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Baloo Kingdom Card Farm IIIBaloo’s Bomb HQ33 Strikes33 RadiationPersian-arab
Saint DarsinFunia 10 Strikes0 RadiationHoly Indonesian
Saint DarsinFunia 55 Strikes55 RadiationHoly Indonesian
China scrnday sucks10 Strikes0 RadiationEnjelia
China scrnday sucks20 Strikes0 RadiationEnjelia
Kingdom of intermariaPeacekeepers of the Radiated Hell - 111 Strikes11 RadiationEnjelia
MarionsburghWhat's going On!?18 Strikes18 RadiationDalerian
HassimperiumWhat's going On!?31 Strikes31 RadiationHoly Indonesian
MarionsburghWhat's going On!?51 Strikes51 RadiationHoly Indonesian
Peach 43Horsemen of the Apocalypse28 Strikes11 RadiationWilhelminaa
Infectious CangutaRub 30The Winning Smile8 Strikes7 RadiationTheocratic Disciples of Christ
LyskolandEPDA (Eastern Pacific Defense Alliance)96 Strikes27 RadiationWeebs Union
Belu-IslandsEPDA (Eastern Pacific Defense Alliance)96 Strikes96 RadiationWeebs Union
Communist Russian American StatesMilitary Pact Nuclear Response Force6 Strikes6 RadiationKerajaan Lovenia
LiNuXViLLeBits Beans10 Strikes0 RadiationKerajaan Lovenia
New Bawkie 11Bawkie79 Strikes79 RadiationYulian
New Bawkie 10Bawkie58 Strikes58 RadiationWest Makassar
New Bawkie 9Bawkie75 Strikes75 RadiationKrusty-Towers
New Bawkie 8Bawkie75 Strikes75 RadiationKrusty-Towers
New Bawkie 7Bawkie74 Strikes74 RadiationChum Buckets
New Bawkie 6Bawkie73 Strikes73 RadiationBlockCraft
New Bawkie 5Bawkie72 Strikes72 RadiationBlockCraft
DomasianPotato Alliance20 Strikes20 RadiationBelka Union
New Bawkie 4Bawkie75 Strikes75 RadiationBlock-World
New Bawkie 3Bawkie75 Strikes75 RadiationBelambangan
PerumeriaPotato Alliance260 Strikes100 RadiationRepublic federal indonesian
New Bawkie 1Bawkie89 Strikes89 RadiationBangeli
New Bawkie 2Bawkie50 Strikes50 RadiationBayuwangi
Scall junobalUnion Defense Corps75 Strikes75 Radiation-Mr Krabs-
Unified WaterfordUnion Defense Corps1 Strike1 RadiationBali State
MylediaFreila75 Strikes75 RadiationRbali
NewamUnion Defense Corps75 Strikes75 RadiationAsahDuren
Blue States Of GreenEPDA (Eastern Pacific Defense Alliance)73 Strikes25 RadiationHoly Indonesian
SiciasUnion Defense Corps89 Strikes89 Radiation-Lombok
New LinuxvilleBits Beans10 Strikes10 RadiationEast onlaw
LiNuXViLLeBits Beans4 Strikes4 RadiationKerajaan Lovenia
Infectious CangutaRub 26The Winning Smile57 Strikes57 RadiationTheocratic Disciples of Christ
Infectious CangutaRub 18The Winning Smile17 Strikes11 RadiationTheocratic Disciples of Christ
Infectious CangutaRub 30The Winning Smile85 Strikes85 Radiation-Squidward Tentacles-
CradislandFreedom41 Strikes41 RadiationTransoltust
SoleinaUnited Order43 Strikes43 RadiationPersian-arab
Eastern fativanThe Double Power75 Strikes75 RadiationBlock-World
PossiblycorrectopionsUnorthodox Shelter75 Strikes75 RadiationWest Makassar
Infectious CangutaRub 18The Winning Smile41 Strikes41 RadiationTheocratic Disciples of Christ
Fight-ingCity Ankh Morpork United75 Strikes75 RadiationAsahDuren
RepublikarGRNC39 Strikes39 Radiation-Mr Krabs-
MariadonSouth Liberalian Treaty Organization89 Strikes89 Radiation-Mengwitani
Northern SushiSouth Liberalian Treaty Organization76 Strikes76 RadiationChum Buckets
New CaldariSouth Liberalian Treaty Organization77 Strikes77 RadiationYulian
Infectious CangutaRub 18The Winning Smile41 Strikes41 RadiationTheocratic Disciples of Christ


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.