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Nations of O.N.I.O.N.

  1. The Federation of KohlcariahE
  2. The Onionist Republics of Of The Glorious Soviet OnionI
  3. The Golden marxist states of The Onionist Socialist RandosM
  4. The Golden Onion Soviet Republic of Onionist RandosiaE
  5. The Golden Zombie National Park of LawidE
  6. The Holy Red Zombie of Onionist CrimeviaI
  7. The Holy Red Zombie of Democratic CrimeviaM
  8. The Onionist Republic of South ZealandicaM
  9. The Onionist Republic of Zealandiya YuzhnyyE
  10. The Dictatorship of StalintaI
  11. The Hardbassian Vodka Paradise of Cheekia BreekiaE
  12. The Onionist People's Republic of AlbatrozhiyaS
  13. The Lawidian State of Onionist LawidS
  14. The Teomatilistli Republic of QuetzalcoatlicaM
  15. The Lawidian State of Lawidia OnionM
  16. The Kingdom of GorbachevaM
  17. The Republic of Onionist PubliciaM
  18. The Lawidian State of The Great Onion Of Lawidian SurvivorsM
  19. The People's Republic of TaikoniaI
  20. The Rogue Nation of LasgaM
  21. The Democratic Republic of Democratic SlavistanM
  22. The Holy Zombie Red Republic of The Public RePUBLICE
  23. The Onionist Kingdom of SyldaviyaS
  24. The Free Land of LenintaM
  25. The Holy Red Zombie Republics of DwarviaM
  26. The Disputed Territories of Novo SaveriaM
  27. The United Socialist Empires of The Russo-German EmpireM
  28. The Republic of Kyopubmevian UnionS
  29. The United Socialist States of MourtainM
  30. The Onionist peoples of Of epicinessE
  31. The Empire of The Marxist IncasM
  32. The Rogue Nation of PubilisiaS
  33. The Grand Duchy of Hungaro-AustrianE
  34. The Free Land of Neutral Swiss AntarcticaE
  35. The Republic of KyoonbesoE
  36. The Federation of SONFECE
  37. The United Socialist States of Socialism for everE
  38. The Kingdom of PrivitiaE
  39. The Republic of San TheodarosS
  40. The Fiefdom of Hispanic GaulE
  41. The People's Republic of Soviet DwarviaM
  42. The People's Republic of Soviet SinghasburgM
  43. The Commonwealth of LoraxiyaM
  44. The Armed Republic of The Dwarvian MilitaryM
  45. The Armed Republic of The Dwarvian NavyE
  46. The Armed Republic of Dwarvian Civil DefenceI
  47. The Armed Republic of Dwarvian Air ForceI
  48. The United Socialist States of Glorious LeninS
  49. The United Socialist States of Second Onionist League FounderE
  50. The Commonwealth of ListerineS