by Max Barry

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DescriptionCurrent NA Pacts/Diplomatic information can be found here. The Eternal Nuke-Ridden Order Diplomacy Dispatch.

Wish to file a Non-Aggression pact before the end of the world comes? Telegram Orlesian States, the current WA-Delegate Elect and Sage.

Standing Orders: Rogues and traitors litter our ranks. Fight and defend against the bloody cowards to the death, for Imperial glory!

Nukes are coming. Be afraid or else.

That is what you should be thinking of, when you think of The Eternal Nuke-Ridden Order, we may not have the most nations, but we have courage, and our most honorable High King Nephmir II on our side, no matter what may come our way, we shall fight valiantly when the bombs fall, and as the fallout spreads across the world, and the fires of nuclear war burn with the fury of thousands of nuclear weapons, we shall stand firm.

As the radiation builds, and our skin feels the heat of thousands of suns, as the earth cracks and breaks under the might of overpowering amounts of nuclear weaponry, as the skies tremble and the ground shakes, we shall stand firm. We shall look to our banner of glory. We shall push on past the nuclear inferno, and we shall never surrender, for the glory of our valiant knights and His Honourable Majesty King Nephmir II.

We shall die defending the sweet motherland, from hill to hill, street to street, city to city, forest to forest, and desert to desolate desert as brothers, comrades, friends, companions, family, and kindred.

For this N-Day, we shall fight to the death. Our sweet, glorious, bitter death.

Founded by The Eternal Order.