by Max Barry

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Nations of The Galactic Empire

  1. The People's Republic of Deified IdealsE
  2. The Holy Empire of GirkublownM
  3. The Empire of BlobianS
  4. The Federation of New Canadian Military JuntaS
  5. The Empire of FabolionistanS
  6. The National Council of WizgovenM
  7. The Republic of Senaos0705M
  8. The Kingdom of Dhe Imperial MinionsM
  9. The Democratic Monarchy of The Honshu Space EmpireS
  10. The Republic of Green5M
  11. The Principality of RemusaM
  12. The Dictatorship of Undead ReichM
  13. The Grand Duchy of IantopiiaS
  14. The Cool Radically Awesome Place of BludoniaS
  15. The Republic of Eastern MinnesotaE
  16. The Jingoistic States of The Anti-Traction LeagueI
  17. The Federation of KarensaE
  18. The Holy Solar Empire of Supreme MandalorE
  19. The Allied States of Quasi-Stellar Star CivilizationsE
  20. The Constitutional Monarchy of Rusnia EmpireS
  21. The Democratic Republic of SergiacaM
  22. The Confederacy of KoyiE
  23. The Principality of Nato Doggerbank HQS
  24. The Empire of The Galactic Imperial NavyE
  25. The United States of Canadian States of AmericaM
  26. The People's Republic of The Rebel nationM
  27. The Holy Empire of The Infinite Empire of GodE
  28. The Empire of OsmansizS
  29. The Dictatorship of OrgationM
  30. The Kingdom of Middle Jer VilemrimoodS
  31. The Empire of The Galactic Imperial ArmyE
  32. The Federation of The Imperial SenateE
  33. The People's Republic of Castilian republicM
  34. The Confederacy of RonamanS
  35. The Republic of AnvilniS