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Nations of Reichtangle

  1. The Empire of Visigotha NovaE
  2. Reich 5S
  3. The United Fiefdoms of RleesrikhaniE
  4. The Reichtangle of SearnoemnoE
  5. The Reichtangle of NsefahouhonoomenaM
  6. LreehehiindetE
  7. The Reichtangle of WehegpasitrI
  8. The Rogue Nation of LaplestE
  9. NroptaurI
  10. The Reichtangle of AomasenS
  11. The Reichtangle of AlsoezhuohaoS
  12. The Federal Republic of DasnoicaM
  13. The Reichtangle of CudreijanS
  14. The Reichtangle of RauracistanS
  15. The Reichtangle of FusdepamiwS
  16. The Master of Puppets of NilrahrarfanS
  17. WoomeinitpeE
  18. The Reichtangle of EenreenausenetirS
  19. The Reichtangle of NephentE
  20. The Empire of Uter AzerdE
  21. The Republic of PawarkloS
  22. The Nazbol Queendom of Tornado QueendomM
  23. MigugM
  24. The Reichtangle of American Far NorthE
  25. The Reichtangle of Akkad RepublicE
  26. The Reichtangle of Alis GrearthE
  27. The Satanic Kaiserreich of Hurricania ImperiumE
  28. NodehtuptM
  29. The Dominion of MenteotetneosiE
  30. The Islamic Republic of Earthquake JihadE
  31. The National Bolsheviks of Blizzardian EmpireM
  32. The Zombie Empire of Mimi MimikinsE
  33. The Holy Matriarchy of RainbowaE
  34. The Ottoman Taliban of Camel EmpireM
  35. The Holy Wabbitist Empire of MockiaM
  36. The Roman Empire of YugoterraS
  37. The Video and Torrent Store of Hollywood Video StateS
  38. The NS MACHINE BROKE of Ghostway CorporationS
  39. The Emu War Winners of The Emu FederationM
  40. The Federation of LingoniS
  41. The Republic of Hammer RepublicM
  42. The Republic of German BrittanyE
  43. The Republic of France-PrussiaS
  44. The Democratic Republic of California RougeS