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Nations of Hannah

  1. The Matriarchal Monarchy of EyecolourS
  2. The Hannah-nation of VvinlandM
  3. The Tetrarchic Commonwealth of The Eiden EmpireI
  4. The Federal Monarchy of TepekasS
  5. The Queendom of Ner0 NierE
  6. The Matriarchy of HeartistI
  7. The Stratocracy of Rin LondonS
  8. The Semi-Autonomous State of AnomecaS
  9. The Fiefdom of Hannah MonicaI
  10. The Matriarchy of WonldijeoonS
  11. The Constitutional Monarchy of Greater MathairlandS
  12. The Emirate of AnnastaciaS
  13. The Commonwealth of AutahanM
  14. The Borderlands of Apeiros HelveteM
  15. The Most Serene Republic of TaXiucaM
  16. The Borderlands of Apeiros CaelumE
  17. The Constitutional Monarchy of PelastusaS
  18. The Kingdom of KaijoeS
  19. The Jingoistic States of AikoushisuS
  20. The Community of ExtariaE
  21. The Matriarchy of DolterinS
  22. The Emirate of The Almighty KidsM
  23. The Oppressed Peoples of Dismantled Mechanical WomenM
  24. The Republic of KageroetteE
  25. The Dictatorship of KiraiE
  26. The Allied States of Bear NotionE
  27. The Matriarchy of Cheese CommunityI
  28. The Free Land of DOWFTHUNTM
  29. The Confederacy of DavilinM
  30. The Queendom of Lovely LadyE
  31. The Empire of The Corporate OverdoseM
  32. The Grand Duchy of SakartaoM
  33. The Republic of HannaliaM
  34. The Rogue Nation of SCHIZOPHRENIANM
  35. The United Kingdom of Aighe LuvsekksS
  36. The Protectorate of Twin-Size MistressS
  37. The Emirate of AwelloS
  38. The Sultanate of AuthenasiaM
  39. The Grand Duchy of UnderloveS
  40. The Queendom of New North DevnathE
  41. The Federal Republic of ParamourM
  42. The Federal Republic of HertoryE
  43. The Commonwealth of ElimarchyI
  44. The Queendom of KhelseaM
  45. The Community of GIRLY TEENAGERSE
  46. The Dictatorship of CreatressE
  47. The Queendom of Alone TimeE
  48. The Most Serene Republic of The Beautiful PeopleM
  49. The Grand Duchy of GrandatiaM
  50. The Colony of InferioratiaS