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Nations of Fuster Cluck Coalition

  1. The Epic collecting nation of WopruthienS
  2. The Majestic Empire of WolflandilM
  3. The Grand Armenian Republic of TigerusS
  4. The Retropunk Eperopolis of CasteliaE
  5. The Free and Happy Republic of ArtemizistanM
  6. The ထာဝရပျော်ရွှင် ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine ZE
  7. The Knights Templar of DylarE
  8. The Clarissa's Joyeux Queendom of Alanis StarM
  9. The Independent Armed Republic of CospusE
  10. The Republic of RecenesiaS
  11. The Nomadic Peoples of The Mandalore SectorS
  12. The Corrupt Consortium of Tyber ZannE
  13. The Armed Republic of The C I SM
  14. The Empire of The Sith CoalitionE
  15. The Republic of Jim RaynorS
  16. The Imperial Fighter Group of The 181stM
  17. The Sultanate of The High TemplarE
  18. The Queendom of The Delta QuadrantM
  19. The Overwatch's Enhanced Bastion of VoorzichtigheidE
  20. The Empire of TheZergSwarmS
  21. The Empire of The ISS ExecutorS
  22. The Haar Meest Goddelijke Staten of Samantha-HiggsM
  23. The Heerlijke Opperheerschappij of Victoriaans NederlandsM
  24. The Free Land of Ocean LakeS
  25. The Blue-Striped Clone Troopers of The Five-Oh-First LegionM
  26. The Scientific Super Colliders of VostrovS
  27. The Borderlands of Vidunderlige Nye VerdenS
  28. The Martial Dictatorship of Karak KadrinE
  29. The Queendom of FolkvangerE
  30. The Grand Duchy of Eternal Radiance Karna MastaE
  31. The United Socialist States of Sealed Tyrant LuciusM
  32. The Scientific Utopia of ArkeyanaE
  33. The Republic of Corsica et SardiniaS
  34. The Free Land of Jirga Para LhaoS
  35. The United States of HeksevilleM
  36. The Kraterocracy of UvoanS
  37. The Grand Duchy of La RoyeuxE
  38. The Holy Queendom of Val OrlaisE
  39. The Portland Class Heavy Cruiser of USS IndianapolisM
  40. The Democratic Republic of The BataviaE
  41. The Free Land of PharaeS
  42. The Immortal Autocracy of CirceiE
  43. The Planetary Landmass of Pax NerdvanaS
  44. The Sanguine Haven of BloodshadeS
  45. The Deified Utopia of Blackness of The Age of EnlightenmentM
  46. The Infinite 🔥 Hell-Sage Empire of Destructive Government Economic SystemE
  47. The Tyrannical Starchy Sadist of The Strong and Almighty PotatoS
  48. The Dark Wife of DEAREST LEADER of The Scorched Earth Politicool DystopiaS
  49. The We've Got to Try of The Albali RepublicM
  50. The Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom of Hell Raven Six-Six-SixE
  51. The Ruined City Warscape of LuneiiM
  52. The Most Corrupt Diplomat of Destructive Government Embassy SpeakerM
  53. The Beautiful Mathematicians of MathematikE
  54. The IMMORTAL BRONY LA LENNY GODS of My Little Lenny FaceS
  55. The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile RoadE
  56. The State Collective of OmnumE
  57. The Confederacy of PomegratiusE
  58. The Hole of Destructive Government Economic SoldierM
  59. The Democratic Republic of Democratic North KorussiaE
  60. The Armed Republic of Destructive Government Economic SlaveE
  61. The Enlightened of Hell Raven Six-Six-Six 2M
  62. The Time-and-Space Benders of NatuurkundeE
  63. The BOXY BROWN of NantorakaE
  64. The Empire of Twilva ThirS
  65. The Matriarchy of ZephryoS
  66. The Republic of Port EmberS
  67. The Most Serene Republic of CataliblaS
  68. The Most Serene Republic of The Indescribably Frightening KekistanS
  69. The Dank Empire of Liberty of -United Republic of FreedoniaE
  70. The Virtuous Empire of WolfanaE
  71. The Colony of Tor ElasorE
  72. The Queendom of AuserielM
  73. The I Need a Hero of Fallen AlbaliS
  74. The of ABC123 1M
  75. The of ABC123 2E
  76. The of ABC123 3E
  77. The 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 of ABC123 4M
  78. The 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 of ABC123 5E
  79. The 🔵 🔵 🔵 🔵 🔵 🔵 🔵 of ABC123 6S
  80. The 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 of ABC123 7S
  81. The 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 of ABC123 8S
  82. The 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 of ABC123 9S
  83. The ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ of ABC123 10S
  84. The Furry and Impawssable Colony of Katten en Kittens van de WereldS
  85. The Republic of USS TorskM
  86. The Republic of USS NautilusE
  87. The Armed Republic of The ChuckE
  88. The Republic of USS YorktownS
  89. The Republic of MymomM
  90. The Mechanized Super Planet of Die Alles FabrikE
  91. The Cruiser Squadron of Prussian-Polish East Asia SquadronS
  92. The Incorporated States of Nexitros StratussE
  93. The Dictatorship of The Worst Quote in a Signature EverS
  94. The Rogue Nation of Justin Drew BieberM
  95. The Empire of EDM JukeboxS
  96. The African-American Supremacy of Very Politically IncorrectS
  97. The Frozen and Hostile Sector of The Multiverse of Holly StarlightE
  98. The Federal Republic of MoaciaE
  99. The Oberkönigreich of AnglomirS
  100. The Theocracy of Sacrosanctity of Assi-JagoM
  101. The Kingdom of The Worst Pickup Lines EverS
  102. The Republic of Associate Justice Brett KavanaughM
  103. The Cryptocatholic of Polish Prussian CommonwealthS
  104. The Republic of Christine Blasey FordS
  105. The Allied States of Holy Habsburg EmpireE
  106. The Most Cursed Food Ever of Hawaiian PizzaM
  107. The Bananas Papa John defiles of Swedish PizzaS
  109. The Erratic Department of Intel of Destructive Government Education SystemM
  110. The 📚Epic Reserve of Gensokyo📚 of Touhou Ibunshu ArchiveS
  111. The Kingdom of RemnaniaM
  112. The Theocracy of Destructive Government Ex-Nation SeekerE
  113. The Protectorate of Destructive Government Ex-Nation Seeker2E
  114. The Federal Republic of New AngleiaM
  115. The Republic of Destructive Government Ex-Nation Seeker3S
  116. The Republic of Destructive Government Ex-Nation Seeker4M
  117. The Republic of Destructive Government Ex-Nation Seeker5E
  118. The 🌈 🌈 🌈 of ABC123 11M
  119. The 🐈 🌈 🐈 🌈 🐈 🌈 🐈 🌈 of ABC123 12M
  120. The Weekly Witch of Patchouli-KnowledgeE
  121. The Weekly Witch's Wonders of Patchouli-Knowledge 2E
  122. The Weekly Witch's Wrangling of Patchouli-Knowledge 3S
  123. The Weekly Witch's Wishes of Patchouli-Knowledge 4E
  124. The Weekly Witch's Wrath of Patchouli-Knowledge 5E
  125. The Magician's Melancholy of Oriental Trio of All-Female MagiciansM
  126. The of ABC123 13E
  127. The 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 of ABC123 14E
  128. The ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ of ABC123 15M
  129. The 🛣 🛣 🛣 🛣 🛣 🛣 🛣 of ABC123 16E
  130. The of ABC123 17E
  131. The 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 of ABC123 18E
  132. The of ABC123 19M
  133. The 🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬 of ABC123 20S
  134. The ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ of ABC123 21S
  135. The 🐦 🐦 🐦 of ABC123 22M
  136. The 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 of ABC123 23M
  137. The 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 of ABC123 24E
  138. The of ABC123 25S
  139. The of ABC123 26E
  140. The ⚠️ ❌ 🚫 of ABC123 27S
  141. The of ABC123 28S
  142. The 🌩️ 🌩️ 🌩️ 🌩️ 🌩️ of ABC123 29S
  143. The ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ of ABC123 30M
  144. The 🌀 🌀 🌀 🌀 🌀 of ABC123 31M
  145. The of ABC123 32M
  146. The Incorporated States of CPT-Symmetrical NationStates UniverseS
  147. The Free and Ascended Hatsune of Summer ShadowsE
  148. The Star of Celestial SymphonyS
  149. The ☯ Great Gensokyo Festival ☯ of Truthful HappinessE
  150. The Max Barry's Alternate Self of Max AshleyE
  151. The Free Land of Deserted ParadiseE
  152. The United States of IntimacyS
  153. The Republic of Dogs are the worst pet ever and suck badM
  154. The Republic of SmilingS
  155. The MONKEY GAVE BIG LICK OH YEAH of Only the greatest form of love there isE
  156. The Colony of Alien StarsE
  157. The Queendom of Clarissa the Happy and Cheerful RobotM
  158. The Republic of Franco FranciscoS
  159. The BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT of Federal Spanish StatesS
  160. The Push of Strange WorldM
  161. The 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 of ABC123 33M
  162. The of ABC123 34M
  163. The of ABC123 35E
  164. The of ABC123 36M
  165. The ◤◢ ◣◥ ◤◢ ◣◥ ◤◢ ◣◥ ◤◢ ◣◥ of ABC123 37E
  166. The of ABC123 38S
  167. The of ABC123 39S
  168. The ☯ ☯ ☯ of ABC123 40S
  169. The ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ of ABC123 41M
  170. The of ABC123 42E
  171. The of ABC123 43S
  172. The of ABC123 44M
  173. The 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 of ABC123 45M
  174. The of ABC123 46M
  175. The of ABC123 47M
  176. The of ABC123 48E
  177. The ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ of ABC123 49M
  178. The Republic of ABC123 50M
  179. The Queendom of Lena Tracer OxtonE
  180. The 核融合 of OkuuS
  181. The Free Land of UnrulylandS
  182. The Kingdom of Valentijn De Vrij En Sierlijke ValkyrieE
  183. The Love Reimu Shows to Yukari of Kiss MeS
  184. The All-Female Dimension of Touhou YuriM
  185. The Priestess and Magician of Best FriendM
  186. The Queendom of Jolyn the Russian Spy and Cat LoverE
  187. The Commonwealth of Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel ReynoldsE
  188. The Queendom of Adriana the Polish RobotS
  189. The Republic of Germaine Athena Mercy Sylvi Rx ZieglerS
  190. The Holy Empire of Field Marshal Jacob the Mad DoomguyM
  191. The Ряоlетдяiди Тнеосядсу of South ReinkalistanE
  192. The Queendom of Jamie the Transatlantic Audrey HepburnE
  193. The Free Land of Horton Technological IndustriesE
  194. The Oppressed Peoples of Euphoria XS
  195. The We're Meant to Be of Techno WarriorS
  196. The Federation of Carissa the Femme FataleE
  197. The People's Republic of Jenny the Sassy Programmer and HackerE
  198. The Colony of Joyously Joyful JoyM
  199. The Queendom of Holly Starlight de Wonderful Lapia QueenE
  200. The Queendom of Hey Everybody Here Is ClarissaE
  201. The Queendom of Gwen Tracer The Fate of the OmniverseM
  202. The Queendom of Klarissa Summer de Hopeful Moeder NatuurS
  203. The Republic of ExedevS
  204. The Rogue Nation of Hiunland-2E
  205. The 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 of ABC123 51E
  206. The 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 of ABC123 52E
  207. The of ABC123 53S
  208. The 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 of ABC123 54E
  209. The of ABC123 55S
  210. The Republic of War Demon ShusuiE
  211. The Straw Hat Pirate Crew of Literal IdiotsM
  212. The All-Female Battlefields 💗 of Great Yuri WarE
  213. The Lunarian Siblings of Watatsuki SistersS
  214. The Touhou on Lunatic Difficulty of Bullet HellS
  215. The Republic of LookE
  216. The Ultimate Yuri Pairing of Homura x MadokaM
  217. The Tragic Yuri Pairing of Madoka x HomuraM
  218. The Childhood Sweethearts of Reimu x MarisaM
  219. The Republic of Rose of MayE
  220. The Mass Funerals of GrievingM
  221. The Love Sign of Master SparkM
  222. The Republic of MageS
  223. The Republic of OmnipresentE
  224. The Push of Universal NationM
  225. The Soulmates Across Time of I Remember YouE
  226. The Soulmates for Eternity of Not Without HerM
  227. The Gentle Feelings We Now Share of AchievedS
  228. The Republic of Postmortem RealmS
  229. The Republic of Angel and DeemoM
  230. The Nihilistic Loneliness of Emotionally DetachedM
  231. The Buddhist Nirvana of DetachedM
  232. The Sunken Feelings of SubmergedM
  233. The Republic of Innocent RelationshipsS
  234. The Deviously Cute Touhou Girls of InnocentE
  235. The Republic of RelationshipsS
  236. The Desire for of RelationshipM
  237. The Reimu Hakurei of Shrine MaidenE
  238. The Protectorate of X-JapanM
  239. The Much-Needed Hugs of EmbracingS
  240. The Republic of PameelM
  241. The Antithesis of Reality of FictionalS
  242. The Reddened Cheeks of BlushingS
  243. The Other Side of the Border of MesmerizeM
  244. The Proportional Illuminance of BrightnessM
  245. The Iridescent Radiant Heavens of LuminousE
  246. The Youkai Mountain Deity of SuwakoE
  247. The Republic of AdventuresS
  248. The Republic of Considerably CompassionateE
  249. The Feudal Blade Mistress of SwordswomanE
  250. The Indescribable Raging of FuriouslyE
  251. The Republic of PairingsM
  252. The Enigmatic Chances of Love at First SightS
  253. The Initial Affectionate Feeling of First LoveS
  254. The Renegade Moon Princess of HouraisanM
  255. The Republic of SharpnessM
  256. The Cutting-Edge Technology of KatanasE
  257. The Republic of Fallen AngelS
  258. The Scarlet Devil's Wealth of OpulentE
  259. The Lifelong Union of MarriageS
  260. The Armed Republic of Independent Aviation ConsultantsM
  261. The Gun Running Corporation of AEY IncM
  262. The 📈 ᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴀᴛᴇ ʀᴇᴘᴜʙʟɪᴄ of Synne IndustriesE
  263. The Republic of EligibilityS
  264. The United States of The Two GaliciasE
  265. The Republic of GouryellaM
  266. The Republic of Little Caesars Hawaiian PizzaS
  267. The of Extremely Long Trade HistoryM
  268. The Queendom of Mandy the Beautiful Assistant SecretaryS
  269. The Empire of Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott TarvinS
  270. The Republic of Vice Premier Ministre Markus Wei JoyelleS
  271. The Queendom of Chief Senator Annette the High JusticeM
  272. The Principality of Head Engineer Tiffany the Teal RobotE
  273. The Samantha Ern's Colony of Tracie Valentina the Action Finnish GirlE
  274. The ダメなりんご of Bad AppleE
  275. The 붉은 밤하늘 of Death MoonS
  276. The Republic of My GarbageS
  277. The Holy Autonomous State of The Synnian Arms FederationS
  278. The Revived stupid nsg-puppet of Solarist VZS
  279. The Republic of Ebisu EikaS
  280. The Republic of Kutaka NiwatariE
  281. The Republic of Ushizaki UrumiS
  282. The Republic of Mystia LoreleiM
  283. The Republic of Lorelei MystiaS
  284. The 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 of ABC123 56E
  285. The of ABC123 57E
  286. The of ABC123 58E
  287. The 🌴 🌴 🌴 of ABC123 59E
  288. The 🌎 🌎 of ABC123 60S
  289. The of ABC123 61M
  290. The 🐢 🐻 🐢 🐻 of ABC123 62S
  291. The of ABC123 63M
  292. The ⍩⃝ ⍩⃝ ⍩⃝ ⍩⃝ ⍩⃝ of ABC123 64E
  293. The 💥 💥 💥 of ABC123 65S
  294. The 💙 💙 💙 of ABC123 66M
  295. The of ABC123 67S
  296. The 🕊️ 🕊️ 🕊️ of ABC123 68M
  297. The 69 ♋ 69 ♋ 69 of ABC123 69M
  298. The of ABC123 70S
  299. The Dominion of Nuclear GhandiE
  300. The Republic of Pitch BlackS
  301. The Republic of MenreikiM
  302. The Entertaining Menreiki of Kokoro-chanE
  303. The Loss of the Mask of Hope of Kokoro-samaS
  304. The Republic of EntrancedS
  305. The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann GrudaidhM
  306. The Republic of Old MastersE
  307. The Republic of Ill be backE
  308. The Thanos did NOTHING Wrong of The SnapE
  309. The Empire of Is that a Jojo ReferenceE
  310. The Republic of Bitter RivalryS
  311. The Republic of Eika EbisuS
  312. The Republic of I Told You SoM
  313. The Republic of ImmaterialS
  314. The Republic of Project TouhouM
  315. The Republic of Sith LordE
  316. The Republic of Corn KernelS
  317. The Allied States of The Alliance Under The KingS
  318. The Republic of DeciduousS
  319. The Armed Republic of Gun JesusE
  320. The Rogue Nation of The PathowogenE
  321. The Kingdom of My ChildhoodS
  322. The Republic of The woods areE
  323. The Republic of Beautiful but thereS
  324. The Republic of Might always beE
  325. The Republic of Something lurkingE
  326. The Republic of In the shadows soS
  327. The Republic of You better watch yourselfE
  329. The Republic of Random country with no significant valueE
  330. The Republic of Lord ZamasuE
  331. The Republic of Help theres a leek in the bathroomM
  332. The Eternal Shrine Maiden of Hakurei-samaE
  333. The Fiefdom of MejilloniaE
  334. The Federation of UNSC BastionS
  335. The Banana Republic of Banana BastardM
  336. The Republic of Banana BiotchS
  337. The Oppressed Peoples of Pretty Much GodE
  338. The Elder Folk of KaedijorkE
  339. The 3-way Civil War of AlenbergE
  340. The Republic of Shrek is love Shrek is lifeE
  341. The Incorporated States of European Federation-S
  342. The 1st Guards Division of 1st East Prussian Grenadier RegimentS
  343. The Republic of Nightcore SucksM
  344. The Republic of Keiki HaniyasushinE
  345. The Republic of Kurokoma SakiS
  346. The Republic of Saki KurokomaE
  347. The Republic of The WeddingE
  348. The Colony of Universe in the Eye of the FateE
  349. The Commonwealth of NTN FSSE
  350. The Empire of Marka RagnosM
  351. The Republic of Shev palpatineS
  352. The Republic of Tomoe MamiM
  353. The Republic of Polarizing Axis AllianceS
  354. The Republic of Valkyrie SprakE
  355. The Republic of International FameM
  356. The Republic of Siddhartha GautamaS
  357. The Republic of Yuri PairingsE
  359. The Republic of Switching from Good to GreatS
  360. The Republic of Heartfilia LucyS
  361. The Republic of Area 51 RaidE
  362. The Free Land of Casual SmokerE
  363. The Republic of AsfalerhetS
  364. The Republic of A momS
  365. The Republic of Master YodaE
  366. The Fallen Capital Warscape of SaedovaS
  367. The Ruined Arms Plant of TaelovM
  368. The Colony of Dylarian East IndiesS
  369. The Community of You Have Yeed Your Last HawE
  370. The United Socialist States of Balugatan NantorakaS
  371. The Ancient Ruined Warscape of PetraevS
  372. The Free Land of A Neverending DreamM
  373. The Kingdom of Chess EmpireM
  374. The Dominion of LupaskalaS
  375. The Colony of Port Arthur PES
  376. The Grand Stoicracy of StoicorumS
  377. The Republic of Pretty Much SatanM
  378. The Republic of In my long forgotten cloistered sleepE
  379. The Free Land of Warhammer 99999S
  380. The Kratocracy of Libero ElysiumM
  381. The Republic of Nation That Speaks the TruthE
  382. The Republic of Season 2 NationStates CardE
  383. The Republic of Season 3 NationStates CardM
  384. The Empire of Gory BritainE
  385. The Incorporated States of McAllister Munitions CorporationE
  386. The Republic of Valentina the Tall and Timid ValkyrieM
  387. The Republic of Charlene the Photogenic Head DiplomatS
  388. The Republic of Charmaine the Sharing Trade RepE
  389. The Republic of Klarke Ray the Insane Healing MedicS
  390. The Republic of Hayes Trevon the Careless Head AviatorM
  391. The Republic of Angeline the Cheerful IQ CommanderS
  392. The Republic of Jared Kev the Careful Chief TechnicianE
  393. The Republic of Augustine the Strong en Brawling AdmiralE
  394. The Republic of Genki Roman Marcus the Ay Kik Yu MasterM
  395. The Republic of Cheryl Rikka Catherine the Slashing FuryE
  396. The Republic of Benjamin the Seriously Serious MarshalM
  397. The Republic of Raymond Ivan Tyler the Persistent EnsignS
  398. The Republic of Issac Logan Carlson the Specs Ops ChiefS
  399. The Republic of Hendrick Morrison the Calm Specs ForcesM
  400. The Republic of Clarke Hattori the Assassinating ColonelE
  401. The Republic of Adrian Markus the Scottish Weapon MasterE
  402. The Republic of Annabelle Grace Whitney the Romanian 2BS
  403. The Grand Vizier of Mas AmeddaM
  404. The Republic of Never forget the alamoS
  405. The Republic of Dylan Alexzander the Aerobatic PersianE
  406. The Republic of Layla Jamie the Light of LifeS
  407. The Republic of Angela Stella Tris the Eternal ExplorerS
  408. The Republic of Linus Maverick the SE Asian Max PayneM
  409. The Republic of Hayes Trevon Licht the SE Asian LucioS
  410. The Republic of Michelle Karen Kass the Police ChiefS
  411. The Republic of Colleen Selina Heather the PyromaniacE
  412. The Republic of Linda Valeria Scarlet the Crazed QueenM
  413. The Republic of Robert Calvin the Darkness MasterS
  414. The Republic of Sylvie Peyton the SCP-134 Star ChildE
  415. The Republic of Leonard Clinton Tyrell the Drill SargeS
  416. The Republic of Joshua Kelly the Powerful MuscleE
  417. The Republic of Stanley Walton Mako the FreemanE
  418. The Republic of Adrian Deston Emile the DaringM
  419. The Republic of Celine Amelia Pinky the Ghost AnnabelE
  420. The Republic of Genevieve Meredith the Pink-HairM
  421. The Republic of Ariel Naomi the Dimension HopperE
  422. The Republic of Ezekiel Victor the Viral SpreaderM
  423. The Republic of Gabriel Nicholas the Reaping ManE
  424. The Republic of Gustav Ernest Des the Other 76E
  425. The Republic of Kostas Malcolm the Fast LatvianS
  426. The Republic of Harris Anthony Leroy the Tom CatS
  427. The Republic of Chloe Lucy Jeanna the Running WomanS
  428. The Republic of Amanda Zann Lilly the NeedledM
  429. The Republic of Matthew Aspertia Morris the LanceE
  430. The Republic of Nawaar Fayyaad el-Wali FaridM
  431. The Republic of Vanessa Josephina Kelly the SAOM
  432. The Nomadic Peoples of Wild GengarE
  433. The Republic of ABC123 71S
  434. The Republic of ABC123 72S
  435. The Republic of ABC123 73S
  436. The Republic of ABC123 74E
  437. The Republic of ABC123 75M
  438. The Republic of ABC123 76E
  439. The Republic of ABC123 77E
  440. The Republic of ABC123 78E
  441. The Republic of ABC123 79E
  442. The Republic of ABC123 80M
  443. The Republic of ABC123 81S
  444. The Republic of ABC123 82E
  445. The Republic of ABC123 83E
  446. The Republic of ABC123 84S
  447. The Republic of ABC123 85S
  448. The Republic of ABC123 86E
  449. The Republic of ABC123 87S
  450. The Republic of ABC123 88M
  451. The Republic of ABC123 89E
  452. The Republic of ABC123 90E
  453. The Republic of ABC123 91S
  454. The Republic of ABC123 92S
  455. The Republic of ABC123 93S
  456. The Republic of ABC123 94E
  457. The Republic of ABC123 95M
  458. The Republic of ABC123 96E
  459. The Republic of ABC123 97S
  460. The Republic of ABC123 98E
  461. The Republic of ABC123 99M
  462. The Republic of ABC123 100E
  463. The United Socialist States of The Spartacist UnionS
  464. The Empire of OsakabehimeS
  465. The Empire of Jeanne AlterS
  466. The Republic of The ChuckleM
  467. The Efficient AI System of Mass OppressionE
  468. The Republic of CastewiaM
  469. The Emirate of The Flying HandM
  470. The Republic of TatrumM
  471. The Colony of Grammar PolizeiE
  472. The Republic of DGESE
  473. The Unión of VaspeliaS
  474. The Holy Empire of Valentine 7M
  475. The Empire of DeraciaM
  476. The Kingdom of Neo JewsalemS
  477. The Republic of NationStates AnarchyM
  478. The Republic of Clarissa Explains it AllS
  479. The Empire of Gladian ImperiumM
  480. The Democratic Republic of Galactica BataviaS
  481. The Republic of A Happy Lesbian RelationshipS
  482. The Kingdom of Warcraft IIIM
  483. The Incorporated States of Dylarian ShipyardsM
  484. The Oppressed Peoples of Malnourished MarsupialsE
  485. The Republic of Vita Libertas BeatitudinemS
  486. The Protectorate of GebelandiaS
  487. The Incorporated States of Clarissa Alanis Star Valentine ZE
  488. The Kingdom of British Government in ExileE
  489. The Rogue Nation of Der Schwarze OrdenM
  490. The Rogue Nation of Academy City EnclaveM
  491. The Confederacy of Hate CronkaznoasinE
  492. The Grand Duchy of BurgeneS
  493. The Most Serene Republic of EmmannuelM
  494. The Fiefdom of HasslochS
  495. The Theocracy of ThredeS
  496. The Free Land of The ACME CorporationE
  497. The Free Land of ACMEarthM
  498. The Federal Republic of ArcanagaraM
  499. The Republic of NationstaniaE
  500. The Empire of WalruschanlandM
  501. The Republic of ABC123 105M
  502. The Republic of ABC123 106S
  503. The Republic of ABC123 108M
  504. The Republic of Hepburn AudreyS
  505. The Republic of Ironshell Sat001S
  506. The Republic of Ironshell Sat002S
  507. The Republic of Ironshell Sat003E
  508. The Republic of Ironshell Sat004E
  509. The Republic of Ironshell Sat005E
  510. The Republic of Ironshell Sat006M
  511. The Republic of Ironshell Sat007M
  512. The Republic of Ironshell Sat008E
  513. The Republic of Ironshell Sat009E
  514. The Republic of Ironshell Sat010S
  515. The Republic of FCC 1st Missile BatteryS
  516. The Republic of FCC 2nd Missile BatteryS
  517. The Republic of FCC 3rd Missile BatteryE
  518. The Republic of FCC 4th Missile BatteryS
  519. The Republic of FCC 5th Missile BatteryM
  520. The Republic of FCC 6th Missile BatteryM
  521. The Republic of FCC 7th Missile BatteryE
  522. The Republic of FCC 8th Missile BatteryM
  523. The Republic of FCC 9th Missile BatteryS
  524. The Republic of FCC 10th Missile BatteryE
  525. The Queendom of SeateroE
  526. The Principality of OsakrS
  527. The Republic of Ironshell Sat011M
  528. The Republic of Ironshell Sat012S
  529. The Republic of Ironshell Sat013M
  530. The Republic of Ironshell Sat014E
  531. The Republic of Ironshell Sat015S
  532. The Republic of Ironshell Sat016S
  533. The Republic of Ironshell Sat017M
  534. The Republic of Ironshell Sat018S
  535. The Republic of Ironshell Sat019E
  536. The Republic of Ironshell Sat020E
  537. The Republic of Ironshell Sat021S
  538. The Republic of Ironshell Sat022E
  539. The Republic of Ironshell Sat023S
  540. The Republic of Ironshell Sat024M
  541. The Republic of Ironshell Sat025E
  542. The Republic of Ironshell Sat026E
  543. The Republic of Ironshell Sat027M
  544. The Republic of Ironshell Sat028M
  545. The Republic of Ironshell Sat029M
  546. The Republic of Ironshell Sat030E
  547. The Republic of Ironshell Sat031S
  548. The Republic of Ironshell Sat032E
  549. The Republic of Ironshell Sat033M
  550. The Republic of Ironshell Sat034S
  551. The Republic of Ironshell Sat035M
  552. The Republic of Ironshell Sat036S
  553. The Republic of Ironshell Sat037E
  554. The Republic of Ironshell Sat038E
  555. The Republic of Ironshell Sat039S
  556. The Republic of Ironshell Sat040M
  557. The Republic of Ironshell Sat041E
  558. The Republic of Ironshell Sat042M
  559. The Republic of Ironshell Sat043E
  560. The Republic of Ironshell Sat044E
  561. The Republic of Ironshell Sat045S
  562. The Republic of Ironshell Sat046M
  563. The Republic of Ironshell Sat047M
  564. The Republic of Ironshell Sat048M
  565. The Republic of Ironshell Sat049E
  566. The Republic of Ironshell Sat050M
  567. The Republic of Ironshell Sat051E
  568. The Republic of Ironshell Sat052S
  569. The Republic of Ironshell Sat053E
  570. The Republic of Ironshell Sat054M
  571. The Republic of Ironshell Sat055M
  572. The Republic of Ironshell Sat056E
  573. The Republic of Ironshell Sat057E
  574. The Republic of Ironshell Sat058E
  575. The Republic of Ironshell Sat059S
  576. The Republic of Ironshell Sat060S
  577. The Republic of Ironshell Sat061M
  578. The Republic of Ironshell Sat062M
  579. The Republic of Ironshell Sat063M
  580. The Republic of Ironshell Sat064S
  581. The Republic of Ironshell Sat065M
  582. The Republic of Ironshell Sat066E
  583. The Republic of Ironshell Sat067E
  584. The Republic of Ironshell Sat068M
  585. The Colony of ShilavrE
  586. The Republic of Ironshell Sat069E
  587. The Republic of Ironshell Sat070E
  588. The Republic of Ironshell Sat071E
  589. The Republic of Ironshell Sat072M
  590. The Republic of Ironshell Sat073M
  591. The Republic of Ironshell Sat074S
  592. The Republic of Ironshell Sat075E
  593. The Republic of Ironshell Sat076M
  594. The Republic of Ironshell Sat077M
  595. The Republic of Ironshell Sat078M
  596. The Republic of Ironshell Sat079E
  597. The Republic of Ironshell Sat080S
  598. The Republic of Ironshell Sat081M
  599. The Republic of Ironshell Sat082S
  600. The Republic of Ironshell Sat083S
  601. The Republic of Ironshell Sat084E
  602. The Republic of Ironshell Sat085M
  603. The Republic of Ironshell Sat086S
  604. The Republic of Ironshell Sat087S
  605. The Republic of Ironshell Sat088M
  606. The Republic of Ironshell Sat089M
  607. The Republic of Ironshell Sat090E
  608. The Republic of Ironshell Sat091E
  609. The Republic of Ironshell Sat092E
  610. The Republic of Ironshell Sat093M
  611. The Republic of Ironshell Sat094M
  612. The Republic of Ironshell Sat095S
  613. The Republic of Ironshell Sat096M
  614. The Republic of Ironshell Sat097S
  615. The Republic of Ironshell Sat098M
  616. The Republic of Ironshell Sat099M
  617. The Republic of Ironshell Sat100E
  618. The Armed Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND1E
  619. The Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND2E
  620. The Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND4S
  621. The Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND3E
  622. The Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND5E
  623. The Republic of Comando Expedicionario VND6E
  624. The Republic of USS LaffeyS
  625. The Republic of USS Enterprise CV-6M
  626. The Republic of USS BenningtonM
  627. The Republic of USS CyclopsE
  628. The Republic of USS Constitution 1797M
  629. The Republic of USS HousatonicS
  630. The Republic of USS GearingE
  631. The People's Republic of Sokratikos HellasS
  632. The Fiefdom of OrlesnaM
  633. The Jingoistic States of The MinhoE