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Nations of Funia

  1. The Confederacy of KrzabrM
  2. The Honorable Reclusive Kingdom of WolfenlandomM
  3. The Hive of PopungE
  4. The Constitutional Monarchy of KaystoneI
  5. The Labratory Planet of AldygastM
  6. The Militarized Socialist State of Southern AbbiyahE
  7. The United States of KalhamE
  8. The International Organization of -The SCPF Foundation-M
  9. The Imperial-Consort of Byleth von HresvelgM
  10. The Federation of JanesianI
  11. The Matriarchy of Emperor Edelgard von HresvelgE
  12. The Holy Jewish milk empire of Henrys milk stateE
  13. The Free States of Jefferson ProctorateM
  14. The Kingdom of SiochaniaS
  15. The Empire of Austria-BosnaM
  16. The Republic of BylethaM
  17. The Republic of SuderanE
  18. The United Kingdom of KyndrumM
  19. The Molohoukian Walker Republic of Empire of BhumiharE
  20. The Republic of Estados Unidos do brazillS
  21. The Dominion of 5th legion of the death guardM
  22. The Democratic Republic of Notia AndsI
  23. The Democratic Republic of VasstatsS
  24. The Most Serene Republic of SacagaweaM
  25. The Principality of HorustionS
  26. The Oppressed Peoples of Site FedE
  27. The United States of This IsFineS
  28. The Federation of Tamatoa LandE
  29. The Rogue Nation of The Rebels of LandOfFunFunFunM
  30. The Dominion of Ardonii But Fun Fun FunS
  31. The Incorporated States of United Free Lands But Also They Are FunI
  32. The Empire of Wild and Horned HermitsS
  33. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet1M
  34. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet3S
  35. The Republic of LandoffunpuppetS
  36. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet6S
  37. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet7M
  38. The Free Land of Saint DarsinS
  39. The Commonwealth of The Embassy of The Land Of FunS
  40. The Federation of Landoffunpuppet11S
  41. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet12I
  42. The Theocracy of Landoffunpuppet13E
  43. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet14I
  44. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet15E
  45. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet20E
  46. The Republic of The Funian Nation of MozambiqueE
  47. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet24E
  48. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet25E
  49. The Free Land of FrogsiaE
  50. The Republic of Landoffunpuppet27E