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Maps of the World

RegionMapAuthorship NationMap Weight
The North PacificFlagThe People's Republic of Narmossia130,571
The North PacificFlagMeadowfields123,209
The East PacificFlagThe Goin' Silent of Zukchiva102,246
Conch KingdomFlagThe Puddle of Socialist Platypus80,237
EuropeFlagThe Constitutional Monarchy of Regnum Italiae40,299
EuropeFlagThe Clarinet in B-Flat of New Eestiball34,918
EuropeFlagThe Uni-Power Paradise of Walfo33,946
The North PacificFlagThe Generation Kill of Kastonvia19,966
Commonwealth of LibertyFlagThe Alpine Republic of Cascadla17,546
The Western IslesFlagThe Blue Islands of Corindia17,495
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