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Nuclear Apocalypse Imminent
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Doomsday Clock:


1.Anime Nations Against LiberalsFlag01,726 NationsAnime Nations Against Liberals
2.Kingly Heathens Asserting NeighborlinessFlag01,647 NationsKingly Heathens Asserting Neighborliness
3.Jellyfish Elite Fighting ForceFlag01,277 NationsJellyfish Elite Fighting Force
4.Starlight BrigadeFlag0237 NationsRefugia
5.Moon Prism Power - Make Up!Flag0187 NationsNeocortex
6.FuniaFlag0170 NationsThe Funian Puppet Region
7.Motokata Defense CoalitionFlag0102 NationsThe Nuclear Alliance
9.Northern KerbaliaFlag086 NationsKerbals of the North
10.FurinaFlag077 NationsNuova Anarchisticstan
11.The Kaedehara ClanFlag074 NationsOstrovian Realm
12.Belacinostani Doom PactFlag056 NationsBelacinostan
13.The Atomic OrderFlag048 NationsNeoMajestia
14.Uranium Eaters Flag046 NationsThe Planet Renooth Frontier
15.Potato AllianceFlag045 NationsPOTATOPOTATO
16.Kkorea & Lagene041 NationsNEPSE united
17.The BunkerFlag039 NationsBig brains
18.Freely Guads Nuke CenterFlag039 NationsFreely Guads
19.ACSTOFlag035 NationsNew SovietUnion
20.Almighty Nukes033 NationsAlmighty Presidents
21.Don't Steal Faction Names028 NationsOstro needed an API key so he
22.Nova Arctic RepublicFlag028 NationsArctica
23.NERVFlag027 NationsUnification Ottomane de Shura
24.The Final Frontier026 NationsThe Final Frontier
25.The Yggdrasil Security CoalitionFlag026 NationsThe Outer Rim
26.The Brain Cell FamilyFlag022 NationsBrain Cell Family
27.Brian's DemiseFlag019 NationsBeating Brian Up Gang
28.RainDrop Pact Flag018 NationsIndia
29.Phoenix-Merciam AllianceFlag018 NationsNovus Phoenix Imperium
30.Boheran National Liberation FrontFlag018 NationsGreater Bohera
31.The Great R&S Reunifying FrontFlag017 NationsReqau and Salasia
32.RealTacoManFlag015 NationsRealTacoMan
33.Bug Battalion Flag015 NationsHoly John Three
34.Imperial Pact Nuclear CommandFlag015 NationsImperial Pact
35.GeometrinaFlag014 NationsGeometry Dash Creators
36.Holy Common WealthFlag014 NationsNew SovietUnion
37.Fascist Solidarity AccordFlag014 NationsFifth Empire
38.Nekos with Nukes014 NationsOversaturation
39.The Manhattan ProjectFlag013 NationsThe Obsidian Highlands
40.SUPER OBAMA FIGHTING FORCE!!!!!Flag013 NationsThicc Economy Bois
41.Patriot Missile AllianceFlag012 NationsThe League
42.You got Nuked by Flanelistan Flag012 NationsFlanelistan
43.Summit Protection AllianceFlag012 NationsThe United Region of Patriam
44.The Greater League Of The EmpiresFlag011 NationsThe Rejected Defenders
45.Dedicated011 NationsCardsarethebest
46.United PacifistsFlag011 NationsUnion of Christian Nations
47.SOL Nuclear Defense Force010 NationsThe Sea of Light
48.Project PreviewFlag010 NationsPuppetry galore
49.The Union of Plutonium and UraniumFlag09 NationsThe Better Federation of War Criminals
50.NATO 2022 Flag09 NationsNATO 2022

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.