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The World World Census

The Largest Populations in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

150,761.The Republic of Maple 133464,000,000
150,762.The Republic of Maple 175464,000,000
150,763.The Free Land of Rartisiunlahit464,000,000
150,764.The Empire of Schurland464,000,000
150,765.The Queendom of Lucca Ashtear464,000,000
150,766.The Allied States of The Army of DxD464,000,000
150,767.The Confederacy of Bluche464,000,000
150,768.The Fiefdom of Zardorigsmasio464,000,000
150,769.The Kingdom of Kelidan464,000,000
150,770.The Republic of Vilincia464,000,000
«12. . .15,07415,07515,07615,07715,07815,07915,080. . .22,59522,596»