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The Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry in Artificial Solar System

The World Census measured the rate of desertification in order to calculate which nations have the largest timber industry.

As a region, Artificial Solar System is ranked 11,895th in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry.

NationWorldTasmanian Pulp Environmental Export Index
1.The Defender of Kivu 14,193rd12,431.24
2.The Republic of Plutonium-2385,455th11,287.05
3.The Xpublic of Xsheiga5,653rd11,159.24
4.The Queendom of Starlight Glimmer 85,752nd11,087.91
5.The Public of Psheiga6,009th10,924.54
6.The Principality of Cross Doss Boss6,764th10,470.96
7.The Defender Militia of Obrimenja 13th Bomb Brigade6,885th10,397.6
8.The Republic of Concrete slab is jesus 347,235th10,199.86
9.The I found of Dry 1and7,838th9,905.35
10.The Defender Special Forces of Obrimenja Echo Squad8,003rd9,820.54
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