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Transgender Cats and KittiesAnime Nations Against Liberals6 StrikesOrder of the Russian Land
ComerosPotato Alliance13 StrikesOsea states
ComerosPotato Alliance1 StrikeOsea states
ComerosPotato Alliance1 StrikeOsea states
ComerosPotato Alliance1 StrikeOsea states
ComerosPotato Alliance5 StrikesOsea states
ComerosPotato Alliance49 StrikesDalerian
The Federation of North RaidlandCARD15 StrikesDerianloka
TulunidsCARD97 StrikesCassius empire
SaugeenCity Ankh Morpork United33 StrikesKartunesia
ComerosPotato Alliance17 StrikesDalerian
Fiume free stateHorsemen of the Apocalypse8 StrikesNovorossiyan
Fiume free stateHorsemen of the Apocalypse34 StrikesNovorossiyan
NewamUnion Defense Corps14 StrikesBlock-World
ComerosPotato Alliance7 StrikesBali State
ComerosPotato Alliance4 StrikesBali State
ComerosPotato Alliance6 StrikesBali State
Fiume free stateHorsemen of the Apocalypse23 StrikesNovorossiyan
NewamUnion Defense Corps8 StrikesBlock-World
KarabogalandiaHorsemen of the Apocalypse37 StrikesNovorossiyan
SoleinaUnited Order37 StrikesPersian-arab
SoekarnopuraPotato Alliance3 StrikesHoly parabellum
DomasianPotato Alliance7 StrikesHoly parabellum
DomasianPotato Alliance6 StrikesHoly parabellum
MitzukooriPotato Alliance19 StrikesHoly parabellum
MitzukooriPotato Alliance88 StrikesGreater Indonesia Commonwealth
Whaterlooyou MAD bro?40 StrikesDalerian
Peach 76Horsemen of the Apocalypse12 StrikesUnited Russian Siberia
Peach 56Horsemen of the Apocalypse20 StrikesLofra
Peach 55Horsemen of the Apocalypse38 StrikesZion Matrix
Peach 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse70 StrikesThe Latter Day Saint of Boats
Peach 56Horsemen of the Apocalypse60 StrikesNational German Peoples Republic
Peach 48Horsemen of the Apocalypse5 StrikesWilhelminaa
Peach 68Horsemen of the Apocalypse60 StrikesPersian-arab
Peach 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse35 StrikesThe Latter Day Saint of Boats
Peach 56Horsemen of the Apocalypse80 StrikesLofra
Peach 61Horsemen of the Apocalypse80 StrikesDonaldus Trumpus
Peach 61Horsemen of the Apocalypse20 StrikesDonaldus Trumpus
Peach 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse36 StrikesUnited Russian Siberia
Peach 68Horsemen of the Apocalypse20 StrikesPaxize Ames
Peach 68Horsemen of the Apocalypse78 StrikesPaxize Ames
Peach 64Horsemen of the Apocalypse18 StrikesEnjelia
Peach 48Horsemen of the Apocalypse47 StrikesWilhelminaa
Peach 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse10 StrikesLagieferrum
Peach 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse2 StrikesTheocratic Disciples of Christ
Peach 57Horsemen of the Apocalypse15 StrikesDonaldus Trumpus
Peach 64Horsemen of the Apocalypse7 StrikesEnjelia
Peach 61Horsemen of the Apocalypse60 StrikesMeikerta
Peach 63Horsemen of the Apocalypse80 StrikesMeikerta
Peach 57Horsemen of the Apocalypse40 StrikesNational German Peoples Republic


Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.