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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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51.Fallout FutureFlag00 NationsRegion of Extremely Depolarized Nations
52.United Embassies Federation Flag00 NationsThe Embassy 3
53.Novia Defense CorpsFlag00 NationsNovia
54.Disnei Land00 NationsAlliance of Hillgrove High
55.HELP ME AJHHHHHHHHHFlag00 NationsKarlovy Vary
56.MADnessFlag00 NationsTRR
57.Buttery Noodles00 NationsDominion of Cerberus
58.The Block of Strong NationsFlag00 NationsTotalitarian Bloc
59.The empire of the dragon00 Nations
60.The Empire00 Nations
61.Soviet Republic 00 NationsSpacePizza Coralation
62.Snowu00 Nations
63.Rocketopia Rockets00 NationsRocketopia
64.DoomslayersFlag00 NationsTilted towers
65.Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z00 Nations
66.DJ KHALED00 NationsTony Montana
67.The GuildFlag00 NationsThe Guild
68.test 100 NationsSpatial System
69.AphmauGamingFlag00 NationsAphmau
70.Skyvalid ArmyFlag00 NationsBastion of the Classifiers
71.Serene Nukes00 NationsSerene Paradise
72.BelvalFlag00 NationsNations Alliance of Thoughts and Orgasms
73.This is good I think this is a good name00 Nations
74.Grand SovietFlag00 NationsGrand Soviet Region
75.Aphmau armyFlag00 NationsAphmau
76.Fjord of FlamesFlag00 NationsThe Transitionists
77.SolarFlare FactionFlag00 NationsSolarFlare
78.The Supreme Tyrantonian AllianceFlag00 NationsTyrant Town
79.The Deathpire00 NationsThe Deathpire 2
80.Creamsicle Isles Nuclear AllianceFlag00 NationsCreamsicle Isles
81.BIG BOMB!!!!!!!!!!00 NationsMechanix Monarchists
82.Biti ZdravaFlag00 NationsTRR
83.Gimme That Dáxlamic Airdrop - No BacksieFlag00 NationsDeclansburg
84.Touch GrassFlag00 NationsTRR
85.CarolinaFlag00 NationsCarolina
86.The BELVALIANSFlag00 NationsNations Alliance of Thoughts and Orgasms
87.NEWRIOMFlag00 NationsNewriom
88.The United States of JartopiaFlag00 NationsThe United States of Jartopia
89.NOX̶X̶O General BrigadeFlag00 NationsAlliance of Free Nations
90.we’ll probably die here 😳Flag00 NationsCoyphus
91.hatrid mun sigraFlag00 NationsTRR
92.Gimme That Dáxlamic AirdropFlag00 NationsDeclansburg
93.Cult of Vivalya SlacFlag00 NationsNovus Ordo
94.Neutral RealmFlag00 NationsThe Selmaryan Realm
95.I have past experienceFlag00 NationsThe Federation of Harditian States
96.The Imperial RemnantFlag00 NationsThe Imperial Confederation Eterna
97.Avrin Union Faction Flag00 NationsAvrin Union
98.AMOGAFlag00 NationsThe Cool Awesome Super Duper Epic Club
99.cientista militarFlag00 NationsAliansa da estrela azul
100.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag00 NationsAll Nations Against Liberals

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.