landscape of the White Movement).

Anarcho syndicalista

Yes, Anarcho Nordicist zionism exists everywhere in the west.

The red shark group

Greeting from The Red Shark Group. We are ultra-nationalists who want the true freedom of our home country, Lalo limahina. There is some autonomy, but we want more. We also want the recognition of Limahinans as their own ethnicity. We will use force if necessary.

Welcome to the Union, The red shark group and a belated welcome to Novaya rossiye!

Post self-deleted by Hydra germany.

Wer ist der Führer hier?


Ich. Was ist los?

How do I nationist

First, yuo maek nation and do glorious things liek capture lesser ppls n conqer wrold. Then u b rly proud of nation n her ppls and must protekt their intrests and collective futur thru any means necessary. Dat how u nationist, Andeil. Welcum 2 region btw. Remove lada. 18/44

Okey I invad kumintan n kil u. I winlolol I bild moar lada, elno

Le sad faec. Imma tel mods so u get b& meanie.

No I invad modz alredee

Fuk, dat meens u nao Marx Berry. Pls not ban me andeil, nations estates is my lyf. :((((

Ya I tak ovr beri, I bn u niw


Novaya rossiye

Also don't forget to accidentaly a lot of j00z lolol

Muh holohoax... :'(((

Nok nok gistapo

Oy vey! Anne, git in sekrit room behind le bookcase n dunt maek a noice or ur fukt lelele.

Dnt moov fur 2 yrs lol

trold so hrd

Wrold champ hide n seek tho. gg.

Hello world!

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