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AbsolutionRepeal "Protected Working Leave"0The Sheika
AozoraWhat is your favorite music genre?9Reinhen
New poll thing for stuffShould we have an Embassy Policy for Emperia?1Estriam nolissit2
Dairy Community谁是贴贴王3Kaisheng
The Sportsbook05/16 - NASCAR3Davelands
Cities of the WorldHave you ever answered a phone call from an unknown number?5SARS-CoV-3
FodlanFódlan's Most Flamboyant2The Empire of Adrestia
Britannia PrimaThe Fisherman's Dilemma3Jampanes
Lost Lands of TimeWhat is most important for your nation?1Daylusia
Westfalen WestphaliaFlagge eines neuen Westfalens3New Technocratic Prussia
Lords of JesusIs it good to run a society based on Pizza? 5Northern Race Empire
Gypsy LandsIs Gypsy Lands a Hero or a Villain?10Voxija
Graveyard of GenuaGenua will be missed 1Strayaa
EmperiaShould there be events for the region?4Emnaria
The Region That Has No Big BanksHave you ever had/wanted a tattoo?10Yodle
The Rejected RealmsWhat would be the worst pet?16Thepeopl
The Defenders of Nations and StatesWhat do you support?4East Pole
The Emperia RP WorldWhere should the World's Fair be held?2Reistenland 2
Institute of CelluloseWhich country do you support in the ongoing conflict 14Joeanian Republic
CallistaCreation of the Department of Culture12Plus Nova Imperii
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