by Max Barry

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The World World Census

The Largest Populations in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

150,791.The Dominion of Samabame432,000,000
150,792.The Federation of Felis Commercial Company432,000,000
150,793.The Kingdom of Magic De432,000,000
150,794.The United Socialist States of Itracul2432,000,000
150,795.The Commonwealth of United Carollina432,000,000
150,796.The Republic of Minkersin432,000,000
150,797.The Republic of Pinkamena Pie432,000,000
150,798.The Republic of Geminga432,000,000
150,799.The United Socialist States of SPF 8432,000,000
150,800.The Republic of All That Remains432,000,000
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