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Nations of The Communist Bloc

  1. The Free Proletarian Democracy of NinjitsUtopiaI
  2. The Great Scientific Polity of Greater CubaE
  3. The People's Grand Duchy of RisottiaS
  4. The Dominion of DJParamountJRE
  5. The Green Communes of LaevendellE
  6. The Federal Republic of KawanyS
  7. The Nikopol Empire and Archoncy of ThamaM
  8. The Chaotic Evil Dominion of MournivaliaM
  9. The Aquatic Librarian Knights of Tethys 13E
  10. The Republic of Aur1c0mI
  11. The Federation of StonewickS
  12. The Implacable Advancement of The Will of KaneI
  13. The Socialist Dominion of TethysiusS
  14. The Combined Power of Transnational CorporationsM
  15. The People's Republic of PortlandI
  16. The TBH South Pacific Point of Do What Thou WiltE
  17. The Desolate Wasteland of KubraE
  18. The Blue Smurfs of CsistanS
  19. The Kingdom of PictsM
  20. The Federal People's Republic of Sutland RepE
  21. The Democratic Republic of Rico RocaS
  22. The Socialist Republic of JordklodenS
  23. The Commonwealth of Rovenia-AlatusE
  24. The Weed Smoking Epanacrats of Worldly PhilosophersS
  25. The United Kingdom Vegan of BlavatskyaS
  26. The United Kingdom of Penguania and AntarcticaS
  27. The People's Democratic Republic of MontekegoliaS
  28. The Allied States of BlobboE
  29. The Rogue Nation of AristokuvaaS
  30. The United Realms of CretanjaM
  31. The People's Republic of GaeliumE
  32. The People's Republic of MakatiaS
  33. The Supremacy of SneadvilleE
  34. The Holy Empire of Hesskin EmpireM
  35. The Aquarian Queendom of VenuliaM
  36. The United Realms of ViysalionS
  37. The United Socialist States of EketrasI
  38. The Winged Terror of Sacred Mashed PotatoE
  39. The 🐻 Bear Dynasty of VyxS
  40. The People's United Provinces of EcotoriaS
  41. The Liberated Land of Black RevolutionariesS
  42. The Detached Sovereignty of AnstnoS
  43. The Democratic Republic of MinecraftianaM
  44. The Democratic People's Republic of EstauS
  45. The Shining People's Republic of ForacoraM
  46. The Socialist Federal Republic of AqualS
  47. The Workers' Council Republic of BrezziaE
  48. The Republic of BelzeriaS
  49. The Socialist Republic of VuilburgE
  50. The United Socialist States of ZaratovI